Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How well do you know your body?

This post is about astrological indications of 'physical weakness'. We have addressed how to make a weakness into a strength in terms of how one communicates. On this post we will look at how the planets related to your birth impacts on your anatomy; that in turn impacts on that which your body is susceptible to health wise.

Good health is the greatest wealth.

This chart information is provided by Elaine Smith and it is from her book, 'Astrology the Inner Eye'. As I have said previously, the astrological chart is like a map and it can explain many aspects of your being. If you are having any health issues; it is worth checking out your birth chart and transits to see how the planets are impacting on your life.

Sign                     Ruler                  Part of Body                            Bodily System

Aries                    Mars                   Head                                        Motor centres of brain

Taurus                  Venus                Throat                                      Thyroid Gland

Gemini                 Mercury             Hands, Arms, Lungs.               Nervous System

Cancer                  Moon                 Breasts, Stomach                     Alimentary Digestion

Leo                       Sun                    Heart, Back                             Cardiac System

Virgo                    Mercury             Intestines                                  Pancreas, Metabolism.

Libra                     Venus                Kidneys                                   Elimination of waste

Scorpio                 Mars/Pluto         Sexual Organs                         Reproductive System

Sagittarius             Jupiter                Hips, Thighs, Liver.                Sciatic Nerve expiration

Capricorn             Saturn                 Knees                                      Digestive system, gall bladder.

Aquarius              Saturn/Uranus     Calf, Ankles                            Circulatory system.

Pisces                   Jupiter/Neptune   Feet                                         Lymphatic system.  

So for instance, an Aquarian with a Sagittarius rising sign could be accident prone, due to having weak  joints.  The nervous system could be indicated if they have a gemini moon, that would also align with sciatic nerve indicated by Jupiter. I have a lot more to share with you about the nervous system, how it behaves and why. If the nervous system is overloaded, it can go completely out of control and impact on functionality. The impact of the rising sign and its ruling planet can affect your physical being after the age of 40.

Hence, an Aquarian with Saggi rising was bound to be prone to joint issues; specifically with the hips and thighs after the age of 40. Just for starters! Sunshine and its Vit D is essential for healthy backs and bones.

It is important to look at your whole chart, and what planets are placed where. For instance, a lady that had Crohns disease, has a Capricorn rising sign ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is to do with the teacher and the spiritual law. In this case, to do with the law of the science of being. The planet Mercury is also in Virgo in her chart. Hence the impact of the vulnerability of the intestines. Its incredibly important that people with this kind of planetary configuration, live in harmony with the spiritual law. That includes what you consume and how.

When a person is looking at an health issue, then it is really important that people look at the whole person. That includes a full case study going right back to your birth, and with women, it includes giving birth as well.

Miracles are possible, they do happen everyday. Especially if you know what you are looking for, when you are looking for the root causes of the core issues that co-created disease.

Extraordinary women do, extraordinary things. 

Nothing is impossible, unless you perceive it to be so. In this timeframe, people are being asked to 'double check' everything. It is not a time to be doing anything on a 'wing and a prayer', people are not being asked for 'blind faith', not now, not ever. Due to the quickening and fast change of the environment that is impacting on everyone. It is really important that people have their eyes wide open, and understand the full implications of their choices. There is another gateway opening in Egypt on the 4th of August, 2012. 

There has also been some amazing crop circles this season. I particularly like the one with the hearts that were surrounding the crescent moon. It reminded me of the nations from the four corners of the world and the Olympics; with all those wonderful hearts filled with love. 

Love beyond measure