Thursday, 31 March 2011

Man from the Desert

I am posting this now because there as been a warning posted on a forum that includes Memphis. If you have been following this blog, you will also know that I have also been given a message regarding Memphis during March. [1]

However, what I haven't shared with you is that in the last couple of weeks, I have been having a recurring dream and its not nice. There is a man in the dream and he is carrying out a brutal violation, this man is not nice to women and he forces himself upon me orally. He tastes of desert sand and that means the Middle East, he is of Middle Eastern descent and in the dream he is unclean. The word unclean does appear in the book of Revelation chapter 18, and Rev 17/18 is about the USA. The USA, is the only nation that fits the criteria of the prophecies in those chapters.

I did ponder upon whether it could be a past life. However, after reading the other post today, mentioning Memphis, I don't feel it is past life. As we know Memphis also relates to Egypt as well as the USA.

Every time I have the lucid dream of this man, I do manage to remove him from me very quickly. However, I am never shown his face to give you a description of him.

Also, all over the weekend I felt the negative energies of doom looming. I wasn't going to share this because I don't like doom, it was also a very unpleasant experience. However, I feel compelled to share it now regardless.

The book of Habakuk also mentions the sand.

"Their horses are swifter than leopards, fiercer than wolves at dusk. Their cavalry gallops headlong; their horsemen come from afar. They fly like an eagle swooping to devour; they all come intent on violence. Their hordes advance like a desert wind and gather prisoners like sand.They mock kings
and scoff at rulers. They laugh at all fortified cities; by building earthen ramps they capture them."

In the above prophecy it mentions the Leopards, and we have expressed that they relate to Africans. The prophecy states that they are swifter than leopards. This means that they are not African American, although the symbology of the Leopard is, and you will find it mentioned in Rev 13 and also in the book of Daniel in respect of the third beast. However, have we identified the 4th beast from Libya? [2] Or is he from somewhere else? 

The Eagle is also a national emblem of the USA that indicates the place. How can one gather prisoners like sand? Archangel Michael once taught me that sand is related to pain, in this particular biblical verse, those that are in pain allow themselves to be imprisoned in the captivity of orthodox religion due to a lack of self-healing. What do the religious build out of the earth? 

Religious buildings, Abba said 'like mosques.' 

Also in the past the heavenly Father gave us a message to warn 
Americans regarding their young women and children who are
being ceased. 

As Abba said earlier this month.


I would add, stay alert, stay very, very alert.

In 2007, Abba said he was going to cut off the penis of Islam. However,
it is clear that he has not cut it off yet.

If you didn't read the original post about MEMPHIS please see the link below.


Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Today, as been a Holy Kiss for me, so let us share what there is in the bible about the Holy Kiss. 

In Romans, it says 'Greet one another with a holy kiss, all the Churches of Christ send greetings'. As we know the original meaning of church meant community, (not religious buildings) e.g. ecological spiritual communities. Sharing together as one. 

In 1 Corinthians, it is written, 'All the brothers and sisters here, send you greetings. Greet one another with a holy kiss'. 

In Thessalonians 'Greet all God's people with a holy kiss'. To the followers of Christ, the holy kiss was a sign of peace. 

If you know of any other texts where the HOLY KISS is mentioned please share with us here as a HOLY KISS. 

It is clear to me that the ART critics never truly understood the purest intentions of 'THE KISS',  or the HEART of its CREATOR that came through the artist, Gustav Klimt. 

Only those that understand spiritual alchemy, the importance of the colour gold, can understand its spiritual alchemy and how the GOLD is mentioned in ancient texts and the importance thereof. 

The Royal Bride was indeed dressed in gold exactly as Psalm 45 indicated that she would be, fulfilling another prophecy. Its no coincidence that the Princess mentioned in Psalm 45, came from Austria and was divinely sent to ELIAKIM for healing, with a golden gown for her to wear on the second mission to Israel in 2007. Why is that important? The original painting of 'THE KISS' is in Vienna. God works in mysterious ways. 

It is written that Klimt began work on 'THE KISS' in 1907, and it was called his 'GOLDEN PERIOD'. 

My view of it is this: that he knew the 'GOLDEN AGE' was coming, we were blessed to inform spiritual people that the first day of the golden age was during the Harmonic Concordance in 2003. 

We are truly blessed and live in exciting times. 

Let us prepare for the wonderful time ahead.

As we have written many times in the last decade, 

the SACRED UNION with the DIVINE is the cure for all ills.

Love beyond measure



OK, following on from the recent posts, a blog viewer that did a major in geology, as given their offering. They have followed up on the 'Dana' and 'Ha Dekye' post in the comments section.

They mentioned the stones and their connections to MINERALS and
healers are fully aware how important minerals are to humanity right

I had not read their post until a few minutes ago, so did not see it before
I was given the message from Abba this morning regarding
the 26lbs stone.

James Dwight Dana was an American geologist, mineralogist and
zoologist. (1813-1895).

Dana was born the day before I, on the 12th of February and that would make him an Aquarian.

He was a pioneer in his field of the study of the origin and structure of continents and oceans around the world. He also published manuscripts in his effort to reconcile 'Science with the Bible'. 

There is also a Mount Dana in California, the Sierra Nevada and a mineral called 'DANALITE'. 

This mineral was first described in 1866, from a deposit in ESSEX COUNTY, Massachusettes, USA.

Check out all the places where it as been found. It includes Cornwall in England and yes, Japan. The Hiroshima Prefecture. Edgar Cayce predicted that both places would be taken by the sea.

Now our resident geologist what else is important about 'Danalite?'.

Just look at what the people have been removing from Mother Earth.

It was in 2004-2005, that we told the light workers that they must put
back one crystal for everyone that they remove from Mother Earth.

Mother Earth requires the healing energies from the crystals.




Abba said '26lb STONE'.

To those that stand against this reality. We wrote this today. 

Only a true mystic understands a true mystic and it was the same with the prophets. 

In my reality every single child is special and I tell them so. Did your parents not honor your specialness in you? If they didn't, I recommend 'inner child' healing work for you. 

As the Christ said to those that stood against him, "If your Father was my Father then you would love me'. Of course his Father was the heavenly Father, Abba. The prophecies predicted that you would be judged by your words in this timeline, so in a way Low Six is correct. 

However, it is not a game and I am not role playing, its called 'Spiritual Alchemy' and Michael (M. Mauldin, who is  mentioned in the book of Daniel) also called it 'Alchemy of the Word'. 

In the beginning was the WORD is the most profound statement ever made, it holds a secret of the physics of the cosmos that scientists do not yet understand. Prophet Malachi knew that I would be a spiritual alchemist and few understand his words and how it relates to spiritual alchemy. 

Its all about the purification of the people. 

Yes, pure gold, she is. 

I AM an unfettered flame of God's divine love in manifestation on the earth plane, and nothing that any of you say, can ever change that. Most of the prophecies about the one that Christ and the Jewish prophets promised would come, have already been fulfilled and there is nothing that anyone can do to change that either. It is fulfilled and done. 

As Abba said 'To HE that understands the promise, there is no secret'. 

What you say to me or about me detrimentally, is water off the back of the graceful swan of God's divine mercy and compassion. 

Many tried to stand in my way, all regretted it afterwards because the nature of God's creation is thus; that what you throw at me comes back to you 1,000 fold. It is the spiritual law of the cosmos of cause and effect. The purer the being, the greater the karma of those that stand against the holy ones of God. 

In fact, this morning Abba said '26lb stone'. 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. 

What else do we have on a 26lb stone? The 26lb stone is used in the Olympics and Scottish Highland Stone PUT events. It is known as the 'BRAEMER STONE'. As I write this it reminds me of the young shepherd David, who slew Goliath with his stone. 

The songs that they sing, 'Scotland the Brave' and 'Amazing Grace'. Of course, I have a part Scottish heritage. The Campbell's. 

No surprise then that the 'Verse of the Day' at biblegateway is from Isaiah chapter 53 about the 'Righteous Servant'. “He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem. Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted.” Isa 53: 3-4

As the bible says "An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips."

I wish you love, light and life. 

Happy healing....




Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Calling Out Marie Exley

This is calling out 32 year old -US veteran Christian Marie Exley, who claims that 'Judgement Day' is on the 21st of May 2011.

Let's have a look at the date, 2+1 = 3 = Innovative creation solutions. The 21st of May numerically, is also the 'DAY OF VISION'. 

We then have the 5th month in a FOUR YEAR in the Chinese Year of the Metal Rabbit. Five is the number of manifestation, two is the number of the couple e.g. lovers and 11 is a Master number. However, in the major arcane two is the card of the High Priestess from the order of Melchizedek and he is an inter-galatic being.

The gematria value of the date is 354 and that is a GREAT DAY not JUDGEMENT DAY.

In Greek gematria 354 = god, the good, the holy. [3] Biblewheel cite Mark 10:17 for the word God so let us take a look at that. It isn't in Mark 10:17, it is Mark 10:18.

The word citied as God is Theos and it means 'god' or 'goddess'. So the translation should really be in the lower case 'g' not the upper case G. Theos  is a general term for different divinities and divine beings. Greek strongs number 2316. So in effect, Theos is the same as Elohim and the Elohim are inter-galatic beings. The original word translated as Theos is qeo/v and it can also mean 'godly'. It is written that it is a Greek noun and it is written that it can be feminine or masculine.

So what do we find on 'Judgement Day'? Do a search in the bible on-line, you won't find it listed.

However, you will find the 'Last Judgement' in the Islamic religion and also in Ancient Egypt.

In an Islamic Sura 81, it mentions 'When the female is buried alive, is mentioned'.

Who buries women alive? Islam.

Who is being judged? Islam.

"For what crime was she killed?


Adultery is a transgression of the spiritual law but not a criminal offence. Its important that people learn the difference.

"When the scrolls are laid open, when the World on high is unveiled".

In my humble view, this relates to the Dead Sea Scrolls that were discovered in the 20th century. The 20th century, the Nag Hammadhi Library and other ancient texts were also discovered. 20 is also the number of judgement.

How is the world on high unveiled? Due to the evidence of our experience.

"When the Blazing fire is kindled to fierce heat, and when the garden is brought near. Then shall each soul know what it has put forward'.

Christ predicted that the sign given to Israel would be the sign of Jonah and that arrived in Israel in May 2010. He also predicted that the 'Queen of the South' would judge this generation. Why the Queen of the South? The South is the direction of the prophets.

In the bible Israel is the fire, and Joseph's descendent is their unfettered flame of divine love that Moses asked God to send for the children. The prophecies also predicted that Israel would burn if they did not do the will of God. Well, 5 million trees burned down on the prophets Mount, Carmel in Israel in November 2010. That is one tree for every Jewish person that lives in Israel.

Now in Egyptian mythology it is DUAT e.g. underworld and if we view this in ecological terms, we are really talking about the core of the earth and the tectonic plates. Islam speak of three earthquakes and one can view this in terms of the Asian Disaster 2004, (Islam),  Pakistan 2010, (Islam) and Japan 2011. Or one could go back to China in the mid 70's when 250,000 died. That would give Islam their gog and magog, due to the Aramaic translation of the bible translating gog and magog as China and Mongolia in the book of Revelation.

Duat is connected with NUN and NUN is to do with water. In Hebrew the letter NUN is to do with the Messiah and the fish. In Aramaic NUN means FISH. The number of NUN is 50 and the Rabbi state that it relates to the 50 gates of understanding. He also states that 'Her husband is known in the gates'. 

So you see Marie Exley, and colleagues, it is clearly not about one day and in mystical Judaism one day can also be a year. Now check out the 'Last Judgement' fresco painted by Michelangelo and you will clearly see the Prophet Jonah coming down upon the religions to smash them. What does Jonah mean? DOVE, what is the DOVE symbolic of?


After return from the first mission to Israel in May 2006, She is was nominated a Universal Peace Ambassador.

You will also see the whale in the fresco that was symbolic of the sign for Israel, that was then followed by the 'Beast from the Sea' e,g. the flotilla disaster that attacked Israel in 2010, and Islam was judged harshly for doing so. Especially as they called themselves 'humanitarians' and had children aboard a boat that was singing that it was going to kill the Jewish people.

It is also written that Islamic prophecies state that 'a slave will give birth to her Master.'

How is that possible?

She birthed a Son of God, as such she is not a slave anymore.

May peace be with you all.


Ha Dekye Cincinnati

Last night Abba said 'Ha Dekye' and I am trying to access its meaning. It seems it is in Matthew chapter 10 the word can be found in the Danish translation, in respect of the one chosen by God being rejected by the people.

The KYE also sounded similar to the end of the word 'DidiKI', a Didiki is a slang word used in England for a Romany who is either 1/8th or 1/16th romany e.g. a traveler, a real gipsy.

While I was looking for a translation of the word 'Hadekye' Abba said 'CINCINNATI', Cincinnati is another city that is built close to water. This is not the first time that I have been given the area of OHIO and a warning for it.

Now there is a major multi-national corporation based in Cincinnati, Proctor and Gamble. No wonder there was a film on gambling called 'Cincinnati Kid' featuring Steve McQueen. It is noted that P&G sold off their 'prescription drug' business to an Irish company in 2009, smart move on their part.

It is written that Longfellow wrote a poem and Cincinnati city was called 'Queen of the West'. 

Now let us return to this word HADEKYE.

HADE in geology is ''The angle of inclination from the vertical of a vein, fault, or lode."

KYE, "A rich, sweet, warm chocolatey drink served in some navies." 

There we have the link to water again. However, just came across this. There is an annual chocolate festival in Cincinnati on the 24th of October. [6]

In the book of Revelation we also find the word HADES, "The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what they had done. Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death." Rev 20:13-14 

The Hebrew word Sheol was translated into Greek Hades and some Christians refer to it as Hell. 

However, it is written that "The Apocalypse of Zephaniah (ca.100BCE - 70AD) represents Sheol/Hades approximately as divided into two sides equivalent to the picture given in the parable of the Bosom of Abraham. A significant difference is the presence of an angelic ferryman, whereas in Luke 16 the chasm cannot be crossed. “Triumph, prevail because thou hast prevailed and hast triumphed over the accuser, and thou hast come up from Hades and the abyss. Thou wilt now cross over the crossing place.” (Apoc. Zeph. 7:9)" 

There is the 'Apocalypse of Zephaniah' again for the second time. The first time we shared this text with you was in respect of the Virgin that stands against the Son of Lawlessness. I haven't found a link for the whole text, only websites citing it. 

Also in the text, it speaks of angels of the accuser with Leopard like faces and the Leo the Leopard Obama is mentioned in the book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation. It looks like the Son of Lawlessness, and his lawless followers are going to do their worst during the lead up to the next presidential election. As Michael M Mauldin used to say 'Let our enemies do their worst, we will do our best'. 

If I get anymore on Hadekye and its meaning, I will let you know. However, here is one of the passages where it is found in the bible. 

As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to him. Peter 2:4 

It was only yesterday, that we wrote to two Americans regarding their 
rejection of the will of God, and his instructions. It looks like 
Americans have gambled once to often this time, 
and now they shall suffer the loss, not God. 

Who are the gamblers? 

Those that gamble on the money/stock markets and advise 
others to do so. 

All of the money changers and shareholders. 

I asked the heavenly Father for leniency for the USA, 
he as given them until the 4th of April,
to change their ways and do his will. 

1937, Flood of Cincinnati. 

Well it seems Cincinnati is flooding. 

So now we've had 'QUEENSLAND' (AUS) and 
'QUEEN of the WEST' city (USA) flooded. Just
saw the end of that video 'High Water in Campbell
Country', some who knew beloved Campbell will

Japan's national anthem is also singing to 'KIMI' and
we have a Campbell Scottish heritage on grandmother
Sophia's side.

How many more messages and signs about the Queen
will Mother Earth deliver before humanity get it?

How many more people have to suffer?


OK, I have just heard back from an Indian friend
and she confirmed that Ha Dekye can be found
in the Indian language. This is what she wrote:


Well that is a good one for the people.  

Having been taught some Hebrew/Aramaic
divinely, it looks like I am going to be taught
some Hindi. There is a divine plan for me to  
do my best to be in India for 555, 
the 5th of May 2012.

At the time of receiving that message I had
just replied to a post on a person's view
of the astrology of 'Uranus in Aries.'

I also respect and honor the astrology 
of the Indians, especially the importance 
of the North Nodes and the soul journey.


Monday, 28 March 2011

Russell Will Find You

Abba said 'Russell will find you'. We've known a few Russell's in our lifetime, and all were clients. 

There is another Russell that made me laugh this evening. Russell Brand, a true Essex boy, he found his niche with comedy.Young Russell Brand, bought up by his mother, had a few things to work through and heal from his childhood. [1] It looks like his natural comedy, beautiful young American wife Katy, and Indian spirituality, as been a good combination for him. There is so much love in their hearts.

Brand is bound to be a hit with the film follow-up  of 
'Arthur' being launched on April the 8th. The trailers are funny, and appealed to my sense of humor, he certainly found me this evening.

Russell and Helen Mirren look like they've made this film their own, I look forward to seeing it all. Not the first time that they have worked together in film. 
1.8 million for a two-book deal isn't to be scoffed at either, I bet he didn't have to write a book proposal, and go through years of looking for a literary agent and publisher. 

In 2011, British Comedy Awards, he won the award for 'Outstanding Contribution to British Comedy'. 

Laughter is certainly the best medicine for everyone at the moment.

There is also a Rabbit film called 
'HOP' being launched in time for Easter, and there we find Brand again in this Chinese year of the Rabbit.

Here he is in Arthur, Awesome. 

Russell talks about his past and missing a flight, that reminds me of my dream this morning 
and missing the first bus. 


Abba said MEMPHIS

After we posted the last post called 'CAROLINE' - STRONG.  Abba said MEMPHIS

Did the heavenly Father give you your ticket?

When one ponders on the word Memphis, one is usually taken immediately to the USA. However, in the bible, Memphis is to do with Egypt. Isaiah 19 talks of the officials being fools, the leaders being deceived. The cornerstones of their peoples have led them astray. Prophet Jeremiah speaks of the men of Memphis cracking skulls, and it tells the people to pack your belongings, to get ready to leave Memphis. It states that Memphis will lay in ruins, and the Holy Mother did say that the cities would be destroyed and not to rebuild them.

Prophet Ezekiel chapter 30, states that God will destroy their idols and put an end of the images in Memphis. Prophet Hosea also spoke about Memphis and Israel. In chapter 9, it states the following:

"Egypt will gather them and Memphis will bury them."

The days of reckoning are at hand.

Let Israel know this:

"Because your sins are so many, and your hostility so great, the prophet is considered a fool, the inspired person a maniac. The prophet, along with my God is the watchman over Ephraim." You can cross reference this verse with Micah 4, that mentions the last days of the end times and the watchtower of the flock.

Who are Ephraim? The Christians. The prophecy states that the Christians have sunk into corruption, they certainly have in the USA, many have made money their God and those that haven't made Jesus Christ their idol.

The prophecy than states that Ephraim's glory will fly away like a bird, no birth, no pregnancy, no conception. It predicts how Ephraim brings out its children to the slayer, in recent days Americans have mentioned their children wishing to go into the military.

I can feel it, I am sitting in the HOT SEAT again.

It then asks 'What will you GIVE them LORD?

"Wombs that miscarry and breasts that run dry"

Where does the true Christ teachings come from? The bosom of wisdom. Why does the LORD take their babies from them? They cannot receive what they did not give. It is the measure of the spiritual law. One cannot give birth to Sons of God without doing the will of God. It then states that Ephraim will be driven out of his house because all of their leaders are rebellious. Ephraim is 'blighted, their root is withered, they yield no fruit". 

The LORD God Almighty rejects them because they have not done his will. Why does he reject them? He treats them, in the same way that they have treated his prophet that he sent to help them. They rejected the pleas for help, and now he rejects their pleas and prayers for help. Cause and effect in action, the evidence of the spiritual law. They rejected his GIFT, so now he rejects them.

How does the root wither? It withers due to selfishness and there is plenty of that in the USA.

What is MEMPHIS famous for? Idols like ELVIS. It is also the international headquarters of the 'Church of God in Christ', the largest denomination of Pentecostal's in the USA are in Memphis. In Memphis is the MASON Temple, Martin Luther King Jnr, another idol gave his speech there.

Memphis is home to TEMPLE ISRAEL, one of the largest reform synagogues in the the country. It also has the largest orthodox shul in the USA.


My advice? Get out of Memphis.



If any of you are feeling really down and are feeling the currents of doom, you are picking up on the planetary energies. Sometimes it is hard to weather the storm when you very sensitive to planetary energies .

Yesterday, Abba said
CAROLINE and it means STRONG. 

Caroline was also sung by 70’s British Rock Band called STATUS QUO! 

Of course Neil Young also sung about 'Sweet Caroline' as well. There are also strong astrological planetary energies at the moment with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra.

Yesterday, this article was also posted. If you have a heart, this story will touch it, it may even move you to tears when you read about the dog looking for the children. 

Chernobyl Cleanup Survivor's Message for Japan: 'Run Away as Quickly as Possible' Mar 22, 2011 – 1:23 PM 

Natalia Manzurova, one of the few survivors among those directly involved in the long cleanup of Chernobyl, was a 35-year-old engineer at a nuclear plant in Ozersk, Russia, in April 1986 when she and 13 other scientists were told to report to the wrecked, burning plant in the northern Ukraine. It was just four days after the world's biggest nuclear disaster spewed enormous amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and forced the evacuation of 100,000 people."

This morning when I woke up, I could not move physically, I looked up to my RIGHT and the wardrobe door is open, there is a blue case, its about the journey. 

Then I remembered that I had a dream last night, about the journey. In the dream, we missed the bus to the airport.  It looked like my son had gone ahead with the first two cases on the first bus, then I followed on the second bus. I couldn't take the last few nice things that we had left, I had no choice but to leave them behind. So I gave a ‘couple’ that had helped us a KEY to our apartment in the hotel, so that they could retrieve them and not let them go to waste.

In the dream all that I could take with me for the two of us, was what I could fit into
FOUR CASES and a few bags. 

My year spent in Australia (1998-1999) taught my son and I, how to live out of a suitcase. It stripped off any remaining comfort zones. It feels that due to humanity unwilling to strip of their comfort zones, they are being forced to do so, due to what comfort zones co-create. 

FOUR CASES, although I did have plenty of cash due to selling my six bedroomed home and business to do the will of God. This is also a four year of the chinese year of the Rabbit.

At that time, I was told that when the time comes I must go. No, ‘if’s or ‘but’s I must leave immediately when I am told to go.

When I am told to ‘go’ I must go.

It feels like that time is coming soon.  Although I do not feel well enough to move anywhere at the moment. It cannot be long now before humanity pay my wages mentioned by Prophet Malachi,  then we can buy the field and build New Jerusalem, the City of Enlightenment in the Mayan lands. 

The prophecies of Prophet Isaiah predict, that I will be moved to a sun-scorched land and it will be there that the LORD strengthens my frame. 

Are you happy to stay in the status quo of the never ending cycles or are you ready to move into heaven on earth? 

Joni Mitchell - Blue 

After I posted the above Abba said MEMPHIS

Did God give you your ticket?

‘To he that understands the promise, there is no secret.’