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The terminology Sadhu is coming up in the public domain today. So some might be interested in viewing some posts from 2010 in that respect. In the Sadhu post we mentioned how there is a similar word in Hebrew. Tsade, Tsadi. In the ancient pictographs Jeff Benner mentions the 'SIDE'. [3]

No surprise that there is a planetary happening on Uranus at this time, the planet that rules Aquarius. In May the planet changed position [5] and now we have an explosion in what is being termed as a 'Spectacular Fashion' and the scientists are said to be all of a tizzy. The scientists mention that the planet is on its side. Hence, why I mention the ancient pictographs [3].

It was written that at first they thought the planet was 'boring' and now they're not so sure. Big smiles. The Aquarian Age of freedom and awakening has really moved into the gear of awesomeness.

On 444, (4th of April 2011) = perfect love, we did tell the people that the Son of God had said that we were moving into awesomeness. In December 2008, he also said 'The time is nigh, we are moving into a higher gear'. A few days later this blog was birthed.

So returning to the Sadhu and the spiritual path of ASAN otherwise known as the Sannaysin. Everyone that walks the path is truly unique and as had a unique journey. After a person as fulfilled every challenge in their personal lives both in business and otherwise. There comes a time when there is a change in 'orientation' to other purposes beyond earthly realities. In addition to bringing the benefits gained from life experience to help others with their life conditions and circumstances.

In times gone by people turned to a Guru, a Master to teach them and they became disciples of the teacher. My life was different because my guru's were my divine teachers, that included the one known as Jesus Christ that came to be after I 'let go' of everything. We were also encouraging people to be their own 'Guru's in that timeline. Yes, my life did include homelessness and many other initiations

Prior to that I was healing self and others, in addition to working on the spiritual circuit with other wonderful healers and spiritual teachers. Prophet Isaiah also predicted the Galilee of the Gentiles would be where she would be found. At the same time we were sharing with the healers what was being received and integrated at that time.

King David called Christ 'Lovingkindness' in Psalm 92. He was teaching the Harpist of Faithfulness, how to create the instrumental aspects that were required in preparation of what laid ahead. A life dedicated to true spiritual values and the sacred union with the divine. Dedicated service to divine will 24/7, and the symphony of the celestial realms. Divine teachings were also shared as we were going along. 

Faithfulness also relates to the LORD God and his faithfulness; to those that are faithful to him. There is a lovely verse in Hosea chapter 2, that speaks of the betrothal that comes to be in righteousness and faithfulness. The LORD works in mysterious ways that is true, to work with him, people have to have the fluidity and humility to be corrected by him. As required, and as we have informed people many times, one does not have to be a part of any religion, organization or belief system; to have a sacred union with the divine. Love is the Alpha and the foundation of the sacredness of the 'Love Union', that is filled with trustful loyalty. It fills you up so that you can pour it out. 

"One side of the coin is all knowing and the other side is purity personified' Sacred Words 

As the LORD said 'To HE that understands the promise. There is no secret'. 

It is a blessing 

"You are sacred and a treasure to behold. Count your blessings as if you are counting gold'' Sacred Words 

Love beyond measure


1, HEART VISIONS from last October that gave a year timeline.






Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sons of Light -v- Sons of Darkness

A point was raised tonight by a Christian regarding the 'accuser', and 'persecutors' e.g. hasatan having a role in testing the faith of the faithful.

The Sons of Darkness being the Angels of Darkness because they have darkness with themselves that as not been healed. In ancient times the Sons of Darkness were those that had not begun to walk the highway to holiness that the Angels of ELOHIM had walked.

Does the LORD have a requirement to test our faithfulness to him? No, he knows our heart and can see beyond appearances. However, there is an initiation involved in being able to stand up to those that oppose what is holy and true and to do it dauntlessly.

If the Sons of Darkness are not triggered by the Sons of Light, how could they ever be shown what is required of them to purify themselves? In India the guru's literally used to hit their students to bring up their issues. However, that is not necessary for a person that truly is the divine light of the holy spirit because just them being who they are triggers the darkness that others hold inside of them.

In fact, there is a passage in the OT when the LORD God tells them straight, if you stand against me then I can purify you. Now that is a teaching that appears to be missing from the NT. The purification of the Sons of Darkness is all part of Spiritual alchemy. The Sons of Light have a lot of work to do. As Christ predicted in this timeline they will be judged by their words. He also told them the Queen of the South would come to judge this generation, and that wisdom would be proven right by her actions.

The LORD will make everything anew, the old heaven and earth is passing away and the darkness will pass away with it. The truly meek shall inherit the earth. Those that have the humility and courage to heal themselves, those that have the humility and courage to go back to their natural habitat on the land. Living at one with nature like the Sons of God did in times gone by. Ecologically and self-sustainably.

Planet earth will be redeemed, the issue at the moment is how many of the people will remain by the time this is over. As the Malachi prophecies predict the more that people refuse to do the will of the LORD God, the more the destruction there will be. It is man's co-creation that is destroying humanity, simply because humanity refuse to accept a helping hand
 that delivers his will to humanity. 

One can view his will in terms of your inheritance and divine birth right. 

Just think of it, humanity are refusing what he is offering them, and in so doing, humanity are giving up their human right to live on planet earth due to their own free will. Clearly, that was another reason why ancient civilizations were wiped out. When will humanity learn that the Creator knows better than them? 


The Workers Are Few

Christian America still have the belief that Satan is a Spirit. As we explained previously in Judaism HaSatan is the accuser and adversary of all that is right, holy and true. In Ancient Israel, the mystics at Qumran wrote about the two different spirits of man. They had a belief that the LORD put two spirits into human beings, one of truth and one of falsehood.

In my experience the accuser and adversary of all that is holy and true relates to people that have not healed themselves. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder and the more that people remove their perceptions of reality by healing the self, the more beauty and light they can see.

In the teachings of Christ he also spoke of it in terms of the fact that it is the Sons that are born of the flesh that persecute the Sons that are born of the Spirit. In other words he was explaining the difference between those that were coming from human self compared with those that were coming from the divine.

Being born of the flesh is different to being born of the Spirit. Hence, why the LORD predicted through his prophets; 'This one was born in ZION'. In other words they were born of the Spirit in the celestial realms in a celestial way. In the scripture it is reported that the Son of God explained to Nicodemus about being born of the Spirit. He told Nicodemus that the Spirit is like the wind, you don't know where the Spirit comes from or where it is going. In my experience being born again of the Spirit has nothing to do with baptism or the teachings of Christian Church.

How could the Church share the truth with the people if they have not lived it and experienced it? They couldn't. The Dead Sea Scrolls also shared that there are Sons of God in plural and Holy Spirits in plural.
Hence why the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the 20th century was incredibly important find. It certainly was planned that way by the LORD God, for truth to be buried so that others would not destroy the truth about different realities until humanity was emotionally and spiritually mature enough not to destroy the texts. He also created it to happen in the same century that he chose for the Harp of Faithfulness to come. The Harp that King David spoke about in Psalm 92.

In my humble experience; the one known as Jesus Christ was explaining to Nicodemus how Sons of God are born celestially. Hence why he spoke about the Spirit and those born of the Spirit.

The Messenger of the Covenant that is also a Master of Spiritual Alchemy, predicted by Prophet Malachi, understands the energy involved and who and how falsehood and persecutors are co-created by themselves and their own perceptions of reality.

Often co-created in their childhoods if and when their energy is adulterated. Hence, why the pure energy of EGO that is 'I' in both Latin and Greek can become altered and then the human being is separated from it own light within. As such the being themselves move in the way of falsehood instead of the way of the truth and truth is to do with integrity. So then you can understand it in terms of the fact that if a person's energy is adulterated; so then is their truth and how they view truth.

Hence why the more that people heal themselves the more the truth evolves. Until the time comes when people come to completion of truth within themselves. There is no heart of conscience, if a person does not live in the integrity of the being. Only in the heart can the conscience be truly known. there is nothing that man cannot achieve when he is compelled by love. To move from being to becoming divine love in manifestation on the earth plane is mighty indeed.

Those that accuse, are adversaries, name call, and are the persecutors of the the holy ones, who are the healers. Have a lot of healing work to do. They are continually triggered by the light, due to what they hold inside of themselves that requires healing. Healing is the solution to remove the darkness from all sentient beings.

"The light triggers the darkness and the darkness triggers the light until there is no more darkness left" from Sacred Words. Carl Jung also understood it, as did Plato and many other philosophers and healers.

When a person does not trigger into accusation when they stand in the light of integrity of the holy ones, then you know they have truly healed themselves. Prophet Isaiah predicted that only one in a thousand, would be able to stand before Joseph in integrity.

The root of the word shalom means 'Be whole' and being whole was all part of the Christ teachings to do with wholeness. The opposite to wholeness is fragmentation and when a person is fragmented it is due to a lack of self-healing. In these cases we recommend soul retrieval and as the scripture states Christ came to bring back what had been 'lost'. This signifies that his healing work was shamanic; because the word 'lost' relates to shamanic healing work.

So does the removal of what healers in ancient times called 'demons' that people hold within themselves, demons that are related to the root causes of the core issues that have not been removed. They are usually to do with childhood. Hence, why people were told that that they had to become like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. It relates to healing the 'inner child'.

Hence why the word 'energia' in Greek meant 'in-working' it relates to the inner processes involved in the healing; that is involved in the ascent of the light body prior to its final consummation with the pure Spirit. In my experience that happens prior to being born again of the Spirit.

Lord of the Harvest

It is no coincidence that this verse in Matthew is 9:37 Both are very important numbers and the gospel writers understood the importance of the soferim, and how the one to come would truly understand the messages that they encoded within the texts. In Luke it appears again in verse 10:2.

Biblically speaking nine is the number of the fruits, the nine gifts of the Spirit. Nine is also the number of completion and divine love in manifestation on the earth plane. The sign of the fruit was also given as a measure of how the people would recognize the one that was predicted to come. It is no coincidence, that the wine from the grape is also associated with the mystics and prophets.

Hence, why the Jewish people make a place setting and pour out a glass of wine for the one that they had been waiting for. The 'fruit of the lips' is also a Jewish term to describe a true prophet of the LORD God.

Clearly, they were going to be a communicator. Hence, why their career prior to becoming a healer and teacher was in the creative communications industry. The Jewish prophets also predicted that a skilled writer would come.

9 is also the Hebrew gematria value of the Hebrew letter 'Tet' that became the letter 'T' and this relates to their name. The Tet in the original pictographs is a circle with the cross sticks that mean a sign like you see underneath a drum. Jeff Benner who wrote the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon also calls the symbol a 'Basket' and that relates to the basket prophecy given by Prophet Zechariah about the woman that would be taken to Babylon. In Micah 4, she appears again and she returns from Babylon (USA) prior to being given her kingship.

999 was also the year that she was destined to deliver the ever lasting covenant predicted by Prophet Isaiah. It was delivered for the children by the Messenger of the Covenant so that they can retain their spiritual independence. The 9th of September, 2007, was the day that the children received their divine plan. Prophet Isaiah also made a prophecy about the children and their importance in this timeline. Hence why Prophet Malachi also mentioned the children in relationship to the Messenger that King David called the Harp of Faithfulness.

37 is a prime number and in Hebrew the value of 37 is 'To go before, or in front of, to be before, to begin. To leap or spring. Life, Splendid, and the Flame. In the ancient biblical texts Joseph is called the flame, it relates to being an unfettered flame of the LORD. The texts also state that only the tribes of Joseph will be saved, and as we know Joseph saved the people from the famine.

9+37 = 46 in Hebrew gematria it is 'Mother-City', 'a foundation', and 'forearm'. In my humble view that relates to the building of the City of Enlightenment predicted by Prophet Isaiah. New Jerusalem spoken about in the book of Revelation. 46 is the soferim of 'to be great', 'magnitude', 'a number or amount'.

In Greek gematria the value of ELIA is also 46, and Psalm 46 speaks of her, as does Psalm 45.

'The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few'. 

The workers are few because there are few that are real.

Truly born a Holy Spirit.

Blessed is the one that comes in the name of the LORD.

The Jewish gematria for 'Lord of the Harvest' is also the same value as 'White Stone',  'White Buffalo' and 'White Buffalo Woman', the white buffalo relates to the Native Indians. They knew that she would return to them, to help them and the indigenous peoples. Not only the indigenous peoples, but the children of the world.

The truth will set them free.




I said to the LORD,  next, he said 'They are hearing your name on the wall'. He did not say which wall, although, as we know there is a wall in Jerusalem, in Israel. It does feel like a time of wait for the time  being. Many people know, now its time to act, we have given them plenty of information to help them to defend themselves.

However, the real workers are few and there are few that are real. 'Life experience is the sacred text of knowledge' from Sacred Words. The Tree of Life experience is the way. A new tree was planted at the same time as the old one was dying.

The spiritual path of the Sannyasin, when the LORD calls out to me ASAN, I never related it to the spiritual path that my life took prior to him summoning me all those years ago. The path of a Sannyasin is unique, and I have not come across anyone else that as walked the same spiritual path. Although I am aware that there are others that have done so. The best description of it was understood by another English woman.

Only those that have known me and my work in recent decades, know who I was and then who I became.

How can I possibly encapsulate the years of life experience, spiritual and otherwise, it could fill many books. That was why I wrote the first book in the 90's, clients asked me to write it for them. I could've written many more books about life experience easily, I have already proven that I can write an excellent book in six weeks. The collections of sacred words, was also put together from the records, in just a couple of days, after I was instructed to publish them.

What was more important writing the books or helping the people the best way that I know how? Out there in the field, just being amongst the people, like a flower amongst a field of poppies. Putting people and children first even when it was to my own detriment. Very few know what was going on behind the scenes and what I have been involved in.

There are many sides to this divine being, who did it all for love, like a river that simply could not stop pouring out the water from the vessel it was holding.

Doing the will of the LORD and putting the people and children first, a cause greater than myself, is truly ergon in Greek philosophy. Even when the body sleeps, the Spirit is working in other realms, helping others. Sometimes I wish, I could just give everyone everything so that the people do not have to suffer anymore. With all my heart, I would not wish for anyone to live through what I had to endure prior to when the healing, enlightenment and ascension became a reality. Hence, why I have done my utmost to help people to see the way, and that healing is the solution combined with the sacred union with the divine.

The days, weeks, months and years have simply flown by, and there is still a lot to do before I leave the planet. Its time for me to rest now. We started the post on the words from the LORD about the name and the wall.

There is also a temple in Egypt and it is called the Temple of the 'HEARING EAR'. It is the Eastern temple of Ramesses II. Some scholars have put forward an excellent case for Solomon being Ramesses the II. [1] Solomon also reincarnated, and I hope with all my heart, that he can see his way forward. As there is much to do, and much to work through in the coming days, months and years.

With all my love, always



Saturday, 29 October 2011


As we know it as been an eventful year to date and November continues as we move into greater impact with the planetary energies. On the 3rd of November an asteroid with the name of 63 AUSONIA makes its presence felt. Two days later, we have a gateway of the Kings opening in the valley of the Kings, linking with a gateway opening in Alexandria on the 5th. The same day is Guy Fawkes day in England and Anonymous plan to take down facebook from the internet.

Ausonia is to with the ancient civilizations, the sacred geometry, science, and spiritual independence that existed. Unity of people at a time when they shared and cared for each other. Understanding weakness, and how weakness can become a strength, when people heal and work together for the good of all. Its no co-incidence that the asteroid was given a number '63. ' That really was the beginning of the flower power age, that kicked in the Age of Aquarius and its water bearer.

The healing Angels arrived, wearing all colors of the rainbow of hope, standing for freedom, truth and the power of love. Joseph's coat of many colors, a time of the great musicals on stage and screen. A time that inspired a whole generation and generations that followed.

The gateway openings on the 5th is interesting being to do with the kings and monarchy. When I tuned into it, I was picking up on the death of the young king Tut. The young one that the scientists have discovered had Western European DNA e.g. Iberian.

As we know Egypt as been the place of Exodus due to its rulers; and most people are not aware that there was also a Greek exodus in 1952. Greek society was forced to leave Egypt after thousands of years of living side by side, a society with an incredible history of helping Egypt.

One could view it, that it was the Greeks that helped Egypt to prosper when other countries on the African continent, were literally starving from famine. However, apparently it was the Greeks that started the first banks in Egypt, so the Greeks are also bankers and money changers.

The Greeks were a powerful influence on Egypt, not only in ancient times; but in recent times as well. Due to the intentions of the Arabs in Saudi, and their global plan, both the Greeks and the Jews were forced to leave. After that the Arabs funded their brand of orthodox Islam heavily, and Christian orphanages were forgotten.

The children and their carers then had to depend upon the charity of the few Christians that are left, and foreigners abroad taking up the cause of the children of the nile. Members of the Christian Spiritualist Church in England, heard their cries and prayers for help, a few people took them some essentials. These orphanages were so poor, they did not even have their own website, or access to the internet to attract the help that they require.

I have also been shown Serapis related to this gateway opening, most view Serapis as a Greco-Egyptian deity. However, St Jerome also wrote about a Serapis and how Serapis became a Christian. I have read that the Greeks and Egyptians are also working together again, and I know that Cyprus is also in discussion with Israel. Hence, why Turkey is being seen to be in better relations with Israel.

So what can we say about this gateway for the kings and monarchs around the world? Can they open their hearts and put people first? Can they put children above their religions? Can they honor the covenant from the LORD God given for the children? Can they let children be free? Do they remember their own childhood and what it was like from them? Were they allowed to be free Spirits and grow naturally and organically? Or did they inherit the belief systems of their parents that were forced upon them?

In all integrity and justice for the nations, how can the existing monarchs and dynasties of the world justify their extravagance and waste of financial resources; when there are children starving in the world?

What value is any religion of any culture or nation, if it does not eliminate poverty completely from the face of its land?

What value is any religion if those religions co-create such division between the peoples and nations that it forces people into civil wars?

Just as Christ told the Jewish priests, take off your garments of pride and trample them under your feet.

The 5th of November is the 'Day of Actuality'. Five is also the number of physical manifestation. It is the number of expansion and flexibility, the number of the Archer that draws its arrow and shoots from the bow. The arrow of truth that hits the target of the spiritual law of creation.

The children are crying out, they are crying out for the truth to be told to the world. Children were born free, they were not born into religion. They were born to be free Spirits.

So what else do with have on the date? It is 522 energy. There was a flight 522, Helios Airways that crashed in Greece in August 2005. The name of the aircraft was Olympia.

In the year 522, Yusuf Dhu Nuwas was the last king of the Himyarite kingdom in Yemen, he converted to Judaism. He persecuted the Christians in Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia. As we know one is not even able to fly over Saudi air space with a bible now, what tolerance or understanding is there in that? How many people know that there were Jews and Christians in Saudi pre-Islam, before they were driven out or murdered?

Let us all say this is the last of the kings that oppressed the people down the ages. There shall be no more oppression of the poor by the rich. Oppression by the rich makes the religion of the rich worthless, whatever it may be. It does not matter whether it is Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or any other religion. Oppression is banned in every land and every nation by every religion.

The truth will set you free.



On the 28th of October the LORD said 'Their on lock down now, A cross the pond'. See previous post on the Church and its battle.  A CROSS THE POND means the USA to me. However, keep an eye out of the words 'LOCK' in the news items. 

This one today is about Australia and the news report says 'Labour row grounds Qantas Flights'. 'Quantas dispute grounds UK flights.' 'Qantas looks to Asia in shake-up'. 'Australian airline is grounding all international and domestic flights with immediate effect due to an industrial dispute'. 

Chief executive Alan Joyce called his decision 'Unbelievable'. 'Baggage handlers, engineers, pilots' have all been involved in the strike. [1]

A statement said 'All employees involved in industrial action would be LOCKED OUT. 

I smell Murdoch because when the men went on strike at Wapping, they were locked out and their jobs were given to other people with different contracts. The ASIA shake-up also pinged out at me. 

"The Qantas AGM in a University of NSW lecture theatre in Sydney this morning has turned into a sometimes ferocious showdown between shareholder unionists and the executive."[2]

There as also been an arrest of an Australian pilot in Fiji. Shalend Scott, 37, has been in jail for a week. Charged with unlawful access to documents. Quantas owns half of Air Pacific. 

"The TWU, also in dispute with Qantas, has attacked the airline for seeking to wash its hands of what it calls “the ongoing brutality being perpetrated in Fiji against Air Pacific employees and other union members”. “Qantas owns 46% of Air Pacific and says what happens in Fiji is not a matter for them,” the union stated." This third report of events also states 'IT BEGGARS BELIEF'. 

IT = International communications. 

So from two different news reports we have 'UNBELIEVABLE' and IT BEGGARS BELIEF' The media are still giving coded messages, in my humble view. They also mention Rupert Murdoch 'Not caring. It beggars belief'. Their in big trouble now and they know it. [3]

Who comes to the rescue? VIRGIN AIRLINES. Rival Virgin Airlines, Virgin Air Asia offer special fares to Qantas passengers. They're providing an extra 40,000 seats. Don't you just love it, the number 40 again that relates to the Holy One. 

The union men have walked straight into it. Just like they did at Wapping. 


I was questioned on the spelling of the word THEIR and when I looked it up online, it signifies 'ownership'

I then went to look at the gematria value of the word THEIR and in English gematria it is the value of 360. 360 is the CIRCLE. It is also the value of ELIAKIM, HOLY, WORD, BELIEVE, TEACHER, MOSHE, DIAMOND, FOUND, LIFE IS. 






Friday, 28 October 2011



The great Britain including England
Will come to be flooded very high by waters

The new League of Ausonia will make war,
So that they will come to strive against them.

Ausonia is a place in Italy and its patron saint is St Michael. Its main attraction is the sanctuary of Santa Maria del Piano. It takes its name from an Ancient Greek name, Ausones. An ancient civilization that included Italy, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands. That would explain the 41 Greek temples on Sicily. 

Interesting that the link mentions the word 'occupation'. One of the Ausonian cities was called 'VESICA'. It was destroyed by the Romans in 340BC, clearly the Romans were doing their best to destroy Greek sacred geometry. [3] 

Fascinating. Now the Vesica Piscis is also called the 'almond' in Italian, and the branch of the Almond is also mentioned in the biblical prophecies. 

In addition to that, one of the mathematical ratios, 153 is mentioned in the Gospel of John. 21:11. Bizarre, this is the 21st century and the year ends in 11. 1+53 = 54 = Year of my birth. 

There is also a political party with the same name although they're not represented in the Italian parliament or in the European parliament. The Lega Sud Ausonia Party are based in Southern Italy, and seek Independence, and they were established in 1991. It looks like there is going to be a new league of those that wish to have their independence from the EU and govern themselves. 

Now earlier today, the LORD mentioned the asteroid. See previous post on the Church. 

Well look here, we have an asteroid called '63 Ausonia', main belt. It was discovered on the 10th of February, 1861. Based on its light curve, a small moon as been suggested. As you know, the wondrous woman from heaven as the moon under her feet. 6+3 = 9, completion and divine love. 

The number of the quatrain is 3.70 and Nostradamus predicted that my work for the LORD with his community would be finished before I am 73. This is also confirmed in the scripture. The number also gives us the value of word WISDOM and in Rev 13, WISDOM was called to do the count on the man 666. 

The scripture also predicted that wisdom would be proven right by her actions and that the Queen of the South would have more wisdom than Solomon. No surprise then that Nostradamus included a name to do with the South, and we delivered the covenant of spiritual independence for the children. 

Nostradamus was a genius. 

The following quatrain appears to follow on as to what happens after the floods. It looks like a mini civil war against the invaders of the country. 


Those in the isles long besieged
Will take vigor and force against their enemies:
Those outside dead overcome by hunger,
They will be put in greater hunger than ever before.







Nostradamus predicted deaths of Islamic leaders ordered by the Saudi Muslim Brotherhood. 

From the house seven through death in mortal succession,
Hail, tempest, pestilent evil, furies:
King of the East all the West in flight,
He will subjugate his former conquerors.

Advised by Holger Isenberg


The above verse can only be related to the White House USA and its presidents that are subjugated to the King of Saudi due to oil. The West can also relate to the NATO and allied forces. 

Iran - The Shah, sources say he died in an Egyptian hospital of complications. His Son apparently killed himself in January 2011. His daughter also took an overdose. [2][3]

Lebanon  - Rafic Hariri who built the modern city of Beirut, assassinated 

Iraq - Saddam Hussein, the world was told he had weapons of mass destruction. 

Pakistan - Benazir Bhutto Prime Minister. That told the world that Bin Laden was dead on US TV, in an interview with David Frost. She was murdered soon after in December 2007. Clearly, she knew too 

Libya - Muammar Gaddafi, who gave free education, homes, etc. 

We know full well that Obama is now after Syria, and the house of Saudi paid for his education and presidential seat. In 2007, Arab television was predicting that there would be a Muslim president in the White House at the next election. How did they know that? They paid for it. 

That means they are planning at least two more. 

UPDATE 11.2.2012

Syria - Brig-Gen Dr Isa al-Kholi [4]




Staying with the battle of the Catholic Church and its war against the Spirit of Sophia, the tongue of the Spirit of truth.

I have just received this email from the USA regarding another Catholic scandal in Spain. The 27th of October is the 'Day of Impulse'. No surprise that the email is timed at 11.22. Two master numbers.

Is there any future for the Vatican and its Clergy? Clearly not.


Date: Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 11:22 PM

Subject: Another Catholic Church Scandal - Thousands of Stolen Babies in Spain

For years the Catholic Church has run hospitals in Spain and have been kidnapping babies, telling their mothers/parents that their baby died at birth and selling them to 'good Catholic families'. Some claim the incidents could run into the thousands. This seems to have started at the time of the Spanish Civil War with the blessing of the Catholic Dictator Franco - to remove children from those regarded as dissidents/opposition or enemies of the state.However, it was continued on by the church run hospitals for years after that era. 

Doctors, nuns and priests, selling babies on to more devout families. On discovering this scandal, bereaved parents insisted on exhumations for DNA evidence at the infant tombs they paid for, only to find coffins of just stones or other adult remains (showing again more Church collusion with priests acting the lie with false tombs/empty coffins).This has just been shown on a TV documentary in UK and here are articles:

Having this practice exposed in Spain has led to other countries looking at whether this may have happened in their Church run hospitals too, especially where children are sold for adoption.
If all the cases demand compensation through law (!!!:eek:), the Spanish government is in financial straits and so far, the RC Church is being as evasive as it was over the abuse scandals - the cost would be crippling! 


The LORD said 'Asteroid', the word in Greek means STAR.

I took a look to see if there was anything on the horizon, not much in space news.

While I was looking at Nostradamus prophecies he said 'Their on lock down now, A cross the pond'.


Celtic army vexed in Italy
on all sides conflict and great loss:
Romans fled, O Gaul repelled!
Near the Ticino, Rubicon uncertain battle.

Gauls have milk white skin like the Cardinals in the video in a recent post. Germanic coloring of Berlin. 

As we know the current Pope is also German. However, there is also a place in Italy called 'Cisalpine Gaul'.

Ticino is a place in Southern Switzerland and they speak Italian. South is the direction of the Queen mentioned in the NT. 

The Rubicon River is in North Eastern Italy. The river is red due to mud deposits hence comes its name and it is the most polluted in the region. 

North East is also 'Healing Teacher' that stands against the Pope in red, the color of blood and bloodshed. The Pope and the Church did nothing to stop the wars. In fact, the Pope had a meeting with Obama prior to the war against Libya. If you remember I was given a vision of the Pope and an Iman and they were carving up the world. Clearly, the Muslim brotherhood took Libya with the Pope's approval. 

'Crossing the Rubicon' means passing the point of no return. 

Looks like there are some heavy meetings going on in Italy, because this is about their survival and the survival of humanity. Big decisions, do they put the Church or the people first? The battle as been uncertain until now. 

I feel the Celtic army relates to NATO and the allied forces, there has been loss of life of Italian soldiers. And I remember writing about them in my report about the Harmonic Concordance in 2003. While the spiritually elect and the angels of ELOHIM were celebrating globally, many young Italians died in Iraq. 
For how long will the spiritual allow this to continue? While they stay in their love bubbles people are dying. 

They clearly have a choice in the matter just like the Church do as well. The LORD said 'They are discussing the building'. 

So the quatrain could be understood as 'Western Army vexed in Italy, on all sides conflict and great loss. Italians from Rome fled, repelled by the German Pope. Near the time of the Queen of the South, the healing teacher, the battle of the Catholics has an uncertain outcome'. Nostradamus was giving the people a timeline for the judgement to come upon the Church, IMHV. 

The number of the Quatrain is also relevant to this prophecy, because Nostradamus gave the second prophecy in respect of the age that my work with the LORD would come to an end. Nostradamus predicted that it would end before I am 73, and the LORD's Son said that my work with the community would end when I am 72 years of age. 

272 is also the Hebrew gematria value of 'The word of the LORD came expressly'. It certainly did. 

Hayah Hayah Davar YHVH

The Chariot, HaMerkavah. 



The Spirit of Grace 

Evening relates to the evening time that King David spoke about in Psalm 92. The time when the HARP, faithfulness would come. The famine also relates to Joseph who saved the people from it, he was also a Spirit of Grace due to his blessed ways. 

Clearly, there is a lot being discussed. 





In the post about THEOS, we began the post with the paragraph. 

We have mentioned in recent posts that the word THEOS has been mistranslated as God in the New Testament.  In Greek Strongs, 2316, it means a 'god', or 'goddess', it is a general name of deities or divinities. In other words it is similar to ELOHIM, that mean powers but it is not the same. In Rev 3 it mentions 'Faithful and True', the ruler of Theos creation. Clearly, the Greek word Theosophia, is to do with the wisdom of the 'god's and the 'god's are mentioned in the OT, NT and Dead Sea Scrolls. 

So what does the bible say about the power? 

In the book of Samuel 'The Spirit of the LORD will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person". 

Isn't that the truth. My life completely changed after the Harmonic concordance in 2003. ELOHIM arrived, at that point in time we were sharing that the real power is with Spiritual men and women. 

Micah 3 is all about the rebuke of the leaders and prophets. "Therefore night will come over you, without visions, and darkness, without divination. The sun will set for the prophets and the day will go dark for them. The seers will be ashamed and the diviners disgraced. They will cover their faces because there is no answer from Elohiym'.  

Why do they cover their faces? Only Islamic women cover their faces. It means that they will be left with no choice because they remained silent. As the Son of the LORD said to the Muslims. 'Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world'. 

Micah 3 continues:

"But as for me I am filled with power. With the Spirit of the LORD and with justice and might. To declare to Jacob its transgression, to Israel its sin'. Bear in mind that there are many Sons of Jacob in the USA and Jacob's trouble does not only apply to Israel. 

Hear this, you leaders of Jacob, you rulers of Israel, who despise justice and distort all that is right; who build Zion with bloodshed, and Jerusalem with wickedness. Her leaders judge for a bribe, her priests teach for a price, and her prophets tell fortunes for money. Yet they look for the LORD’s support and say, “Is not the LORD among us? No disaster will come upon us.” Therefore because of you, Zion will be plowed like a field, Jerusalem will become a heap of rubble, the temple hill a mound overgrown with thickets.

In the book of Acts, the power is when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. In 1 Corinthians 12:10 it speaks of the spiritual gifts that are given divinely and it can include  'Miraculous Powers' to do good. As we know, as it was predicted that the son born of the flesh persecutes the son that is born by the power of the Spirit. Gal 4:29 

For the Spirit that Theos gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

The child in this video wishes that the 'Truth has a tongue'. Well this Spirit of Truth certainly as a tongue and there is nobody that can shut her up because ELIAKIM holds the key in this timeline. These Lotus Feet have the moon under them. Why is that? The moon has no light of its own, although it has got plenty of titanium. 

Blessed is the one that comes in the name of the LORD.


Dante Cries Now Church Revolt

Following on from our post on the 'Cannonball Time' at St Paul's in London and the occupation. 

The LORD said 'Dante cries now'.  Dante wrote 'The Divine Comedy' and 'The Inferno'. 

It seems there is some action in the Catholic Church and the Catholic Cardinals and Bishops are revolting against Pope Benedict XVI. The video below states that it was in Berlin in September 2011. 

The Bishops of Austria, standing against the Pope and the that hasn't happened since the Protestant Reformation nearly 500 years ago. Not since then as there been such a widespread and open rebellion in the Catholic Church. We also made a post on our other blog about a more recent case in Ireland, when the people walked out of the Church. This is old news and the report was posted in 2009. 

The Austrians mention being able to see together 'the signs of the times with eyes of faith'. These are the same people that ignored the scriptures and built Churches when the scripture told them not to do so. 

When the German Pope Benedict XVI was elected, I asked about him, and the Son of God said 'It will be genocide for the church'. 

The other news is that France is now a Muslim nation. The most widely practiced religion in France is now Islam. 

Islamic mosques are being built more often in France than Roman Catholic churches, and there now are more practising Muslims in the country than practising Catholics.

Nearly 150 new mosques currently are under construction in France, home to the biggest Muslim community in Europe. The mosque-building projects are at various stages of completion, according to Mohammed Moussaoui, the president of the Muslim Council of France (CFCM), who provided the data in an August 2 interview with the French radio station RTL...[3]

France is in big trouble and Nostradamus warned about Islam invading your countries. 

We have also warned the people as well, that the invasion of your countries by Islam will only bring bloodshed and more poverty like you see in Islamic nations. It is the cause of civil wars and that is exactly what the elite like, because while people are at war within their own countries, they cannot ascend spiritually to create a different and better world for the children. 

Yes, people are finding their conscience but it will not save humanity from itself. The PC brigade have stood against everything that is right and true, by not supporting the one that the LORD God sent to help them in this timeline. Just because Westerners could not find it in their hearts to say 'Blessed is the one that comes in the name of the LORD'; due to them having not healed themselves of their issues with it.  

Hence, why the biblical prophecies predicted that only the tribes of Joseph would be saved, and the Son of God told them that the meek shall inherit the earth. 

Here is the video of the Pope being refused the hand. You may remember the vision that I was given and  the Pope was sitting across the table from an Iman, they were doing a deal and carving up the world. 

In addition, the Cardinals understood the sign from the LORD when the hat was removed from the Pope at the recent youth movement event. Not only did his hat get removed but the youth were harmed and one even had their legs broken. 

The Cardinals understand that the Pope as had his authority removed. Not only the authority of the Pope but the authority of the Church. We shared that in the ELIAKIM -v SHEBNA post.