Sunday, 31 October 2010

Abba said 'Its going down in Nairobi'.

Abba said 'Its going down in Nairobi'. So what is in the news? The half marathon race. What caught my eye from the news item was the two children with their banner ''Go Daddy, Run with your Heart'. [1]

And what is described as a mountain of a man. The newspaper headline is 'Arise Githongo and run for president in 2012'. 

John Githongo lecture on Governance and Corruption




Poppy Remembrance Day

As we know Poppy Day is early November, the 11th. A Day of Remembrance of those that gave their lives for you. On this day, like most days,  I will remember a special Veteran, Michael M. Mauldin. You know that I still miss you by my side Dear Michael, forever always.

On this day, may everyone remember those that died for their freedom to exist. Michael like most veterans would like a happy song to dance the night away.

A field of real poppies, the colour of the heart. Every red Poppy reminds us of those that we have loved and still love. The red poppy and their fields remind the people how sacred life and freedom is.

Love beyond measure to the veterans and those that gave their lives to help humanity.

Christmas Visions

Last week I was given a VISION of FATHER Christmas as a TIMING link to do with the divine plan and this morning on the ceiling was a golden Christmas bell. The bells will certainly be RINGING this Christmas. Interesting that the book of Exodus mentions gold BELLS that are at the hem of the robe. The sound of the bells will be heard when he enters the Holy Place before the LORD and when he comes out. so that he will not die. Exo 28:35.

On that day Holy to the LORD will be inscribed upon the bells of the horses, and the cooking pots in the LORD's house will be like the SACRED bowls in front of the altar. Zech 14:20.

The SHIPS bell is also the colour of gold and it is inscribed. As we know the cook rings the bell. One bell for first watch is 20.30, the 20th is the day before the December eclipse. The bell is sounded to get the people on board the ship and regulates duty watches. People are being CALLED for DUTY. 

In English pubs the bell is rung for the LAST CALL. A SIGNAL that the bar is closing soon. "The thickness of a church bell at its thickest part, called the "sound bow", is usually one thirteenth its diameter. If the bell is mounted as cast, it is called a "maiden bell". [2] She wore bells on her feet and flowers in hair in the 60's. She also rang the inscribed Buddhist  bell on Reiki healing training courses. It sat in front of the altar. 13 is her birth date and the gematria value of AHAVA. 

One can also understand the sacred bowls as the 'Singing Bowls' brought from TIBET to the Western world. 

May the bells ring out all over the WORLD. The golden bell is the
GIFT of this December. They are a SIGN. Give your sign to
everyone this December for it is the GOOD WILL of God.

Good will beyond measure, may the good will of God be done.



Saturday, 30 October 2010

Angel Visions

While bathing in candle light this night, I saw visions of Angels. There were two of them on my left kissing and they had long flowing hair, a male and a female.  The third angel was under my right foot, it was much smaller and it was a dark angel, it had huge wings and its body was covered in a black robe the same style as the KKK. It wasn't until I got out of the bath that I remembered that tonight is Halloween. What does God put under your feet? His enemies.

The Dead Sea Scrolls talks about "the enemies that profaned their sanctuary."  In other words they profaned their own bodies. Profanity is the opposite of holiness and all that is sacred. It continues that they battled each other against his covenant. God saved and delivered goodwill. He gave them a single heart to walk the way of truth. They despised the way of the wealth of wickedness and stayed apart from it. The erring Spirit and with a tongue of truth. And they atoned for their iniquity through their strokes their iniquity vacat. (4Q183). Metaphysically, strokes are also to do with people that would rather die than change their ways.

The book of Revelation talks about a third of them that turned dark. A third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon and a third of the stars and as we know this is the year of three. The sun is symbolic of the Christians, the moon is symbolic of the Muslims and the Stars are symbolic of the spiritual. Prophet Ezekiel also spoke about a third of the people and some biblical scholars agree that the book of Revelation is a compilation of the prophecies delivered by the  prophets.

Prophet Zechariah predicted that a third of the people would be brought into the fire to be purified and refined.

So let us send out the candle of light to those in darkness this night, so they too may join the light and be purified in the fire of God's righteous love.

The unfettered flames of God become his fire when they are united in the heart of the essentials of his good will.

Two thirds of humanity can certainly overcome the other third when they do the will of God.

Love beyond measure



Abba was also talking about the ruse of education this morning as well. Its quite incredible to hear the young ones talk of £20,000 debts for gaining a university education. When I bought our first property at half that cost.

So what did they do;

1. Offer education to everyone
2. Make sure that people cannot get a job without academic qualification.
3. Then slowly increase the cost of that education.
4. Ensure that young people start their careers in debt.
5. Eliminate the ability of the poor to gain a university education if desired.

What is this co-creating again? A society of those that have and those that don't.

Its also important to point out that by the time most people leave education, that education is already out of date because things are moving so fast. So what will universities do when their budgets are being cut? Take on more foreign students that will take on even more British jobs, ultimately, co-creating more cultural genocide.

However, the solution that I never ever hear anyone talk about is the possibility of cutting the length of many degrees. From what I have seen there is a tremendous wastage in university education. Some subjects simply do not warrant a three year degree. I was talking to one student that had spent three years at university studying psychology and most of what she learned was statistics and very little to do with real psychology. After spending three years at university her degree does not give her a qualification to work as a psychologist, she then as to get into debt for another three years and do another degree. What a farce.

Abba is right it is a ruse what the educationalists and the civil servants are implementing and the people are so blinded by their desires, wants and needs to have an academic career, that they can't see what is staring them in the face. It was the same with Obama, very few could see straight through him due to their desire for peace.

With technology today, there is no reason for young people to be in debt for university degrees. Costs could be cut immensely by providing most adult education on-line.

It really is time to by-pass most of the government systems that are costing the people more then they can afford to pay. Governments and their systems have passed their sell by date and their product life cycle is quickly coming to an end. As God promised everything will be made anew as the old heaven and earth is swept away. I say bring it on and the sooner the better.


Last night Abba mentioned CAMERON, David Cameron. God is not happy with you and your henchmen. [1]

As Prophet Isaiah said there is no mercy and compassion for children because if there was there would be no child poverty.

During our research with underprivileged families it became clear that you cannot just work with the children to give them a better start, if you deny the parents their human rights. The suffering of parents impact on children in an adverse and detrimental way. When parents suffer children suffer, and when children suffer, parents suffer.

The stopping of benefits to those that are entitled to them due to the lack of jobs created by successive governments is the responsibility of government. Stopping benefits will not solve the root causes of the core issues that governments have created for the people. What will happen is that more people will become homeless and that will then increase the financial burden carried by local councils. David Cameron you have set up a new poverty/homeless cycle with your wanton disregard for human life. Do you not know that is called 'Criminal negligence?'. You shall be held accountable for the disease that you are helping to co-create for the people David Cameron. The bible talks about people like you and the bible calls you a murderer.

One might ask where are your Christian values? If you were a true Christian you would be calling for the end of all third world debt. All interest charged to the poor to be eliminated, free energy and water for the poor that you are oppressing, higher taxes on the rich that do not help the poor willingly. The measure that you give will be the measure that you receive. So far, we have seen no giving to the poor, only taking from the people that successive British governments have oppressed with systems that are not healthy for the people. Gordon Brown should also be imprisoned for introducing his stealth taxes that  have taken even more money out of the pockets of the people. I would like to see you live on £50 a week to see how long you last Cameron.

The USA is full of tent cities and if the British government carries on the way it is then tent cities will also become a reality in the UK as well. Perhaps that's your intention, let them die in the cold instead of live in the warmth of a loving, caring and compassionate nation.

Education and university degrees is also now beyond most peoples means. Perhaps if you sent all the immigrants home the government might be able to afford essential services for its own people that have paid into the rogue government coffers for generations. Many people have spent their lives paying you taxes, then when the crunch comes, they discover that the huge amount of money that they paid to the British government, as gone straight down the drain of your economic policies that have not worked to date. Basically, you took on a bankrupt government and now you are making the poor pay for the debt that you inherited. Sorry, Cameron, that is not good enough, nor is it moral, ethical, or  right.

Nor is it right for local councils to increase the bills to people to cover the loss of the money created by them; by gambling on higher interest rates with foreign banks. Local councils gambled the peoples money and that is a crime against humanity. Those responsible will be held accountable.

During the election campaign you presented yourself as a man of the people and for the people. Let me tell you David Cameron, the real people are the poor. I am glad with hand on my heart, I did not vote for you. The Christ taught people Prosperity of Spirit, and the bible teaches the people to be givers to those worse off then themselves.

So why is that the PM and his wife who are estimated to be worth in excess of £3 million, gave a bill to the tax payer for a second home when most tax payers can't even afford one home let alone two. Thank goodness that the British media have the integrity to put the Cameron's in the spot light of shame. [2] Shame on the rich and gentry who do not help others and milk the poor of every penny of human life.

Also 9 out every ten jobs under labour were taken by people born in other countries. Time to send the migrants home. [3] As far as the EU is concerned most people are against the money that it costs the tax payers. If you had a referendum on the EU, I feel sure that most people would vote to leave it. Basically, the people have had enough of funding other nations when you cannot fund your own. The bible also warns people about making all the fields one. So the EU is also against the law of God, because God made different nations for good purpose to ensure the freedom of the people.

Reality check!




Mayan Children Belize

Abba is still talking about BELIZE and BELIZE is still calling us. Belize is a melting pot of cultures, it has been made clear that the Mayan culture in Belize is one that Abba is most concerned about.

He does have a divine plan for Belize and once it comes together we will share more with you. If you are interested in helping Belize and the Mayan people please do not hesitate to contact me.

One of our colleagues is arranging to send the Chairman of the Toledo Eco Association a video camera so that he can do more to help his people. However, we still require a laptop for him to enable him to do what is required. If you have a laptop that you can send him please contact us and we will give you his details.

Some of the Mayan children would like to go to university and study Accounting, IT and Biology. However, like many children in the West their parents cannot afford to pay for their university education. If parents do manage to pay for it, the children then go without food all day until they return home in the evening.

There must be retired academics and teachers that care about the Mayans, that would be willing to help these children and teach them the essentials. We just have to find a way of accessing them, engaging their hearts for a project with the children. I feel sure that Abba will show us the way for his will to be done to help the Mayans.

May the will of God be done


Friday, 29 October 2010

Calling the DRUZE

Abba said 'The Druze know that you are here now'.

Come Druze Come....


Calling the HEALERS Calling the Orchids

This morning a brochure on flower essences arrived and it had not been requested. They are from Scotland and they are essences of ORCHIDS. It is certainly time to call the ORCHIDS.

The brochure is beautifully presented.

High Quality 

Usually, the ORCHIDS are found in the tropics and sub-tropics.  However, I view them as high quality healers. Orchid is also linked to the East like Lotus Flowers. The direction of the East is the Teachers.  The West like Ecuador is also the Peacemakers. In healing people unite around the world. 

Come healers come, come Orchids Come....

God bless you and your blessed work helping the people to heal themselves.

Mercy of God

The last post mentions MERCY, does the LORD our God have mercy for everyone? Let's see shall we. How many Christians die of cancer? How many people are slaughtered daily?

"And the LORD said, "I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the LORD, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion." Exodus 33:19  "But in your great mercy you did not put an end to them or abandon them, for you are a gracious and merciful God." Neh 9:31

In my experience when you are merciful to others God is merciful to you. When you are compassionate to others, God is compassionate to you. As Abba said 'It is not a one way street'. If you show others no mercy then God will not be merciful to you.

So what happens to wayward children? They get put to sleep until they wake up in a better frame of mind.

Do humanity have mercy for God's creation? How much mercy do you bestow upon his creation? Were you merciful to this reality? How much mercy did you give?

Prophet Isaiah mentions the fact that the people have no mercy or compassion for the children. If humanity truly had compassion for children, there would not be a single child in poverty.

"Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts. Let him turn to the LORD, and he will have mercy on him, and to our God, for he will freely pardon." Isa 55:7 In biblical times, the wicked were those that did not look after God's perfect creation, Mother Earth. 

"In all their distress he too was distressed, and the angel of his presence saved them. In his love and mercy he redeemed them; he lifted them up and carried them all the days of old."Isa 63:9 

"They are armed with bow and spear; they are cruel and show no mercy. They sound like the roaring sea as they ride on their horses; they come like men in battle formation to attack you, O Daughter of Zion." Jer 6:23 

"He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8 

What does it mean to walk humbly with your God? It means that you ask God what you can do for him. It means that you align your will with the will of God.

"Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy." Micah 7:18 "This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another. Zech 7:9 

"Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy."Matthew 5:7

For it is the measure of the spiritual law as the Christ said it comes back to you 30, 60 or 100 times.

May humanity be merciful beyond measure, for it is the will of God for you to be so, then he will show you his mercy. 

Mudslinging Americans

This morning I had a lucid dream. I was at a tube station in London near where I used to live. The tube station is CHALK FARM. That station is on the black route, and it also goes South to where I grew up. Chalk Farm station is on the junction of HAVERSTOCK Hill. [Pictures courtesy of wikipedia]. A member of our family used to own a newspaper pitch outside it. Another member of our family went to school there before he was thrown out of it. 

The trains that run on this route are called the UNDERGROUND otherwise known as the tubes. 

The Northern (Black) line also goes to HAMPSTEAD does it remind you of Hamsters in the never ending cycle of the hamster wheel of karma? Do hamsters remind you of mice and rats that carry and spread disease?  

The next station is GOLDers Green a well known, WEALTHY  Jewish area of North London. Below chalk farm there is CamDEN Town, MORNINGton CRESCENT, then Euston and WARREN Street that is at the TOP of Totenham COURT Road. 

That map looks like Israel. 

Chalk Farm station is also close to SWISS Cottage and what comes from Switzerland? Hidden bank accounts and cheese. 

I saw the name of the STATION that I was being shown and the name was TRUTH OF then the rest of the name of the station. I was like a detective and had gone to the station for some information. The station itself was closed and trains ran through it but did not stop at the station of truth. Also interesting that in the past Abba talked about chalking it up on this blog. 

In the lucid dream I was ABOVE ground and did not go down to where the trains go through. I knew there were some admin offices there that I could access if I went down the stairs because the escalator going down was closed. 

Then I saw a couple and two small children, a boy and girl. The little GIRL was face down on the floor dressed in a winter white outfit, so I picked her up and held her HAND I was going to take her with me. Do not forget last winter, the snow, the message that it brought. 

Then I saw an American ROCK band on stage that looked like a band from the 70's/80's, there were about 4-5 guys and one girl in the band. They looked a bit like a cross between Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC. 

The conversation carried on with the man at the station and he was showing me pictures on his iphone. He was also interested in this CASE and that is why they had also come to the station of truth. 

Then the man started to do some research, he showed me the same American band and their previous name. The name on his iphone with the same PICTURE of them was 'BAD MUD SLINGING'. 

Song by Linkin Park - Vehicle is called the 'Beast' that is the machine that stands against God with their mudslinging. 

I then said 'That's it, that's them. Those that portray themselves to be the good guys are the bad guys. They're behind it all. They are telling people they're the good guys when really they are the bad guys. Every time you see the good responses to the American Band it is the American Band writing it to themselves. They are one and the same." 

Then it reminded me of an AMERICAN forum called 'Godlikeproductions' that some journalists in the media read. The enemies of America are actually Americans themselves because they are spreading disease. 

Bad is not a word that I use. However, it is a word that is used on Godlikproductions and by Americans on a daily basis. 

This as been a recurring dream that ended today, it has come to a conclusion. 

Interesting that Fleetwood Mac's last album was called 'UNLEASHED'.

On a conference call last week an American was telling people to buy gold, we told them not to because gold is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, just like every other commodity. 

"People are not a commodity without LOVE they become so' from Sacred Words

The BEST investment is LAND where you can GROW food for yourselves and your family.

No doubt there will be some mudslinging with the current US elections like only Americans know how. 


May the will of God be done and the 'Bad MudSlinging"
be brought down with their slave masters, who are 
keeping them in the wheel of karma like hamsters
running round and round in circles. 

Why is this necessary? Innocent Americans are praying for mercy.

And the Mercy of God is here.....

Chalk Farm Station was completely refurbished in 2005,  it is indeed open for business with two platforms that can take you either North or South. 

And the LORD said, "I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the LORD, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. Exodus 33:19 

Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Daisy Healing

While pondering upon a lady that I met today, Abba said 'DAISY' and the English Daisy is popular with traditional gardeners. White leaves with a golden centre, it closes at night and opens again in the morning. When I was a child we would pick the small daisies from the lawn and make daisy chains. We used to do the same with buttercups as well. Daisy as been used for healing in Roman times and this lady lives in an ancient Roman town. [1]

It is clear that this lady must engage in inner child work and also connect with a past life in the town in which they live to heal the sword and spear cuts.

The flower essence of Daisy is for healing trauma, bruises and post operative surgery. [2] Findhorn also do a combination remedy for the Inner Child that includes Daisy. So in this case I would recommend that the lady purchases a bottle of each. [3] However, I also work with flower essences so can make up a specific remedy for the inner child when I see her next week to do the inner child work.

I shall also recommend that she wears the colours of the Daisy, especially on her torso, winter whites, yellow/golds and shades of green until her health regains its balance.

Onwards and upwards



Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Choir of Angels

Abba said 'Now you've got a Choir of Angels.'

The choirs of Angels are mentioned by Nehemiah. Nehemiah in Hebrew means 'Comforted of the LORD'. Nehemiah was cup bearer to the King in 445-444BCE. He served both the King and Queen.

Interesting numerical links, this is the 445th post in 2010, then next year is a 4 year, and the 4th of April 2011 will be 444, the number of perfect love. No coincidence then that this is the 44th post in October. 

Governor Nehemiah was involved in rebuilding Jerusalem and enforcing cancellation of debt.

"The two choirs that gave thanks then took their places in the house of God" Neh 12:40 

1240 is the same gematria value as "Do good, O LORD, unto those that be good, and to them that are upright in their hearts." [1]

In Jewish mysticism,  there was also an archangel called 'Nemamiah'. Archangel Guardian of Admirals, Generals, and all the people who engage in just causes. 

for your glory Abba

Love beyond measure



Abba as been calling out about the environment since 2004 when he said ‘HUMANITY NEEDS YOU NOW”. At that time we sent out a full article to people on our mailing lists for distribution and action. Most people ignored the instructions and will of God. Within weeks the Asian disaster happened on Boxing Day. That event is also mentioned in the bible as one of the predictions from Christ. 

Then we were writing, posting and emailing ‘’CREATION IS CALLING YOU’ and without me knowing the Italian disaster happened at the same time as I was posting. At the time of writing the article I was pondering about Italy and an eco warrior there.

A week ago, I was compelled to start writing the article about the Island prophecies and had to address other things. In the meantime, prior to finishing the article, we had the Greenpeace Islamic Apologetics, Indonesia posted on this blog on the 23rd of October. The same day we sent out another email about Indonesia that used to be a Buddhist-Hindu nation. We also distributed an email with a list of issues to do with Indonesia on the 23rd. 

A Christian Worshipper Stabbed and A Minister Beaten in Indonesia.
Indonesia: Court Upholds Controversial Blasphemy Law. 
So Much for “Moderate” Indonesia!
Indonesia: Muslim civil servants obliged to read Koran
Bloody New Year for Christians: Indonesia
. Indonesia and Ba’asyir, the Preacher of Hate
 Indonesia and Islamic Terrorism 
Indonesia on the Slippery Slope
. Indonesia: Muslim leaders urge not to link terror with Islam after hotel bombing.
Indonesian Justice minister calling on terrorists to bomb Israel instead of Indonesia

On the evening of the 23rd Abba delivered the GREEN LETTER and the information was posted on this blog the following day.

Over the weekend I then got around to finishing the article on the Islands Prophecy and sent a copy of the first draft to a colleague at 3.33am gmt 25th of October, 2010. The same day that the disaster hit Indonesia again.

While writing this post about Indonesia Abba said “Loathing’. The word loathing appears in a few places, in Psalm 119 it is to do with people who do not do the will of God when asked to do so. Psalm 119:157-159 NIV

It is also mentioned by Prophet Ezekiel. “There you will remember your conduct and all the actions by which you have defiled yourselves, and you will loathe yourselves for all the evil you have done” Eze 20:43 NIV.
The Hebrew word for loathing is “Tow`ebah” (strongs no 8441) [1] The word can mean abomination. Abomination also links in with the book of Daniel when the mosque was built in Jerusalem where it did not belong. The abomination predicted by Christ also stands where he does not belong. Who spent his formative years in Indonesia? Obama. In the Dead Sea scrolls he is the usurper. So what was Obama doing in Indonesia under the guise of writing a book?