Friday, 29 October 2010

Mudslinging Americans

This morning I had a lucid dream. I was at a tube station in London near where I used to live. The tube station is CHALK FARM. That station is on the black route, and it also goes South to where I grew up. Chalk Farm station is on the junction of HAVERSTOCK Hill. [Pictures courtesy of wikipedia]. A member of our family used to own a newspaper pitch outside it. Another member of our family went to school there before he was thrown out of it. 

The trains that run on this route are called the UNDERGROUND otherwise known as the tubes. 

The Northern (Black) line also goes to HAMPSTEAD does it remind you of Hamsters in the never ending cycle of the hamster wheel of karma? Do hamsters remind you of mice and rats that carry and spread disease?  

The next station is GOLDers Green a well known, WEALTHY  Jewish area of North London. Below chalk farm there is CamDEN Town, MORNINGton CRESCENT, then Euston and WARREN Street that is at the TOP of Totenham COURT Road. 

That map looks like Israel. 

Chalk Farm station is also close to SWISS Cottage and what comes from Switzerland? Hidden bank accounts and cheese. 

I saw the name of the STATION that I was being shown and the name was TRUTH OF then the rest of the name of the station. I was like a detective and had gone to the station for some information. The station itself was closed and trains ran through it but did not stop at the station of truth. Also interesting that in the past Abba talked about chalking it up on this blog. 

In the lucid dream I was ABOVE ground and did not go down to where the trains go through. I knew there were some admin offices there that I could access if I went down the stairs because the escalator going down was closed. 

Then I saw a couple and two small children, a boy and girl. The little GIRL was face down on the floor dressed in a winter white outfit, so I picked her up and held her HAND I was going to take her with me. Do not forget last winter, the snow, the message that it brought. 

Then I saw an American ROCK band on stage that looked like a band from the 70's/80's, there were about 4-5 guys and one girl in the band. They looked a bit like a cross between Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC. 

The conversation carried on with the man at the station and he was showing me pictures on his iphone. He was also interested in this CASE and that is why they had also come to the station of truth. 

Then the man started to do some research, he showed me the same American band and their previous name. The name on his iphone with the same PICTURE of them was 'BAD MUD SLINGING'. 

Song by Linkin Park - Vehicle is called the 'Beast' that is the machine that stands against God with their mudslinging. 

I then said 'That's it, that's them. Those that portray themselves to be the good guys are the bad guys. They're behind it all. They are telling people they're the good guys when really they are the bad guys. Every time you see the good responses to the American Band it is the American Band writing it to themselves. They are one and the same." 

Then it reminded me of an AMERICAN forum called 'Godlikeproductions' that some journalists in the media read. The enemies of America are actually Americans themselves because they are spreading disease. 

Bad is not a word that I use. However, it is a word that is used on Godlikproductions and by Americans on a daily basis. 

This as been a recurring dream that ended today, it has come to a conclusion. 

Interesting that Fleetwood Mac's last album was called 'UNLEASHED'.

On a conference call last week an American was telling people to buy gold, we told them not to because gold is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, just like every other commodity. 

"People are not a commodity without LOVE they become so' from Sacred Words

The BEST investment is LAND where you can GROW food for yourselves and your family.

No doubt there will be some mudslinging with the current US elections like only Americans know how. 


May the will of God be done and the 'Bad MudSlinging"
be brought down with their slave masters, who are 
keeping them in the wheel of karma like hamsters
running round and round in circles. 

Why is this necessary? Innocent Americans are praying for mercy.

And the Mercy of God is here.....

Chalk Farm Station was completely refurbished in 2005,  it is indeed open for business with two platforms that can take you either North or South. 

And the LORD said, "I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the LORD, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. Exodus 33:19 

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