Saturday, 30 October 2010


Abba was also talking about the ruse of education this morning as well. Its quite incredible to hear the young ones talk of £20,000 debts for gaining a university education. When I bought our first property at half that cost.

So what did they do;

1. Offer education to everyone
2. Make sure that people cannot get a job without academic qualification.
3. Then slowly increase the cost of that education.
4. Ensure that young people start their careers in debt.
5. Eliminate the ability of the poor to gain a university education if desired.

What is this co-creating again? A society of those that have and those that don't.

Its also important to point out that by the time most people leave education, that education is already out of date because things are moving so fast. So what will universities do when their budgets are being cut? Take on more foreign students that will take on even more British jobs, ultimately, co-creating more cultural genocide.

However, the solution that I never ever hear anyone talk about is the possibility of cutting the length of many degrees. From what I have seen there is a tremendous wastage in university education. Some subjects simply do not warrant a three year degree. I was talking to one student that had spent three years at university studying psychology and most of what she learned was statistics and very little to do with real psychology. After spending three years at university her degree does not give her a qualification to work as a psychologist, she then as to get into debt for another three years and do another degree. What a farce.

Abba is right it is a ruse what the educationalists and the civil servants are implementing and the people are so blinded by their desires, wants and needs to have an academic career, that they can't see what is staring them in the face. It was the same with Obama, very few could see straight through him due to their desire for peace.

With technology today, there is no reason for young people to be in debt for university degrees. Costs could be cut immensely by providing most adult education on-line.

It really is time to by-pass most of the government systems that are costing the people more then they can afford to pay. Governments and their systems have passed their sell by date and their product life cycle is quickly coming to an end. As God promised everything will be made anew as the old heaven and earth is swept away. I say bring it on and the sooner the better.

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