Monday, 30 April 2012


Youtube are in bed with certain companies and they pay youtube to use their server for advertising to its users.  Preferred Guest Resorts (USA) are one of those companies.

This evening a message kept coming up on the right hand of the screen.  I then looked at it and it stated that I had won $3,000 travel shopping spree and you are given a London office number to call. In this case the number was 020 7979 7823, the number is then diverted to the American office. You are reassured that you are only paying for a local call. My confirmation number was JJ173K05. It looks legit and when you call it sounds legit. [1]

The lady gave me her name 'Jacque'. The sales representative then explained what had been won, the full extent of it and what was involved. Its sounded wonderful, with a holiday in different locations, including free car hire for a week and a cruise. They tell you that you have won the top prize that includes the following:

5 nights Florida plus 7 day car hire.
3 nights Daytona Beach
3 nights Bahamas cruise
4 nights Costa Rica

They tell you that you have 18 months to take the trip and can divide the destinations into different trips if you wish. There was no mention of flights, and it was for up to four people. [2] Then comes the crunch, credit card details. When you tell the girl that you do not have any money or a credit card. She doesn't know what to do, that wasn't written in the script. She goes off to ask for help. Comes back and tries again. You repeat the truth to her for the second time. She then goes off again to get her supervisor.

Then the man comes on, and you explain your situation again, I told him the truth that I am penniless with no credit facility. He did not believe me. He then told me that he knew that I had credit, and enough to pay for the offer today. He then went into the fact that he is worth millions and the company is legit. I told him, if that was the case, there would be no money required from me. If you win something, you win something, you haven't won something, if you have to pay for it.

I told him that the girl should have made it clear in the beginning of the call, that a payment would be required. He then said that people would think it was a 'scam'. Well he confirmed that it was, he then asked me what is free in this world?

You can just imagine what I said to him can't you? I then informed him about the holy beggar and how what she has done, she has done for God. That is why she is penniless, people don't donate to the holy. If he is worth millions then he could afford to give, then he backtracked, and said he only worked for the company. He tried every angle that he could, then when it wasn't working, he accepted that the call had to come to an end. However, I did tell him about Obama and what he is doing to the country. In addition; to telling the man about his consumerism that is leading the country to self-destruction.

There was no win for Preferred Guest Resorts in this case. In fact, due to their campaign, I shall now make it known in the UK and abroad what their company and youtube are doing.

When will Americans get it? Their marketing tactics and scripts do not work on the enlightened. Even if I had the money, I would not have given any money to a company that said that I had won something,

In the UK, Preferred Guest Resorts could be brought to court under the 'Trades Description Act'. Youtube should also be reported to the Advertising Standards Authority. In fact, as Preferred Guest Resorts also used an English telephone number, they too can be reported to the ASA.

Judgement surely shall come upon Preferred Guest Resorts, they had no idea who they had taken on when they spoke to this holy pauper.






Crop Circle season has begun with the first one reported on Saturday the 28th of April, 2012. The 28th of April was the 'Day of Steadfastness'. 28 is also the number of the 'LAMB' and there are two lambs in Rev 14. 14+14 = 28. 2+8 = 10 = New Cycle of Time.

The crop circle was found at 'YARNbury Castle, Nr Winterbourne, Stoke, Wiltshire. The crop itself looks like a moon that has been broken up. You can clearly see the crescent moon and the other sections of it. As you can see there are seven sections to it and seven relates to forgiveness in the NT. Seven also relates to karma in the OT, in Hebrew gematria seven is the value of the ZAYIN, 'the woman of valor'.

The moon that has no light of its own is breaking apart, the next seven months are going to be crucial for Islam and its members. Seven months from now takes us to the US presidential election. As we know, Obama is featured in Rev 13 and wisdom was called to do the count on him. If you do not wish for anymore Islamic leaders to be assassinated, then best you vote for Ron Paul.

The wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet, and that will surely impact on anyone that tells a 'yarn'. The planet is also in the 'Saturn in Libra' transit until October, so the spiritual law is definitely heightened for the Queen of the South and the judgement. The Virgin that stands against Obama and his supporters, she stands against the 'Son of Lawlessness' with 60 just ones. Exactly as the prophecies predicted that she would.

The next seven months you are likely to witness a lot of Islamic relationships break apart, as more and more people discover the truth about what is and what has been. No longer will people listen to a yarn that they have been spun to keep them in captivity. Now it is the Spirit of Truth that reigns supreme. In 2010 Clinton admitted that the 'USA is losing the information war'. Well let's just say that it is the same for Islam. Hence the crop circle depicts the breaking of the ways, just like the breaking of the waves on the shore. As we know the moon also impacts on the tides, and the tide is changing, a great deal is being washed up with the tides during these next seven months. The emotive social evolution continues.

The choice is clear, the 'way of man', or the 'way of Spirit'. Islamic women are arising and putting their children and their future first.

The truth will set them free.



On the 1st of December 2009, I wrote about the 'Film maker' eclipse. It mentions the constellation of Gemini and the month of the GEM-IN-I, has begun. It is a beautiful post, it mentioned that the script was written, the characters cast, the chosen sound and light are ready. It also mentions the 'Fellowship', 'Lord of the Rings', Twin Flames and Soul Mates. Its well worth a read.

With every ending comes a new beginning. No surprise then that it was time for some film making.

I hope you enjoy its simplicity, and understand its meaning.

As God said 'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it'.



Sunday, 29 April 2012

Poisoned Coroner Prophecy

In March we asked the question 'Was Andrew Breitbart murdered?'. [1] On the 29th of February I wrote about 'Smelling and Tasting Sickness' and in the post I mentioned the scientists. [2]

Now today, there is news from the USA, that Andrew Breitbart's Coroner is dead. The 61 year old coroner was Michael Cormier from the Los Angeles County Coroners Office. The news report states that Michael was in tremendous pain and was vomiting before he died at
St Joseph Medical Centre in Burbank. The hospital staff had suspicions about his death and notified the Los Angeles police department. It appears that Cormier died of poisoning. [3]

What does the bible say about it? Andrew Breitbart was born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster and Rooster is mentioned in Proverbs 30. The same Proverb that mentions Obama and his family. 


The book of Deuteronomy states 'Make sure there is no root among you that produces such bitter poison. Deu 29:18 'Their vine comes from the vine of Sodom and from the fields of Gomorrah. Their grapes are filled with poison, and their clusters with bitterness. Their wine is the venom of serpents, the deadly poison of cobras.'  Deu 32:32-33. As we know there was also murders of two gay men in the Church that Obama attended. Unsolved murders as far as I am aware. 

'He will suck the poison of serpents; the fangs of an adder will kill him". Job 20:16. 'They make their tongues as sharp as serpent's, the poison of vipers is on their lips'. Psalm 140:3 


'In the end it bites like a snake and poisons like a viper'. Proverbs 23:32 In Hosea 10, it mentions the promises made, 'false oaths' agreements and lawsuits as 'poisoned weeds'. As we know Obama is a trained lawyer, he made many promises and took 'false oaths'. Hosea 10:4 

In Amos it is written, 'They have turned justice into poison'. Amos 6:12. A coroner is part of the justice system. 


Christ also gave a prophecy and a sign. 'And these signs, will accompany those that believe. In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues, they will pick up snakes; and when they drink deadly poison it will not hurt them at all. They will place their hands on sick people and they will get well.' Mark 16:17-19

In Reiki people are taught how to heal what they eat and drink before they do so. They also place their hands on people that come for healing. This is the timeline and the signs. While I was  on an Egyptian boat,  89 people on the boat were sick. I was the only one that transcended it, due to my faith in giving healing to what I consumed and myself daily. 

When I was in Israel I was speaking in Hebrew and I do not speak the language. The heavenly Father was speaking through me. 


1.? 2.? 3.?

Holy Beggar Sadhu

This is an update on the 'Holy Beggar'. Our first post that mentioned it was on the 22nd August, 2011. [1] I was sure that I had written a complete post on it. However, there appears to be a few posts mentioning it. Here is one of the comments from a different post.

"When a spiritual person is in the phase of the 'holy beggar', it is for the sole purpose of showing humanity their own level of mercy and compassionate action and denial of it."  It also shows you who is real and who truly understands its purpose for being. 

An aspect that I would like to share with you today, is to with independence. When a person is experiencing the  'holy beggar' initiation, they have no independence. Do you understand what that means? It means that you are totally dependent on the charity of others, and totally reliant on God and his will for you. Its to show humanity the sheer depth of trustful loyalty, and faithfulness to the will of God regardless of the circumstances that you are in. Initiations are not something you choose on a conscious level, they happen to you because you are either ready for them, or they have a divine purpose to help humanity.  

The 'Holy Beggar' initiation is known in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism, although my experience of it and its purpose does differ in this particular case. Some say that the Sadhu burns the Vedas, well I didn't have to do that because the Vedas was not a part of my life. I had no requirement for it, anymore than I had any requirement for a copy of the bible. The biblical work was given much later in life for divine purpose. 

Imagine a country without independence having to serve others, and then you will get an idea of the sheer immensity of it. Ponder upon all of the countries that fought for their independence. Imagine being an independent person all of your adult life, than that independence being completely swept away. It is the very last part of any identity that you once had, gone. You're no longer the person that you once was, you do not function in the world the way that you once did. Just like the recluse you become, you are no longer a part of it. Like Jesus said 'I am in this world but not from this world'. 

Some Christians believe that this kind of dependence is only warranted by God's appointment, a Divine appointing,  and refer to the 23rd verse of Isaiah, 'I will fasten him has a nail in a sure place'. They speak of the ennobling of ELIAKIM, [5] However, the Christians put full dependence on Jesus Christ without understanding his teaching about the heavenly Father. My dependence is on the heavenly Father by divine appointment. All that I became is what he made me to be for his divine purpose. The biblical prophecies also predicted that the herald would come at the appointed time, the appointed time to run with that particular prophecy was in 2009. 

Interesting that Tibet is in the news today, and the Dalai Lama said 'Tibetans are not seeking outright independence from China but "enough autonomy" for the survival of their culture'. [2] Is that a diplomatic compromise? It sounds like it, and God said 'No compromise'. 

While looking for previous posts written by yours truly. I came across a 'Holy Beggar Blogspot' as well that you might like to view. [3] They ask the question what came first the charity or the begging? In my own case, the fundraising for charity came first, decades ago. 

However, the heavenly Father called the timeline 'Pauper', a poor person eligible for public charity. Looking back, it began in January 2009 with the ELIAKIM gateway straight after this blog began. [4]
Then in October 2010, the heavenly Father called out to me SADHU. [6] When I wrote about the Sadhu in 2010, I mentioned the clothing aspects. However, since that time, I have found myself dressed in very little. Literally, just wrapped in material, not getting dressed, not doing anything that I was once known to do. There was very little care for the physical being, because the physical didn't matter to me. I ate when I could, slept when I was ready to, bathed for hours regularly.  

However, I feel change is coming, may the heavenly Father will it so. 

Be noble in holiness 



Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dan Savage Teshuvah

Its ironic when Dan Savage, a so-called Anti-Bully advocate gives an address to an audience that includes Christians, and he does exactly what he advocates against. Isn't that called 'Hypocrisy' Savage, the 'hypocrisy' that you say that you stand against?

Breitbart Media report that 100 high school students walked out of a national journalism conference. [2] Savage called those that walked out silently, 'pansy-assed'. That says a lot about Mr Savage, what a name to be birthed with.

Dan you might like to view the science of the nature of the koala bears and how their sexual preference changes when they live in captivity. [1] Really what is the difference between the slavery that is mentioned in the bible, and the slavery that the peoples of the world live in today? Clearly not a lot. Its all a matter of perspective and level of it.

At least those that worked the fields did not have a mountain of debt, and living in nature is supreme in comparison with concrete land. The people just swopped one form of slavery, for another. However, its still slavery when you are enslaved to consumerism. Consumerism that leads people and their cultures and nations to their own self-destruction.

If you are going to quote the bible Dan why not quote the best? Why not give the Christians something to embrace? Why not give that which is positive Dan? Of course, that does not make news does it?

Jesus said 'not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it is given. For some are eunuchs because they were born that way; others were made that way by men and others have renounced marriage because of the Kingdom of Heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it. Matt: 19 - 11-12 NIV

 'The Greek word eu-nu-chos means: a homosexual, homosexual officer, castrated man, and a celibate person; translated from the Greek scriptures into English as eunuch.' 

He also mentioned the sea-food and how Christians have overcome that aspect. Yet, today, we see eyeless shrimps and mutant fish being found by scientists. Clearly, some of the sea-food is contaminated. 

So what else did Jesus Christ have to say about Sodom? 'Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.' Matthew 10:15 The judgement began in 2010 when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel. 

What did Prophet Isaiah say about the USA? "Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms, the pride and glory of the Babylonians, will be overthrown by elohiym like Sodom and Gomorrah." Isaiah 13:9 Rev 13 mentions the Leopard Obama, a friend of yours Dan. Rev 17 and 18 is also about the USA. The last days of the end times. Proverbs 30 mentions Obama, the 'slave that became a king',  and Andrew Breitbart the rooster. 

Prophet Isaiah spoke about the eunuchs. 'Let no foreigner who is bound to the Lord say, “The Lord will surely exclude me from his people. And let no eunuch complain. “I am only a dry tree.” For this is what the Lord says “To the eunuchs who keep my Sabbaths who choose what pleases me and hold fast to my covenantto them I will give within my temple and its walls a memorial and a name better than sons and daughters;I will give them an everlasting name that will endure forever.' Isaiah 56:3-5 

You quote Leviticus Dan, what did Prophet Jeremiah have to say about the law introduced by the Jewish priests? “‘How can you say, “We are wise, for we have the law of the Lord,” when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely?" Jeremiah 8:8 

In my experience there is two different laws in the bible, there is the law that came from the 'way of man', and there is the spiritual law that is the 'way of the Spirit'. Unfortunately, the orthodox Church in the USA concentrated on the 'way of man' instead of the 'way of Spirit. 

This is the time for you to understand Dan Savage, Teshuvah. 


O'BRIEN 'Antagonist' DYNASTY

The heavenly Father said 'Enough', in a strong and determined way. [1] He is not happy with Americans and American Christians. He then said 'O'BRIEN', like he was really, really annoyed.

'Enough, O'Brien'.

O' Brien is an Irish name. On the O'Brien clan website, it states that there are more than 300 million Americans that claim Irish descent. [2].

In January, 2012, Benedict XVI, increased the Roman Catholic college of Cardinals with two O'Briens. Edwin Frederick O'Brien, and Keith, Michael, Patrick, O'Brien. It means both of these men are eligible to be the next pope. Edwin is from the Bronx in New York, and Keith is from Scotland.

"Said of O’Brien’s appointment in The Baltimore Sun, “He has leapt from military airplanes, served in jungles during the Vietnam War and traveled extensively to current battle zones in Afghanistan and Iraq. From his working-class roots…to the upper echelons of Catholic power—carrying a Christian message of peace and love to some of the world’s worst war-torn terrain”.

Would a holy one of the LORD God travel in military airplanes? No. Remember the military crash at Swinefleet the other day?

George Orwell included an 'O'Brien as an antagonist in his book 1984, first published in 1949. The word 'antagonist' is from Greek, and it means 'opponent', 'enemy'. The antagonist can represent individuals or an institution like the Catholic Church. The antagonist is the opposition that opposes the the protagonist. For instance Sauron was the antagonist in the film Lord of the Rings.

The O'Briens were also heavily involved in the printing unions in the UK during the 20th century.

The O'Brien dynasty goes back to the 10th century and their coat of arms is three lions. No surprise then that many O'Briens are found in the USA.



Christian America 'Heart of Man'

How many Christians are being told to pay up? This Christian orthodox woman with the name of Sue, claims that she was woken this morning with the song 'The Heart of Man', [1] Then she shared Malachi 3 and that is about the people that are robbing elohiym. How many other Christians are hearing it? How many know who elohiym is?

In the song 'The Heart of Man', the Christian who received it is being rebuked, Sue is being rebuked for living by the 'way of man'. [1]

The song asks 'Why do you break the commands of God for the sake of tradition? What did God command America? '$365, a dollar a day, you must pay.' Best you tell your people, as fast as you can because clearly the heavenly Father has had enough of America and Americans ignoring his commands. He said 'Enough!' in a very strong, and determined voice, he is not happy with America.




We have been telling people for decades 2012 is the end of the world has people have known it. The politicians, the businessmen, the civil servants, the people themselves are living in yesteryear.

Young people that are demanding education without debt, young people depressed and suicidal due to the debt for education. Young people with no jobs, jobs that have gone overseas, unemployment, disabled and sick; being forced to pay the price for what governments have done in their shortsightedness, short term strategies and immigration that was imposed upon Western countries.

The end of the world has people have known it with the National Healthcare System, that they paid for during a 50 year period, systematically being taken apart, privatized and disempowered. The NHS like other industries that were sold off to benefit the government of the day. No coincidence then that Cameron's focus has been healthcare and those in the community that depended upon it. They're selling the trees and the ground that you walk on, even your medical records because there is nothing left to sell to support the infrastructures that support the rich and wealthy. Keeping them in the manner in which they have become accustomed.

Advertising boss, Martin Sorrell states that Cameron does not have a credible strategy to return Britain to growth. Indeed, he doesn't. This government have told the people that they will have to work until their 70's, like an animal that works with a heavy load until it drops. A journalist the other day admitted that the over 50's are hogging the top slots, and they are hanging on with grim teeth.

Long gone are the days when people looked forward to early retirement at 50, to live a different dream. Long gone are the days when the older generation made a way for the younger generation to succeed them. People have become attached to their wealth and their careers, due to an uncertain financial future. Industry and business is stifled by a lack of wisdom and insight into the present and the future.  The corporations, the stakeholders and atheists that muzzled science that could help the people to make a breakthrough. The shareholders that supported the corporations are also responsible for the co-creation.

The business community bank on consumerism, that is all that they have to bank on. They bank on the developing countries until they have milked them dry. Consumerism that contributes to destroying the eco-system, everything that is natural and pure. Deforestation that destroys whole communities and the lands of the indigenous peoples; upon which the eco-system of the planet depends. Oh yes, it is the end of the world as people have known it.

In 2004, when I was given the Christ Vision of the Love Union, I was informed that humanity must develop a new economic blueprint. So far, the governments of the world have not provided it. Instead the G20 leaders, lead the world to its own self-destruction, because nothing that they do is self-sustainable. Spreading the land with wind farms will not save humanity from itself.

People of all ages, with no hope of a future, as the future they dreamed of disappears before their eyes. It is the end of the world has they have known it. Governments simply do not have the solutions and they continue to fight the fires, as each one flares up. Political leaders are nothing more than fire fighters now, just like those that stood by, and let the man die before them. The fire fighters stated that due to health and safety regulations, they could not step into the pond to save the man.

Governments took away the independence of the people, and with it their dignity. The people did not ask for a nanny state where the government controls every aspect of their lives. The people did not ask for government intervention, and to be taxed to the hilt, to pay for the rich to remain in power over them. The people did not ask to be enslaved in the captivity of capitalism, in a never ending cycle that leads to destruction. Christ warned the people about the last days of the end times, he warned about the wide road and where it leads.

As we know the Western nations are filled with wide roads, especially the USA. The more wide roads they built, the more that the men were leading people to destruction. Can the Western nations do a U turn, can they teshuvah? Not when so many Liberals are atheists and lack understanding of their own co-creation, like Bayer and Monsanto that are destroying the bees. Einstein warned about that as well.

Humanity has been separated from the land on which it lives, humanity has isolated itself from that which is real. The more roads that they built, the more concrete that they covered the land with, the more the fabric of the human family broke down. Then the divorce rate, obesity and other health issues increased.

While people stay in attachment of that which was, they cannot see the present and the future that lays ahead for humanity. It will take a truly progressive younger generation; to fully understand the biggest implications and how widespread the situation is.

This is now about survival of the human race, and how people can survive without the machine that governments have co-created. In the 70's the trade unions knew that there would not be jobs for everyone, that is why there was large investment in the leisure industry, flexi-time and job sharing. The same leisure industry that is now beyond the pocket of the poor.

It is the end of the world has you have known it, it is only a matter of time before everything combusts. The Malachi prophecies warned the people what would happen. Prophet Isaiah warned the people what would happen, the people refused to listen and do the will of God. When that happens the people do not survive, civilizations do not survive. Although the Creator always saves a remnant, so that the children of the future remember what created the downfall of the nations.

We warned the people decades ago, that without love and compassionate action, humanity will not survive. Now it is time to prepare for survival and prepare your children for survival, because government leaders simply have not caught up with the timeline and what humanity is facing.

The men thought that they could control nature and creation, not only its eco-system but its people as well. We warned the people that cannot be done without detriment to both. Now humanity pay the price for not listening, not doing, not helping when asked to do so.

The people were informed that the old heaven and earth would pass away. Yet, the people did not understand it. Grace has been under pressure for far too long, Mother Earth will strike back against the 'ways of man', Mother Earth can only exist and prosper in the 'way of Spirit'.

It is a sentient living planet, a conscious living creation, and when the people do not honor it, then they are wiped out due to not receiving any help from it.

Another Uranium incident, this time in Columbia.



Friday, 27 April 2012


It was on the 3rd of April, 2009 that I shared about the New World Monkeys, the stealth tax, visions and messages that had been received at that time. It focused on Obama and G20 New World Monkeys. [1] You might like to look back and review what was shared with you at that time.

I have posted this update because the Telegraph headline in the science section is 'Like baboons, our elected leaders are literally addicted to power'. With the by-line, 'Political power has a similar effect on the brain to cocaine - and it's not surprising that, as the Leveson Inquiry shows, our political leaders are hooked on it, says Dr Ian Robertson. Check out the article and the picture of the baboons. [2]

You could say that three years later the media are catching up in the UK.





On the 29th of February, 2012 I made a post called 'Smelling and Tasting Sickness'. On the 1st of March, 2012. I posted the following in the comment section in response to the post. 

The LORD said 'Dettol please'. That is the name of a disinfectant, although it is a poisonous one. It is believed that one man died of its fumes in 2007. Dettol gets rid of germs and bacteria. However, it can also destroy cells if you let the liquid form get near an open wound. In March 2009, he said 'Killing the germs'.

Choose the right disinfectant and keep everything as clean as you possibly can. Also give your immune systems a booster as well. Plenty of fresh organic carrots and garlic. Best wishes everyone.

Now Breitbart have posted an article titled 'GCB DISINFECTS CHRISTIANITY'. One of the stars of the show, Annie Potts  said ' that the show is designed to 'disinfect' Christianity."  [2] Can you smell it? 

In addition, there is news of a 'Cloud of Depleted URANIUM heading towards Hawaii and the West Coast.' I hope that you do not smell or taste it. Make sure people do some rain tests in your area on a regular basis. Avoid seafood due to the eyeless shrimps and mutant fish. Build fish farms in your communities if you intend to stay in the USA. 


Carl A.Anderson 'Knights of Columbus'

Following on from the 'Benedict XVI Fragmented' post. What else do we find? A man that goes by the title of 'Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson. He spoke at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in D.C on the 19th of April, 2012. The news article says that he is the 'leader of the Knights of Columbus' and he called for 'strong Catholic witnesses'. ' A new Great Awakening in America' and for Catholics to 'play a greater role than ever before'.

He shares how Catholicism provides 'personal autonomy' and spoke of the 'hostility' to the 'religious institutions' and the recent 'infringements',  'intolerance' and 'violations' of them.

Carl calls the 'label', 'Catholic' an 'identity' and mentions the 'struggle' due to 'established power structures'.

Why do Catholics require an 'identity', do the people not have one of their own? You know what the 'struggle' is about don't you? Israel means 'struggle with god' and the Vatican has always struggled against the Jewish people and Israel. Rome did its utmost to replace the Jewish people, and their spiritual inheritance.

Well is there anything Supreme about what the Vatican has done to the indigenous peoples down the ages? No. Who are the 'Knights of Columbus and the strong Catholic witnesses? Reminds me of Rev 11 and the two witnesses. The Knights of Columbus were formed in the USA in 1882 by an Irish American, the organization was named in honor of Christopher Columbus.

This is their logo, notice the symbology of the 'sword', the 'axe' and the 'anchor'. All three of those together relate to the military. In its profile it states that there are 1.8 million members, in 15,000 different councils. Membership is restricted to men 18 and over. They are also heavily entrenched in at least 200 colleges and heavily involved with insurance. The look just like the masons, they have degrees and book of rites. JFK and Ted Kennedy were members, and so is Alan Keyes.

Benedict XVI, has even declared six 'Knights of Columbus' as saints. Now let us review again what Carl Anderson had to say on the 19th of April.

'Hostility', 'Institutions', 'Infringements', 'Intolerance', 'Violations', 'established power structures'. You know what they say Carl, what goes around, comes around. The spiritual law is like a boomerang especially when Saturn is in Libra.

No surprise then that Anderson is involved with the Vatican Bank, he has degrees in philosophy and law. Clearly, one order was not enough for Carl, he is also a Knight of St Gregory the Great, that one admits his wife as well.

Well Carl, you might be a knight of Columbus, Gregory and Benedict. However, you are not a Knight of the wondrous woman from heaven. Anyone that stands with the Vatican and its bank, stands in opposition of Jesus Christ and his holy ones. Did you not know that the Son of God stood against the 'money changers' and their bankers, yet you are associated with the Vatican and its bank?

Teshuvah Carl, Teshuvah




I am being taken to the Catholics and the Vatican again. After reading the words of Benedict XVI, I can see why. Benedict XVI shows in his own words that he is a 'fragmented' being, and he requires soul retrieval. Teshuvah.

Benedict XVI suffers from what is known in the healing community as 'soul loss'. Not surprising really as he was brought up in Germany and was in the Nazi youth group.

How does a man in a 'fragmented' state of being ever get to be elected to be a pope? Popes at the Vatican are elected by other 'fragmented' beings. Beings who lead 'fragmented' beings by keeping them in the never ending cycle of 'fragmentation' and 'soul loss'.

The Vatican, its Church and its members do not understand wholeness or how it is attained. When the Church has leaders that are 'fragmented' due to 'soul loss', it really is no surprise that the Church itself is so 'fragmented'. Its indicative of its state of being. 

Benedict said 'our action is empty', and 'loses its deep soul'. In deed, he is correct. His action and the action of the Vatican is 'empty' and does suffer from 'soul loss'. 

As Christ said 'Christianity was never born, it is still in the womb'. Profound words. Especially as the Vatican is full of men without a womb.

Teshuvah Benedict, teshuvah 


Honey, the Honeymoon is Over

The other day I posted that God had said 'Honey, the honeymoon is over' and provided some information on what that could relate to. In addition, I posted the 'Widows Offering' that is featured in the book of Luke.

On this day the 27th of April, there has been bomb blasts in the Ukraine where 27 people have been wounded. It relates to the 'Testimony of Warning - Syria' post. In addition, there has been a hostage siege in London with a Michael Green being involved.

27 of April is 'Day of Self-Sustainability' and 27 is also to do with the sceptre that is held by yours truly.

Michael Green said 'He doesn't care about his life'. When a person says that it means that people did not care about him. They did not care fully, just like governments and the people do not care fully. Prophet Jonah also said 'It would be better for me to die than to live'. Hence, why we asked the people to say 'We will live for you and not die for you'.

"When the sun rose, God provided a scorching east wind, and the sun blazed on Jonah’s head so that he grew faint. He wanted to die, and said, “It would be better for me to die than to live.” Jonah 4:8 

As we know the east wind is the sacred direction of the spiritual teacher of righteousness. Jonah also relates to sign of Jonah that arrived in Israel in 2010. The sign that Jesus Christ predicted would come to signify that the Queen of the South was here to judge this generation. Later that year 5 million trees burned down on Mount Carmel, the mount of the prophet and Our Lady of Carmel. 

He also predicted the following:

"People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken".  Luke 21:26 The heavenly bodies certainly require a good shaking; to shake the spiritual out of their complacency. 

Another sign of the last days of the end times; Jesus warned 'that day will close on you suddenly like a trap'. Luke 21:35 

The name Michael, relates to Michael in the book of Daniel. Michael M Mauldin that was trapped by those that wished to defeat him. Michael that died in June 2010. Archangel Michael also relates to my work with him during the Rev 12 timeline. The color Green also relates to the heart and self-sustainable living. As such, it relates to the building of New Jerusalem, the new holy city of enlightenment. 

As we know 2012, is the end of the world as the people have known it. 

Ukraine Bomb Blast

London Siege

If the people do not choose this reality, the blessing that God sent to help his people. You can anticipate a lot more of bomb blasts and people willing to blow themselves up because the people did not care about them. As Prophet Malachi predicted, if people refuse to do the will of God then the nations will be destroyed. 

Just like Michael Green had reached the edge of his existence, so to has the patience of God with humanity. The book of Joshua mentions the 'snares and the traps' and how humanity will perish. Jos 23:13 In the Psalms, the 'trap' is to do with retribution, and as we know people set traps for animals and mice, they usually do it with food like the 'temptation initiation'. No surprise then that Obama became the 'Food stamp president', and the police set a trap in 2011 with the Mark Duggan shooting. Their plan was to imprison the young ones that they knew would riot in response. 31 police officers are now refusing to give evidence in the IPCC investigation of Mark's death. Do they really live in integrity? Or do they stand against justice, truth and the people? You decide. 

The Psalms also speak of those that create traps as 'evildoers'. As such, it is speaking about the police not the children that were 'trapped' by them. In Timothy, the trap that the police used is called the 'Devils trap'. No wonder that the riot police look like Darth Vader. As Jesus said to his opponents 'If your father was my father then you would love me'. 

In the Proverbs the 'unfaithful are trapped by their desires'. However, the blameless receive a good inheritance. I was certainly blessed with an inheritance and that enabled me to carry on giving without charge, was that mum's way of letting me know I was blameless? I feel so. What she could not say  with words, she said in other ways. She knew what I had given during my life. 

After God said that the people must pay. That is when the 'Holy Beggar' initiation came to be. It certainly sorts out the men from the boys. It shows you how truly compassionate and merciful people are. It shows you the depth of their love. 

Prophet Isaiah also spoke about the people being 'trapped in pits and hidden away in prisons'. Isaiah 42:22 In the book of Jeremiah those that lived in Babylon were set a trap. The prophecies also predicted that a trap would be laid for the USA and they would not see it coming. 

"All your allies will force you to the border; your friends will deceive and overpower you; those who eat your bread will set a trap for you, but you will not detect it." Obadiah 1:7 Who eats their bread? The nations that eat their GMO crops. 

Hence, why the LORD God sent me to help them. Timothy warned that 'opponents must be gently instructed', in the hope that God will lead them to the truth of teshuvah. In the hope that they 'will come to their senses and escape the trap' of their own captivity. Being gentle with the opponents of the divine; is like offering a horse a river to drink from. You can take a horse to water; but you cannot make them drink that which is fresh and natural. 

In recent days I have been shown the sacred river that is close to the medicine mountain. In 1997, the Lakotah were also told that the Lady would come to help them. 

Love beyond measure 


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Plumb Line - Will of God

The prophecies spoke about the ‘plumb line of righteousness'  and how the rest would get swept away by the hail and the water. Only those that support the building of new jerusalem, the new holy city of enlightenment are safe in this timeline. The prophecies tell you that the LORD God will shield them. 
Why is that?
They are the only ones that are truly doing the will of God. They know who the flame of Joseph is and why the LORD sent them. 

It is no coincidence that during my life I had clients and friends in the H&V industry. Manufacturing and in distribution, there was also a company in the UK called "Plumbline'. Its no coincidence that I also had a boyfriend who was a plumber. 

In the dictionary a plumbline is 'A line from which a weight is suspended to determine verticality or depth'. 'A line regarded as directed exactly toward the earth's center of gravity.' That reminds of the song 'Gravity of Love'. Although there is a group called Plumbline and they brought out a song called 'Grace in the Rain'. Biblically speaking the rain is also to do with righteousness. 

They did not understand the importance of the line or the weight of the moral compass. They did not understand the importance of the suspension in the cosmos, and being between two worlds. Those that lived by the 'way of man' tried to ground the holy one. However, the LORD God would not allow them to do so. Every time they tried to bring down his plumb line of righteousness, he raised her up again. I remember sharing with spiritual people that the rains of righteousness cannot harm a pure heart, and the rest can be cleansed and be purified by it. 

He kept her in his peace for his divine purpose. In his peace she was able to be the measure that he required to show the people the power of her love and faithfulness. On the 4th of April, 2011 God spoke of the 'Gravitational Pull'. [1] What is happening is certainly scientific. He also said 'The Mayans know that we are coming'. Its not just about one person either, there are two people on this planet, they have been a couple in many lifetimes. The sheer power of their love for humanity, being present together on the planet at the same time, is impacting on the gravitational pull. 

No surprise then that the rainbow is to do with Joseph, the rainbow of hope, the covenant of the promise. 

This love of God and his creation is pure, and only the pure can help others to gain purity. 





The latest news from the indigenous peoples.

“Vernon a 69 year old Lakota elder who is blind, was mutilated in South Dakota Regional Hospital by someone who burned KKK into his stomach. He had the double-bypass heart surgery on August 26, 2011 and remained there until September 8th, 2011. And still nothing has been done to the people at Rapid City hospital who did this. He is still seeking legal help and I will leave contact information in the description.

He is from Cheyenne Sioux Tribe, which is in the poorest County in the United States.

I am outraged. So I called my friend from Eagle Butte and we are going to be going there in a month and film the racism and hatred that is still going on in America. She continued to tell me about how the local businesses surrounding the reservation take advantage of the Lakota people and the murders and nothing is done about it. I will still film the giveaways and ceremonies and the positive but I can't help it, I am so mad. I know many of my viewers don't like to hear about the negative so just skip these videos. Letting someone's voice be heard helps me heal.

OMG he is 69 and blind, how could anyone do such a cowardly act.

I have included only part of the video, please click on the link in the description to see the full video.” 

There is also a petition running. If you support the indigenous peoples you might like to sign it and share it with others.

He had the heart by-pass on August the 26th. 26 is the Hebrew gematria for the name of God. 

The 26th of August was the ‘Day of Support’. The 8th of September when he left the hospital was the ‘Day of Purist’. In the video the member of the Cheyenne Sioux  mentioned a lady that usually takes care of him. He tells you how she has arthritis and that disease is to do with ‘being fixed’ and ‘refusal to change’. 

Those that are fixed in the body tend to manifest it physically, those that are fixed mentally tend to manifest it as a stroke. However, that is no excuse for what has been done to this American Indian. 

Physically blindness also applies to people who have been spiritually blind in a past life, refusing to see spiritual reality of the divine; can manifest physical blindness in the next life time. It is often the case that people that are physically blind develop their spiritual faculties so that the can see, feel and sense in different ways. In other words their senses are enlivened. 

This American Indian had a heart condition and that tells us that he had not healed his anger that was embedded. As we know, it is scientifically proven that anger is the biggest predictor of heart disease. However, when I offered my hand of healing to help the Lakotah they refused it and banned me from their forum. Why is that? The men are still controlling the Indian tribes and not allowing the feminine to help them to heal.

As you can see from what the Lakotah are saying they still have a lot to heal. ‘Push the limit’ who is a Lakotah woman said 'outraged', ‘blind’, ‘mutilated’, ‘‘racism’, ‘hatred’, ‘murders’, ‘mad’, ‘negative’, ‘cowardly’.

They have to seek within and heal the root causes of the core issues. However, that does not let off the perpetrators that engraved ‘KKK’ into the body of the American Indian. Hence, why such large judgement is coming upon the USA at this point in time.

The LORD sees beyond appearances into the hearts of the people.

Is this a coincidence?

Is it a coincidence that Carter was KKK? A Liberal Democrat.  Is it a coincidence that Obama supporters know that the Native American Indians are standing against Obama and they started to make their voice heard in 2011? Is it a coincidence that many Native Americans stand with Ron Paul?

Quest for justice

Those of you that have been following this blog and its messages and visions from God will know that we have received various messages in respect of ex-American President Jimmy Carter. Here we will list all of the messages together and then provide you with a response received regarding his apology to the Jewish people.

10th January 2009 posted on the 11th.
The first message about Carter was received from God on the evening of the 10th January 2009 and the the blog post is called "Conversation with God". God said 'They are corrupt' I responded "Father who is corrupt?'

God said 'Carter and the rest of them that went against a sovereign state, they must be dismissed. They bring shame upon the people. My people are from all nations and principalities. They create wars and attack others and then they blame other people for their own transgressions.
God said 'Tell the Rabbi's while they have their heads in books my children are dying. I do not count how many books you read, I count how many children you save. Passages in books do not save children from the transgressions of men. Only men can save the children from the men that seek to harm them. Every father has a responsibility to help the children of the world.'[1]
26th October 2009.
I was shown a vision on the wall of a man dressed in a white sheet and he was Ku Klux Klan. He was looking at the products that come under the category of pharmaceuticals. This is the third message in recent days about the KKK. The first was received on the 26th October and God mentioned the Ku Klux Klan in terms of the Christian Orthodox and a young lady who continuously opposed God's Messenger. She was asked to look into her true heritage and inheritance that is KKK.

Later that evening God said 'Carter was Ku Klux Klan'. I shared the visions and messages with someone else and they sent a link on Prescott Bush that mentions his KKK connection and the pharmaceutical industry.[2]

28th October 2009
Carter was mentioned again in the "Lawmaker" posting. [3]

27th December 2009.


Faith Freedom sent a newsletter about the Apology from Carter to the Jewish people and the article is written by the author of a new book release featured above. A Quest for Justice indeed.
Apology Not Accepted...
Submitted by Gerald A. Honigman on Fri, 12/25/2009 - 07:57

Ex-President Jimmy Carter has recently asked Jews for forgiveness.

"Among his other sources of conflict with members of the Tribe are his persistently, one-sided takes on Arab-Israeli issues culminating in his book equating Israel with the former apartheid regime of South Africa. Carter claims that the fact that his grandson is now running for office in their home state of Georgia has nothing to do with his apology. He states that Jews only make up 2% of the county where his grandson lives--about the same percent that Jews make up in the nation at large--and so uses this as further evidence of the integrity of his intentions.


Now, before I go any further, let me say that I voted for Carter in the '70s. I liked his approach to environmental concerns. I believed that, given the way man has trashed this planet, any further mistakes--if they had to be made--needed to be on the side of caution and sane conservation. For a number of reasons--especially after the Iran fiasco--I soon came to regret my decision. I'll never forget watching the Democrat National Convention on television a while back, and watching Carter chasing after that other hero of the Arabs, general anti-Semites, and the ultra left. Yes, there was Mr. "Apartheid Israel" kissing the derriere of his Hollywood producer comrade, Michael "Israel is one of the three top evils in the world" Moore.

Birds of a feather, peas of the same pod, and so forth. Like other Gentile politicos, the Democrat, Carter, has received millions of dollars from Arabs for his help in demonizing Israel and Jews. Ex-Secretary of State James f_ _ _ the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway Baker III, a Republican, is his worthy counterpart. Both have plenty of company.

Well, I have a way Jimmy can put this all to rest...sort of. Since he is a man of the world whose books do indeed reach millions and influence world opinion, I have a new assignment for him--one which he should not have had me have to assign to him.

After all, for decades now, if Israel took one too many breaths, he was there to investigate, criticize, and dissect it under the high power lens of moral scrutiny. Most often, his critiques were given little or no context whatsoever. Jewish victims were constantly blamed themselves when issues such as blown buses, checkpoints, the security barrier, and such were discussed. Constantly, Arabs were given a virtual free pass in Carter's assessments.

While constantly indulging in such hypocrisy, Carter acted deaf, dumb, and blind regarding what was happening in the region surrounding the nation of the Jews--his perpetually favorite target. So, since he couldn't figure out that he needed to do this himself, here's his assignment. If he completes it, his words of apology to Jews might gain some credibility. Jimmy, your first task is to travel to re-visit your friend, Bashar al-Assad, the butcher of Damascus and author of the "Hama Solution's" son, in Syria. I'm sure that the last time you guys met, the word "Kurd" never left your lips...while you were discussing mutual disgust regarding the nation of the Jews."For the rest of this article please see the website where it is posted. [4].

Gerald A. Honigman's newly released book The Quest for Justice, can be ordered from his site

1. 2. 3. 4.

This is post 359 and in gematria = "to be sharp".
Not only is it a quest for justice for the indigenous peoples; it is a quest for justice for the true healing prophet sent by the LORD God. So then you can understand that after the 'Shaman's Death' then comes the justice. The impact of their healing powers that helped humanity, then comes back like a boomerang to help them. Just like the indigenous peoples stayed true to the self and helped others, now the Creator is true to them and sends help to help them. 

May the will of the LORD God, the Creator, Great Spirit, may his will be done to help the nations and raise them up in the name that he chose to do so.