Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mystery Spy Gareth Williams

My attention is being taken to the UK. So what is going on? The mystery of the 'spy in the bag' case is still going on. M16 agent Gareth Williams was found naked in the foetal position with hands across his chest locked in a bag. The keys to the padlock were found underneath his right buttock. The locked bag was found in the bathroom, in a spotless flat. If you view the video on the Telegraph website of his flat, it looks like there is a honey blonde wig on the corner of the chair as well. Ok more news from the mail, they describe the Ladies wig as orange and there was lipstick as well. Other wigs were also found in net packaging. However, the way that long haired orange wig was left there is symbolic. Orange is a Buddha color.

They have found DNA traces of a different persons DNA on the zip toggle and on the yale padlock. The holdall was red and called 'North Face'. There was a film called North Face released in 2008, it was a suspense thriller, about a competition for rock climbers in the Alps. My only question is did Gareth own the red bag? Was it in fact his bag?

A newspaper cutting was found listing 'main regrets of the dying'. The article had been removed from a copy of the Observer newspaper and it was found in the living room. The other strange thing about the flat is that there are loads of black flat cushion type squares on the floor, like stepping stones. They seem to be scattered.

In the spare bedroom they found over 20,000 pounds of female clothing, 26 pairs of shoes. Most items had not been worn, four pairs of the shoes were size 6 or six and a half. The same size as Gareth Williams. Those shoes had been worn. The shoes were designer labels and it includes Dior, Christian Laboutin and Chloe. At least one pair cost around 1,000 pounds.

His body was found on the 23rd of August, and 40 witnesses will give evidence during the hearing.

So what is my view of all of that?

First, 16 relates to Rev 16 and the politicians including the French ones, there were also French designs found in the flat. The 23rd of August was the 'Day of Precision'. Naked, foetal position, position of a baby. Baby in a bag, like Moses in a basket, there was also a new trend 30 years ago of baby dolls in baskets that became all the rage in Spain. He was locked in a bag and the keys with him. Right side of the body is the spiritual hip, and the hip is to do with Jacob.

Baby locked in the bag with the keys under the spiritual hip. In spiritual symbology, the bag is to do with secrecy and its containment. The foetal position relates to innocence and purity of the child. In Islam, being found in the bath is an important rite, its the return of man to primordial purity. Remember Whitney Houston was also found in the bath. 

However, if you have ever seen a corpse you know that it goes completely stiff within hours. If you look at the photograph featured in the Mail, that body is not in the foetus position, it looks like it is laid out flat. There is no way that you would be able to lay out a decomposing body into a different position that is rigid. If he was in fact found in that bag, then the corpse that they brought out was not him. This is the second time that a corpse size or shape does not correspond with the person themselves and the story being given. The only possibility is that what they brought out was the bag with him in it on the stretcher. However, the shape still doesn't look right. 

Red relates to ESAU e.g. the USA, and the men of EDOM. Gareth was at a conference in the USA on August the 11th, 2010. On the 13th he went out alone to see 'Tranny Superstar' in Bethnal Green. This man shopped at all the top stores, looks like a shopaholic in the days before his death. The amount of CTV of him is immense. 

North Face, the North is do with healing, there were three other North Face bags in the flat. That makes four altogether. So who owns North Face? North Face is an American owned company and they're getting a lot of publicity out of this case. They're owned by the VF Corporation and it is a public company. Eric C Wiseman is the Chairman, company turnover in 2010 was 7.6 billion. 

Gareth Williams was murdered, the article that was placed there was not put there by Gareth. The name of the newspaper is also relevant, he had been observed in his living room. My sense is that he was murdered by someone that he knew. 

20,000, 20 is the number of judgement. Female clothing and shoes indicates a cross dresser. I can see how cross dressing spies can be easily utilized by secret services; due to the requirement to change their identities. There were 26 pairs of shoes, and 26 is the Hebrew gematria value for the name of God. 

40 witnesses also relates to Moses and the one that was promised for their people. 1,000 is to do with Joseph in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and 1,000 is a lot of money to pay for a pair of shoes. More money than sense these spies that are paid by the tax payer. 

His sister mentioned how unhappy he was working for M16, and that he wished to leave. Gareth Williams knew too much and God did say 'Your designer clothes will not save you'. 

So what else is going on at GCHQ? 'Racism is rife at GCHQ, (Asian) officer suing for bullying'. [2]

M16 and Gaddafi's Libyan Intelligence Service set up a radical mosque to catch terrorists on Western shores. Location is not mentioned, although it feels like the UK. All with the involvement of Tony Blair who did what is termed as the 'deal in the desert'.  As we know France was also heavily involved in Libya. There was a double agent called 'Joseph', so funny aren't they. Not. 

Amazingly, this post, posted at exactly 00.16. = Rev 16 and the politicians. 




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