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The latest news from the indigenous peoples.

“Vernon a 69 year old Lakota elder who is blind, was mutilated in South Dakota Regional Hospital by someone who burned KKK into his stomach. He had the double-bypass heart surgery on August 26, 2011 and remained there until September 8th, 2011. And still nothing has been done to the people at Rapid City hospital who did this. He is still seeking legal help and I will leave contact information in the description.

He is from Cheyenne Sioux Tribe, which is in the poorest County in the United States.

I am outraged. So I called my friend from Eagle Butte and we are going to be going there in a month and film the racism and hatred that is still going on in America. She continued to tell me about how the local businesses surrounding the reservation take advantage of the Lakota people and the murders and nothing is done about it. I will still film the giveaways and ceremonies and the positive but I can't help it, I am so mad. I know many of my viewers don't like to hear about the negative so just skip these videos. Letting someone's voice be heard helps me heal.

OMG he is 69 and blind, how could anyone do such a cowardly act.

I have included only part of the video, please click on the link in the description to see the full video.” 

There is also a petition running. If you support the indigenous peoples you might like to sign it and share it with others.

He had the heart by-pass on August the 26th. 26 is the Hebrew gematria for the name of God. 

The 26th of August was the ‘Day of Support’. The 8th of September when he left the hospital was the ‘Day of Purist’. In the video the member of the Cheyenne Sioux  mentioned a lady that usually takes care of him. He tells you how she has arthritis and that disease is to do with ‘being fixed’ and ‘refusal to change’. 

Those that are fixed in the body tend to manifest it physically, those that are fixed mentally tend to manifest it as a stroke. However, that is no excuse for what has been done to this American Indian. 

Physically blindness also applies to people who have been spiritually blind in a past life, refusing to see spiritual reality of the divine; can manifest physical blindness in the next life time. It is often the case that people that are physically blind develop their spiritual faculties so that the can see, feel and sense in different ways. In other words their senses are enlivened. 

This American Indian had a heart condition and that tells us that he had not healed his anger that was embedded. As we know, it is scientifically proven that anger is the biggest predictor of heart disease. However, when I offered my hand of healing to help the Lakotah they refused it and banned me from their forum. Why is that? The men are still controlling the Indian tribes and not allowing the feminine to help them to heal.

As you can see from what the Lakotah are saying they still have a lot to heal. ‘Push the limit’ who is a Lakotah woman said 'outraged', ‘blind’, ‘mutilated’, ‘‘racism’, ‘hatred’, ‘murders’, ‘mad’, ‘negative’, ‘cowardly’.

They have to seek within and heal the root causes of the core issues. However, that does not let off the perpetrators that engraved ‘KKK’ into the body of the American Indian. Hence, why such large judgement is coming upon the USA at this point in time.

The LORD sees beyond appearances into the hearts of the people.

Is this a coincidence?

Is it a coincidence that Carter was KKK? A Liberal Democrat.  Is it a coincidence that Obama supporters know that the Native American Indians are standing against Obama and they started to make their voice heard in 2011? Is it a coincidence that many Native Americans stand with Ron Paul?

Quest for justice

Those of you that have been following this blog and its messages and visions from God will know that we have received various messages in respect of ex-American President Jimmy Carter. Here we will list all of the messages together and then provide you with a response received regarding his apology to the Jewish people.

10th January 2009 posted on the 11th.
The first message about Carter was received from God on the evening of the 10th January 2009 and the the blog post is called "Conversation with God". God said 'They are corrupt' I responded "Father who is corrupt?'

God said 'Carter and the rest of them that went against a sovereign state, they must be dismissed. They bring shame upon the people. My people are from all nations and principalities. They create wars and attack others and then they blame other people for their own transgressions.
God said 'Tell the Rabbi's while they have their heads in books my children are dying. I do not count how many books you read, I count how many children you save. Passages in books do not save children from the transgressions of men. Only men can save the children from the men that seek to harm them. Every father has a responsibility to help the children of the world.'[1]
26th October 2009.
I was shown a vision on the wall of a man dressed in a white sheet and he was Ku Klux Klan. He was looking at the products that come under the category of pharmaceuticals. This is the third message in recent days about the KKK. The first was received on the 26th October and God mentioned the Ku Klux Klan in terms of the Christian Orthodox and a young lady who continuously opposed God's Messenger. She was asked to look into her true heritage and inheritance that is KKK.

Later that evening God said 'Carter was Ku Klux Klan'. I shared the visions and messages with someone else and they sent a link on Prescott Bush that mentions his KKK connection and the pharmaceutical industry.[2]

28th October 2009
Carter was mentioned again in the "Lawmaker" posting. [3]

27th December 2009.


Faith Freedom sent a newsletter about the Apology from Carter to the Jewish people and the article is written by the author of a new book release featured above. A Quest for Justice indeed.
Apology Not Accepted...
Submitted by Gerald A. Honigman on Fri, 12/25/2009 - 07:57

Ex-President Jimmy Carter has recently asked Jews for forgiveness.

"Among his other sources of conflict with members of the Tribe are his persistently, one-sided takes on Arab-Israeli issues culminating in his book equating Israel with the former apartheid regime of South Africa. Carter claims that the fact that his grandson is now running for office in their home state of Georgia has nothing to do with his apology. He states that Jews only make up 2% of the county where his grandson lives--about the same percent that Jews make up in the nation at large--and so uses this as further evidence of the integrity of his intentions.


Now, before I go any further, let me say that I voted for Carter in the '70s. I liked his approach to environmental concerns. I believed that, given the way man has trashed this planet, any further mistakes--if they had to be made--needed to be on the side of caution and sane conservation. For a number of reasons--especially after the Iran fiasco--I soon came to regret my decision. I'll never forget watching the Democrat National Convention on television a while back, and watching Carter chasing after that other hero of the Arabs, general anti-Semites, and the ultra left. Yes, there was Mr. "Apartheid Israel" kissing the derriere of his Hollywood producer comrade, Michael "Israel is one of the three top evils in the world" Moore.

Birds of a feather, peas of the same pod, and so forth. Like other Gentile politicos, the Democrat, Carter, has received millions of dollars from Arabs for his help in demonizing Israel and Jews. Ex-Secretary of State James f_ _ _ the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway Baker III, a Republican, is his worthy counterpart. Both have plenty of company.

Well, I have a way Jimmy can put this all to rest...sort of. Since he is a man of the world whose books do indeed reach millions and influence world opinion, I have a new assignment for him--one which he should not have had me have to assign to him.

After all, for decades now, if Israel took one too many breaths, he was there to investigate, criticize, and dissect it under the high power lens of moral scrutiny. Most often, his critiques were given little or no context whatsoever. Jewish victims were constantly blamed themselves when issues such as blown buses, checkpoints, the security barrier, and such were discussed. Constantly, Arabs were given a virtual free pass in Carter's assessments.

While constantly indulging in such hypocrisy, Carter acted deaf, dumb, and blind regarding what was happening in the region surrounding the nation of the Jews--his perpetually favorite target. So, since he couldn't figure out that he needed to do this himself, here's his assignment. If he completes it, his words of apology to Jews might gain some credibility. Jimmy, your first task is to travel to re-visit your friend, Bashar al-Assad, the butcher of Damascus and author of the "Hama Solution's" son, in Syria. I'm sure that the last time you guys met, the word "Kurd" never left your lips...while you were discussing mutual disgust regarding the nation of the Jews."For the rest of this article please see the website where it is posted. [4].

Gerald A. Honigman's newly released book The Quest for Justice, can be ordered from his site

1. 2. 3. 4.

This is post 359 and in gematria = "to be sharp".
Not only is it a quest for justice for the indigenous peoples; it is a quest for justice for the true healing prophet sent by the LORD God. So then you can understand that after the 'Shaman's Death' then comes the justice. The impact of their healing powers that helped humanity, then comes back like a boomerang to help them. Just like the indigenous peoples stayed true to the self and helped others, now the Creator is true to them and sends help to help them. 

May the will of the LORD God, the Creator, Great Spirit, may his will be done to help the nations and raise them up in the name that he chose to do so.


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