Monday, 30 April 2012


Youtube are in bed with certain companies and they pay youtube to use their server for advertising to its users.  Preferred Guest Resorts (USA) are one of those companies.

This evening a message kept coming up on the right hand of the screen.  I then looked at it and it stated that I had won $3,000 travel shopping spree and you are given a London office number to call. In this case the number was 020 7979 7823, the number is then diverted to the American office. You are reassured that you are only paying for a local call. My confirmation number was JJ173K05. It looks legit and when you call it sounds legit. [1]

The lady gave me her name 'Jacque'. The sales representative then explained what had been won, the full extent of it and what was involved. Its sounded wonderful, with a holiday in different locations, including free car hire for a week and a cruise. They tell you that you have won the top prize that includes the following:

5 nights Florida plus 7 day car hire.
3 nights Daytona Beach
3 nights Bahamas cruise
4 nights Costa Rica

They tell you that you have 18 months to take the trip and can divide the destinations into different trips if you wish. There was no mention of flights, and it was for up to four people. [2] Then comes the crunch, credit card details. When you tell the girl that you do not have any money or a credit card. She doesn't know what to do, that wasn't written in the script. She goes off to ask for help. Comes back and tries again. You repeat the truth to her for the second time. She then goes off again to get her supervisor.

Then the man comes on, and you explain your situation again, I told him the truth that I am penniless with no credit facility. He did not believe me. He then told me that he knew that I had credit, and enough to pay for the offer today. He then went into the fact that he is worth millions and the company is legit. I told him, if that was the case, there would be no money required from me. If you win something, you win something, you haven't won something, if you have to pay for it.

I told him that the girl should have made it clear in the beginning of the call, that a payment would be required. He then said that people would think it was a 'scam'. Well he confirmed that it was, he then asked me what is free in this world?

You can just imagine what I said to him can't you? I then informed him about the holy beggar and how what she has done, she has done for God. That is why she is penniless, people don't donate to the holy. If he is worth millions then he could afford to give, then he backtracked, and said he only worked for the company. He tried every angle that he could, then when it wasn't working, he accepted that the call had to come to an end. However, I did tell him about Obama and what he is doing to the country. In addition; to telling the man about his consumerism that is leading the country to self-destruction.

There was no win for Preferred Guest Resorts in this case. In fact, due to their campaign, I shall now make it known in the UK and abroad what their company and youtube are doing.

When will Americans get it? Their marketing tactics and scripts do not work on the enlightened. Even if I had the money, I would not have given any money to a company that said that I had won something,

In the UK, Preferred Guest Resorts could be brought to court under the 'Trades Description Act'. Youtube should also be reported to the Advertising Standards Authority. In fact, as Preferred Guest Resorts also used an English telephone number, they too can be reported to the ASA.

Judgement surely shall come upon Preferred Guest Resorts, they had no idea who they had taken on when they spoke to this holy pauper.





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Anonymous said...

i too had the exact phone call and the exact phone scripture was spoken to me. i also did not give over any details and the "manager (after being transferred form the original sales girl) became quite arrogant. i bid them a good day and got off the phone. i immediately called my bank to make sure they some how didn't get any of my details as i gave them my phone number(mobile) then bank assures me that all is safe.