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Helah ben Shahar --v- The Virgin

Following on from our last post to do with the 'silk worm and its relation with satan'. Let us look at this further in the different cultures.

On the Jewish Encyclopedia on-line link. It tells you that in the Septuagint translation of 'Helel read Helah ben Shahar means = brilliant one, 'son of the morning'.

However, is this correct? Is it truth or myth?

Author, Walid Shoebat is fluent in Arabic, he says it is to do with the crescent moon. In the book of Revelation, chapter 12,  the wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet, she is clothed in the sun of righteousness that arose with healing in her rays. She is the Messenger of the Covenant. Prophet Zephaniah predicted that the Virgin would come with 60 just ones and that she would stand against the 'Son of Lawlessness'. In some texts he is the 'Son of Perdition', in the Dead Sea Scrolls he is the 'usurper'.

In the letters of St Jerome, there was also a prediction that she would come when Saturn was in Virgo.

Venus is not a moon, it shines like a star. Hence, why it was associated with the eight pointed star, it can be found in many artifacts and ancient monuments.

We have already shown you that Indian words can be found in Hebrew, by giving you the example of USHA that is to do with the truth and divine consciousness. There is also an ancient city in Israel called Usha. There is definitely an overlap between the languages and this is not the first time that I have come across it.

Venus has always been symbolic of love and in astrology it rules Virgo the Virgin. Virgo is also to to do with perfection and striving for perfection. Hence, why Venus dances close to the Sun in the morning. You can view Venus and the Sun like the lovers, the passionate and cosmic dance of the planets being together. The Sun and Venus together in the morning give you the combination of the masculine and feminine energy.

As we know men are usually virile in the morning, the sun is rising ready for venus rising.  No coincidence then that the heat of the Sperm goes into the heat of the Vulva. There are important proteins in the male sperm that the female body requires to keep her womb and body healthy. Hence why men are enlivened to give their proteins on waking.

If you refer to Hindu, the word Shahar means 'City' and that aligns with mystery babylon on Rev 17 and Rev 18, the city, its merchants and its traders. 18 also relates to 6+6+6, in numerology 18 is 'materialism striving to destroy spirituality'.

As such, ben Shahar is 'Son of the City'. So what does helah mean? Without the H, we have elah and that Christians share that it can mean 'awesome fearful one'. [3]

Is morning Helah? No.

The first mention of the word morning in the book of Genesis the word is translated as 'Boqer. Hebrew strongs 01242, it can mean morning, break of day, end of night, coming of daylight, coming of sunrise.

In strongs to do with Isaiah 14, it is heylel. However, if I look at each word in the on-line lexicon, it looks like Isaiah 14:12 has been mistranslated. Also apparently the Arabic word equivalent to heylel is Hilal and it means 'Crescent'. [4]

It looks like the proper translation should be 'Crescent Son of the City'. That fits perfectly with the King of Babylon. City of Babylon's Son that falls like the towers of 9/11, the towers of babel.

No coincidence then that Obama, the President with the Muslim name is in the White House. Not only that but he promotes Islam around the world, and is supported by the Nation of Islam that stands against Israel and the Jewish people.

This photo was taken by a friend in Chicago, the home town of Obama.

Remember also that it was Babylonian Kings that oppressed Israel. Just like the Islamic nations do their best to do today. Egypt was symbolic of captivity due to slave labor, and babylon is symbolic of oppression created by the merchants e.g. the corporations. As we know the West has also been subservient to the oil rich nations because they depend on Islamic oil.

Hence, why Prophet Habakkuk predicted that the herald would come at the appointed time to explain the prophecy. That took place in 2009.

What else do we have to connect it all together?

The Jewish Encyclopedia state that the energy of 'satan' is the opposite to Michael, people that have known me for decades know that I worked with Archangel Michael professionally during the Rev 12 timeline. People also know that Michael in the USA supported me against the Prince of Persia, mentioned in the book of Daniel. Michael also stood against those that stood against me. His heart was compelled to do so. When a man is compelled by love there is nothing he cannot achieve.

In Hebraic mythology, Samuel was the 'chief of satans' and the Jewish Encyclopedia state Samuel means 'venom of god'. However, other links state that Samuel means 'His name is god'. Big difference there between the two.

In the ancient pictographs for the letter EL, the picture is the head of an Ox/Bull and it is symbolic of a leader, it can be tribal or political.

In the book of Genesis there is the 'serpent', and the 'temptation' in the NT,  the bible predicted that 'she shall crush the head of the serpent' due to what it holds inside.

The Jewish people also associated it with the Roman empire that oppressed them and they identified it with ESAU and EDOM. In the biblical prophecies the USA is the land of ESAU, and it predicts that it will be burnt to a stubble. The only person that can help them is Joseph, the one promised to Moses and his people.

When Christians speak about the morning star, they always speak about it in terms of Jesus Christ. However, they ignore Revelation chapter 2, the one that overcome and was victorious, was given the morning star. He knew that it would be given to the one that was predicted to come, the Queen of the South. He told the Jewish priests that the only sign that they would be given would be the sign of Jonah, that arrived in Israel in 2010.

As we know the moon has no light of its own. Yet the star of Venus dances both morning and night time. As such, I see no difference between the King of Babylon, Obama or Romney. Both are materialists and in the NT, those that live by the 'way of man' are called 'elemental forces'. As such, they are like the weather they come and go with the seasonal elections, they rise and fall with their kingdom because they built their houses on sand. There is a huge difference between a 'silk worm' that eats from the Mulberry tree and celestial realities.

Yesterday, I wrote how an orthodox Christian predicts that this election will get 'ugly'. Having lived through the 2008 US election, you really get to see how the 'venom' pours out of the politicians and their followers. Particularly the Liberal Democrats. Check out what Obama has been up to. Here is the latest. [6]

'Love without integrity is like an ocean without fish' from Sacred Words, that is why integrity is essential. those that stood against the wondrous woman from heaven, were not deemed worthy by the heavenly Father. Didn't his Son tell the orthodox, 'If your father was my father then you would love me?.'



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