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Shalom, this post is made in honor of Sandeep, the 15 year old that managed to stay alive for 48 hours. The Indians are calling it a miracle, indeed. Sandeep is a miracle and he has a special divine journey to take to help his people.

Recently, God said 'Punjab' [1] The Daily Mail report that rescue workers are searching for 100 workers that are trapped under rubble, in a collapsed factory in the town of Jalandhar. A teenager was pulled to safety after 48 hours and his name is Sandeep, another 61 have also been rescued prior to Sandeep. [2]

The meaning of the name of the child Sandeep, derives from the Sanskrit words Sana, which means "old" or "eternal" and deep, which means "light," so the meaning of the name is most accurately translated as "eternal light' or 'Lighting the Way'. [3] However, it also indicates an old soul of eternal light. 

Source link states that 'The name Sandeep is often cited as a shortened form of Sandipani, and people named Sandeep are said to be namesakes of Sandipani Rishi. Sandipani Rishi is an obscure figure in Hindu tradition. He was Lord Krishna's Guru, or teacher." [3]

It reminds me of when God said 'Your love is as deep as the sea, and as tall as a Tree'. 

Light is love and love is light, righteous love is as deep as it is tall. Its about the depth and breadth of divine consciousness, that is demonstrated by zealous compassionate action. It is that divine consciousness that can create miracles; due to its pure intention of coming from the heart of divine love.

The number 48 is to do with the prophet of God, that Jesus Christ predicted would come in the last days of the end times. He predicted that they would be 48 years old when they would be summoned by God. The prophecy was fulfilled in harmonic concordance with the will of God. It was a three-storey building and Christ also spoke of the three different roles of the one that would come. The Dead Sea Scrolls also predicted that the 'interpreter of the law' would come in the end days.

100 is to do with the spiritual law in the new testament. What you give comes back to you 30, 60 or 100 times. The building that collapsed upon the people was due to it being in derelict order, and as such the owner had not ensured that the building was kept in good order. If a person allows their own building to become derelict that is up to them, as it is part of the law of free will. However, if that person engages others to work in such conditions, conditions that put the lives of others at risk, then that person is responsible for their co-creation. It is their karma and part of the law of cause and effect. 

Also Sandeep was only 15 years old, are their younger children that have died in that building due to the 'way of man'?

Punjab's Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal has promised $3,800 compensation to families of those that have been killed. [2] What value is a life in Punjab? Is a life so worthless that its only valued at $3,800? A life of a human being is priceless.

So here is the judgement passed by the one that has the divine authority to deliver it.

Each family shall receive free medical, dental attention and any health treatment that they require for the rest of their lives. In the case of a wife, that wife and her children shall receive full financial support for herself and her children, until such time has she remarries. If she does not remarry that money is to be paid to the wife for the rest of her life.

50% to be paid by the man that owned the building, 50% to be paid by the government that governs Jalandhar. You are equally responsible for this tragedy, that has impacted upon all of the families and those involved in it.

Judgement upon Punjab has been served in harmonic concordance with the spiritual law.

Teshuvah Punjab, Teshuvah



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