Monday, 9 April 2012

Saudi Princess Basma

Saudi Princess Basma Bint Saud Bin Abdulaziz, is divorced from her husband, lives in London with her children. London has become like a second Saudi, covered in burkas and hijabs.

Those that lived in London saw how the Princesses would arrive in groups at the West End stores in Oxford Street. They always arrived in either a Rolls Royce or a Bentley during the 70's. Then they would spend fortunes that had come from Saudis oil wealth. While other people of Saudi lived in poverty.

As Jesus Christ predicted when I came I would be ashamed of this generation. Especially of those that flaunt their wealth in front of the poor. Muslims say that they honor the prophets, when they do the opposite. Jesus told the fundamentalists, the religious leaders to trample their garments of pride under their feet. Christ also told the comforter that he predicted would come, to tell the Muslims this:

"If women were meant to cover their heads, they would have been born with a foreskin'.

Profound words.

Christ called a spade a spade, and Saudi Arabia still lives in the 'dark ages' that it co-created. That is why the bible speaks out against Islam and why Jesus warned his followers about it.

If Christians are stopped from wearing a cross in the workplace, then Muslims must be stopped from wearing Burkas and Hijabs that are a symbol of the Islamic faith. There shall be no 'double standards', in these last days of the end times. All are to be treated fairly and in the same way.

Teshuvah Basma, Teshuvah



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