Wednesday, 30 June 2010

National Strike in Greece

I heard yesterday that there was a national strike in Greece although reports of it are few and far between. It is clear that the media are keeping this away from the world's attention due to not wishing to encourage others to stand up to oppression.

ATHENS, Greece -- The country was paralysed on Tuesday (June 29th) by another general strike against planned changes in the pension and social security system. The 24-hour action, organised by the two main labour unions -- the GSEE and the ADEDY -- affected both the private and the public sector. A rally and march to parliament is expected to cause traffic headaches in Athens. Public transportation is working only to take participants to the various rallies around the country. Port workers at Piraeus are on strike, despite a court ruling that declared the action illegal. Workers in hospitals, post offices, the national electricity company and schools have walked off their jobs, along with tax and municipal staff and journalists. Airports are reporting long delays and flight cancellations, disrupting the travel plans of thousands of tourists. That key industry is already reeling from the economic crisis. (Nafthemporiki, AP, News In - 29/06/10)[1] 

The previous strike in March included Greek police. 


Age of Pegasus

The Age of Pegasus was mentioned by the man that provided the video on the 'Blue Stork Prophecy'. Apparently, the current age of Pegasus II was proclaimed on November 14th 2009, see link below. [1]

Having had the joy to see Pegasus in my 40's, I view the Age of Pegasus in a different way that includes other cultural views and prophecies. Also it is only spiritual people that get to see and experience the energy of Pegasus and some have been blessed to ride him.

Pegasus is the flying horse and in both Judaism and Hindu culture you find the white flying horse connected to the last days of the end times and the end of Kali Yuga. In Judaism the flying horse is symbolic of the ACHARIT, the last, the end of it.

In Hindu spiritual philosophy it is to do with the coming of the Kalki and Lord Kalki holds a sword and rides the horse. The sword of the LORD is also mentioned in the biblical prophecies. The horse is also a symbol of spiritual freedom and physical self.

Also in the bible we have the white horse mentioned as well. Prophet Zechariah mentioned the White horses, it speaks of how the LORD is a little angry that the nations have added to the calamity of Jerusalem and ZION. It also states that he would return to Jerusalem with mercy and the measuring line would be stretched out over Jerusalem. Well we did return to Israel and were sent to the Lion's gateway and the Golden gate of Mercy in Jerusalem. We delivered and embedded the everlasting covenant for the children of the world. In the 'Woman in the Basket' prophecy she also has the measuring line. However, she wasn't only taken over Jerusalem in September 2007, in the first mission in 2006 she was taken from East to West and from South to the North and back again. She was the measuring line. How did she get to Israel? She flew in a plane with wings.

In the Zechariah prophecy the White Horses go towards the West and the West is the direction of the peacemakers. Who carried out the purification work at the Lion's Gateway with ELIAKIM?  A Jerusalem Peacemaker and musician Ofer Golany.

In the book of Revelation chapter six the rider of the White Horse was given a crown. In chapter 19, the rider of the white horse is called 'Faithful' and 'True". Why are they faithful and true? They have stayed faithful to Abba and his Son. In chapter 19, the armies of heaven are with the one that was given the crown and it mentions that they are dressed in fine linen and pure and white. In other words these people are pure in their intentions and sent by the LORD God almighty to help her.

In Isaiah 62 it tells her that the land will see your righteousness and all kings your glory. You will be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD will bestow. You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD's hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God. It then tells her that she will be married. I remember many years ago when the Christ said to me 'Believe it or not you will get married again". This was a few years after the "Bride of Christ' divine experience and initiation of the soul merging with the Spirit.

In Zechariah chapter nine it also tells the people that God will save his true flock indeed. The meek shall inherit the earth. 

In Revelation chapter 3 he tells her "I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown."In Revelation 12 you find her again. "A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head."

You will also find her in Micah 4 in relation to the LORD's plan for the last days of the end times and in this prophecy she is the daughter of ZION that is crowned.

Nostradamus also called this time the Age of Iris and Nostradamus used the flower essence of Iris for healing depression. We wrote about the Age of Iris and distributed it back in 2008. The prophecy stated that she would not be seen for 40 years and after 40 years she could be seen everyday. Who is she seen by? The spiritual that have stayed true to Abba and his Son. Those that did not reject her or deny her reason for being.

Islam are telling the world that the Prophet of Islam was the Kalki (Hindu), Paraclete (Christian), Maitreya (Buddism) and the prophet/Messenger of the Covenant promised to the children of Israel. However, the prophet of Islam did not meet the criteria or timeline for any of them.

May the will of God be done and the Spirit of truth be known.

Today, is the 'Day of Motivation'.


Lord of the Rings Crop Circle

Well the third crop circle was reported on the 26th of June and it was discovered in Holland. We won't repeat the numbers of the date as we have already covered that a few times in other posts about the crop circles and the POINT MAKER lunar eclipse post.

This crop circle is eleven circles and eleven rings. 11.11, 11.11 was the gateway opening in Egypt in 2009. and as we know there is also another gateway opening up in Luxor on the 3rd of July 2010.

11 is a Master number, it is the number of the 'Clenched Fist' and duality. Well worth reading Proverb 11. In Hebrew gematria 11 is woe and where.

11x11 = 121 in Hebrew gematria is support.

11+11 gives us 22 and 22 is also a master number of the divine feminine energies.

This is the first crop circle of the year found in Holland and the location is said to be Etten-Leur. [1]

The gematria of Etten-Leur is the same value as illuminati, communism, prison planet, Kingdom of God  'Who is Elias?" and Message in a bottle. [2]

Rings are also connected to the LORD of the RINGS eclipse on the 31st December that catapulted us into 2010.

Eleven months from now would take us to June 2011 and 22 months to June 2012.

A blue hue was also seen over the crop circle and blue the colour of healing as been mentioned in recent posts.

So what do you choose?

As Abba said the other day 'The Dark Lords have descended'. 

Can the fellowship of light give Elia a chance? Colleagues in Holland have
certainly been very supportive.


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Blue Stork Prophecy

If you have been reading the blog then you will know that in the 'Woman in the basket' prophecy [1] featured this month in June of the JUNO door way opening, it mentions two storks. Prophet Jeremiah also spoke about the stork.

"Even the stork in the sky knows her appointed seasons, and the dove, the swift and the thrush observe the time of their migration. But my people do not know the requirements of the LORD."Jer 8:7 

A blue stork as recently turned up in Germany and apparently there is an ancient prophecy about the Blue Stork that links in with what is going on now. Blue is also the colour of healing and we shared more about the blue in the sulphur and Archangel Michael post. However, the colour of this stork is more turquoise like the comet that arrived for the recent lunar eclipse. [2]

Turquoise is the colour of transformation and the thymus energy centre. The Thymus also came up in recent crop circles.

As you know we also made a post on doomsday book/9/11 [3] and this video mentions the doomsday vault.

Well worth a listen.

Doomsday Vault


Sitting on the Fence

The pigeons keep coming and sitting on the fence. pigeons are related to the White Dove and are symbolic of peace. The keynote of pigeon is "Return to Love and Security of Home' and its cycle is one year."  However, it is important to note that while people come to planet earth and choose to stay sitting on the fence; the status quo will continue. True Messengers who are Peacemakers must make up their mind where they stand, with whom they stand and decide what direction they are flying in. The pigeon that came to visit today flew north towards healing, it is through healing the self that the never ending cycles are broken. 

The 29th of June is the 'Day of Dreamers' and there are plenty of dreamers that are sitting on the fence due to them being busy bees trying to make their own earthly dreams come true. As such they are not helping humanity to make the shift because due to their own desires they are not looking at the harsh realities that the world now faces. 

Day of Dreamers in English gematria is also the same value as Solar Eclipse and as we know there is a total solar eclipse on the 11th of July 2010. Feels like they require more wake up calls, how much more will it take to get people to shift into helping humanity to break the never ending cycles? People don't ascend if they don't break the cycles.

Talking about cycles, yesterday I noticed there is a broken cycle that belongs to my son in the garden where we hang the washing. Its been sitting there for many years. It feels like it is time for his old cycle to go to the dump. Its certainly the end of a cycle of time for us and the start of a new one. 

Also many people have stopped riding their cycles because the roads have become so damaged due to the winter weather, they say it is too dangerous for them to ride. However, where there is a will there is always a way to help humanity in the here and now. Only when there is more givers than takers will the current status quo be broken. 

Time to trade in the bike for the horse of freedom. However,  that does mean that you will have to take care of yourselves unless you choose otherwise. 

It appears that the fence is also mentioned in the bible in Psalm 62. 

"My salvation and my honor depend on God ; he is my mighty rock, my refuge. Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge."Psalm 62:7-8 

Is there any greater security than being in the arms of God? Returning to love and security of home is about returning home to God. However, people cannot do that without ascending their being. 

This is the final countdown!

Sulphur and Archangel Michael

The picture above courtesy of wikipedia of the sulphur is fascinating. To begin with we have the crystalline structure. In the picture at the top you can see the structure is burning and as it burns with the heat the sulphur melts to a blood red liquid. As we know blood is also symbolic of life and in Christian symbology it is the life of the Spirit.

Then in the next picture you can see the blue flames with tinges of lavender in comparison with the green. Does it remind you of heaven and earth? However, a royal blue flame is known to be associated with Archangel Michael and the Holy Mother for those that have experienced it and seen it. The pastel blues and lavender are colours of Quan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Mercy. They are also colours of healing and the lavender is to do with the sweet dew of purification mentioned in the Buddhist texts, its also called the purple dew. Many healers see these colours when they are engaged in healing. Some say green is also the colour of the heart energy centre.

In the past orthodox Christians have engaged in what is known as "fire and brimestone" sermons when in fact the essence of the biblical meaning is quite the reverse. Archangel Michael's sword of truth is mighty indeed and he certainly does make his point very clear. The point of the sword of truth is to prick the conscience of those that are sleeping. However, the manner in which he delivers his communication is so powerful, to the point and concise that it can trigger others and what they hold inside. The light triggers the darkness and the darkness triggers the light until there is no more darkness left. Those that understand spiritual alchemy understand this well enough.

I was blessed to work with Archangel Michael for over three years and a lot of the work that we did together was on and about communication itself. It was part of my direct divine training but it was also to share with others. Archangel Michael is the Archangel of the teachers and since 2005 he has been working with the new teachers of ecology and self-sustainability. Giving them the power of his might and preparing them for what is ahead of them.

The first time I saw Archangel Michael it was in the middle of the night. My Persian Spirit guide at the time pulled at my bedclothes to wake me up and I asked him why he was waking me up? He said 'You are now ready for the teachings of Archangel Michael'. I wasn't amused at being woken up, so turned over to go back to sleep. Then within about five minutes my bedroom was completely lit up by his energy. He stood there regally at end of my bed, as he looked down upon me and I looked up at him and his face, he then spoke to me. He delivered the message and left as fast as he arrived. The manner in which he arrived and left felt like Superman.

That was the beginning of our relationship and the start of the creative and spiritual alchemy work together. A great deal of the dictations and discourse was published at the time. There was one time when I received a call from an holistic doctor in the UK. She had received a call from a colleague in the USA, the lady was raving and excited about an Archangel Michael dictation that had been shared at a meditation group. The holistic doctor knew my work and was able to put the lady straight about who received the dictation and that it had been received by me in England. One might ask why were the credits removed? Were the people that removed the credits living in integrity?

The sacred union with the divine is the cure for all ills.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Vision Crop Circle

There was a beautiful crop circle announced today by Crop Circle Connector and it was discovered UFTON, Warwickshire. 

In gematria UFTON, is the same value as 'Angel of the Lord' in Jewish gematria. In English gematria it is the same as Thomas and Thomas means twin. In Phoenican it also means sun god. Ufton is also the same gematria value as 'Moshiach', 'Engraved', 'Master' and 'Bible Codes" and 'Falconet" and we have talked about the Falcons earlier today.  [1] 

The location itself in England is beautiful and there is an UFTON nature reserve. The wheat crop circle could be seen from the local WHITE HART pub and that is a great play on words with HEART. Of course the Hart is also the deer and the STAG that is also associated with the Christ and the Tree of Life. Nostradamus also drew a picture of the Stag. 

The crop circle arrived the same day as the POINT MAKER eclipse and POINT MAKER Crop Circle and here is information from that post again to do with the day itself. 

"The date it was reported is the 25th of June and that is the 'Day of Receptivity'. 25 is the number of analysis and spiritual wisdom gained through experience not knowledge. If we compound the number to seven it is the number of the spiritual teacher.

25th of June 2010 is also 763 energy. In Hebrew gematria 763 is "Yom HaShabbat ("The Sabbath day") and this lunar eclipse arrives on the Jewish sabbath day. It is also Beit Shammai,  (The school of Shammai) these schools that the Jewish sages founded differed from traditional Jewish law. Rabbi Ginsberg also stated that 763 is directing the energy towards the messianic era. [1] In conclusion, in my humble experience and view it is talking about a whole new school of thought of spiritual teachings that are based upon the wisdom of experience. 

763 is also to do with the prophet and 763 is the same number as Elijah the Tishbite, the Chariot of Israel. In Greek gematria it is Pearl (of wisdom), 'He will guide his affairs with discretion. 'That fadeth not away'. [2]"[2]

We are truly blessed to be able to share this amazing ariel photograph copyright of John Montgomery. [3] Courtesy of Crop Circle Connector. Like the previous Point Maker Crop Circle from a distance this one also looks like an impression that is cast. See other pictures on the link provided. One can view this crop circle in two different ways either as the centre of the vesica pisces or as an almond shape eye that is also symbolic of the third eye. 

So let us look at the numbers of the crop circle. As we know eyes detect light and are important to vision. In the centre we have the cornea of the eye. We then have the surrounding. 

Picture courtesy of wikipedia. [4]

After the two centre circles we then have 24 images either side of the eye. 24 x 2 = 48 and that is the number of meditation. Surrounding that we have 12 swirls and in my humble view that relates to the 12 energy centres. 48+12 = 50 and that is the same meaning as 32 and that is communication. Communication via the third eye. 

If we then add the two centre circles we have 52 and 52 is the age of the spiritual elder. 52 is also the exact length of the published meditation received from the Holy Mother in 2000. 

"The power of God's 52 letter Name (Ban) that illuminates reality. It corresponds to the lower hei of Havayah."[5]

In gematria 52 is the same value as 'Son', 'Messiah', 'The word of the Lord', 'Let there be light", 'A Great Light', 'Like God', 'God of Truth', 'with all your heart'. In Greek it is the same value as healing. 

If we then add the image of the whole eye as a third eye. we then have 53 and that compounds to 8, the number of spirituality and the symbol of infinity. 

In gematria 53 is also the same value as 'Stone', 'Prophecy', 'Message', 'Garden', 'Jewel', 'the sun' and 'the hebrew'. 

This crop circle is about vision in my humble view and people are being asked to meditate and open their third eyes so that they can receive the visions and messages. So we will call this crop circle the 'Vision Crop Circle'. 

The point of this crop circle is to stay true to your visions that you have received  from the divine, stay true to what you have seen with your own eyes here and now. 
The other point to remember is that the crop is in green and white, green being the green pastures of spiritual growth and the heart. Spiritual growth is inherent in human nature. However, how many miss the whole meaning of life that stares people in the face daily in nature. 


Derivatives and Daddy Long Legs

This morning Abba said 'Derivatives' and as we know that is a term related to the financial markets. After that whilst writing a Daddy Long Legs came and danced on my right hand. However, as we know Rev Manning calls Obama 'Long legged mack daddy' and he is sure up to something to do with derivatives. The genetic Father of this chariot of fire was also a socialist so I do understand the reds and where they are coming from.

However, with all things there must be balance, people must live in harmony with the cosmic spiritual law. It was when the men that followed my earthly Father refused to listen and live in balance and harmony that my Father put his family and loved ones first beyond his work. My Father learned the hard way that power corrupts if people are not coming from pure intention of the heart. He was continually faced with the corruption of individuals and the unions that had taken their power for granted. Many tried to unseat him and pull the rug from under his feet because he was not a bender and nor could be taken off course by the corruption or power of others. He was always ten steps ahead of everyone and he always stayed true to himself and his own LION HEART of conscience. A lot of what he predicted and knew to be true 20-30 years ago did come to be.

My Father dedicated his life to the people and helping them. However, when it was time for him in his 50's to dedicate his life to his wife the men turned against him after everything he had given in his lifetime. He earned cash and spent cash and did not spend what he could not afford.

My genetic Father came from a poor family and he was self-educated the complete opposite to Obama. He was a hero in the family and will always remain so for as long as we all live. He exalted his children but never above his wife, she always came first after his work and mission.

His work meant everything to him and it was his life purpose. In a way it is the same with Obama. However its important to note that my Father learned the hard way and Obama is doing the same. His allies will turn against him just as they did with my earthly Father when they cannot get their own way. The difference between my father and Obama is that my Father did all that he did selflessly. He was an humanitarian and did a lot to help charities during his life. He was a giver and gave all of himself to humanity. As a child I sat upon his shoulders as we marched on ban the bomb marches through central London. So no surprise then to see Obama's child wear a ban the bomb tee-shirt.

Daddy Long Legs is also called 'Crane Fly' or 'Mosquito Hawk'. As we know the Crane fly can fly but its legs are very fragile and can break easily. Legs are also to do with direction and the fact that the fly came and danced on my right hand is a very positive sign. It is a sign and confirmation that I am doing the right thing. 

They are also very light indeed and this is symbolic of the fact that those with the crane fly totem would never ever invade others or do anything to harm others. Sadly, we cannot say the same about Obama who gave the order to hit Pakistan four days into his presidency exactly as God predicted he would. He said he would be out of Iraq by the end of August yet increased the troops to Afganistan.

In many ways Obama is too casual for his own good and not listening to the people will be his downfall. As God said the other day "The die is cast, it is set in stone" and the following day he said "The dark Lords are descending". The dark Lords are also mentioned in the film LORD of the Rings. That we mentioned in the FILM MAKER eclipse article that catapulted us all into 2010.

So guys and girls check out what G20 are doing with derivatives.

1. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia. mosquito hawks 

The Sulfur and Retribution

The sulfur is mentioned more than a few times in the bible. Its first mention is in Genesis when it says that the LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gormorrah-from the LORD out of the heavens. It is then mentioned again in the book of Deuteronomy, Job and Psalm 11. On the wicked he will rain down fiery coals and burning sulfur; a scorching wind will be their lot. Prophet Isaiah "The breath of the LORD, like a stream of burning sulfur, sets it ablaze."

What makes a wind scorching?

The sun is a symbol associated with the Christ and the sun gods. The sun of righteousness is also mentioned by Prophet Malachi and they have healing in their wings, sulphur is also lemon/yellow and yellow is the colour of creativity. Lemon was also given to us in 2009 to help the Iranians. The Persian and Arab Christians are rising around the world.

Isaiah 34, states that God has a day of retribution and he will uphold ZION's cause. The chapter is about judgement against the nations. It mentions that EDOM as been made an example of that judgement and EDOM is the name given to ESAU in the bible. The land of ESAU is the USA, the hairy one.

The prophecy then talks about the owls that will possess the land and there was an owl crop circle last year. The year cycle of that crop circle comes to completion in August 2010[1]

In Graeco-Roman spiritual symbology the screech owl mentioned in the prophecy is a symbol sacred to Athene/Minerva. In March 2010, we made a post about Greece and the Christ calling out Minerva connected to the mission. The owl is also to do with insights, intuition and dreams. In native american spirituality it is a symbol of the feminine qualities with healing powers and prophecy. It is gifted and courageous, its cycle is one year. It speaks of the end of the old way of being that comes during the night when the owls can see and understand. There was also a hopi prophecy about the oil spill in the USA and the wisest owls do understand the prophecies. 

The prophecy then mentions the raven that is a symbol of the prophet that was destined to come in the last days of the end times, prophet Micah calls her the Daughter of Zion, the watchtower for the flock. The prophecy states the owl will rest there and lay eggs. She will hatch them and care for her young under her wings. I was sent there to rest in the USA for two weeks in April/May 2008 and was blessed to help a Christian family that had been harmed by different Churches. Also blessed to spend time there with the young ones and I hold them all in my heart. I hope to see young taylor again one day (he will be about seven now) as well as the rest of the family and falcons. 
The prophecy mentions the falcons will gather each with its mate, they did gather with their mates while I was there and in my humble view the falcons are symbolic of those with native american blood running through their veins. It was a great joy to spend time with them and their mates. 
The Spirit will gather them together. He will alot portions, his hand distributes by measure, they will possess it forever and dwell there for generation from generation. This prophecy is telling you that the Native Americans will be given back control of their lands and the USA will continue to suffer the consequences until they do so. It is karmic retribution of cause and effect. The people of the USA must honour the FIRST NATION and that which is sacred, if they don't they will continue to suffer the consequences. The Christ said 'Nature is the Holy Scroll" Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 4, Teachings of the Elect. 

Ezekiel 38, it states that the LORD will summon his sword against Gog and in the Aramaic Peshitta Gog is translated as China, this means the communists and yesterday when a man said he was awake and asked what could he do? We told him to tell everyone not to buy any products from China or from any store that stocks products made there.

In Revelation chapter 9, it talks about the sulfur coming out of the mouth so it is to with communication. Sulphur is natural and is a crystalline solid. [2] You will also remember recently there have been crystalline crop circles in England. The Sulphur is also mentioned in Revelation 14, 19, 20 and 21.

Hopi Prophecy the Sea will turn black - the 7th Sign 

There as also been an oil spill in Egypt as well. [3]


Sunday, 27 June 2010


Being asked to talk about FACT during this partial lunar eclipse energy. In "point of fact' in reality or in truth. Information based upon real occurrences is what we share. Being a real person is a fact, being divine, holy and true is also a fact based upon the evidence of our experiences, also confirmed by others that experienced it too. Life experience is the sacred text of knowledge and when that experience is integrated it becomes wisdom, and that can only be truly understood in the heart of being. The real seat of intelligence. 

When you have found wisdom within yourself then you are ready to receive wisdom from the divine outside of yourself. Only then will you truly understand it and have the humility to accept it. Acceptance keeps coming up in the crop circles and acceptance is the thymus level of consciousness. The Thymus is also to do with the immune system and when you are vibrating at that level you are immune to the negativity of the earthly realm. You are going with the flow of cosmos, swimming with the tide and not against it. Life becomes easy and flows in harmonic concordance with the divine plan including your life purpose on planet earth. 

Acceptance is also to do with responsibility because without responsibility and being spiritually disciplined you would not have reached the level of "I ACCEPT." Acceptance doesn't mean that you have to embrace it just means that you allow others to be, with love in your eyes and heart. You are like the ever loving dolphin and graceful swan that allows the emotions of others to just slide off your wings that are covered in the pure and natural oil of God. 

The fact of the matter is the truth and the point of the sword of truth is to prick the conscience of those that are sleeping. However, you move on from that to the sword of mercy and then if you fulfill your initiation of being merciful in everything that you do. then you are given the wisdom of the LORD directly, if you are open to receive it. 

[Latin factumdeed, from neuter past participle of facereto do; see dh- in Indo-European roots.][1]

Is knowledge a fact? How can it be when winners wrote history?

Truth changes as people evolve to completion of truth within themselves. The best fact finding is within the self otherwise known as soul searching. It is through soul searching that people find the truth, that truth then evolves the more that they heal, and in so doing they eliminate perceptions of reality that are an illusion that have no basis in reality of that which is real. 

The book of Genesis tells you not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge or you shall surely die. It advises everyone to eat from the the Tree of Life experience. Why is that? Knowledge does not bring life to the people. Knowledge does not heal the people and the nations. Some say knowledge is power and look where that has led the nations? 

Some say truth is subjective. However, I do agree with Carl Jung, his truth was also based upon the evidence of his experience. 

 "The prominence of the subjective factor does not imply a personal subjectivism, despite the readiness of the extraverted attitude to dismiss the subjective factor as nothing but subjective. The subjective is not as subjective as we think, for the deeper we reach into the psychic currents of inner life, the more we leave behind the merely personal and touch those elements of experience that are timeless, unaffected by personalitic factors, and thus in a certain sense truly objective."

"Whoever speaks of the reality of the soul or psyche is accused of "psychologism". Psychology is spoken of as if it were "only' psychology and nothing else. The notion that there can be psychic factors which correspond to divine figures is regarded as a devaluation of the latter. It smacks of blasphemy to think that a religious experience is a psychic process....Faced with this situation, we must really ask: How do we know so much about the psyche that we can say 'only' psychic?

The meaning of the word psychology as been corrupted by those that did not understand the soul, just like a great deal of history. Its original meaning was study of the soul. Is there a university in the world that empowers people to study and understand the soul consciousness through life experience? Self development should be included in every educational training course. Otherwise, those that have not healed take their issues into education, health and the workplace. Repeating the same cycles instead of breaking them through healing and rising up e.g. ascending the being. 

Some parents also pass their own issues onto their children via genetics, memory and experience. Nature, nurture and environment. 

As the Christ said 'Forgive them father for they know not what they do". To know what a wonderful term, gnosis. To truly know for the self is what reality is really all about. To know the cosmos due to your own experiences, to see orbs of light in your living room, to see the energy floating about in nature, to see and hear the Spirit of God is mighty indeed. It is at that point that you know that you are truly blessed and 'I AM BLESSED' is the level of the throat. 

When all was said and done Plato said that philosophers would make the best leaders. At the end of Carl Jung's life he regretted that he had not spent his whole life studying that which us mystics already know. He wished that he had spent his life studying spiritual alchemy and mysticism. However, he was well ahead of his time and should be pleased with what he accomplished in the time that he was on earth. 

"For thousands of years rites of initiation have been teaching rebirth from the spirit, yet man has forgotten the meaning of divine initiatory procreation in our times. I simply believe that some part of the human self or soul is not subject to the laws of space and time. This forgetfulness causes him to suffer a loss of soul, a condition that sadly is everywhere present today. 

Carl Jung was telling people the same as the Christ they had forfeited their soul. 

Some will say science is a fact, well now one scientist Professor Willian Tiller discovered that the outcome of scientific trials are determined by the intention of the researcher for a specific outcome. Now that has vast implications for the pharmaceutical industry and those that take its drugs. 

We also know from the Human Genome project that for 50 years scientists had been telling the world about the DNA without realizing that they had been removing one of the most important parts' the proteins. Now if you removed all the proteins from your DNA would you then be able to know the truth? Ponder upon it. 

Now if you remove negative memory from your being and transmute it then ponder on how divine you can become. 

Truth evolves as humanity evolves out of a purely earthly reality and the more humanity learn about the self; the more that they will know and understand the facts of the cosmos and the spiritual law. 

In healing the self you don't only help yourself, you also help your children and the rest of humanity. In giving love to the self in healing, the day comes when you become divine love in manifestation on the earth plane and truly divine.