Wednesday, 31 March 2010


You might like to send this video to all of your friends around the world. It really is time for the people to say. No, no more. It was shared by the National Consciousness Call (USA). Freedom fighter and Patriot Gary Franchi interviews Karen Quinn-Tostado about the upcoming National Strike April 15-18th that is rapidly gaining International Support. Please pass on and post as far and wide as possible.

The Tax Day Strikes begin.... 

God bless all those that are prepared to stand up and be counted.

Hand in hand, side by side in the front line.


Golden Door - Gan Dor

On the  31st of March while bathing I was shown a vision of a golden door and it was surrounded with the flames of God. The golden door often reminds me of the golden gate otherwise known as the mercy gate in Israel. It is in the East and the East is symbolic Archangel Michael and his teachers.

Then the batman logo appeared upon the door. As we know Batman is usually associated with the USA and the movies and that brings us back to the FILM MAKER eclipse on the 31st of December 2009 that catapulted us into 2010. 

The batman crime fighter is known as the ‘Caped Crusader’,  ‘Dark Knight’ and the first time I was shown a Batman vision was in 2001; it was during a healing training course and it is to do with divine providence.

Then I saw lots of energy rising and Batman was rising with the energy and he was  a living energy.

In English gematria the word batman is also the same sum as Michael and Rise.


Then I was shown a vision of a wild Turkey and his dark colours were beautiful. Turkey is also connected to the USA and is usually eaten at thanksgiving. In England Turkey is usually chosen for the Christmas table. In Native American philosophy the Turkey’s key note is ‘Shared Blessings and “Harvest’ and its cycle of power is Autumn. It sometimes called the ‘Earth Eagle’ and of course the Eagle is another link to the USA. Their preferred environment is forested lands, some think that Turkey cannot fly but it certainly can., it can fly at 50mph for short distances and it can take off very fast indeed.

In spiritual symbology Turkey is also sacred to the Toltecs and the Mayan lands. It is associated with thunder and rain because like all animals they become restless before storms. However, this Turkey looked quite calm, he was very plump and looked happy. A happy plump earth Turkey is very different to the Eagle predator. However, it should be noted that people eat Turkeys but they don't eat Eagles. 


Then  I saw a vision of the Swan of Grace, the Swan is symbolic of purity and grace and it was sacred to Aphrodite. Aphrodite in Latin also means VENUS. In Hindu philosophy it is also the equivalent of the “Lotus of Knowledge”  and is sometimes called the “Hamsa Bird”. that is in perfect sacred union with the divine. It is also associated with Brahma who rides a swan, the swan lays the cosmic egg and it was from this golden egg that the legends state that Brahma sprang. [1] The other day we received a message about Aphrodite and the Love Union, you can access it on the Christ Vision of Peace, Love Union blog.

In Native American philosophy the keynote of the swan is ‘Awakening the true beauty and power of the self’ and its cycle of power is the winter time. Author Ted Andrews also shares with us that the name of the Swan is also one of the oldest names in the English language.

Then I was shown a block of gold. The first time I ever saw a block of gold energy was decades ago. When I saw it I asked another seer if she could see what I could see and she confirmed that she could. To double check that she was telling me the truth I asked what she could see and she said a brick of gold. I asked what is it? She replied it is the foot of Christ. This woman had trained for many years with the Spiritualist Church and was well respected locally. Her name was also Grace.

In English gematria Golden Door is the same sum as “Light of Life’, Purity and ‘Kingdom Come’. Turkey  is the same as ‘Excellent’, Have Mercy, ‘New Science’ and ‘Writing’.
Swan is the same as “England’, ‘Rose’, ‘Mary’ and ‘Golden’.

After the above was finished being written God said ‘GAN DOR’

The word ‘GAN’ in Hebrew means garden and in Genesis it says ‘And the Lord God planted a garden in the Eastward in Eden.' Gen 2:8

Dor is from the Hebrew and it means GENERATION.

Thus Gan Dor can be understood as 'GARDEN GENERATION',  in 2005 Archangel Michael began working with the new teachers of ecological self-sustainbility and God also told us that we must be living ecologically and self-sustainably by 2012. Humanity does not have much time left to make a major shift.

I typed the 31st of March and it changed to August so I had to come back to edit it. The 31st of August must also be a key date and it is, it is the last day of the final countdown. What else is happening on that date? Obama said: "Let me say this as plainly as I can: by August 31, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end."[4]

  1. Traditional symbols by J. C. Cooper
  2. Animal Speaks Ted Andrews

Bully America

Here we are trying to eradicate bullying and violence from schools but yet bullying is rife in American society and way of life. One can witness this kind of behavior on some American forums and it seems that it is part of the American culture and way. It is certainly time for change America and healing the nation of the root causes of the core issues that helped to co-create this reality for American children. 

Children learn what they live and they learn from observation. 

Time for emotional and spiritual maturity. Time for enlightenment. Time for growth and healing. America is a young nation and it is still growing up. 

As Ron Paul said "The USA needs a doctor not a lawyer". 

From experience doctors cannot heal the people of the root causes of the core issues. The USA requires healing and healers. 

Dr. Gary Namie talks about bullying in the workplace. 49% of Americans have been bullied at work. That is a huge amount of people that are oppressing and being oppressed by others. 

May America heal its nation


Today is the 'Day of Tenacity'

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

333 Sonnet

As we know it is passover and the Rebbe came again this morning. Today, is the day for another sonnet to God. 

Abba you said "Tell them (Israel) not to rain on your parade". You told us about the romance of the FILM MAKER eclipse. Some people thought it was smarty pants they did not see our sacred union and its fusion.

Then you asked for the sonnets and the engagement with you. Oh so few listened to you and your views. Your Queen took your cue to board the train. She did not refrain she reached the sea port, he was born in New York. I found the fork in the road and the one that talked. 

Abba you brought him to kiss your Queen on 333. Your righteous Son was seen and received. Oh what fun when you pour out your blessings when you receive our Sonnets.

All is heaven sent to help the world repent. Heavenly Father we rejoice and sing from our hearts in your holy name. The furry Easter Bonnet sealed with a Sonnet and your spiritual roses carried across the world in harmonic concordance with you. 

Write your Sonnets to God

Receive the blessings in abundance from God.


The 30th March is the 'Day of Vision'.

In Jewish gematria vision is the same value as 'Behold I come quickly'.

In English gematria vision is the same value as 'Purple', 'Agreement'
'Messages' and 'Elizabeth'.

Elizabeth links in with the visions of Elizabeth that can be found on
this blog. 

No coincidence then that this is the 33rd post in March. 

Today's date is also 333.

Come Greece, Come......

Monday, 29 March 2010


The Dutch Politician Geert Wilders is on trial in Holland. This is a land mark case on free speech and the divine right to scrutiny of any belief system.

Free speech is on trial in the Netherlands and it has crucial implications for Europe and the rest of the world.

The international community must defend Geert Wilders whatever the outcome of the case.

Freedom depends upon it in Europe.  

God bless Geert Wilders...

May God help him and defend him always and keep him safe.

This is the final countdown.

May the will of God be done


More Snow Coming for Easter

Well it is certainly cold here in England and the British press are predicting more snow for Easter.

Spirit of his Masters and the Snow

Like the coolness of snow at harvest time is a trustworthy messenger to those who send him; he refreshes the spirit of his masters. Proverb 25:13 [1]

Abba is still shaking his Tree and now he is removing the bark from the branch. 

Today, is the 'Day of Observation' and children learn from 

Children Live what they Learn from their parents.

In Jewish gematria the sum of snow is the same value as 
Rabbanic Judaism and seven Kingdoms. 

The sum of children is the same value as America, soil and path. 
This tells me that the covenant for the children is sent to
America in time for Easter.

In English gematria children is the same value as 'Joseph',
'Stone', 'Living', 'Union', 'Perfect' and 'Britain'.

God bless it



Sunday, 28 March 2010


This morning the Rebbe came when I woke up.

Early this evening I received an email from our brother Oannes to tell us that the video for the covenant for the children is ready. We are now making some small corrections to it and then it will be ready to be shared with the world.

At the same time we received an email from the Chabad organization in the USA to tell us it is passover time. The information for the video was sent to the designer in January 2010 and we never know when he will have time to design and complete the work. However, it is no coincidence that God wills it that this video is ready for this passover.

"Then Moses said to the people, "Commemorate this day, the day you came out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, because the LORD brought you out of it with a mighty hand. Eat nothing containing yeast." Exodus 13.3

Egypt is symbolic of captivity and the covenant for the children is to enable them to have their freedom from the captivity of inherited belief systems. 

Passover celebrations begin on the 15th of Nissan and it is also called the feast of the unleavened bread. Both the Jewish people and Samaritans celebrate the escape from enslavement in Egypt and it is one of the three pilgrim festivals. 

This year the passover begins at sunset on the 29th March to nightfall 5/6th April the seventh day. 

Today is the "Day of Innocence" and God is doing all he can to defend the innocent children of the world. Now its up to humanity to align their will with the will of God. 

May the will of God be done 

A Thousand Years

Caritas Birmingham provided information that circulated the world. The email stated that "John Paul II, called all the Bishops of the world to meet in Rome on the 8th October 2000 to consecrate the next 1,000 years into the hands of the most Holy Mother Mary. A solemn act of entrustment."

So one can say that the next 1,000 years as been entrusted to the divine feminine. Some of you may remember that on the 5th of May that year in 2000 there was also a grand planetary alignment. 5th May is also the date given for 2012, India, 555. 

As we know the bible also talks about the thousand years. Revelation chapter 20 is about how satan has been deceiving the nations and will be thrown into the abyss. In Hebrew the word HaSatan means accuser and adversary, in other words anyone that makes accusations about the innocent of God. 

In the highly respected Aramaic Peshitta translation by George Lamsa it says that the nations are being deceived as far afield as China and Mongolia. It also mentions those that have been beheaded because they stayed true to the Christ. You are aware that there is only one religion that beheads people in the 21st century and chapter 20 also mentions the beast and the false prophet. 

Criteria of prophecy 

The angel sent from God with the key to put a stop to it. 

False Prophet 
Those that stand against the Christ 

The bible also talks about a 1,000 years being like one day. 

For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night. Psalm 90:4 But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 2 Peter 3:8 

If we view this in order then the angel must fulfill the prophecy before New Jerusalem can be built. 

There is a also a Coptic/Manichaean Psalm called 

"Let us Praise the Paraclete". 

"Now as they were making war with one another they dared to make an attempt upon the Land of Light thinking that they would be able to conquer it. But they know not that which they have thought to do they will bring down upon their own heads. 

But there was a multitude of angels in the Land of the Light, having the power to go forth to subdue the enemy of the Father, whom it pleased that by his Word that he would send, he should subdue the rebels who desired to exalt themselves above that which was more exalted than they. 

Like into a shepherd that shall see a lion coming to destroy his sheep-fold: for he uses guile and takes a lamb and sets it as a snare that he may catch him by it; for by a single lamb he saves his sheep-fold. After-these things he heals the lamb that has been wounded by the lion: 

This too is the way of the Father, who sent his strong son; and he produced from himself his Maiden equipped with five powers, that she might fight against the five abysses of the Dark.

When the Watcher stood in the boundaries of light, he showed to them his Maiden who is his soul; they bestirred themselves in their abyss, desiring to exalt themselves over her, they opened their mouth desiring to swallow her. 

He held her power fast, he spread her over them, like nets over fishes, he made her rain down upon them like purified clouds of water, she thrust herself within them like piercing lightning. She crept in their inward parts, she bound them all, they not knowing it." [1]

In English gematria the word thousand is also the same value as World Peace, Yehoshua, Principle,  and Crop Circle. The Crop Circles certainly shared a lot with us in 2009 and we look forward to the new delivery coming in 2010. 

If we review the gematria for the words 'Thousand Years' it is the same sum as "Lord of the Rings' and that links in with the FILM MAKER and BEN HUR eclipses that catapulted us into 2010. Its also the same value as "Human salvation" and "Motherly Love". In Jewish gematria it is also the value of Jimmy and recently we met a man with this name, he has an important role in the film for God. [2]

The Divine plan is unfolding before our very eyes.

Today, is also the 'Day of Innocence"

May the will of God be done. 


Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fork in the Road

It was in 2009 that we told people that they have one year to choose between God or man.

There is not much time left to choose.

You have until the end of August to decide.

God is divine justice.

God says 'No more war in my name' and 'No taxes on labour'.

OBAMA American Flag

Americans worshipping Obama began during the 
election campaign. The more the election campaign 
went on the more the people were worshipping this man. 

We saw how children were being manipulated to sing 
songs to him in schools and to tell their parents 
to vote for him.

How the head of the Christ on candles had been replaced 
with the head of Obama. How traditional hymns for the 
Christ were changed with words to Obama. 

Paintings of Obama depicted as the Christ, the idol worship 
was never ending and we know what the scriptures say 
about idol worship. 

In fact, the Christ himself was against idol worship and 
turned his followers to the Father.

Now we have Obama on the American Flag.

In English gematria OBAMA = 198. 

The same gematria value as LEO and Obama is the 
Leo the Leopard mentioned by Daniel and the 
book of Revelation. 

198 in English gematria is also the sum of agenda. [1]

Leopard is also the same sum value as Babylon and 
Revelation chapters 17/18 talks about the USA. [2]

ESAU is the same English gematria value as Chicago.
Obama's home town. For more information and
predictions about the Land of ESAU see this
link. [3]

Is it any surprise that God said America is a dinosaur
and ignoramus. [4]

If this does not concern you then nothing will.

May God help America to wake up...

May the will of God be done



Friday, 26 March 2010

Joseph Brady

This is post 26 and 26 is the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God.

Today is also the 26th and it is Shabat.

So I asked our heavenly Father what he would like us to post today and he replied Hei J.B.

Hei can mean reveal. The Rabbi wrote the following about Hei.

"In the secret of the letter hei, the gift itself is the relation and expression of self, drawing the receiver into the essence of the giver. Joseph, the speaker of the verse "take for yourselves seed," corresponds to the sefirah of yesod, whose function is to express self in the form of giving seed, as explained in Kabbalah. When Joseph first gave grain to his brothers, they were unable to recognize him, similar to the dalet in relation to the gimlet. Upon his revelation to his brothers (and thereby to all of Egypt), his giving became that of the hei. Instead of grain he now gave seed."[1]

The initials J.B. Are the initials of my grandfather Joseph Brady. As far as I am aware he was the eldest of the children born to Catherine Arbede whose family were from Holland. Her Father was a cigar maker and one of my aunts told me that he had a kiosk in Shaftesbury Avenue, London. 

When the Dutch Jews arrived in London they were called 'Chuts' and there is a wikipedia link for them. 

Catherine married Thomas Brady and because she married outside of the Jewish religion she was banished from her family. When she married she kept the name Arbede and was known as Catherine Arbede-Brady. 

Joseph Brady was her eldest son, he was a very large, stout man and he owned newspaper pitches in the West End of London. He married Sarah and my father was the youngest of the children.  All of the children inherited the deep set eyes, olive skin and most of them were tall and stout like their father including the girls. As my father was the youngest of the many children, Joseph Brady died when I was a very young child. However, I do remember him and where he used to sit in the corner of their tiny kitchen. Joseph and Sarah brought up their children in a four storey rented house in Kings Cross, WCI, London, and Sarah lived there until she died. 

My parents lived over the other side of the road in Acton Street, in very close proximity until I was a teenager when we moved to Regents Park, NW1 London.

In English gematria the name Joseph Brady is the same value as Mashiach Ben David and Lotus Feet. There never is any co-incidences in the way the words and gematria fit together. 

When God told Moses that he would send a prophet like him to the people, Moses asked that the blessing be bestowed upon the family of Joseph. God kept his promise to Moses and the Children of the Promise. 

There are many prophecies left by the prophets in the bible giving details about the last days of the end times, prophet Micah called me the daughter of Zion and the watchtower for the flock. Daughter of Zion has the same gematria value as "Human Potential", "Tenth Dimension", "Truth is love". 

Michelangelo also knew the truth and that is why there is a fresco of ELIAKIM in the Vatican. 

Now as much as people don't like to hear the truth, it is true, God tells the truth to you because God and his truth is love. As his Son said 'The Truth will set you free". 

We are on a mission from God.....and todays date is also the 'Day of Integrity'. 


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Louvre - Appointed Time

It was as far back as 2007 when God kept saying ‘Louvre’ and as we know the Louvre is in Paris and it houses the painting of the Mona Lisa. [1] Mona Lisa is also very current to what we have been sharing with you in recent days and its connection to the Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis, Mona Lisa’s  Smile is also known as Gioconda’s Smile in Greece.
God mentioning the “Louvre” was a timing link to make sure we’re paying attention and staying alert. In English gematria the world Louvre is same sum as “End of Days”.  

In English gematria the “Louvre” is also the sum of “Trouble’, “Physical” , “Atomic Bomb” and “Golden Fleece”. Of course the Golden Fleece is also connected to Greek mythology and legends and in 2004 God mentioned the Golden Fleece and that David would lay it at my feet”. The link to the physical also follows on from our last post ‘Humanity is Sick”.

Linking up the dots this is to do with Europe because we have both France and Greece connected with the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa in Jewish gematria is also the sum of Archangel Michael and Britain. In English gematria it also brings up some interesting returns when you put it in the calculator and it is the sum of 'Human Race', 'Daughter' , 'Wiseman'  and 'Savior'. 

So what else do we have on the “Louvre”?

In January 2009, there was a Hezbollah March and three neo-Nazi’s led the Islamic March against the Jewish people. Jesse Petrilla also filmed this while he was on a trip to Paris and God also shouted out the name Jesse in the past. However, it is now that this March in the front of the Louvre and Mona Lisa is brought to my attention to share it with you. March is also connected with the 'Ides of March' and assassination. The Jewish people are certainly being assassinated metaphorically, in thought word and deed globally by Islam and humanity and that is against the law of God. 

Is Europe past the point of no return when Muslims are calling for genocide of the Jewish people?

“Hezbollah flags are seen throughout the rally. 1:35 A banner proclaiming support for the Iraq resistance. 2:08 You can see someone holding a photo of the terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah. 2:50-3:30 - The ever present Arabic chant (heard at all these jihad demostrations) the genocidal Khaibar Khaibar ya yahud, jaish Muhammed sa-ya'ud--the chant reminding the Jews of Muhammad and his army's slaughter and mass beheading of the Jews of Khaibar, after they had surrendered. 2:55-2:50 - Jihadi taunting the police. 6:10 - The "youths" burning an Israeli flag. 6:48 - Burning another Israeli flag to shouts of Allah Akbar. Violence started later that evening, a McDonnalds was destroyed and several cars torched.”

This video should be shared with everyone to bring their attention to what is going on in Europe before our very eyes. They're calling for the genocide of the Jewish people and that curdles the blood of Europeans who said ‘Never Again' to genocide.

Unfortunately, we were unable to embed the video that everyone should watch. So we have provided you with a link to share. 

In December 2008, God also talked about Cultural Genocide and the Relentless Rats that co-create it. He said 'Cultural Genocide , those that come from the bowels of humanity will perpetuate this'. 

Another connection with cultural genocide is that I met an ex-Armenian priest in Greece and the genocide of his people filled his being with sadness. Who co-created that cultural genocide? Islamic Turkey.

 "While we sit over here in the west playing ping-pong with capitalism and socialism, the Muslims are multiplying at such a fast rate that these governmental arguments we spend our time with will be rendered meaningless."[2]

You do realise that in an Islamic state they make non-Muslims pay higher taxes don’t you? In God’s law there is no tax on labour and taxing people due to a belief system is discrimination and a transgression of the Spiritual law of God.

Returning to Mona Lisa the composer was aware and that is why his album included the following tracks:

1. When the Clouds Come. 2. Dancing with my Shadow. 3. The Virgin in My Neighborhood. 4. Rain. 5. Portrait of my Mother. 8. The Assassins. 9. Returning in the evening.

It's time for Islam and the rest of humanity to understand the importance of the 'Star of David' to their own being. Do you recognize the signs? Do you understand sacred geometry? Of course not because none of your religions taught you to do so. How can anyone dispute the Star of David when it appears on an eclipse for all the world to see? 

May the will of God be done