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Well the LORD said he had something in store for us. Following on from the post on Elijah's Monastery in Iraq led me to look the origin of the word monk. Especially as it is usually associated with Buddhists.

Well it appears that one of the features of Chinese Buddhist monks is that they practice the burning marks on their scalp, finger or part of the skin on their anterior side of the forearm with incense as a sign of ordination. [1]This is the first time that I have ever heard of this practice taking place in Buddhism. 

          MARKS ON THE HEAD 

During a Foguangshan monastic ordination, three pieces of burning incense are placed on a monastic’s head, thus producing permanent circular scars. These three marks represent:

1. The Triple Gem: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha;
2. The three vows of ridding oneself of bad habits and thoughts, cultivating good, and having wisdom to help releasing others from suffering;
3. The Three Trainings: Morality/Discipline, concentration and wisdom [2]

It is a Buddhist belief that "enduring the pain demonstrates courage and commitment, and can be repeated at later times in the monastic career. Burning marks on other parts of the body, such as the chest or arms, or setting fire to limbs, also sometimes occurs in east Asian Buddhism as a token of devotion or as the result of a vow." [3]

Did you know that some Jewish sages believe that the Messiah would have a skin disease on the sides of their head? And that is a sign of the Messiah? 


"According to Buddhist tradition two destinies are open to one who possesses these marks in full: either he will become a great "wheel-turning" king ruling the four quarters of the earth in perfect justice, or he will become a buddha." 

Do you know that these prophecies align with biblical prophecies? 

Did you know that Moses had a skin condition on his arm? To be like Moses you would have to have it too. 

Then the LORD said, “Put your hand inside your cloak.” So Moses put his hand into his cloak, and when he took it out, the skin was leprous —it had become as white as snow.Exo 4:6 

No, no, Buddhists, you are not meant to cause these marks to be created by burning your skin. The marks have to be their naturally for divine purpose. Ordained divinely. 

The Jewish Talmud calls the Messiah the “Leper of the house of study”, so no, they're not like 
Buddhist monks, Jewish Rabbi's or Christian orthodox, they did not spend their life studying 
or in education with academic mindsets. 

They are a knower, the heart of intelligence. Healers learn from experience and by working with the root causes that co-create disease, they are divinely ordained directly by source. The refiner and purifier is here. 





Elijah's Monastery Iraq

Well biblically speaking the LORD God said that my name is placed in every land and Iraq is no different. We went into the symbolism of Chi and Ryo in the 'The Repose' post. the letters that were said to have been given in a vision to Constantine. [1] 

This is really to share more on the monastery itself. American serviceman have spent a lot of time at Elijah's Monastery, it is in the place of their military base in Iraq. 

The headline from the New York Times, is 'G.I's in Iraq hope to heal sacred walls'. [2] The monastery was brought to a close when the Persians invaded Iraq and the self-sustainable community of monks were forced with the decision of convert to Islam or die. They chose to die, instead of surrender to Islam and its domination of their sacred way of life. Its amazing how people in the Middle East allowed the dictators to completely destroy lands and cultures in the name of Islam. What harm were these simple monks doing anyone? 

The side of the monastery was damaged during the Iraq war and the GI's have been doing their best to repair it so that the monastery can stand for another 100 years. For the remains of Elijah's monastery to have stood this long, really is a miracle under the circumstances. It as also become a place of prayer for the soldiers there. 

The New York Times state that "the site has never been studied or excavated, according to the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage, which oversees all of Iraq’s historic sites. The monastery itself has 26 rooms, built around a central courtyard, in various stages of decay. A shell-shaped niche remains undisturbed, inscribed with a prayer, but another appears to have been chiseled out, possibly by looters." 

Its no surprise that it as 26 rooms because 26 is the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God. It is also the date of my birth 13 x 2 = 26. 

Apart from the symbols on the door to do with healing, the shell shaped niche is also to do with healing. Healing with sea shells also comes from Buddhism and you will see the shells in a great deal of Christian art and architecture. 

Was the inscribed prayer that was chiseled out important? It must have been, looters of antiquity only take what they think can be sold on the open market. If there were no dealers in antiquity then there would be no market for looters. 

I am feeling a very strong connection with this monastery and it is the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq. It was once surrounded by beautifully cultivated lands, with fields of fruit trees and vine groves. Saint Elijah went to live there after the initial self-sustainable community had been established, and that is when the monastery itself came to be. 

Its Arabic name is Dair Mar Elia. It is written that 1,000's would arrive at the monastery every year to observe the Mar Elia holiday that was held on the last Wednesday of November. 

No surprise then that in the New Testament Christ predicted that the Queen of the South would come with the men from Ninevah. No surprise, that it is also written that the tombs of the prophets Jonah and Nahum are also in this area. Saint Elijah would have known about the Christian prophecy connected to the name of Jonah and Solomon. 

Jonah means dove, Nahum means comfort. So the message to the Iraq's is the 'Dove, Elijah is the Comforter and in Hebrew, the comforter is the Menehem ben Ami, ben ami means 'Son of my People',  the teacher of righteousness. Matthew chapter 12 mentions the age to come, the sign of Jonah that would be seen in Israel. The whale arrived in Israel in May 2010. 

"The men of Nineveh will stand up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and now something greater than Jonah is here. The Queen of the South will rise at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for she came from the ends of the earth to listen to Solomon’s wisdom, and now something greater than Solomon is here."

You will notice the mention of the carefully crafted words 'WILL RISE'. 'WISDOM'. 

Who was the prophet that was most well known for judgement? ELIJAH. He mentions the 'Queen of the South' because he knew that text writers knew that the one to come would be in female form and that aligns with Micah 4 and Rev 12. 

The South is also the direction of the prophets. So he was telling them that she was to be the Queen of the Prophets. In Israel, the South is also Judah and Judah means praise. It was his way of telling them that she would praise the Jewish prophets for the work that they did. 

The name Solomon as traditionally been understood to mean peace; and there is a biblical prophecy that predicts that there will not be many olives left by the time this is over. The olive is also symbolic of peace. In effect he was telling them that her wisdom is greater than the peacemakers, he was also aware of the link between Solomon and the masons. 

Remember Solomon was prepared to bed and marry anyone for the objective of peace, even embrace their gods. Christ knew that the Queen of the South would not be willing to do that, and that is why she is wiser than Solomon. You all know what happened to Solomon, he had riches, wealth and a harem of women,  but it did not bring him true spiritual happiness for him or his people. 

Matthew 12 makes a point about the wisdom and in Rev 13 due to the 3rd and 4th beast, it states 'This calls for wisdom to do the count on the man 666'. 

Wisdom is also SOPHIA in Greek and to do with philosophy = lover of wisdom. The words 'Will Rise' link in with name of the prophet that was promised to Moses, and yes I do have the birth certificate and the skin disease on the right arm. 

So who are the men from Nineveh that came with the Queen of the South to judge this generation? Following the whale turning up, there was the flotilla disaster followed by 5 million trees burning down on Mount Carmel, the mountain of the the Prophet Elijah and Our Lady of Carmel. 

I have a sense that those that lived at that monastery in ancient times are amongst the people that I have known since  Joseph's mission began to help the Christians in the USA. 

To Iraq, I would like this monastery preserved, excavated and honored, like the Italians have preserved the sanctuary of St Francis of Assisi in the hills. 

Thank you. Let it be a blessing to the nation of Iraq, to raise them up and remind them that ecological, self-sustainability, as always been a part of the sacred way of life. May you plant many fruit trees and after the Americans have left completely, give the surrounding lands of the monastery to the eco warriors, to tend for it and live on it freely, self-sustainably. Let my people return to the land of Iraq, where they have lived since ancient times. Honor each other and love each other, as the LORD God intended for all people to do. 

We cannot turn back the clock. However, we can say never again. No more war in God's name. 
Only in forgiveness can humanity heal their hearts, and the depth of your forgiveness determines the depth of your love. The heart is for giving. 



Today, it is time to speak of the repose and why there is a lack of it in the world today. The first time it appears in the bible is in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28. It tells those with Moses what will happen if they do not do the will of the LORD God, and as we know it as happened time and time again. The people of Israel have been exiled many times. Deuteronomy told them the LORD God would send another prophet like Moses and the criteria was specific in name, condition and action.

As the 'Brethen' are spread throughout the world, the chapter is not speaking about just one nation. The destruction mentioned in Deuteronomy 28, is also mentioned again in the Malachi prophecies. Malachi also addresses the nations, what they must do, the prophet that was promised and the children.

It tells them they will find no repose, no resting place for the sole of their foot. Prophet Isaiah 28 also mentions the repose, and it is a prophecy for Ephraim and Ephraim is to do with the Christians. The prophecy states that we informed them about a safe haven.

"This is the resting place, let the weary rest', and, "This is the place of repose" - but they would not listen." So then the LORD God gave out his orders. When the people rejected the place that he offered them, they also rejected him and his will.

The chapter mentions the scoffers who rule the people of Jerusalem, and their covenant with death. Then it mentions his capstone that he laid in ZION. The justice and righteousness, the measure of it in depth and breadth. Righteous justice and judgement began, giving the people a high standard to reach. We even showed them the capstone in the Michelangelo Jesse fresco of me that sits in the Vatican.

"Wisdom reposes in the heart of the discerning, and even among fools she lets herself be known. Righteousness exalts a nation but sin condemns any people. Prover 14:34 They condemn themselves by their own thoughts, words and deeds. Hence, why the Son of God warned them, judge not or you will be judged, condemn not or you shall be condemned.

He knew that the LORD God was the judge of all peoples and that the ultimate judgement would come in this timeline, when he sent the Queen of the South. He told the Jewish priests that the only sign that they would be given would be the sign of Jonah. Hence, why in the last judgement fresco, it is Jonah that is at the top of the fresco, everything below the seat of the prophet is destroyed. It was very clever of Michelangelo to do that, because Jonah means dove, it is also symbolic of the holy spirit and peace.

The image of Jonah was also chosen for the last judgement fresco due to Jonah being the one that was warning people in advance of what would come if people did not return. It is written that Jonah's tomb is in Iraq, it is not far from the St Elijah Christian monastery.  It was constructed in 500AD by the Assyrian monks and Saint Elijah. The monastery stood until the Persian invaders, invaded Iraq in 1743.

It is written that on its doorway are the initials of Christ, chi and ryo. The words 'chi and ryo' are both to do with the Japanese healing art, Reiki. The words are Japanese kanji.  It goes without saying then that the person to come would be a reiki healer and teacher thereof.  So once again, another part of the criteria. [1] I have no idea how they get the word Christ from 'chi and ryo' but there you go.

Apparently, Emperor Constantine was given a vision, and he saw two Greek letters intertwined. Chi is written as an 'X', and 'Rho' was written as a 'P'. 

In the original ancient pictographs featured in the Hebrew Lexicon, the cross sticks meant a mark, sign or signature and it became the Hebrew letter TAV and the letter T. 

In the late script period of the development of letters we also find a letter that looks like P, and originally it was a pictograph of the horizon and it became the letter Q and letter QUPH. However, there is a P sound in the linguistics that the Greek letter P goes back to Phoenican letter Pey that became Pi. The original pictograph is a symbol of a mouth and it means speak. 

The gematria value of those two letters, X and P,  in Greek is 380 and it is value of 'UPRIGHT' and 'LIVE'. It is also 'CHOOSE', 'BEGIN'. 


In Hebrew gematria it is 480 and it is also the value of 'Go', 'Merciful', 'Daughter', 'Tabernacle', 'Know', 'Wisdom', 'Sanctuary'. 'Testify', 'Law'. 'Soul', and 'Foundation'. 480 divide by 10, = 48 and that is the value of 'Ruby'. 10 Rubies to surround the holy city of enlightenment. 48 is also the value of STAR and 'Exultation'. 

"The term 'corundum', which we use today, is derived from the Sanskrit word 'kuruvinda'. The Sanskrit word for ruby is 'ratnaraj', which means something like 'king of the gemstones'."[4]

48 was also the age, in the scriptures that the Son of God predicted that the LORD God, his heavenly Father would start to work with me. 


I wonder where Constantine was when he had this vision, because both he and his mother came to the town where I have lived for over 32 years. It was in 312, prior to a battle that he was given the vision and message. "in hoc signo vinces" and it means 'in this sign you will conquer'. 

I also know two men with a name that begins with 'P',  they both taught healing here and both are from a Christian heritage. I met them both when I was found in the Galilee of the Gentiles, we worked together, healed together, laughed together for many years, wonderful memories forever in our hearts. They were truly wonderful times. They were both brought to 'White Dove' by the LORD God. 

One of them was honored for the dedication of his life to healing others. The LORD manifested a real tomahawk, its a long story, with many witnesses. 

Clearly, the nations will have to experience a lot more of their own co-creation, before they will be ready to do the LORD's will.

May you have the strength to cope with it, and overcome.

It is a blessed day here, sun is shinning, blue skies and the weather is very warm indeed.






Thursday, 29 September 2011


Well we've had dogs, orthodox Christians, USA, Syria, Scientists, and now there is an appointment for a gateway opening in Egypt on the 1st of October, 2011. Believe it or not, it is the 'Day of Top Dog'.

Egypt as to be top dog in the Middle East, in respect of its dedication and honor of its antiquity. In ancient times its honor of ancient wisdom, science, mathematics and philosophy. Its Alexandrian Library that stood in the way of the plans of the Italians and the Arabs.

In ancient times, Egypt embraced people from many different cultures and philosophies, and in so doing it enabled the greatest library of antiquity for humanity, that as ever been known to man. At that time, Egypt must have gained from it tremendously. Especially when Greece moved their mathematics and scientific library from Athens to Alexandria.

Men of renown went to study there and share for the benefit of their people. Academics, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, mystics and healers from many nations. United in their thirst to understand and know the cosmos including God.

Hamas has done its best to be 'Top Dog' in the middle east, stating that Egypt and Tunisa have given us back our lives. Excuse me, the uprising in Egypt was pre-ordained it was a Jewish biblical prophecy that the uprising would happen; as a testimony for Joseph in this timeline. Nothing to do with Hamas or for Hamas, biblical prophecy states it was the will of the LORD.

Public domain social websites state Egypt is 'Top Dog' amongst the Islamic countries. I say countries because as far as I am concerned, an Arab world does not exist, and never did it ever exist. In fact, Egypt had its own language and it certainly wasn't Arabic. Egyptians like to be Egyptians and if and when Arabs attempt to come between Egypt and its sacred land, I know that the Arabs will lose, so best you don't push your luck.

The antiquity, its historic evolution, and modern beach tourism is the lifeblood of Egypt. If anyone tries to take that away, then its bankrupt without Western finance to prop it up.

Egyptians liked their dogs, some were buried in family tombs and some were even mummified. It is written that Socrates referred to Anubis when he swore by the dog of Egypt. [3] Author David Lawson, wrote of Anubis in terms related to his healing qualities of being the rescuer, working with the unconscious and leading the blind. As we know the dog can be man's best friend, and naturally likes to love man and ladies too. The qualities of Anubis are emotive, and align strongly with the emotional sign of pisces.

Dogs are also wonderful healers and love to take part on healing training courses. Most people are not aware that their animals soak up all their energy, it truly is a marriage energetically, for better for worse, in sickness and in health. Do dogs have souls? Yes. Do they have an afterlife? In my experience, Yes, their spirit does live on.

I am feeling a great connection here between the animals and people. Important messages, and scientific breakthroughs with this opening. There are also two words in this article that the LORD God mentioned previously. 'Labyrinth' and 'Catacomb'. The Labyrinth was to do with humanity and the catacomb was to do with the politicians. 8 million dogs is a lot of dogs, did they keep them due to their unconditional love and healing qualities?

In March, 2011, An ancient labyrinth of sacred tunnels containing millions of mummified dogs has been excavated under the Egyptian desert.
The Dog Catacomb at Saqqara was discovered in 1897, but has never been properly examined.
Some eight million animals, mostly young dogs or jackals, were buried after being killed and mummified in honour of the dog-headed god Anubis.
Dr Paul Nicholson, of the Cardiff University excavation team, said: “The dedication of an animal mummy was regarded as a pious act.”
It is written that the top dog in Egypt is called the ARMANT and its the Egyptian Sheepdog,  the second is the greyhound.. There was also an ancient city called 'Armant'. The dog looks adorable and as we know, the sheepdog likes to work and herd the sheep. [5]

With the Muslim Brotherhood planning to boycott the forthcoming elections in Egypt, it could be an interesting few weeks as far as Egypt is concerned. We did state at the start of the year, that it was not going to be an easy transition into democracy. I did not feel that it would settle down for a year. A bit like a puppy really with a new home, it requires training and discipline before it settles into the family way of life. 
So let's look at the numbers and gematria of the date. 1st is clearly ONE, and number one is very physical, much like the sheepdog and greyhound. The number is also ruled by the SUN in the sign of LEO. As Obama is a Leo and Leo's love drama, you can guarantee he is involved trying to control the puppy. Ten month, new cycle of time. The old regimes just won't do this month, the people are ready for the new, not a repeat of the old. Four year in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, and greyhounds in England like to chase rabbits. 
Can the USA and the UK keep their noses out? Unlikely, far too much invested financially. 
Its a 1104 date and that is the Jewish gematria of 'Julian Assange', he did say that he as something to share with us on Cairo. Its also the gematria of 'Her Divine Hagia Sophia', 'Choose Vision', 'The God of Love IS'. 
In English gematria it is 'The Holy Spirit', 'Destroy it not', 'Nothing but love', 'Without Blemish', 'Join the Colors', 'Follow the Signs', 'Rainbow Warrior', 'Sun in Aquarius', 'Operation Rescue'. [6]
Of course I have selected the best because I like to be as positive as possible. 
Let's intent lots of positive loving energy to Egypt in the coming days. I have a real sense that the Anubis energy is to protect the antiquity that still exists; and that there is still a lot more treasure to be given if Egypt makes the right choices. 









Dogs, Scientists and Syria

Earlier today we wrote about orthodox Christians, USA, gun dogs and scientists. Well now we have scientists being murdered in Syria and I smell Obama. What did Islam do to quell its opposers? Murder its academics, scholars and scientists that were working on anything that might oppose the beliefs of Islam.

Another scientist as been killed in Homs. Homs, in Syria previously known as EMESA, its Greek name, is a city western Syria. 101 miles north of Damascus. Its written that its also a central link between the interior cities and the med. Another city that was conquered by the Muslims in the 7th century. Homs declined under the Ottomans and that is no surprise at all.  Only in the 19th century did it begin to regain economically, after it was set free from the Islamic Ottoman empire. 

There is also a world heritage site at HOMS and it is called 'Krak des Chevaliers', it sounds French to me. Yep, its a crusader castle. Krak comes from the Syriac KARAK and it means fortress. Located 40km west of the city of Homs, close to the border of Lebanon.

It is written that it is known to the Arabs, as the castle of the Kurds. The original castle was built in 1031, and it was captured during the first crusade in 1099, by Raymond IV of TOULOUSE. I have been given the French word 'TOULOUSE' more times than I can remember. No surprise then that Raymond II, was from the court of Tripoli, to the Knights Hospitaller. There is also a mention of the Prince of Galilee, in 1110.

Back to the scientists and what is happening now.

Syria 'targeting Homs scientists'

Demonstrators in Homs, 27 September 2011The area around Homs has become a flashpoint in Syria's six-month-old uprising
A nuclear physics professor has been killed outside his home in the Syrian city of Homs, the latest in a series of deaths of scientists in the city.
One activist said government snipers were to blame for Ous Abdel Karim Khalil's death, but another said it could have been a revenge attack.
His killing was reported as fighting continued between security forces and deserters in the town of Rastan.
Meanwhile, Russia attacked a watered-down plan for a UN resolution on Syria. [3] There have been massacres at Homs, in Syria and this is not the first scientist to be murdered. [4]

I do not agree with with nuclear scientists. However, I do not agree with murder


Christian Dogs + Wall Street

After I made the last post 'No Worship in Jerusalem' and sent it out, the LORD God said 'Now they want to help you'. I thank those that pray for me and send me healing. I am feeling stronger physically in my hips. Although I still have to get to the Chiropractor about my arm and shoulder lock. However, any financial help you can give me would be very much appreciated, as I have to finish the project mentioned in the previous post without financial concern.

I just popped into a Christian blog to see how they're getting on,  it was full of doom and gloom. [1]

They talk about the 'death cult' of Islam.  At this moment in time, it is Christian nations that are fighting against Libya, it is orthodox Christians that are willing and intenting their own deaths in the USA.

Prophet Isaiah told the Christians that their covenant with death is annulled in this timeline. However, those that rejected the testimony delivered by Moses were shown no mercy, and Christian America rejected the commandments of 'Thy shall not murder', the same applies to every other nation that ignores that commandment.

Christian America even execute innocent men, like the man that was executed on the 13th of September, 2011. Why did Americans not go there and save that man? Why didn't they knock the house down with bulldozers and get that man released? Would the cowboys have stood for what modern day Americans stand for? Of course not, they were real men. Americans do a lot of talking, where is the action? Actions speak louder than words.

Why are you not marching in the streets? Why are you not supporting the peace protestors that are occupying Wall Street? There should be at least a million people on Wall Street, there is enough unemployed people in the USA to close down New York.

As soon as I went on to the orthodox Christian blog, (USA) I was given the smell of dogs. So check out what is going on to do with the dogs in the USA at the moment. It looks like the Lab Retriever as moved into the number one slot in the USA during 2010. Who work in the Labs? Scientists, Lab Retrievers are also gun dogs. [2]

"Israel’s watchmen are blind, they all lack knowledge; they are all mute dogs, they cannot bark; they lie around and dream, they love to sleep. They are dogs with mighty appetites; they never have enough. They are shepherds who lack understanding; they all turn to their own way, they seek their own gain. Isaiah 56:10-11 "Do not give dogs what is sacred." Matt 7:6  and because Christ told his companions not to give the dogs what is sacred, they never did. 

Now lets share what's going on at Wall Street.