Saturday, 17 September 2011

Divine Plan Prophecy

In recent days I have been asked about Psalm 46 that Obama read out on 9/11, it clearly speaks of a woman that the Jewish prophets knew would come. The gematria value of 46 is ELIA. The Psalm before 46, is 45 and it mentions the Royal Bride, the golden gown and the Princess that bestowed it. That biblical prophecy was fulfilled in 2007, and the golden gown was worn for the second mission to Israel as instructed. It wasn't until afterwards that I was shown that it is mentioned in the Psalms.

Psalm 87, mentions her again and it tells the people 'This one was born in ZION', in other words she is the chosen one, she wasn't born in Saudi Arabia. You have to love the LORD's sense of humor. If you cross reference Psalm 87, Joel 3, and Micah 4, it is clear that the nations are being judged and threshed in this timeline of the sober decade and that does include Israel. Threshing is do with belief systems that are not healthy for the people.

The end of Joel 3 tells the people that 'The LORD dwells in ZION", then combine that with  "This one was born in ZION' from Psalm 87, with Micah 4 and the LORD's plan for daughter ZION in the last days of the end times, and you should get the picture. It is also written that the Hebrew root for siyyon is 'castle', where does she live? In a place that is famous for its ancient castle and its Queen. In ancient times a castle was a place of refuge for its people. No surprise then that the local council allowed a refuge to be built for the homeless; in the road where the Queen lived, and it still exists today.

Psalm 87 also mentions a 'register of the peoples' and how it will be written in them. It tells Israel that the LORD loves the gates of ZION more than all of the dwellings of Jacob. Israel is the land of Jacob and as we know, the sons of Jacob are spread all over the world, with many in the USA. In Psalm 87, it mentions Babylon, Babylon is also mentioned in Rev 17 and 18 and it is about the USA. It is the only nation that fits the criteria.

Micah 4 also mentions Babylon, and the mission of Daughter ZION that took place in 2008. The USA is one of countries, that he chose to mention as being registered to know about who she is in my humble view. Joseph being the only one that can help Esau (USA) is also mentioned by Prophet Obadiah. It tells the people that the seed of Esau can only be delivered by Joseph. Prophet Isaiah also predicted that many of them would be driven out to create a new strong nation elsewhere, that combines with his prediction of the building of the city of enlightenment.

The book of Revelation also told the people that the one that had overcome and was victorious, would be given the information regarding the new holy city and where it is to be placed. We are just waiting on the right people to align their will, with the will of the LORD God. The foundations of love have been laid.

Psalm 87 mentions various places and locations that will acknowledge the one that was born in Zion. When they acknowledge the one that he sent, they are also acknowledging the one that sent them, e.g. the LORD God. Those countries include the USA, Philistia, Tyre,  Cush and Rahab.

Cush is usually associated with Ethiopia. However, in the 16th century a dictionary was written by Elia Levita and it contains a list of nations that mention the word Cush. [2]

Rahab is to do with the Jordan Valley, so this could well be indicating Jordan the country. Tyre is related to Lebanon and of course we all know about Philistia.

The Psalm finishes with telling the people that they will also acknowledge those that were born in her, and the most high himself will establish her. The word establish is also related to ELIAKIM and the meaning of her name, she is ELI ZIYYON.

We have also shared with the people that the 21st century was born in WISDOM and in Rev 13, it is written 'This calls for Wisdom" to do the count, the soferim. The NT also told the people that the Queen would have more wisdom than Solomon, and Solomon did reincarnate this life time and was brought into my life.

So if it was going to be written in those nations,  the question is how is it written in them? Is it written in their lands like it is in the ancient city of Kum in Iran? Is it written like the large footprint enclosures like those found in Jordan? The Rock City in the USA or the Church John the Divine in New York? How about the frescos of her in the Vatican, how much evidence does Italy require? If it is written in those nations then the signs must be written there. Signs that simply cannot be ignored by those that have the eyes to see them and heart to understand.

When the Yemenite Jews were airlifted out of Yemen into Israel, they also founded the settlement of ELIAKIM in Northern Israel, (not far from Nazareth) it is in the council of Megiddo. The Yemenite Jews are known as the 'Black Jews', and the LORD God led me to stay with a wonderful Yemenite and his family on the first mission to Israel. Yemen is very close to the Red Sea, in Egypt. This picture is of the Shaharah District. A land of great beauty, a very poor nation,  and they do require help to harvest fish on three acres of land. Also to build ecologically and self-sustainably.

It will be fascinating to watch the divine plan unfold. However, what is clear, is that Islamic countries will surrender to the will of the LORD God. They simply have no choice in the matter. The fact that Obama read out Psalm 46 on 9/11, indicates that the surrender as begun, However, I haven't seen the white flag yet.

This time will be shortened for the sake of the spiritual elect from all cultures and nations. The blessed Angelic healers that walked the path of righteousness and taught their souls to fly divine. They are the harvesters in the last days of these end times, exactly as the bible predicted that they would be. "Healing is the get out of jail card. Healing is the path to salvation and love is the way" from Sacred Words



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