Saturday, 17 September 2011

Six Earthquakes Japan

Earthquake update.

September 9,         6.4 Vancouver Island, Canada.

September 15,       7.3 Fiji Region

September 16,       6.6 East Coast of Honshu, Japan,
Ditto                      5.6 ditto
Ditto                      5.6 ditto
Ditto                      5.8 ditto
Ditto                      5.5 ditto
Ditto                      5.7 ditto

East is the direction of the teacher.

The 16th of September was the 'Day of Spirited Energy' and the 15th was the 'Day of Mastery'. 

73 is also a important number in gematria, it is the value of WISDOM and Rev 13, says 'This calls for wisdom', the scripture also states that the Queen of the South would have more wisdom than Solomon.
73 is the value of 'Galilee' and prophet Isaiah predicted that she would be found in the Galilee of the Gentiles. Value of Mount Zion, bible told you that "This one was born in ZION", in other words the true prophet of the LORD God was not born in Saudi Arabia. You have love his sense of humor. The bible also tells you that God loves Zion more than he loves Israel.

The largest quake in Japan was the 66 and that also came up in the crop circles this year. 6 is the number of theory, academia and imagination. In gematria it is the value of 'Wheel' and we wrote about the wheel yesterday and the fact it was broken.

Value of M'YHVH and it means "Of the LORD'. The Lord mentioned in the book of Malachi. Son of David, Gematria, Unite my heart, the LORD is his name. Shem YHVH.

6+6 = 12 and that was the number of the Apostles.

Remember last year the LORD God said 'Tsunami of Pain', "The Earth is shifting", Tectonic plates are moving".

This also followed Obama reading out Psalm 46 on 9/11, and 46 is the gematria value of ELIA.

So far all of the larger quakes that include Cuba have created the KAF Hebrew letter, and it is the symbol of the open PALM of the hand. It as the value of 20 and 20 is the number  of judgement.

You may also remember the LORD mentioned Estefan the other day and she comes from Cuba. See previous post.

Come, before its too late to do so.

The LORD God knows my heart, he knows it is laden down with concern for you all.

Caring fully, compelled by his love.






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