Monday, 5 September 2011


If there is another, then bring them to me, let them display the prophecies that they have fulfilled. Let them demonstrate their state of being before the eyes of the world, and the LORD God Almighty. Then you will see as the biblical prophecies predicted; the difference between those that truly serve the LORD God, who is truly righteous in his name and who is wicked.

Those that truly live in integrity are dauntless, they know that they are right, they did it the right way, truly divinely, as we told people in the past, the proof is in the pudding.

Do you truly walk lightly upon the earth? Do you truly understand all of the signs and see their many layers of meaning? Do you truly understand the different dimensions due to your direct divine experience of them, or did you take on the beliefs of others that kept you in the status quo of a specific sphere?

Can you understand that if I view an ancient text or a prophecy, it is like the wonder of a child looking at a flower for the very first time. Looking at its color, shape, number of petals and leaves. The shape of its stalk, its stamen, sensing its vibration and frequency. Smelling its fragrance like a bee that pollinates a flower. The honey bee, butterfly and ladybird, all really important aspects of nature, and the eco-system of the planet and its food chain.

If I say to a child look at that beautiful flower, the child looks at it with wonder and holds it gently. Can humanity see the world through the eyes of the sacred child again? Are they willing to see the work of their hands for the very first time? Are they willing to hold their sacred feet and connect with their hearts? Are they willing to engage with the energetic circuit of the heart? Like a baby does naturally without even being shown how.

Can the babies reach the hearts of the people, if the hearts of government leaders are closed to the truth of heavenly realities? Babies come from a heavenly, sacred state of being unconditional love. They are born into an earthly reality of men that shape them and form them into what they wish them to be. Babies cannot be put into a metal mould without detriment and adverse repercussions.

Humanity take heavenly children, and make them conform to what parents and politicians require of them. This is the Aquarian Age of the water bearer,  and my children shall not conform to the old way of being on this planet. Embrace the new or suffer the consequences for not doing so. Understanding the signs in all of their multi-dimensional realities; can mean the difference of life or death in this timeline.

Its all part of the transition and transcension out of the old states of being. It is about returning to all that is sacred and holy, returning to the light that you were born to be. Being noble in holiness, for the real divine cause of life on planet earth, why you incarnated at this point in history. For the evolution of the planet and its people. Why you are even blessed to read these words.

Counting blessings is what we shared with people throughout our life on this planet. Can you count yours? Do you truly value them? If you value the blessings then you will value you, then you will come to know that "everything as value when you value everything" from Sacred Words

Can you reclaim your innocence and wonder of creation like a child when it looks at its hands when it is a baby?

After I made the last post on China the LORD God said 'Revel' I remember there was also a chain of shoe shops called 'Ravel' in London when I was young. I used to buy some of my shoes from there.

It is to do with the unraveling, understanding all of the signs in your life, past and present that relate to your future. Helping people to understand why and what is happening. That is what we are doing with the prophecies, an unveiling. It is all part of the unraveling to help you and the people to return to source and your purest essence of being.

"W.B. Yeats's vision involved the notion that at any moment forces were raveling and unraveling, forming and disintegrating."Roger Cohen; The Arab Gyre; International Herald Tribune (Paris, France); Apr 26, 2011. 

We will not have a verse of the day, we will have the thought of the day. You may like to ponder upon it because it is very appropriate for right now. 

The world looks with some awe upon a man (woman) who appears unconcernedly indifferent to home, money, comfort, rank, or even power and fame. The world feels not without a certain apprehension, that here is someone outside its jurisdiction; someone before whom its allurements may be spread in vain; someone strangely enfranchised, untamed, untrammelled by convention, moving independent of the ordinary currents of human action. -Winston Churchill, politician and statesman (1874-1965) [1]

How perfectly put by Winston Churchill, a man of great understanding. We also have a sweet in England called 'Revels' and one of them as a bright orange centre. Just like an orange or the sun, I do like them and chocolate now and again. 

Let us revel in this great blessing that as been poured out upon humanity, like the most beautiful
divine waterfall that can put out the fires co-created by men.

May my peace be with you.




Anonymous said...

Eliakim, thank you that last blog came just when I need it most! I sent you an email today as I have been blocked from even your blog if I mention a certain agency. I sent a video that explains what I was trying to send you earlier I hope it went through ....cgjames... one...

Eliakim said...

OK, I will take a look. There are certainly some bizarre things happening today. Check out this incredible documentary. The best I have seen on this subject matter.

Let us not concern ourselves with the agencies, the LORD God will deal with them through his means to do so.