Monday, 26 September 2011

Turning Back the Battle

An orthodox Christian is citing Isaiah 28, and that chapter is a prophecy against orthodox Christians in the USA. It mentions the 'fig tree' that is symbolic of the orthodox mindset, it also mentions their pride and how it will be trampled on with their covenant of death. The Son of God knew about that prophecy and that is why he taught his followers to trample their garments of pride under their feet. It is featured in the Gospel of Thomas.

Have you any idea how many Christians in the USA can't wait to die to be with Jesus Christ? That is a covenant with death that is spoken about in Isaiah 28. Christians made a Son of God into an idol, and the texts were made clear that the LORD God will not give his glory to idols. Hence, why the Philadelphia Prince of Peace Church burned to the ground, when the paraclete flew into the USA in 2008. That mission is mentioned in Micah 4, the trip to Babylon.

Back to Isaiah 28, The LORD God makes it very clear that there will be a remnant of his people in the USA, that he will be a Spirit of Justice to the one that sits in judgement, a source of strength to those
that turn back the battle at the gate.

Who is the one that sits in judgement? The Son of God told his followers that the Queen of the South would judge this generation when the sign of Jonah turned up in Israel. Judgement began in 2010 after the whale turned up in May.

The text tells them that they rejected the resting place and place of repose that he offered them. When they rejected his plans to give them a safe haven, and did not support it, they also rejected the will of the LORD God.

So after that the text tells them that he started to give out his orders. It also says that he will make 'justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line' and he will sweep away everything that does not stand in integrity of the truth. That is going to be really hard for the orthodox Christians; as more and more of the truth is revealed and unveiled. Its also going to be hard for Obama and his supporters because the more that he stands against the truth movement, the more that life will put the heat onto them. The truth of this sacred reality cannot be denied, because the LORD God will ensure that justice is done for the one that he sent to help humanity in this timeline.

Isaiah 54 also speaks of the battlements and it being like the time of Noah. It mentions the covenant of peace that he made. In a different Isaiah prophecy it is called the 'ever lasting covenant of peace' that we delivered for the children.  Isaiah 54 also mentions how in righteousness you will be established. ELIAKIM also means 'God will establish.' This text is telling you that ELIAKIM is the teacher of righteousness.

The battlements are made of rubies and rubies are symbolic of the blessed ones that truly walk with him. Hence, it is the rubies that turn back the battle at the gate. Rubies are also the color of blood, and blood is the color of life. It is also the color that he chose for the houses that are to surround his new holy city of enlightenment. When he showed them to me in a vision there were flames of fire coming from the houses. A very powerful ring of fire around the holy city to protect it and defend it.

I also view the rubies as people who have shared some of my life and experience. Those that know who I am, and they understand why things have had to be the way that they have. They know that I love them and care fully for humanity, its children and future on this precious planet. They know my heart and where I am coming from. They know that I walk gently and lightly upon the earth, and that the Spirit of Justice of the LORD is with me. Isaiah 61 also tells you that he loves justice. He will bring justice to the nations and it will surprise many people at the way it manifests.

May the LORD God be with you.


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