Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dogs, Scientists and Syria

Earlier today we wrote about orthodox Christians, USA, gun dogs and scientists. Well now we have scientists being murdered in Syria and I smell Obama. What did Islam do to quell its opposers? Murder its academics, scholars and scientists that were working on anything that might oppose the beliefs of Islam.

Another scientist as been killed in Homs. Homs, in Syria previously known as EMESA, its Greek name, is a city western Syria. 101 miles north of Damascus. Its written that its also a central link between the interior cities and the med. Another city that was conquered by the Muslims in the 7th century. Homs declined under the Ottomans and that is no surprise at all.  Only in the 19th century did it begin to regain economically, after it was set free from the Islamic Ottoman empire. 

There is also a world heritage site at HOMS and it is called 'Krak des Chevaliers', it sounds French to me. Yep, its a crusader castle. Krak comes from the Syriac KARAK and it means fortress. Located 40km west of the city of Homs, close to the border of Lebanon.

It is written that it is known to the Arabs, as the castle of the Kurds. The original castle was built in 1031, and it was captured during the first crusade in 1099, by Raymond IV of TOULOUSE. I have been given the French word 'TOULOUSE' more times than I can remember. No surprise then that Raymond II, was from the court of Tripoli, to the Knights Hospitaller. There is also a mention of the Prince of Galilee, in 1110.

Back to the scientists and what is happening now.

Syria 'targeting Homs scientists'

Demonstrators in Homs, 27 September 2011The area around Homs has become a flashpoint in Syria's six-month-old uprising
A nuclear physics professor has been killed outside his home in the Syrian city of Homs, the latest in a series of deaths of scientists in the city.
One activist said government snipers were to blame for Ous Abdel Karim Khalil's death, but another said it could have been a revenge attack.
His killing was reported as fighting continued between security forces and deserters in the town of Rastan.
Meanwhile, Russia attacked a watered-down plan for a UN resolution on Syria. [3] There have been massacres at Homs, in Syria and this is not the first scientist to be murdered. [4]

I do not agree with with nuclear scientists. However, I do not agree with murder


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