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Last night I was pondering on a place where many unemployed people gather together, and the LORD God responded. 'DEBRIS' in other words the unemployed are the debris of the destruction that man as co-created for humanity.

After I made the post about Rev 12 and distributed it, he gave me a vision of people celebrating, then the LORD God said


and the people were celebrating when they saw it.

Did you know that the leader of the Nation of Islam in the USA, Louis Farrakhan claimed that he was Jesus and Elijah? The same Louis Farrakhan that declared that Obama was the Messiah pre and post election. Now that his life is threatened due to him standing up to Obama and his war against Libya. Farrakhan has now declared that Obama is indeed the Son of Perdition.

This video was uploaded in 2008. Did Farrakhan fulfill the biblical prophecies? No. Does Louis have the sacred name given in the scriptures?  No.

An Israeli, Israel Knohl, wrote a book called 'The Messiah before Jesus' and the book provides some interesting views. It provides a chapter on the Paraclete and it speaks of a line of continuity from Menahem to Jesus.

The author asks why was the wondrous figure called the Paraclete? He states that the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls shed more light on the paraclete as the spirit of truth, and that the spirit of truth was a central figure in the philosophy of Qumran.

The author expounds how the spirit of truth is bound to what he calls the Essenes, (e.g. the healers and mystics). The equivalent of the word 'paraclete' in Hebrew is Menahem. The author repeats that the Christian Greek text told the people that another paraclete would come, in other words another menahem would come. 

He also states the Gospel of John expresses a unique concept of a chain of redeemers. With that I can agree, because healers are the redeemers, and the redemption of the soul is really shamanic. Its about redeeming that which as been 'lost' and must be retrieved. Hence, why the NT told the people that Jesus came to bring back what had been lost. A lost soul is also to do with fragmentation, and it is the opposite of wholeness that is the root word of shalom.

Israel Knohl states that Jesus was an heir and successor of the Messiah of Qumran and that his rejection, death, and resurrection was based upon the life and death of his predecessor. Is that why it is written that Jesus used my name in Aramaic when he was healing the child?

In my humble view and from what I have been shown by the divine, those at Qumran were not the Essenes, they were the Jesseans, those at Qumran were from the prophet school of Isaiah that had been funded by the wealthy descendents of Jesse. The father of King David. Just like the followers of St Francis of Assisi, and the Templars, they came from wealthy families.

Jesse means wealth and those that went to Qumran were a combination of those that were from the Jesse direct line, and those that had been funded by its wealth. The most important find at Qumran was the Isaiah Copper Scroll, it speaks for itself, they took it to ensure this ancient artifact would not be destroyed. They saw the writing was on the wall, when the Rabbi's began to close down the prophet schools.

Another aspect is that in the Vatican, there is a Jesse fresco painted by Michelangelo and he knew that I would return. It is a woman in the arch frame and there is an old man sitting behind her, is that her past life as the Menahem that Qumran spoke of?

It is written that in the prophet school of Elijah there would be 2,000 years of Messanic times. 

"The world is to be for six thousand years; two thousand years empty without Torah; two thousand years, Torah; and two thousand years, Messianic Times... . Rabbi Akiba made the inference, from the verse, 'Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land' (Haggai 2:6), that Simon Bar Kozibah was the Messiah though he reigned only for two and a half years."

In 2007, the LORD said that I would give birth to a son and that I must call him Simeon? Simeon means 'to hear and be heard'. Simeon was also a close companion of the Messiah mentioned in the texts that went to the orient. At the time I understood his meaning that I was birthing another reality.

The Menorah link that mentions Simeon mentions the date AD135. That date is important because it was only after that date, that Rabbi's began to speak of the Messiah Joseph that was to come. The prophet that had been promised to Moses, and Moses asked for the blessing to be given to a descendent of Joseph.

Menroah org mention "The name of the child was Menachem Ben Ami-el.  One year he came to Jerusalem and entered the house.  The mother lifted up her voice and cried: 'I have no Menachem  (Comforter) - for He was hidden.'  This is the meaning of the verse 'she has no comforter of all her friends.' [1]

Is that why in 2007, the LORD God told called out to me "Ben AMI" joyously? It means Son of my People. The words were translated by an Israeli as I do not speak Hebrew.
"In another version of the same story, it was Elijah who brought gifts to the mother, and after five years returned and found that the child was taken away. He then says: Woe, for the salvation of Israel perished.  But a voice came from heaven saying, 'Elijah, it is not as you think, but He will be 400 years in the Great Sea, and eighty years with the Sons of Korah where the smoke ascends, and eighty years at Rome's gate, and the rest of the years He will travel about the great Cities until the end.' [1]

The sea is symbolic of the ocean of emotion. The Son of Korah also relates to Samuel and his Son Joe, again another link to the name Joseph. [2] The quote mentions the smoke ascending, the Jewish Father of my great-grandmother was a cigar maker and seller. The family told me that he sold his cigars at a kiosk in Shaftesbury Avenue, London. 

Then we have 80 years at Rome's gate. Does it remind you of around the world in 80 days? 

That aligns with the Nostramdamus prophecy about 80 years when he predicted that she would be hidden for 40 years and after 40 years she could be seen everyday. Its no coincidence than that she lives in an ancient Roman town. 

The link tells you that the Sons of Korah were also the doorkeepers and related to the service of the song. The Sons of Korah are also related to ESAU, this tell me me the blessed ones from the USA, that wrote their Sonnets to God when asked them to do so, are truly blessed.

If we add up 400+80+80 it gives us the number 560, and it can also be reduced to 56.

56 is the Hebrew gematria is the value of the word LORD and in Greek it is righteousness.

As I am writing this I am feeling parallel universes.

I was 56 in 2010 and that was when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel, that was the
beginning of the judgement. The scripture tells the Jews and Christians that is when
the Queen of the South arrived. She is the teacher of righteousness mentioned in
the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

After writing this the LORD GOD said 'You have proven them wrong". 



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