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Purity Initiation of Righteous Soul

After I broke my own wheel of karma by healing the self, I was given a different soul and a new name. I was literally born again,  and it had nothing to do with the church. It was all about the spiritual being and its existence to fulfill the divine plan.

Soon afterwards, I was told who I was, and I was sworn to secrecy at that time. Within a short space of time, I was sent a divine guide who was a well known saint and biblical scholar from ancient times. He came to work with me with the scriptures that I had never viewed before. He worked with me intensely for six months, and showed me things that I did not know existed in the bible.

I call it my Einstein time, of being like a crazy professor. The person knows that they have made an incredible discovery, that can help humanity and the health of the nations. They become very excited by what they have found, they know that is it is supported by cutting edge science and their own life experience.

In addition, to Einstein time, I experienced more spiritual initiations, that are necessary to help others to understand them when they also experience it. Initiations that have never been written about, as far as I am aware, and they do have global implications. People often have experiences that they do not fully understand, and the spiritual path can be like that, until you reach the end of the path that you have been on.

However, the initiations that I have experienced in recent years, have been more for the benefit of others and to help my brothers and sisters, and humanity as a whole.  Some choose to experience those particular initiations this life time, due to having not integrated them in past lives. If they had been truly integrated then they would have been explained to humanity before wouldn't they?

The reason for this post is that the truly righteous souls also encounter initiations. A very important one is the 'martyrdom' initiation and it is about not dying for the LORD God. He did not ask for sacrifice, he asked for mercy. Hence, why the bible says that the LORD God loves ZION more that he loves Israel.

Another major one for the righteous soul, is being in an elevated state of being that nobody that you know truly understands, because they have not yet experienced the same ascended state of existence.  This leaves the righteous soul in the position of having only the LORD God for counsel. There is just you and him, and nobody at all to help you, if and when you require it.

Due to the purity of purpose and intention of the righteous soul, they can suffer at the hands of others because they are beyond their realms of understanding. People become frustrated with them due to their impatience, because no matter what they do or say, they cannot take a righteous soul off course. They cannot come between you and the LORD God, and his divine plan and pecking order.

They're also so in tune with planetary energies, that they can take the full brunt of it pre, during and post events. What happens on the planet impacts on the righteous soul in more ways than one, and that does include their body when they bring their heavenly state of being into the earthly realms.

The pure light of truth triggers what others hold inside,  when others trigger it shows the spiritual alchemist, who are the adversaries of God, and those that rebel against his will. They reveal themselves for the world to see, and this timeline is about highlighting the difference between the righteous and the wicked.

The recent meantime timeline, as been very much about unveiling what people hold inside of themselves. Who are the Sons of Light and who are the Sons of Darkness? St Clement of Alexandria was correct, when he wrote that only the pure can see purity. Clement also understood why it was important to gently step on the soil and grass at the grass roots; to help the people in their state of being and existence. To help fertilize the soil with the blessed oil from the Lotus Feet, to remove the grapes from the vine, and burst the grapes so that they can become wine with no dregs.

When a person drops their litter instead of picking it up and dealing with it, you know who is part of the solution and who is part of the problem. Who can rise to the challenge of the spiritual alchemist in a good and healing way, and who rebels against finding the healing solutions within themselves.

So the righteous soul experiences a major onslaught, from every direction, and the biblical prophecies do mention the suffering of the righteous soul. The adversaries of the pure ones, are the ones that have rebelled against doing the will of the LORD God willingly.

They cannot contend with the LORD God, so they take on the ones that represent him, the ones that have his authority to speak and carry out deeds in his name. The bible explains that they have the permission of the LORD God to do what they have done, for his divine purpose, to prove to the world who is pure and righteous and who is not. For there is no darkness in him.

What happens due to it, can manifest in many ways, the adversaries can co-create situations purposefully, to harm the life conditions of the holy person that they are standing against. However, this can only happen if the LORD God allows it to happen, when you are vibrating at a high state of being. Remember the other week he said 'The King is not allowing'. 

When a righteous person is working at the grass roots of humanity, they will come across people that are all types of rebels, from drug takers, military men, spiritual people and others that are seriously ill.

It is only the merciful, graceful and peaceful state of existence, that is demonstrated by the righteous soul, that really helps to make the difference; when they are encountering the onslaught from all directions.

Unbeknown to the rebels of the will of the LORD God, it is their own unhealed darkness that is empowering them to do what they do and say to others. That darkness impacts on how they perceive the world and what the world as done or is doing to them. Darkness dies and love is truly eternal. However, those spiritual people that do not arise to the challenge to take on the oppressors do not ascend. Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world.

This was known by the Jewish prophets and prophet Isaiah also expounded upon it. It is all part of the ascension process that as alchemical consequences to the being, and its evolutionary states of existence on a cosmic level.

During the onslaught of a holy one of the LORD God, they can encounter a lack of support from friends and family, removal of work that earns them money, even a series of tragedies and health conditions, to try to break their resolve and trust in the LORD God. They can ride over every hill, and around every mountain, nothing can stand in their way, or the way of the justice that they impart.

The sons of darkness like calamity that keep humanity in the status quo, so they send their representatives to help keep it so. The sons of darkness also like spiritual people, who stay in their love bubbles, because this means the sons of darkness can continue with their plans unhindered by the Sons of Light. The sons of darkness celebrate when their supporters don't stand against the war mongers like Bush and Obama, that they voted for, and instead come out in support of them and their deeds and actions.

Oh and they love it even more, when people are closed off from looking at, or seeing the truth, because the spiritual are still in the duality of 'positive' and 'negative' and have not moved beyond it.

As I have said many times before; when did truth become negative? Truth is like wormwood to those that do not wish to receive it, and like ambrosia to those that do. Its the intention and the purity of the truth that really counts now.

The upshot is that when the people have done their worst, the LORD God makes sure that his righteous soul does their best for the glory of his name. Every time the sons of darkness send their representatives, the higher the LORD God exalts his blessed ones.

This initiation of the righteous soul, is to show the world the sheer depth and breadth of purity, and that it really does exist in the name of the LORD. Part of the initiation is for the sons of darkness to test the holy spirit that he sent and see if it truly is holy. The final onslaught from the sons of darkness and their representatives; is to see whether the righteous; will cuss their God for the conditions that they experience in their life; due to being totally devoted to the heavenly Father.

When the righteous souls continue to trust the LORD God completely, and do not turn against him, then the sons of darkness have nowhere else to go, because now they have no power over the people. Now the children have a spiritual leader that is truly worthy of helping them. One that exalts them as sacred and elevates them to be the very best that they can be.

One that cannot be influenced by anyone but the LORD their God. No matter what they have suffered on behalf of humanity, they will always be who they are for the glory of the LORD God that they serve.
This initiation is about proving who as the divine authority and who does not, who is really in a sacred union with the divine and who isn't. Neither loss of reputation, credibility, money, home, family, loved ones, or ill health could shake them out of their dauntlessness and peace.

The state of being a holy beggar like Buddha with pure hands is also part of this initiation, due to what it triggers in others. When people give to a holy beggar then you know that loving kindness lives in the giver.

After all is said and done, the righteous soul still as the humble heart to ask the LORD God, for his help to fulfill his will in the way that he plans it. When the initiation as been understood and wisdom gained from its integration, then we can move onto the next phase of the divine plan, with the Sons of Light and more divine intervention.

Remember earlier this year, the Son of God told you all that we are moving into awesomeness. I can assure you, that the sons of darkness are on the brink of self-destruction, or complete surrender to the will of the LORD. They have no choice in the matter, it is one or the other.

The fact that the sons of darkness are now stating in the media, that people involved in the truth movement, have mental health problems.  Empowered those that disclose truth to the world, because they know they are triggering the sons of darkness to reveal themselves again and again.

It also shows the movement of truth, that it is the sons of darkness that have the mental health issues; not those that speak, write and report the truth. Why is that? It is the sons of darkness that introduced the drug culture and all that it entails. Those who also engineered the social experiment, of taking the money from the people, to pay for their systems that disempower the people, keeping them in the status quo.

Time is up folks, the purity of the righteous soul as been proven to be true.

The great and mighty work of the LORD God as begun.

Now the ball is in the court of the Sons of Light, how they respond now will impact on what happens next. More war from the sons of darkness? Or shall you arise to stand against them? More standing against the righteous soul that suffered for the sake of humanity, to prove the spiritual law of the prophets and the word of God is true?

Or do you understand now, unify and unite?

Your shout.


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