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Today, it is time to speak of the repose and why there is a lack of it in the world today. The first time it appears in the bible is in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28. It tells those with Moses what will happen if they do not do the will of the LORD God, and as we know it as happened time and time again. The people of Israel have been exiled many times. Deuteronomy told them the LORD God would send another prophet like Moses and the criteria was specific in name, condition and action.

As the 'Brethen' are spread throughout the world, the chapter is not speaking about just one nation. The destruction mentioned in Deuteronomy 28, is also mentioned again in the Malachi prophecies. Malachi also addresses the nations, what they must do, the prophet that was promised and the children.

It tells them they will find no repose, no resting place for the sole of their foot. Prophet Isaiah 28 also mentions the repose, and it is a prophecy for Ephraim and Ephraim is to do with the Christians. The prophecy states that we informed them about a safe haven.

"This is the resting place, let the weary rest', and, "This is the place of repose" - but they would not listen." So then the LORD God gave out his orders. When the people rejected the place that he offered them, they also rejected him and his will.

The chapter mentions the scoffers who rule the people of Jerusalem, and their covenant with death. Then it mentions his capstone that he laid in ZION. The justice and righteousness, the measure of it in depth and breadth. Righteous justice and judgement began, giving the people a high standard to reach. We even showed them the capstone in the Michelangelo Jesse fresco of me that sits in the Vatican.

"Wisdom reposes in the heart of the discerning, and even among fools she lets herself be known. Righteousness exalts a nation but sin condemns any people. Prover 14:34 They condemn themselves by their own thoughts, words and deeds. Hence, why the Son of God warned them, judge not or you will be judged, condemn not or you shall be condemned.

He knew that the LORD God was the judge of all peoples and that the ultimate judgement would come in this timeline, when he sent the Queen of the South. He told the Jewish priests that the only sign that they would be given would be the sign of Jonah. Hence, why in the last judgement fresco, it is Jonah that is at the top of the fresco, everything below the seat of the prophet is destroyed. It was very clever of Michelangelo to do that, because Jonah means dove, it is also symbolic of the holy spirit and peace.

The image of Jonah was also chosen for the last judgement fresco due to Jonah being the one that was warning people in advance of what would come if people did not return. It is written that Jonah's tomb is in Iraq, it is not far from the St Elijah Christian monastery.  It was constructed in 500AD by the Assyrian monks and Saint Elijah. The monastery stood until the Persian invaders, invaded Iraq in 1743.

It is written that on its doorway are the initials of Christ, chi and ryo. The words 'chi and ryo' are both to do with the Japanese healing art, Reiki. The words are Japanese kanji.  It goes without saying then that the person to come would be a reiki healer and teacher thereof.  So once again, another part of the criteria. [1] I have no idea how they get the word Christ from 'chi and ryo' but there you go.

Apparently, Emperor Constantine was given a vision, and he saw two Greek letters intertwined. Chi is written as an 'X', and 'Rho' was written as a 'P'. 

In the original ancient pictographs featured in the Hebrew Lexicon, the cross sticks meant a mark, sign or signature and it became the Hebrew letter TAV and the letter T. 

In the late script period of the development of letters we also find a letter that looks like P, and originally it was a pictograph of the horizon and it became the letter Q and letter QUPH. However, there is a P sound in the linguistics that the Greek letter P goes back to Phoenican letter Pey that became Pi. The original pictograph is a symbol of a mouth and it means speak. 

The gematria value of those two letters, X and P,  in Greek is 380 and it is value of 'UPRIGHT' and 'LIVE'. It is also 'CHOOSE', 'BEGIN'. 


In Hebrew gematria it is 480 and it is also the value of 'Go', 'Merciful', 'Daughter', 'Tabernacle', 'Know', 'Wisdom', 'Sanctuary'. 'Testify', 'Law'. 'Soul', and 'Foundation'. 480 divide by 10, = 48 and that is the value of 'Ruby'. 10 Rubies to surround the holy city of enlightenment. 48 is also the value of STAR and 'Exultation'. 

"The term 'corundum', which we use today, is derived from the Sanskrit word 'kuruvinda'. The Sanskrit word for ruby is 'ratnaraj', which means something like 'king of the gemstones'."[4]

48 was also the age, in the scriptures that the Son of God predicted that the LORD God, his heavenly Father would start to work with me. 


I wonder where Constantine was when he had this vision, because both he and his mother came to the town where I have lived for over 32 years. It was in 312, prior to a battle that he was given the vision and message. "in hoc signo vinces" and it means 'in this sign you will conquer'. 

I also know two men with a name that begins with 'P',  they both taught healing here and both are from a Christian heritage. I met them both when I was found in the Galilee of the Gentiles, we worked together, healed together, laughed together for many years, wonderful memories forever in our hearts. They were truly wonderful times. They were both brought to 'White Dove' by the LORD God. 

One of them was honored for the dedication of his life to healing others. The LORD manifested a real tomahawk, its a long story, with many witnesses. 

Clearly, the nations will have to experience a lot more of their own co-creation, before they will be ready to do the LORD's will.

May you have the strength to cope with it, and overcome.

It is a blessed day here, sun is shinning, blue skies and the weather is very warm indeed.






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