Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Leopard print looks so dated in 2012, for those that lived in the fashion of the 70's. However, when Katy Perry wears it in 2012, and Michelle Obama wore it in 2009 at Halloween. Well it is a sign from the 'Obamanation' USA. If you bear in mind that the Leopard is mentioned in the book of Daniel, and Rev 13.

The supporters of the 'Son of Lawlessness' are described has people with Leopard like faces in the 'Apocalypse of Zephaniah'. Clearly, at least one person that read the article from the Daily Mail, understood exactly what the event is about. Are the careers of Katy Perry and Russell Brand suffering? Is that why they require so much PR? I must say our lovely Beckham looked the class act, amongst them all. He looks more like a film actor in the style of Brad Pitt, than he does a footballer. Brand X looks inexperienced at his side, although friends they maybe.

I can see the connection, the Spice Girls! Girl power, when the girls stick together, the men comfort each other. Brand will always be more at home with his own, and Beckham is a true Brit. Has they say, home is where the heart is.

However Americans, take note of the message of the Leopard that Katy Perry is wearing at this point in time. Is she another Liberal and Obama supporter? Yes. [2] She is singing for him on the 3rd of November, 2012.

Do check it out, the celebrities wearing Obamanation, from bags to ear-rings. Goodness gracious me, what did that cost the Obama campaign?

Love is not for sale.






I don't usually go out on the 31st of October, I am usually snuggled up in hibernation on the night of halloween. However, this night the LORD God walked me out to get something to eat and drink. As I left home, a band of children were coming along, they were near the house where I saw the magpie the other day. The children between the ages of 6-8 were singing 'sexy lady'. Was I really hearing what they were singing? They were all dressed up for an halloween party and they all had buckets.

I ordered my meal and then went next door. Lo and behold, what is this the LORD God is wishing for me to see? Headline on the local newspaper is 'Anger at Blackout Chaos'. Traders hit out after 36 hours without power'.

Do the locals or media know the significance of the number 36? Clearly not. It is because they do not understand the signs and its numerics that they are in 'Blackout Chaos, and Anger'. Apparently. the local business community lost thousands. Is that because they did not help the ELOHIM? Is that because they robbed the ELOHIM, has the biblical prophecies predicted? Did they pay her wages? No, so now they suffer the consequences.

So what is the importance of the numeric of 36? In Hebrew gematria 36 is the 'righteous soul'. In other words Tzadikim. Are the ordinary people in this town aware that the teacher of righteousness lives in their town? No. Only the extraordinary KNOW!

The sub-heading in the newspaper mentioned 36 hours, the main text mentions 48 hours. So what is the significance of 48? 48 is the gematria value of 'cell', do you remember that the teacher of righteousness was put in a cell in January 2011 by police? Do you remember that Queensland in Australia was flooded during that solar eclipse? Do you remember when the town flooded, the day that injustice was served against her? Do you remember that the newspaper headline mentioning the 'FURY of the FLOOD'? The flood that they town could not understand.

Isaiah 48 speaks about the 'stubborn hearted people'. Has we know we can find them in every nation. The USA spends more money on halloween than anyone else, it goes into billions. So what I have seen this halloween in the UK? It is like a storm in a teacup; compared with what the USA is experiencing in their nation.

Hence, the greater 'cup of wrath' is with them. Not just because of US halloween of Babylon, and what the LORD God called the 'IGNORAMUS' and 'DINOSAUR, USA.  It is really a great deal more than that. Much greater, it stretches right through all of the churches of the USA, its bankers, medical profession, scientists, military every area of life.

So what did the LORD God show me next? While reading the local newspaper, he showed me that there was a new band and I mentioned the new bands that were coming with this total solar eclipse. The logo of the new band is the SWANS, how wonderful and graceful is that? They also have an Indian name, perfectly aligned for the Diwali Total Solar eclipse on the 13th of November, 2012. I truly wish them great success.

What else did he show me after that? Walking back home I passed an evangelical Church on my left side, the children had been to a party, the church had called it the 'Light Party' on Halloween?

Surely not I hear you saying! Surely yes, that is what the Church were doing with the children on the 31st of October, 2012. Do you remember what the bible said to you about the light? How many Christians think that the Church and its member are its light? If that was so; why are people of the Church being murdered? Compared with his holy ones that he rescues? Ponder upon it. For this is a time of deep reflection of where you are coming from.

What preference does the LORD God have? He would prefer that you celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, than halloween. He would prefer that the children learnt how to paint symbols and patterns and how to understand spiritual symbology. He would prefer that you taught your children how to make sweets, how to cook, and how to dance in his joy. Being creative, healing and therapeutic. Instead of you honoring that which co-creates 'Harry Potter' theme parks, and that which co-creates the 'Ignoramus'.

Ireland remember where it has led the USA, they now hold 'voodoo festivals' in New Orleans. Is it any surprise at what happened to them? 'The more that the darkness is allowed to grow, the more that the darkness feeds upon them.'  Remember this America that says 'anything goes'. No, nothing goes past the LORD God almighty. I can truly, assure you of that.

Through his Son, Jesus Christ, he predicted he would build his church on Peter. Indeed he did. However, it was not the Church that the Vatican built. Oh no, the true and real community of the one known as Jesus Christ, was built upon a humble man, a healer of humanity and nations.

A self-development facilitator that could hear the hearts of the gentle and innocent like the fragile flowers that he knows that they are. He could collect their tears like precious gems that sanctified him. He truly could wipe their tears away. He is a blessed man in the eyes of the LORD God, and his Son. That is why yours truly was sent to honor him with the gift that the LORD God chose for him. He will always remain in my heart as a beloved one. Many lifetimes, many hearts. The truth of the ELOHIM will stand in integrity, and do what they have come to do. They will fulfill their missions, I came to help them, to do that; and they came to help me. As the LORD God said 'It is not a one-way street'.

As the LORD God said in 2004, 'We are in this together, you and I'.


I can tell you that all of your loved ones, that have passed over, are yelling at you. Can you hear them and what they are trying to convey to you and your hearts? I do not wish for you to leave this planet, the way that they left. They do not wish for you to taste disease.

After this post was finished, I pondered on its title 'Tzadikim -v- Blackout'.

I pondered on the fact that the last time that I went to a big party, there was a lovely colored guy there who lives in our town. Charming, tall, good looking, lovely wife and children. When we arrived at discussion, he made it clear, that he was a Muslim and supported their reality. He was not hearing me. At the same party in this town, there were two people from the media. Journalists that live here, and work in London for the MSM. The wife triggered all over the place, when I began to share the truth. I was truly sober, and she was drunk. I left them in the space that they were in. There is nothing one can do; to help those that refuse to be helped. Hence, Prophet Isaiah knew that as well. Isaiah 8.

So this isn't just about the USA, as Jesus predicted. A prophet is not accepted in its own town.

Love beyond measure



Remember what happened to Egypt when they would not let my people go. The same is happening again, only this time it is the USA because the LORD God referred to Obama as the Pharaoh in November 2008.

The Diwali Total Solar Eclipse indicates that Aaron will fulfill their path of service. Aaron served has spokesperson for Moses; and he was a brother of Moses. Does it indicate that a person shall come to help yours truly? Let's see what happens next.

No surprise then that this morning I had a dream about a man that I know, and he came to my home to help me. Aaron means 'Teaching' and the man in the dream is a teacher, but he is not a spiritual teacher. 
So what else do we have on Aaron? In the book of Exodus the LORD said to Aaron, 'Go into the wilderness to meet Moses', he met Moses at the mountain of God and kissed him. I did meet the man in the dream during the Rev 12 timeline. In 2005, we spent quite a lot of time together in the same social circle, and yes he did kiss me many times has a platonic friend. 
Moses told Aaron everything the LORD had sent him to say, and also about all the signs he had commanded him to perform. Exodus 4:28. In the Rev 12 timeline, there was also a man that was sent to me, and he informed me of what he had been commanded to do.  He is the reincarnation of Solomon, so was Solomon the reincarnation of Moses? Let's wait and see. Moses did not pass over to the promised land due to what he had done, he died instead. However, Solomon did come to yours truly for help, and he was taken out of the valley of death. 

Moses and Aaron brought all of the elders together. Then afterwards Moses and Aaron went to the Pharaoh and said, "This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says, 'Let my people go, so that they can hold a festival to me in the wilderness'. 
No coincidence then that Diwali is a five day festival with this TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, in 2012. 
Then the LORD said to Moses, 'See, I have made you like ELOHIM to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron will be your prophet. Exodus 7:1. It was Aaron's staff that was thrown down before Pharaoh, and it became a snake. Exodus 7:9. 
Following that the waters turned to blood, has we know waters have been turning blood red in many parts of the world. The Pharaoh still did not listen to Moses and Aaron, so then the frogs came. There was a biblical plague of frogs in Greece in 2010 after the Sophia wisdom gateway was opened. After that wisdom did the count on Obama, the man mentioned in Rev 13 and the book of Daniel. 
In the story of Moses, after that the insects came; and I do feel that is to do with the famine plague that is also mentioned in the book of Revelation. Forewarned is forearmed. 
Then there was a 'plague of boils' and recently Crystal Heart had a dream about a giant boil and it had puss coming out of it. In my humble view, I viewed it has the state of humanity its condition. 

Moses and Aaron went to the Pharaoh and they informed him, 'How long will you refuse to humble yourself before me?'. On the 29th of October, 2012, we have asked America and its people to humble themselves before Yahweh. 
Miriam the prophet came dancing and all of the women followed her. 
Moses saw that the people were running wild, and that Aaron had allowed them to get out of control. Does it remind you of America? What does it means when people 'get out of control?'. It means that due to their lack of self-discipline and self-mastership, they have become 'lawless'. No surprise then that Obama is the 'Son of Lawlessness' and he is the 'OBAMANATION' celebrity president. Has we know both of his fathers were also Muslims. 

When I viewed this video yesterday, what the LORD God said about these people cannot be repeated in the public domain. However, I can tell you that he was furious about it, and those that encourage such ways. 

When I was looking for that video to post here now. 

The LORD God said 'Now the Jews are running'. Clearly, they do recognize the signs! 

The biblical prophecies in respect of those that are 'out of control' become a 'laughingstock.' Yes, everyone had a good laugh didn't they about that video. Ever read the parable about the wise Virgins -v- the foolish ones in the NT? 

They became 'laughingstock to their enemies;' and the LORD God is not impressed with the Americans that run wild while New York burns and floods. They did not take the immensity of this reality to their hearts. As such, they do not understand its meaning and the sign from the LORD God. They did not understand the importance of the rainbow of hope and why it had come. 
Remember the golden calf that they made and paraded in the streets? Do you know what comes afterwards? The plague. 
Aaron and his sons were given tunics of fine linen. The man in the dream this morning did wear white when he trained in Reflexology. An ancient healing art that is also connected to Egypt. 
There is also a mention of the lighting of the lamps, and during the Diwali festival they light the lamps. Has such, during this forthcoming total solar eclipse; more lights will be lit and more people will awaken. Micah 6 mentions Moses, Aaron and Miriam. In the book of Hebrews, Aaron was called by the LORD. 
The book of Hebrews questions where Moses and Aaron were from, and why another High Priest had to come from the order of Melchizedek. 
The book of Revelation also speaks of the song of his servant Moses and the Lamb. 
'Great and marvelous are your deeds, LORD God Almighty, just and true are your ways, King of the nations'. 
The LORD God did not ask for sacrifice Christians, he asked for mercy. 
His mercy is here for those that are willing to accept it. 
My patience and mercy has been beyond measure. However, the patience of the LORD God does not last forever; when humanity are destroying his creation. His mercy for the nations, is beyond one nation. This is about peace and well-being for the world. I do not speak about peace in terms of how the UN and the anti-war activists speak of it. I speak of inner peace, his shalom, the wholeness and mystical salvation that it brings to the people. 

What song did he give to your children USA? In 2008, when they refused the soft and gentle waters of shiloh,  he gave them the song ‘WILD WORLD’ The book of Genesis informed you that when shiloh come, the scepter would leave Judah. So if the scepter left Judah when shiloh came to you, who then is the lamb that is mentioned in the book of Revelation do you know?

Will the LORD God sacrifice the gentle hearted soul of the lambs for you America? NO!

He has offered you the pattern painted by the gentle, healing hand of help that he offered you, the color and pattern painted for you and your house, to defend you from the plague. Will you accept it? 

Will the LORD God sacrifice his loving and sensitive deer? The deer that defend his tree of life, the deer that walks upon the mountains singing the sound of music? No. 

Will the LORD God sacrifice his swan of grace? That brings the beauty and splendor of his grace and mercy to humanity? No. 

Will the LORD God sacrifice all of his Angelic dolphins of joy, unconditional love and charitable acts for you America? Will he sacrifice the godly Whales, that come with his immense might and power,  his sign of Jonah for you? 

Will the LORD God sacrifice the beauty and majesty of his creation for you America? 

If he has to burn down the USA, to ensure that PEACE becomes your governor, and WELL-BEING your ruler.

Then he will do so.

Who is the governor in the biblical prophecies? ELIAKIM, who else was made Governor of Egypt? Joseph. Joseph helped the people to avoid the famine. The biblical prophecies also informed you that the uprising in Egypt in 2011, was the LORD's testimony for Joseph. Did Egypt get the message? Did Obama and the rest of the nations get the message?

Do catch up America, many lives at stake including the lives of your children. Prophet Malachi warned you that when I came if you did not turn your hearts to the children, if you robbed ELOHIM, then your nations will be destroyed. 

Teshuvah humanity, teshuvah to that which is sacred and holy to the LORD God. 

Yours truly


Tuesday, 30 October 2012


0CTOBER 30TH, 2012 - Huge fire being tackled by nearly 200 fire fighters in Breezy Point, Queens. The fire broke out at the height of last night storm when Hurricane Sandy made landfall and battered the New Jersey shores. Water is getting into the subway systems and live wires and even a shark has been seen in the floodwater surge.
Today a huge rainbow was seen framing the area of destruction...

How much of this will it take before the Christians get the message from the LORD?

Does he have to burn your country down to prove it to you? 

16 people have died, 16 relates to Rev 16 and the politicians. 80 houses burned to the ground. 

80 is the gematria value Mo, that is short for Muhammad, it is the value of 'Michelle' e.g. Obama. It is also the value of the name  'Elaine'. Elaine is the name of a woman that stood against yours truly, her life partner stood against me as well. He died recently of cancer and now she is being removed from his house. When will they learn not to stand against Yahweh and his ELOHIM? 

Do you remember that Rev 18 predicted that the city would burn? Do you remember me saying that it would be New York?

All I can do is pray that the LORD God, will give your nation understanding of the sheer importance of why he sent me to help you. 

Remember what happened to Egypt when they would not let my people go. The same is happening again, only this time it is the USA because the LORD God referred to Obama as the Pharaoh in November 2008. 

The Diwali Total Solar Eclipse indicates that now Aaron will come to fulfill their path of service. Aaron served has spokesperson for Moses; and he was a brother of Moses. Does it indicate that a person shall come to help yours truly? Let's see what happens next. 



Well there is a wonderful TOTAL Solar Eclipse coming on November 13, and 14 in Australia and New Zealand. The energy that it is bringing with it is very powerful indeed. I tend to view the eclipses mainly to relation to the numerics of the eclipse combined with any divine guidance that I receive.

The LORD God has been talking about 'PATH OF SERVICE' so lets take a look at how that might relate to this total solar eclipse. To begin with, this solar eclipse comes on 'DIWALI DAY'. The Indian festival of lights, so it going to be a good one for the Indians that are living in the nations around the world. A festival of lights for the path of service; and those that engaged and aligned their will with the will of the Creator. There can be no half measures with divine will, it is has to be ALL of you in alignment with it.


A couple of years ago Crystal Heart and I were invited to attend a local DIWALI festival, and it was wonderful, the children loved the dancing and all of the other festivities, including the home made sweets etc. The men enjoyed watching the women dancing as well. It was a lot of fun. It you have an opportunity to attend, I can recommend it. On the day of the five day festival that we attended it was for honoring the divine feminine. No coincidence then that this eclipse comes on the 13th and 13 in Hebrew is the gematria of the Hebrew words for 'THE ONE', and 'LOVE'. Its bound to be powerful one for yours truly, and anyone else that was born on the 13th day.

With its relation to the 'LIGHT' of the 'PATH of SERVICE', we can also anticipate, devotion, and dedication to what the Lute of Lovingkindness called 'ERGON', a Greek word that is to do with a cause greater than the self.  It is a very special time for realignment to the light of the life force of the cosmos; for those that are willing and understand the sheer importance of it.

It comes in the eleventh month in a FIVE year, and the numerics of the date that includes 2012, are 11, a master number. The 13th of November is the 'Day of Commentator', so it will impact on those that provide commentaries of any kind. Including the media and scholars that are having to review where they are coming from. Questions like? Is this really what I would like to do for the rest of my life?

For some this is a time of 'Personal Crisis', due to life circumstance and the planetary configurations that are impacting on them. e.g the bankers and the medical profession. It is likely to impact on technology has well, as far as I am aware Mercury will be retrograde for this total eclipse. Hence, it is not a time to have your computers on. Its computers off, lights on! Time to bathe in the light of love and the path that it is taking you in.

A total solar eclipse has a narrow path, and as we know the narrow path is also mentioned in the bible. As such, you can understand that whatever you do on the narrow path, has to be TOTAL! A time of real focus on what is really important in life, for now and your future. A time of reflection of where your path of service has taken you, can you appreciate the power of what you have been involved in globally? Celebrating the powerful friendships that you have made on the path that you have been on. All that networking, all the connections, all that hard work, it really was worth it. As the light shines brightly around the world, on this total solar eclipse.

It is a time of endings and beginnings, new dreams, new realities, a good time to finish anything that remains unfinished. It is a time of completion for many spiritual elders on many levels. 2012 always was going to be the big one. The big result of the great work; that began early on in the 20th century.
I just see them all smiling with so much light in their eyes and hearts; those that are still with us, and those that have passed over. What a great job we did together; to unite the younger generation of spiritual activists. Nothing could stop us once we began to party, sharing the light of truth and integrity.

All I can say is AMAZING AWESOMENESS, every time I look at you all working so hard, my heart explodes.  It is a great honor to know you all, and be a part of this wonderful transition of humanity. Emotive social evolution certainly kicked in big time and we did it with style!


It seems that Cairns in Australia will get the best view of this eclipse on the 14th and the 14th of November is the 'Day of the Investigator', so we can anticipate some action from wikileaks and Julian Assange during this eclipse timeline. That combined with the 'Commentator' there is going to be a lot of news to be shared. Understandably, the storm of Sandy in the USA, has had a large impact on the environmentalists during the lead up to this eclipse. Including the scientists that were charged in court in Italy. In addition there is the news about the scientists 250 miles above the earth; that are working in a space lab that is sending bacteria back to earth for experiments. That is certainly a no, no as far as creation is concerned. These scientists must align their will with the Creator and the spiritual law of the cosmos. As David Cameron informed the masons, 'DAYS OF RECKONING'. 'Do or Decline'.

Norfolk Island is mentioned in Australia for this eclipse, and Norfolk in the UK is where Dr Bach collected the flowers for the flower essence remedies. So vibrational medicine and those involved in it, will be making a leap forward with this eclipse. Australian Bush Flower remedies in Australia are also well known amongst the healers that work with them. Christchurch, New Zealnd is mentioned so a big one for the Christians as well.

Staying with that the 14th of November is the feast day of St Lawrence O'Toole. It is written that King Henry was so taken with his piety, charity and prudence that he granted him everything that he asked for. Again, it is to do with path of service. [1]

The eclipse is a saros 133, and there was a 133 in the summer of '76.' That was a great year for music and the arts in the UK. Has the LORD God said 'Rock Stars sang about you'.


So we can anticipate some new and older faces with some good releases around this time. It surely was the great rock era, and it was also a powerful time for the anti-war activists. It was a very hot summer, the hottest I ever remember experiencing in the UK. So for those countries that are having their summer now, they will really feel the heat hotting up, and the bush fires could certainly be an issue for them. With this solar eclipse, I can anticipate a warmer winter than is usually the case here in the UK. In fact, it has been quite warm for this time of year already, with plenty of blues skies and sunshine.

The last 133 was in 1994, and that was a very powerful spiritual time for self-development and its growth. It was a time of great expansion for the healing modalities and an explosion of spirituality in all of its forms. It was also the time when yours truly was found in the Galilee of the Gentiles. We can look back at the power of the 133 saros total eclipses and go WOW!  It was during that time, that a tremendous amount of support for the indigenous peoples' and especially for the Indians in the America's and the cause of the Tibetans grew immensely.  It gathered great momentum in Europe and there was an expansion of support for the ecological charities at that time.


In a biblical sense, Psalm 133 is called 'The Song of Ascents: of David. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, coming down upon the beard; even Aaron's beard, that cometh down upon the collar of his garments. Like the dew of Hermon, that cometh down upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded blessing, ever life for ever.

No surprise then that I am guided to have an Indian Head Massage this week when Crystal Heart comes to share. Indian head massage to celebrate Diwali in advance of this eclipse is absolutely ideal as a treat.


Writing about a total solar eclipse such as this, always brings great joy to my heart. 

133 adds up to seven, and that is the ZAYIN in Hebrew, 'the woman of valor'. It is also the number of forgiveness often where the spiritual path of service begins. It is also the life number of the spiritual teacher, it was the life number of Jesus, the Lute of Lovingkindness,  it is also the life number of yours truly, the Harp of Faithfulness. In the ancient pictographs the ZAYIN is a farming instrument, so it is good time to turn over the soil, and to plant in time for your planting to be empowered by the solar eclipse. 

This is a five year, so it is very physical and practical manifestation.  Do bear in mind that 'Saturn is in Scorpio for nearly three years as such, the tail of this eclipse could have a sting in it; has far as the middle east is concerned. This eclipse really isn't for anyone that might be stuck in their ways, it really is not a good one for orthodoxy of any description, no matter where one might find it. 

Psalm 133 sings to us of unity and the brotherhood of man, not the opposite that is often co-created by the polarities found in religions and in politics.  People will feel this stronger and stronger over the next six months and beyond, following this eclipse. This is the time to party, celebrate, have a treat of a feast, share what you can with whomever you can. This is Diwali time, ultimately, life is for sharing and caring for each other fully and mercifully. Working together for the well-being of humanity, with the very best solutions that are cost-effective for everyone. 

This eclipse comes in the astrological week of 'Charm', it is a Scorpio three week. its about togetherness, resourcefulness, and has the Psalm informs us; 'pleasantness' and 'goodness'. 

Blessings that are charming, kind and giving. The sweet dew from this mountain of ZION, it is an eclipse to enJOY in the most charming of ways. This is an eclipse when the real charmers make progress, and you know what the humble Indians can do with snakes don't you! The last time I viewed the Indians and the snakes; they had let them loose in the tax office. The tax collectors were not very happy. Big smiles! 

Hence its time for these Lotus Feet to dance diwali...

Have a wonderful time and blessings in abundance




A large golden door appeared on the wall on the left. In the golden door there was what looked like a large trunk of a tree and it was black. The space behind the tree trunk was much smaller, than the other side of the tree trunk. On the other side of the tree trunk, the side closest to me, there were two mandalas on the wall. These two mandalas were in the golden door.

I asked what does this mean? The little space behind the tree represents orthodox Christians. The larger space where the mandalas were represent 'MY PEOPLE'.


August 2012 

My people have expanded beyond measure. In this mandala, you can see four golden doors in the four sacred directions of the planet. You can see the cross of creativity on the target of the spiritual law. You can see the four red rose petals, the flower has eight petals altogether, and eight is to do with spiritual transformation. It also relates to the 'Star of Venus', that has risen in the centre of their being. USHA, the divine court, divine truth and divine consciousness. All colors are here in the four sacred directions. All rooms, all gateways, are connected on the planet, my people are united in the 'Star of Venus', the planet of love of the divine feminine. It is, has I predicted, the passing of Russell Means has impacted on the world. Remember I was cut off when his cancer came back. Being cut off was mentioned by Prophet Daniel.

This is the mandala that was underneath the one above. This painting looks like a 'WATCH' on a woman's arm.


September 2012 

In the centre is a flower with seven petals, seven being to do with the spiritual law, forgiveness, seven year cycles. Seven is the life number of the spiritual teacher,  it is also the ZAYIN. The Jewish sages describe the Zayin has the 'woman of valor'. However, in the ancient pictographs it looks like a plough, it is described as an agricultural implement. The deep ruby red flower has gold upon it, and it is surrounded by the orange energy of the sun. Around that is the turquoise, the stone that is most associated with the American Indians. It is also the color of the thymus, and the level of 'I ACCEPT'.

Then you can see the hearts that surround the watch, it is very decorative. The hearts surrounded the 'watch' that has the timing perfectly arranged, in harmony with creation and its spiritual law.

The watch sits upon the arm of a woman, an adornment for time, that can feel the pulse of humanity, and its heart beat. The watch is like a 'pace maker' that regulates the heart to keep people alive. Behind her you can see the green pastures where she lives, on a green field. Everything is roses for her in this timeline, she watches her people blossoming in the heart of the golden doorway of time.

Mercy beyond measure, we are watching you.

Energy appeared on my left hand has I finished writing those words. My people have been with me in many lifetimes, when she speaks to them, they understand yours truly.  They know her heart and its pure intention.


Monday, 29 October 2012

Jesus -v- Naysayers

The Lute of Lovingkindness, known to Christians has Jesus, said 'All the naysayers are completely screwed now'.

The dictionary tells us that the word "Naysayer' means 'To oppose, deny, or take a pessimistic or negative view'. Clearly, it refers to the people that stood against the vessel that he chose.

Urban dictionary share with us that the original meaning of 'screwed' was 'screwed, blued and tattooed'.  'Unlike the imaginative explanations given, the definition goes way back to early machinists. After inspecting a finished manufactured or repaired part, the tool maker/machinist would do the following:

1. Tighten all parts and screws (screwed)
2. Use blue paint like stain that 'stuck easily to metal'
3. Add an 'inspectors mark', with 'blue paint with a sharp scriber (tattooed)

Does it remind you of bank notes?

'The part that had passed 'inspection, it's been screwed, blued, and tattooed', ready for release from the machine shop.' Does it remind you of Mitt the Mormon?

Now we warned the USA about 'METAL ENERGY', and the LORD God, the heavenly Father referred to it has 'VULCANICS' has related to the gods of ROME and the Vatican. Metal energy also co-creates the 'metal miasm'. Has such, all 'naysayers' are in metal energy whether they realize it or not.
As Jesus said to those that stood against him, 'If your Father was my Father, than you would love me'.

Another explanation from the Urban dictionary, is this. 'supremely screwed, screwed beyond comprehension, the original phrase was 'Screwed, blewed, and tattooed'.

"Screwed" essentially means 'cheated'.

"Blewed meant 'lost' or 'been robbed of'.

You see when a nation ignores the word of the LORD God and his Son, when they rob the ELOHIM, has predicted by Prophet Malachi. Those that rob the ELOHIM,  then get robbed themselves. Has the LORD God said, 'It is not a one-way street'.

The word's origin is from the German "blauen" so it's actually related to "blue", not "blew", and meant that something had vanished (into the blue). (According to "A Dictionary of Slang, Jargon & Cant" By Charles Godfrey Leland, published in 1889.)

"Tattooed" refers here to a beating with very rapid blows, in the same sense as a military tattoo, which is a rapid beat on a drum". 

Can you understand that what happened to Russell Means and the Lakota nation, is coming back a 1,000 fold in this timeline of the MERCY of JOSEPH? Can you understand that the heart of Mercy stands with, and in full support of the indigenous peoples? 



The word 'screwed' in the words of Jesus means 'cheated, robbed and beaten'. Did that not apply to Russell Means and his people? Did that not apply to Michael M. Mauldin and the one that was truly merciful to him? How many American's would fly thousands of miles to help another person? I have not met one yet! 

Urban dictionary also describe the phrase 'Screwed' and its meaning thus: 

'I invested my life's savings in a fraudulent investment scam, and now I'm screwed, blued and tattooed. That is exactly what the Christian Orthodox invested in. ‘A fraudulent investment scam’ co-created by the Church, they set you up for the fall. 

'The process of becoming a full-fledged sailor -- have sex before going off to sea, get dressed in a navy uniform and then you get a tattoo. I use it to describe my summer...Got laid, got drunk, got ink done. This summer I got screwed, blued and tattooed.'. Does it remind you of the largest military in the world, USA? 

Is there a tattoo on the body of the Royal Breasts?

Certainly not! 

Seriously, would MERCY put tattoo's on the divine shrine?
You better come through the 'gates of mercy' fast,  otherwise the prophecies predict that the USA will become stubble. 

You simply do not have a choice in the matter. Your people are crying America, what have they been crying since the 70's? 'Save me!'. 

Truly, when naturally talented singers and dancers like Carmen leave LA, to come to the tiny Island of the UK to live, singing 'SAVE ME'. Then you know, that it is over for the USA.

In 2012, your children are singing 'The time is nigh!, 'Time is running out'. 

You have to come to understand, that the one known as Jesus stands with the rainbow warriors, the healers, and the vessel of MERCY that he chose to represent them. 

Mercy beyond measure 



In the previous post we wrote about the 'Gates of Mercy Prophecy' and the 'PATTERN Paintings.

Did you know that there was an American woman that was better known as 'Grandma Moses', and 'Mother Moses'? It is written that she began a career in the arts at an advanced age. Family and friends also called her either 'Mother Moses' or 'Grandma Moses'. In 1887, at the age of 27, she married a 'hired man', Thomas Salmon Moses and they lived on a farm. How amazing is that!

'Her art might be classified as folk art which is self-taught art. A folk artist doesn't go to school to learn how to paint or study with another artist. Grandma Moses fits this category of artists. Sometimes it is called "primitive" art.' 

Has you know, I call it 'INTUITIVE ART' that is part of the HEALING ARTS. Due to color having vibration and frequency. It has the power to clear environments and auric fields. 

So what does the bible say about the paint? It informs us that blood was used to paint the homes of Israelites to ensure that no harm came to them in Egypt. The LORD God predicted that he would bring judgement upon the land of Egypt and all of their gods. There is also a prediction about the first born sons, and has we know Obama has recently declared that he has a 19 year old son.

It was written that the blood would be sign and the 'Gates of Mercy' prophecy also speaks about MERCY being a sign in the last days of the end times. He also refers to the PATTERN, painting that would be provided. Those that refused the "Gates of Mercy' would then have to go through the 'Gates of Justice'. It mentions the rays, the 'blood' and the 'water', see the post for further commentary and explanation about that.

The prophecy is to do with 'Passover' and it mentions the plague that was coming. Those that had the sign on their homes were not touched and the plague passed over them.

So now you can understand why the words of Jesus about the 'Gates of Mercy' and the pattern painting delivered by these gates is so very important.




The Americans are asking to be 'Saved', their children are crying out for the gentle waters of Shiloh to come. They are also crying out the 'The time is Nigh' and that 'Time is running out'. Those American children had not been informed that shiloh had come to the USA in 2008.

She came due to her mercy and the fact the LORD God sent his paraclete to help them. The Harp of Faithfulness that was sent to Israel in May 2006, in mercy and compassionate action for Israel. Is the same person that was sent to the USA to help them. His HESED did arrive in perfect timing at night time, a late arrival on the land of the USA.

In recent days, I was sent to review the 'Holy Mariner' post, and its words that speaks of her, that too was shared with the Americans and with the Christians again in recent days.


This song from Carmen is called the 'Sailor Song' and it is from their album titled 'Fandangos in Space'. The flamenco rock band, will be appearing in London on November 4th, 2012. The lead singer, his sister and one of the other band members were from LA, USA. No coincidence than that they sing about being 'SAVED' and call out for 'HELP'.

They sing about a sailor that does not wish to die alone. The keys to the heavens, the end, and about an Island close to Spain. A tale of the sea, they sing of their dreams, and also of the beast, the man that has eaten the flesh of man. Are they singing about the man in Rev 12 that stood against yours truly? Or are they singing about the Angel that has the keys to death and hades? Or are they singing about the Catholic Church that eat wafers, symbolic of the flesh of Jesus Christ? You decide.

Has we know the beast is also mentioned in Rev 13 to do with the USA and its Leopard, wisdom was called to do the count on him. Is Obama the man that has eaten the flesh of man? I am sure that Larry Sinclair would have a few words to say about that.

Did Carmen know that the key of David, the key of the beloved would be found in England? Or were they just guided to come here? For sure they left the USA for divine purpose.

Has we know Prophet Isaiah knew that I would be found on an Island, no coincidence then that these singers and flamenco dancers from LA, USA, came to England. Has the LORD God said 'Rock Stars Sang About You'.

Nor is it a surprise that I was led into the company of the band Carmen, so that when the time came, I truly could honor them and their great work. In the prophecies of Isaiah the LORD God predicted that he would glorify the place of his feet. The Lotus Feet honor those that she was led to honor in his name.


She wore a wedding dress of white lace with an eight foot train on her wedding day in London. The number eight is the number of spiritual transformation.

Has we know, the wondrous woman from heaven, has the moon under her feet, she was also dressed in the Sun. Rev 12, in Psalm 45 the Royal Bride was gifted with the golden gown. That happened in 2007 prior to her returning to Israel to deliver the everlasting covenant for the children. It was at that time, that the children of the world received their divine plan.


Something else was shown to me yesterday, and it is to do with a prophecy that was received early in the 20th of century. It is written that the prophecy was given by Jesus, the Son of God. It is written that Jesus gave a prediction about a pattern that would be painted. The lady that received the prophecy painted a picture of Jesus. However, that is not what he asked for. The prophecy is clear, he spoke of a painting of a PATTERN, that would be delivered by a particular person.

So for instance these paintings/patterns, were done for two different people in the USA.

The prophecy also states that whomever receives the pattern painting will be safe. Is it a coincidence that in the last three months,  I was compelled to paint different patterns for different people? Bear in mind, that I have never ever painted before.

"I promise that the soul that will venerate this picture will not perish. I further promise to that soul victory over enemies here on earth and especially in the hour of death. I myself, shall defend that soul as My own Glory...." I will preserve the cities and homes in which this image shall be venerated."

The prophecy also spoke of two different people that were coming. However, a majority of the prophecy that the lady received is about the Mercy, so it is of major importance to the people of the world at this point in time.

He describes the first person to come is the 'King of Mercy' and that they come prior to Justice. He speaks of how this person is the 'Gates of Mercy' and how people have to go through the gates of Mercy to receive him.

So you might like to ask yourselves is the 'King of Mercy', the woman that is mentioned in Micah 4? The one that received her kingship after she returned from Babylon, USA.

He delivered wonderful words through the lady that received the original prophecy from him, about what would happen. He informed her that if the people did not go through the 'Gates of Mercy', then they would have to go through the 'Gates of Justice'. They would not have a choice in the matter.

It is written that he said that he was coming twice, is that really what he said? Or did he tell her that two people were coming prior to his arrival? That is up to you to see what resonates with your heart, to ask for understanding and divine guidance upon it.

Isaiah 51 mentions the 'cup of wrath' was taken away from the woman mentioned in the prophecy.

In her mercy, she simply was not able to give back to others, what they had done to her. Has such, the scripture informs you that those that stood against her have been given the 'cup of wrath'. Clearly, the 'cup of wrath' will be experienced in the USA.  Isaiah 51 also tells you that the LORD God has taken his daughter and hidden her in the shadow of his hand. Did he purposely give her the hamsa to defend her, when he said 'This must be your avatar?'.

Now if you refer the prophecy of Isaiah 51, with the prophecy received by the nun in the 20th century, she also speaks of how the mercy that was sent to help the people, was simply not able to retaliate by 'punishing' anyone for what they had done. Why was that?  Is it because  the 'Gates of Mercy' that the prophecy speaks of is so merciful, that she would do nothing to harm another person?

Is that why she informed them that they would be judged by their own words?

In the scriptures, Jesus also spoke about the Queen of the South that would rise with the people to judge this generation and that the people would be judged by their words. It was a way of identification of those that had prepared, by going through the 'Gates of Mercy' and those who had not. He also informed them that the judgement would begin when the sign of Jonah arrived, that happened in Israel in 2010.

September 13, 1935, she writes: "I saw an Angel, the executor of God's wrath... about to strike the earth.... I began to beg God earnestly for the world with words which I heard interiorly. As I prayed in this way, I saw the Angel's helplessness, and he could not carry out the just punishment..."

However, the fact that we are painting means there is still time for people to go through the 'Gates of Mercy' and receive the blessing of the pattern painting, that the Son of God would like individuals to receive in his name. Every individual is different and unique, as such, each person has a different painting. Take guidance on it. Contemplate upon it. This painting was done for a child in England, he had a strong Indian energy with him. No surprise then that there are two suns in his mandala pattern.

He also asked that prophecy be shared with the people about the mercy that is being offered to them. This prophecy was given on the 22nd of February, 1931. No coincidence then that it was on the 22nd, 22 being a Master number of the Divine Feminine. February is also the month of my birth, an Aquarian water bearer for an Aquarian Age.

In the prophecy, it speaks of the 'water' and 'blood'. Jesus spoke of the two different rays in these terms.

'The pale ray stands for the water that makes souls righteous'. Clearly, he was speaking of the water of Shiloh mentioned in the book of Genesis. The book of Genesis informs the people that when Shiloh comes the scepter leaves Judah. Prophet Hosea spoke about how the LORD God would betroth his people to him with the faithfulness and righteousness, and how he would plant her in Jezreel, Israel. He did that in May 2006. She is the teacher of righteousness mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the scrolls also refer to her has the 'interpreter of the law'. Isaiah predicted that only one in a thousand would be able to stand before Joseph in integrity, and that the one that would come would wear the coat of many colors.

'The red ray stands for the blood that is the life of souls'. These two rays issued forth from the depths of my most tender Mercy at that time when My agonizined heart was opened by a lance on the Cross.... Fortunate is the one who will dwell in their shelter, for the just hand of God shall not lay hold of him"

He also gave a timing of 3.00 o'clock and in the above, it mentions the lance. I was given the celestial lance for the first time when in Athens, Greece. That was the SOPHIA WISDOM Gateway opening for 333. Was I on a cross at the time? I was on the land of the Greek Orthodox Church, in a hotel called 'Cosmos'. Was I in physical agony when I was in Greece? Yes. I cried out with the pain of it.

"At three o'clock implore My Mercy especially for sinners; and, if only for a brief moment, immerse yourself in my Passion, particularly in My abandonment at the moment of agony. This is the hour of great mercy for the whole world....In this hour I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of Me in virtue of My Passion".

Has we know an hour can be a year in Judaism. That hour was from 2010-2011. 444 was in 2011, 444 = PERFECT LOVE.

Do you know who wrote about his passion in 2004? Yours truly. It was the passion of the 'LOVE UNION' that the orthodox Christians and the rest of the people rejected.

The prophecy asks the people to trust, and throw themselves into his mercy, as a child into the arms of its beloved mother'. 'These souls have a right of priority to my compassionate heart. They have first access to my mercy'. 'Tell them that no soul that has called on My mercy has been disappointed or brought to shame. I delight particularly in a soul which has placed trust in My goodness."

Speak to the world about My Mercy; let all mankind recognize My unfathomable Mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it , will come the day of justice. While there is still time, let them have recourse to the fount of My Mercy; let them profit from the Blood and water which gushed forth for them........ before I come as the just one, I first open wide the gates of My Mercy. He who does not pass through the gates of My Mercy must pass through the gates of justice.

"The miracle of Divine Mercy restores the soul in full. Oh, how miserable are those who do not take advantage of the miracle of God's mercy! You will call out in vain, but it will be too late."

For more information see the link.

Do you remember that in the prophecy of Moses, before they left captivity, homes of the Israelites received paint? 

Mercy beyond measure 


Montana 'Vote Indian Vote'.

Students from Salish Kootenai College, Pablo, Montana promote the Native American Vote.

May the LORD God bless them. Holding them all in my heart. 

Love beyond measure and blessings in abundance

No coincidence that this is post 77, because the numeric of the 'Sandy' storm is also to do with 77. Has such this storm that the USA are experiencing is due to what the Americans have done to the Indians. It truly is time for America to humble itself before the first nation's people for what the Europeans did to them. It is also about implementing forgiveness on the part of the Indians. What happened to them was predicted to happen in Isaiah 34. If the American people continue to refuse to listen and do the will of the LORD God as instructed by the one that he sent with the instructions. You can be sure that the fires will burn the USA to stubble exactly as Prophet Obadiah predicted would happen to the land of ESAU.