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The Americans are asking to be 'Saved', their children are crying out for the gentle waters of Shiloh to come. They are also crying out the 'The time is Nigh' and that 'Time is running out'. Those American children had not been informed that shiloh had come to the USA in 2008.

She came due to her mercy and the fact the LORD God sent his paraclete to help them. The Harp of Faithfulness that was sent to Israel in May 2006, in mercy and compassionate action for Israel. Is the same person that was sent to the USA to help them. His HESED did arrive in perfect timing at night time, a late arrival on the land of the USA.

In recent days, I was sent to review the 'Holy Mariner' post, and its words that speaks of her, that too was shared with the Americans and with the Christians again in recent days.


This song from Carmen is called the 'Sailor Song' and it is from their album titled 'Fandangos in Space'. The flamenco rock band, will be appearing in London on November 4th, 2012. The lead singer, his sister and one of the other band members were from LA, USA. No coincidence than that they sing about being 'SAVED' and call out for 'HELP'.

They sing about a sailor that does not wish to die alone. The keys to the heavens, the end, and about an Island close to Spain. A tale of the sea, they sing of their dreams, and also of the beast, the man that has eaten the flesh of man. Are they singing about the man in Rev 12 that stood against yours truly? Or are they singing about the Angel that has the keys to death and hades? Or are they singing about the Catholic Church that eat wafers, symbolic of the flesh of Jesus Christ? You decide.

Has we know the beast is also mentioned in Rev 13 to do with the USA and its Leopard, wisdom was called to do the count on him. Is Obama the man that has eaten the flesh of man? I am sure that Larry Sinclair would have a few words to say about that.

Did Carmen know that the key of David, the key of the beloved would be found in England? Or were they just guided to come here? For sure they left the USA for divine purpose.

Has we know Prophet Isaiah knew that I would be found on an Island, no coincidence then that these singers and flamenco dancers from LA, USA, came to England. Has the LORD God said 'Rock Stars Sang About You'.

Nor is it a surprise that I was led into the company of the band Carmen, so that when the time came, I truly could honor them and their great work. In the prophecies of Isaiah the LORD God predicted that he would glorify the place of his feet. The Lotus Feet honor those that she was led to honor in his name.


She wore a wedding dress of white lace with an eight foot train on her wedding day in London. The number eight is the number of spiritual transformation.

Has we know, the wondrous woman from heaven, has the moon under her feet, she was also dressed in the Sun. Rev 12, in Psalm 45 the Royal Bride was gifted with the golden gown. That happened in 2007 prior to her returning to Israel to deliver the everlasting covenant for the children. It was at that time, that the children of the world received their divine plan.


Something else was shown to me yesterday, and it is to do with a prophecy that was received early in the 20th of century. It is written that the prophecy was given by Jesus, the Son of God. It is written that Jesus gave a prediction about a pattern that would be painted. The lady that received the prophecy painted a picture of Jesus. However, that is not what he asked for. The prophecy is clear, he spoke of a painting of a PATTERN, that would be delivered by a particular person.

So for instance these paintings/patterns, were done for two different people in the USA.

The prophecy also states that whomever receives the pattern painting will be safe. Is it a coincidence that in the last three months,  I was compelled to paint different patterns for different people? Bear in mind, that I have never ever painted before.

"I promise that the soul that will venerate this picture will not perish. I further promise to that soul victory over enemies here on earth and especially in the hour of death. I myself, shall defend that soul as My own Glory...." I will preserve the cities and homes in which this image shall be venerated."

The prophecy also spoke of two different people that were coming. However, a majority of the prophecy that the lady received is about the Mercy, so it is of major importance to the people of the world at this point in time.

He describes the first person to come is the 'King of Mercy' and that they come prior to Justice. He speaks of how this person is the 'Gates of Mercy' and how people have to go through the gates of Mercy to receive him.

So you might like to ask yourselves is the 'King of Mercy', the woman that is mentioned in Micah 4? The one that received her kingship after she returned from Babylon, USA.

He delivered wonderful words through the lady that received the original prophecy from him, about what would happen. He informed her that if the people did not go through the 'Gates of Mercy', then they would have to go through the 'Gates of Justice'. They would not have a choice in the matter.

It is written that he said that he was coming twice, is that really what he said? Or did he tell her that two people were coming prior to his arrival? That is up to you to see what resonates with your heart, to ask for understanding and divine guidance upon it.

Isaiah 51 mentions the 'cup of wrath' was taken away from the woman mentioned in the prophecy.

In her mercy, she simply was not able to give back to others, what they had done to her. Has such, the scripture informs you that those that stood against her have been given the 'cup of wrath'. Clearly, the 'cup of wrath' will be experienced in the USA.  Isaiah 51 also tells you that the LORD God has taken his daughter and hidden her in the shadow of his hand. Did he purposely give her the hamsa to defend her, when he said 'This must be your avatar?'.

Now if you refer the prophecy of Isaiah 51, with the prophecy received by the nun in the 20th century, she also speaks of how the mercy that was sent to help the people, was simply not able to retaliate by 'punishing' anyone for what they had done. Why was that?  Is it because  the 'Gates of Mercy' that the prophecy speaks of is so merciful, that she would do nothing to harm another person?

Is that why she informed them that they would be judged by their own words?

In the scriptures, Jesus also spoke about the Queen of the South that would rise with the people to judge this generation and that the people would be judged by their words. It was a way of identification of those that had prepared, by going through the 'Gates of Mercy' and those who had not. He also informed them that the judgement would begin when the sign of Jonah arrived, that happened in Israel in 2010.

September 13, 1935, she writes: "I saw an Angel, the executor of God's wrath... about to strike the earth.... I began to beg God earnestly for the world with words which I heard interiorly. As I prayed in this way, I saw the Angel's helplessness, and he could not carry out the just punishment..."

However, the fact that we are painting means there is still time for people to go through the 'Gates of Mercy' and receive the blessing of the pattern painting, that the Son of God would like individuals to receive in his name. Every individual is different and unique, as such, each person has a different painting. Take guidance on it. Contemplate upon it. This painting was done for a child in England, he had a strong Indian energy with him. No surprise then that there are two suns in his mandala pattern.

He also asked that prophecy be shared with the people about the mercy that is being offered to them. This prophecy was given on the 22nd of February, 1931. No coincidence then that it was on the 22nd, 22 being a Master number of the Divine Feminine. February is also the month of my birth, an Aquarian water bearer for an Aquarian Age.

In the prophecy, it speaks of the 'water' and 'blood'. Jesus spoke of the two different rays in these terms.

'The pale ray stands for the water that makes souls righteous'. Clearly, he was speaking of the water of Shiloh mentioned in the book of Genesis. The book of Genesis informs the people that when Shiloh comes the scepter leaves Judah. Prophet Hosea spoke about how the LORD God would betroth his people to him with the faithfulness and righteousness, and how he would plant her in Jezreel, Israel. He did that in May 2006. She is the teacher of righteousness mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the scrolls also refer to her has the 'interpreter of the law'. Isaiah predicted that only one in a thousand would be able to stand before Joseph in integrity, and that the one that would come would wear the coat of many colors.

'The red ray stands for the blood that is the life of souls'. These two rays issued forth from the depths of my most tender Mercy at that time when My agonizined heart was opened by a lance on the Cross.... Fortunate is the one who will dwell in their shelter, for the just hand of God shall not lay hold of him"

He also gave a timing of 3.00 o'clock and in the above, it mentions the lance. I was given the celestial lance for the first time when in Athens, Greece. That was the SOPHIA WISDOM Gateway opening for 333. Was I on a cross at the time? I was on the land of the Greek Orthodox Church, in a hotel called 'Cosmos'. Was I in physical agony when I was in Greece? Yes. I cried out with the pain of it.

"At three o'clock implore My Mercy especially for sinners; and, if only for a brief moment, immerse yourself in my Passion, particularly in My abandonment at the moment of agony. This is the hour of great mercy for the whole world....In this hour I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of Me in virtue of My Passion".

Has we know an hour can be a year in Judaism. That hour was from 2010-2011. 444 was in 2011, 444 = PERFECT LOVE.

Do you know who wrote about his passion in 2004? Yours truly. It was the passion of the 'LOVE UNION' that the orthodox Christians and the rest of the people rejected.

The prophecy asks the people to trust, and throw themselves into his mercy, as a child into the arms of its beloved mother'. 'These souls have a right of priority to my compassionate heart. They have first access to my mercy'. 'Tell them that no soul that has called on My mercy has been disappointed or brought to shame. I delight particularly in a soul which has placed trust in My goodness."

Speak to the world about My Mercy; let all mankind recognize My unfathomable Mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it , will come the day of justice. While there is still time, let them have recourse to the fount of My Mercy; let them profit from the Blood and water which gushed forth for them........ before I come as the just one, I first open wide the gates of My Mercy. He who does not pass through the gates of My Mercy must pass through the gates of justice.

"The miracle of Divine Mercy restores the soul in full. Oh, how miserable are those who do not take advantage of the miracle of God's mercy! You will call out in vain, but it will be too late."

For more information see the link.

Do you remember that in the prophecy of Moses, before they left captivity, homes of the Israelites received paint? 

Mercy beyond measure 



Eliakim said...

juniorvega10  Wrote: I NEED HELP WITH A DREAM
Just one thing in general. I dreamt last night about a pattern in the sky. I knew it was being drawn out for me. I felt a coming like could be alien or something. Didn't see any but i felt some type of coming. Now this particualer drawing was a flower of some sort. it had four sides but a bit off. Like wavy sides. Some were perfect some not. I have no idea what a name of a flower is if it isn't simple. rose tulip lilly simple right. anyhow i switched over to a new scene of this man cutting grass going between a wooden gate through a small hole back and forth and my neighbor came out and just told me the flower. Then I went back to the original dream again. and continued seeing the flower. This was shown to me as sky writer technique. Well anyhow he said it was a sleepy dolly. Ok so there is no sleepy dolly however I went online to search and wouldnt you know there is a dolly flower that looks identical to my dream.
what does this mean.. its a specific flower...

I typed in for flower and this is what i got

To see colorful flowers in your dream signify kindness, compassion, gentleness, pleasure, beauty, and gain. It is also symbolic of perfection and spirituality.

I am a christian so What I felt in the dream was a coming....Any help here?


Thank you for sharing your dream. There is a Catholic prophecy that was received by a nun in the 1930's and it relates to the PATTERN. I have done a post on it, and the next job is to do a video about it.

The PATTERN painted is very important.

Remember in the time of Moses blood was put on the houses of the Israelites that must not be touched. The PATTERN is the same, although I call the patterns mandalas. Every one is unique and individual. Have you tried to paint what you saw? Before you go to sleep tonight ask the LORD if you can paint what has been shown to you. If not, where should you get your pattern from and from whom. Ask the LORD or his Son to tell you his will for you.

Eliakim said...

The flower in the link that you provided is to do with the geranium' and its oil is for 'assimilation' . As an aromatherapy oil it helps the body to assimilate nutrients, it also helps with assimilation of processes to do with life experience. So it is very good idea to give yourself massage with geranium and also make sure that you have plenty in stock in advance. Geranium is also excellent with lavender and it does relax you completely, and prepares you for a good nights sleep.

Geranium is a great nurturer in the family of plants.

It also works with the heart and vibrates to the planet Venus. Has we know we had the second venus transit of the sun this year. That won't happen again in our lifetime.

Has far has the grass cutter is concerned. In the biblical prophecies, the people are described has being like grass and flowers that wither and die. Some flowers from the 60's are also being blown away in this timeline, due to what they have done. The fact that you saw the grass cutter is informing you of what is coming to be.

You were given the pattern because that is an important message for you and for others.

Love and mercy beyond measure

PS looking at the link again, at the end of the article in the Guardian, it refers to the flower that the person says that they saw as 'SWEETHEART GERANIUM'. It is white with red hearts. Lovely.