Monday, 1 October 2012

St Clement of Alexandria

Comments to the previous post called 'Warding off the captivity' have compelled this post.

What did St Clement say about the Son of God?


"For this He came down,
for this He assumed human nature,
for this He willingly endured the sufferings of man,
that by being reduced to the measure of our weakness.
He might raise us to the measure of His power.
The Word of God, became man just that you may learn from a Man how it may be that man should become god."

"The purified righteous man has become a coin of the Lord, and has the impress of his King stamped upon him." Clement of Alexandria

"One side of the coin is all knowing and the other side is purity personified." from Sacred Words.

"Blessed are those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes...." Luke 12:37

I am one that knows God and his Son, and there is a book on the work of St Clement of Alexandria that is titled 'One who knows God'.

He sent the Lute of Lovingkindness, then he sent the Harp of Faithfulness,  this time it is a woman has indicated in the scriptures. The Egyptian Copts also knew that a woman would come. 



Anonymous said...

Here you are Eliakim. This should be easy for a self styled clairvoyant like you and an opportunity to show your true abilities. This is an urgent situation. You would surely be able to see exactly where she is and what she is wearing. Describe the location - Claivoyants in US are helping police all the time. The Police are waiting for the call to say where this little girl is. Put your Divine work to good use and then when you have earned the merit of recognition, then allow other peole to decide if you merit praise. This should be easy for you given what you are writing.

Eliakim said...

1. I do not ask for any praise. I praise the LORD and ask others to praise him.

2. I have already earned the merit of recognition. I was nominated in the USA by two different organizations and one in Geneva. In addition, the prophecies tell you that the ELOHIM decided to let me go forward to represent them.

However, the recognition given by the LORD and his Son, was the most important of all. Although, I never did seek their recognition, and because I did not seek it, it was bestowed upon me. Jesus Christ informed me that I had been chosen due to my integrity. He also stated that it was because I was humble and had never ever asked for anything for myself or my son.

Now as far as your request is concerned. I will ask the LORD if he would like me to do a remote viewing for the child. If he says yes, then I will respond to your request. If he does not respond then it means no.

Eliakim said...

An office notification keeps coming up on my computer for India, today at 9.00am. There is a gateway opening.

Anonymous said...

The Prophesies do not tell ME anything of the sort about you.

When and if the LORD and his Son declare you to be recognised, the world will know about it. This has not happened - only from yourself.

If you are sincere and claimed to have abilities, with the plea to national media, you do not need permission. No excuses Eliakim. A child is in REAL danger here.

If the LORD is instructing you, you should be able to easily identify where the child is. A Queen by right is to serve her people and a little girl needs help. What are you going to do?

What if your baby disappeared?

Eliakim, just remember, as we are given it can easily be taken away.

Queens have made suggestions and people have suffered and even lost their head in history. It is wise to examine your inner process on a constant basis and remember you are writing in the public domain.

You do not have permission to slam nations of people or groups of people from any religion. Do you recall what happened to the Jews. Very irresponsible in your words.

Being wise means understanding not just delivering information. Take time to re-think your process.

Eliakim said...

Many biblical prophecies have already been fulfilled by me. As the LORD God said 'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it'.

I recognized another prophecy fulfilled yesterday, where it mentions that she would reward in the middle of the assembly and say their name.

That was indeed done, and yet, at that time I wasn't made aware that I was fulfilling prophecy, it made me smile yesterday the more that the LORD reveals to me about what we have done in recent decades.

My abilities have already been proven, tried and tested by the ELOHIM that this ELOHIM represents. As the LORD God said 'You have passed the litmus test'.

Eliakim said...

My being belongs to the LORD, and I was divinely taught that everyone must always ask permission. Otherwise you transgress the spiritual law of creation. We warned the spiritual about 'permission' many times.

It is because the spiritual transgressed the spiritual law of creation that many civilizations fell, including Atlantis. At that time they did not listen to their Queen and we all know what happened due to their transgressions. That is why many people are afraid of spiritual people, they are fully aware of what they do and have done on a soul level in past lives.

Justice is a very thin line to walk.

My inner process is carried out on a daily basis and those that are close to me are aware of that. I am doing a lot of cellular clearing work on a physical level and been engaged in a lot in recent years. The cellular clearing work that I do, is not just to benefit my own physical, it is to help others with theirs.

As the biblical prophecies inform you the LORD is my refuge. I have served humanity for decades to the best of my abilities and those that have been served are fully aware of. Our soul group has received about miracle, we are truly blessed.

The holy mother once said to me 'You do not have to share your wisdom, you can just share your heart'. 'There is wisdom in silence'.

I am the Queen of the South that has more wisdom than Solomon. He has reincarnated and I know who he is.

As far as the nations are concerned, the bible warned you in advance that the Queen of the Prophets would come with the people at the time of judgement, and the nations would be judged. Jesus warned Israel that they would be judged as well. Indeed they were, the war came against them, and so did the fire. Exactly as the prophecies predicted would happen after I was planted in Israel.

They were warned in advance about the war, like you they did not believe me.

Eliakim said...

As one Christian said 'It is better to rebuked than for love to remain hidden'. The nations, religions and individuals have been rebuked. Judgement has taken place to raise them up out of their transgressions of the spiritual law of creation.

It pleases the LORD that you stand against us, because as the prophecies predict, it provides us with an opportunity to purify you.

So did you seek within at your inner process and the words that have come out of your mouth and been written. Have you looked at the words that we have asked you to look at? Did you find the root cause of the core issues that you hold within.

Anonymous people have no right to ask anything of me. I serve the light and will always do so, eternally and forevermore.

If the LORD ordains to instruct me then he does so.

Yes, I do recall what happened to the Jewish people and the Rebbe and the Rabbi's from down the ages stand with me, they stand with and support the righteous. As does the Son of God.

When I asked the LORD for permission he did not give it. However, he did give me a message that I emailed to another person for the record. Hence, that person knows the message that I received. The message cannot help the child.

The heart indeed understands about the delivering of information. I was trained in it for many years and in the communication from the heart. I also worked in the communication industry. I am a professional in more ways than one.

The biblical prophecies informed you that I would be a 'skilled writer', that was another biblical prophecy fulfilled. Not only was I skilled, also a professional that could hit the target in the most amazing ways. My history is well documented, for those that have the eyes to see it, the ears to hear it and the heart to understand it.

So let us look at your latest 'accusation' of this Holy Spirit, 'irresponsible'. Seek within at your own 'irresponsibility' because it is clear what you do, I see the words that you have written and tells me all about you, and what you have revealed to us about you.

In your words anonymous you think you are 'wise' well you know what the biblical prophecies say about that don't you.

Teshuvah Anonymous Teshuvah