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Virgin -v- The Snake

'In the end it bites like a snake and poisons like a viper'. Proverbs 23:32 In Amos it is written, 'They have turned justice into poison'. Amos 6:12.

So no surprise then that Americans have the ‘snake’ on their banners. With the slogan ‘Don’t tread on me’. The patriots chose it, I did not choose it for the Americans to represent them.

You know what that represents don’t you?

The ‘snake that licks the dust’ of the earth. When we were defeating the ‘false prophets’ from the USA, in the public domain, the Son of God said ‘Another one bites the dust.'  Interesting that he should use those words from the song sung by QUEEN. 

‘She shall crush the head of the serpent.’

The Seed of the Woman
Did the Catholics get it right about the woman that would crush the head of the serpent? 

Clearly not.

So who is she, do you know her and her seed? 

Matthew 24 spoke about this timeline and what would come to be. It also speaks of the one that was saved would share their testimony with the nations. Has we know the wondrous woman from heaven was rescued twice, first in the Rev 12 timeline. Second in the Micah 4 timeline. In the latter it was to do with Babylon, e.g. the USA. Both times it was to do with her sharing her testimony with the nations; and those that were trying to stop her from doing so. 

The bible predicted that the end would come when the one that was saved shared the testimony with the nations. 

A Christian that comes to this blog, keeps on asking about Buckingham Palace and the crown, and I have informed her that that the palaces belong to the people of their nations. There has been talk of Buck House, becoming a hotel and conference centre in the media. That is fine, as long as ALL of the proceeds go to helping the poor. 

No longer shall the nations monarchies live off the backs of the poor, it surely is the end for the earthly monarchies and their governments that do not live in harmonic concordance with the spiritual law of creation. Taxing the so-called royal families that came to be is not enough, they have to give up the lands and properties that were plundered in their names. David Cameron said that he does not 'plan to defend privilege but to spread it.' However, so far, he has done the opposite; and the poor are suffering more than before. 

They have to return the lands to the indigenous peoples and reimburse them as required by the indigenous peoples. Whatever the indigenous peoples decide for themselves, I will support them with their decisions. For they are the great defenders of the natural resources, rain forests and eco-system of this planet. The monarchies and Church took the lands from the people and it is time to give them back. Including in the UK, the land belongs to the people, along with its natural resources. 

As the bible states, what you give comes back to you 30, 60 or 100 fold, and the indigenous peoples have given a lot to help our planet, 24/7. Most of the indigenous leaders live in harmonic concordance with the spiritual law of creation. 

I also informed the Christian that New Jerusalem shall not be built in the UK, the USA, or Israel. The LORD God did not ask for a palace for his righteous holy one, he asked for a house. An ecological and self-sustainable house. In the biblical prophecies he asks 'Where is the house that you will build for me?'. He also asked for a housekeeper to take care of the house, and to cook for his holy one. So that she can continue to carry on doing his will, and fulfill his instructions. 

In the biblical prophecies Joseph is given a double plot. 

This inspired painting done in early August was interesting. At first I saw a Sikh, and as we know there was a happening in the USA at a Sikh temple around that time. At the time of the shooting, I was cut off from the internet exactly has Prophet Daniel predicted that I would be cut off. However, I was crying a lot at that time, and if and when that happens, it means that another massacre is about to take place. It was also to do with a son, and in the Daily Mail article it mentions the mother who spoke about her precious son. Read the article, the fun loving child grew up and went into the military. He didn't only go into the military, he was in psychological operations. [2] Do you hear me America and what you are allowing to happen to your children? 


However, when I looked at the painting when it was placed upon the wall, I then saw the holy mother, and two people defending her. It reminds me of Elizabeth I, and also Queen Victoria. However, I also see the two meditation healing CD's that are behind her, divine mother energy from two different cultures. The two energies that pushed her forward into a new reality so that she could become what she was ordained to become. The healing meditation was also a biblical prophecy, and part of the criteria, although I was not aware of that until years after it was released. 

I see the almond shape that is symbolic of the Virgin mentioned by Prophet Zephaniah for this timeline. It is also represents the Vesica Piscis and sacred geometry.  Often seen in historical art to represent a Queen from heavenly reality. A celestial one. 

In spiritual symbology, the almond is the first flower of the year to blossom, known has the 'awakener', it depicts 'watchfulness', 'sweetness' and 'delicacy'. No surprise then that it is also a symbol of daughter Zion, and she does have almond shaped eyes that are blue with brown specks. In Christian symbology, the almond is divine favor and approval. The purity of the Virgin. 

The scene of the three different energies are on green pastures, and they have the land under their feet. 

This painting shows us that the woman with almond blue eyes; is defended by those that come from the Christ energy due to the gold that they wear. They honor her and who she is. Their white hair indicates that they are elders and they understand the point of everything, these spiritual elders are very close to her and nothing can pass them. They are like gatekeepers; and they too were born on the land of Joseph. The painting indicates, that they know her heart and where she is coming from. 

She is surrounded by powerful energy, behind her, each side of her, in front of her, above her and  below her. My mother also blessed me with a blue outfit when she was alive. A blue outfit made in sackcloth, long skirt, top and matching coat. I wore the blue coat to her funeral, over a white dress that she also gave me. Has the LORD God said 'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it.' 

The bible also spoke of the time of the end, how one of the signs was the blossoming of the almond tree. [1] No surprise then that the almond tree is pink, the color of the love ambassador, the color that she was divinely instructed to wear for the holy gathering in Israel in May 2006. Yes, there are photographs of it, the evidence does exist. It was divine providence when she received the 'scroll of remembrance'. Another criteria for the one that the LORD God sent to help his people. 

Love beyond measure 




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