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LORD of HOSTS - Isaiah 57

Isaiah 57 is a text worthy of review, because it is to do with this timeline that Prophet Malachi also predicted in regard to the time of judgment. Also various characters are mentioned in the text itself.

It mentions how the 'Righteous perish' and the public indifference to it. Do you remember the public indifference to the death of Michael M. Mauldin? Or how about Andrew Breitbart?

The biblical scholars share with you how Isaiah 57 is 'composed of a series of severe warnings that nothing but disaster awaits them because of their turning away from God, their unspeakable ungodliness, idolatry, and the hypocritical wickedness'. 

The text includes the 'Sorceress' and the sons thereof. Please see the link for a full explanation of that. [1]. Unfortunately, the scholars did not compare this text with the other prophecies of Malachi and the book of Revelation. As such, they did not access the fact that the prophecy is about this timeline.

This text from Prophet Isaiah is clearly warning about the judgement that is coming upon the USA. The prophecy also aligns with the Native American prophecies about the USA and the destruction that is coming upon it. Isaiah 57 explains to the people the reason why it is happening to them and so does Prophet Malachi see chapter 3.

The biblical scholars also mention how the reasons given are as follows:

1. Public indifference to the death of the righteous.
2. Their mockery of God. [1]
3. Practice of the 'grossest idolatry'.
4. Seeking 'self-gratification'.
5. They did not listen to the warnings given and act upon them.
6. 'Obstinate transgressors to be deprived of every blessing'.

Other characters that are mentioned include ELOHIM, the 'fruit of the lips'. The Rabbi's know that the 'Fruit of the Lips' is a description for a prophet. The text also tells you that the 'fruit of the lips' is far away from them, and that the prophet is in peace. At the same time ELOHIM tells the people that 'there is no peace for the wicked.'.  In addition, it mentions a person that is nearer to them that will be healed. This is clearly talking about the location. So we have a location in addition to a timeline of the Messianic age.

The text tells you that the righteous are taken away so that they will not have to experience what is to come. The scholar at Study Light wrote

The plight of the wicked appears more sharply here than in Isa. 48:22, because it contrasts with the glorious salvation they have refused. "Only the choice of men separates the `peace, peace' of Isa. 57:19 from the `no peace' of Isa. 57:21 [2] 

Has we know the root of the word for peace in Hebrew means wholeness, has such, the text is telling them that due to them refusing the glorious salvation,  they will continue to be fragmented. Nations of fragmented people do not attain peace. 

It is also telling you that ELOHIM is whole. Wholeness is also related to holiness. For there is no holiness without wholeness that comes to be in the purification process. That is why the one known as Jesus Christ taught wholeness, he was indeed a shamanic healer of consciousness. 

We did warn people that they had until 2012 to get on board, and I am pleased to report that recently another lady got on board the recovery ship, and a miracle has been the result. 

We also informed that they had until 2012 to live ecologically and self-sustainably. We advised them to come together and build eco-villages together, away from the materialistic society that the USA has become. 

We informed them of the divine plan to build New Jerusalem on his chosen holy mountain as well. Isaiah 57 also mentions the holy mountain that has been chosen. The orthodox Christians completely ignored what was being conveyed, and simply did not understand the sheer importance of what was being shared with them. 

As such, they did not share it with other Christians and help them to understand the importance of supporting ELOHIM and the building of the new holy city on the holy mountain. Instead they send me videos from a man that goes by the name of Nathaniel against Israel. 

America chose to go its own way, and the Native Americans know that destruction is coming upon its lands. They call it the great cleansing that was inevitable, it is also a karmic situation, for that which you give you will indeed receive. It is a matter of the law of creation, and its physics of cause and effect.

If you have been chosen, then you will either be removed from the land itself by the LORD telling you where to go, or like the righteous that have already died, some will choose to leave because they have already made that soul agreement to do so.

The text mentions the LORD of hosts, as the one giving the warning to humanity through his ELOHIM  of wholeness. As we said to them may my peace be with you. Here is a link that mentions the LORD of Hosts. [3]

The people that hosted ELOHIM in Israel, know full well who their LORD is, and how he kept his promises to them in such a beautiful and simple way. He promised them that he would reward them if they returned to the sacred. They were given the largest 'Lily of Peace' I have ever seen, and it was delivered by these hands. They were given the meditations and 'Doves of Peace', they were given a pink heart, and I asked them to keep ELIJAH's foot that they gave to me. For remembrance that I am always with them. 

I am not just talking about land, I am talking about those spiritual Israeli's that I was blessed to share my heart with. My heart did indeed hear their hearts. Of course there are also others from other nations that have also returned to the sacred, and that does include Native Americans. Russell Means (USA) was blessed with a miracle when he did so. He indeed was healed just like the prophecy in Isaiah 57 predicted. His heart was heard as well. 

A young single mother, an artist in St. Augustine that admired what I was wearing, was given it has a gift. The new cotton wrap was golden in color. She was rewarded for her return. 

Many rewards have been handed out in different nations. Especially to the poor, healing meditation  and lilies were also given to the mother of the family in Florida.  A family that had been harmed by many Churches and their doctrines. 

Healing meditations were given freely to the poor, it was a sign that it was time for their nation to heal. Of course, the biblical prophecies mentioned the meditation as well. Long before I became aware that it was mentioned in the bible. As the LORD said 'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it'. 

YHWH Zeba'ot 

It is noteworthy also that the name Yhwh Ẓeba'ot is more than once directly associated with the Ark, which was the symbol of God's presence in the midst of the hosts of His people (Num. x. 35, 36; I Sam. iv. 4; II Sam. vi. 2). Later, and especially in prophetic usage, the word was transferred to the heavenly hosts, or rather the heavenly were added to the earthly hosts. For this idea of heavenly hosts joining their forces with those of God's people, or fighting on behalf of God's servants, compare Judges v. 20; II Kings vi. 16, 17; Ps. xxxiv. 7, lxviii. 17. [4]

When I was in Israel in 2006, Melchizedek said to me 'Row the boat home ELOHIM', prior to leaving for Israel, Archangel Gabriel also gave counsel, 'You hold the oars, not the oars hold thee'. His message meant that I had be responsible for what took place. I had to be in charge of the mission to Israel and other places. I had to complete what I had been sent to do, in the way that I had been trained divinely to do it. I had to be free to follow the divine instructions that I was being given; to enable the divine intervention and its implementation to be fulfilled. The Son of God also gave counsel before I left for the first mission to Israel, he said 'Do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing'. 

Has we know the sign of Jonah also arrived in Israel in 2010. A real whale, just as the Son of God had predicted would come when the judgement began. 

The orthodox Church sing for forgiveness to the LORD of hosts. 

No surprise then that there was a case last week where the pigs ate an American farmer. 

The video tells you that the animals are preparing for the kingdom of YHWH. 



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