Sunday, 21 October 2012


HarvestArmy provide this video on the flooding of France, the overflowing of the river banks. Dated the 21st of October 2012. Are we surprised? No. Did they not understand the biblical prophecies of what would happen if they refused the gentle water of Shiloah? Do you remember the Asian environmental disaster, and how prior to that the LORD God called his holy ones for action in 2004?

Do you remember we told you about the dream of the black wave coming that took over the sand and made everything black?

Do you remember Haiti? Do you remember the BP oil spill?

Do you remember Japan and the fact that the LORD God had warned you that there was a 'tsunami of pain' coming?  Prior to what happened in Japan he spoke to you again. We informed you that 'Creation is Calling' and the environmental disaster happened in Italy at the time of writing it.

Do you remember that we wrote about the 'Ecological funeral' prior to Japan? Now France and its floods in Southern France, notice that the sites of the Catholics are mentioned and the pilgrims to them are pushed away by the water. Lourdes was flooded, now see our post that mentions Lourdes, Rev 6, 4th seal, famine plague.


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