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I don't usually go out on the 31st of October, I am usually snuggled up in hibernation on the night of halloween. However, this night the LORD God walked me out to get something to eat and drink. As I left home, a band of children were coming along, they were near the house where I saw the magpie the other day. The children between the ages of 6-8 were singing 'sexy lady'. Was I really hearing what they were singing? They were all dressed up for an halloween party and they all had buckets.

I ordered my meal and then went next door. Lo and behold, what is this the LORD God is wishing for me to see? Headline on the local newspaper is 'Anger at Blackout Chaos'. Traders hit out after 36 hours without power'.

Do the locals or media know the significance of the number 36? Clearly not. It is because they do not understand the signs and its numerics that they are in 'Blackout Chaos, and Anger'. Apparently. the local business community lost thousands. Is that because they did not help the ELOHIM? Is that because they robbed the ELOHIM, has the biblical prophecies predicted? Did they pay her wages? No, so now they suffer the consequences.

So what is the importance of the numeric of 36? In Hebrew gematria 36 is the 'righteous soul'. In other words Tzadikim. Are the ordinary people in this town aware that the teacher of righteousness lives in their town? No. Only the extraordinary KNOW!

The sub-heading in the newspaper mentioned 36 hours, the main text mentions 48 hours. So what is the significance of 48? 48 is the gematria value of 'cell', do you remember that the teacher of righteousness was put in a cell in January 2011 by police? Do you remember that Queensland in Australia was flooded during that solar eclipse? Do you remember when the town flooded, the day that injustice was served against her? Do you remember that the newspaper headline mentioning the 'FURY of the FLOOD'? The flood that they town could not understand.

Isaiah 48 speaks about the 'stubborn hearted people'. Has we know we can find them in every nation. The USA spends more money on halloween than anyone else, it goes into billions. So what I have seen this halloween in the UK? It is like a storm in a teacup; compared with what the USA is experiencing in their nation.

Hence, the greater 'cup of wrath' is with them. Not just because of US halloween of Babylon, and what the LORD God called the 'IGNORAMUS' and 'DINOSAUR, USA.  It is really a great deal more than that. Much greater, it stretches right through all of the churches of the USA, its bankers, medical profession, scientists, military every area of life.

So what did the LORD God show me next? While reading the local newspaper, he showed me that there was a new band and I mentioned the new bands that were coming with this total solar eclipse. The logo of the new band is the SWANS, how wonderful and graceful is that? They also have an Indian name, perfectly aligned for the Diwali Total Solar eclipse on the 13th of November, 2012. I truly wish them great success.

What else did he show me after that? Walking back home I passed an evangelical Church on my left side, the children had been to a party, the church had called it the 'Light Party' on Halloween?

Surely not I hear you saying! Surely yes, that is what the Church were doing with the children on the 31st of October, 2012. Do you remember what the bible said to you about the light? How many Christians think that the Church and its member are its light? If that was so; why are people of the Church being murdered? Compared with his holy ones that he rescues? Ponder upon it. For this is a time of deep reflection of where you are coming from.

What preference does the LORD God have? He would prefer that you celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, than halloween. He would prefer that the children learnt how to paint symbols and patterns and how to understand spiritual symbology. He would prefer that you taught your children how to make sweets, how to cook, and how to dance in his joy. Being creative, healing and therapeutic. Instead of you honoring that which co-creates 'Harry Potter' theme parks, and that which co-creates the 'Ignoramus'.

Ireland remember where it has led the USA, they now hold 'voodoo festivals' in New Orleans. Is it any surprise at what happened to them? 'The more that the darkness is allowed to grow, the more that the darkness feeds upon them.'  Remember this America that says 'anything goes'. No, nothing goes past the LORD God almighty. I can truly, assure you of that.

Through his Son, Jesus Christ, he predicted he would build his church on Peter. Indeed he did. However, it was not the Church that the Vatican built. Oh no, the true and real community of the one known as Jesus Christ, was built upon a humble man, a healer of humanity and nations.

A self-development facilitator that could hear the hearts of the gentle and innocent like the fragile flowers that he knows that they are. He could collect their tears like precious gems that sanctified him. He truly could wipe their tears away. He is a blessed man in the eyes of the LORD God, and his Son. That is why yours truly was sent to honor him with the gift that the LORD God chose for him. He will always remain in my heart as a beloved one. Many lifetimes, many hearts. The truth of the ELOHIM will stand in integrity, and do what they have come to do. They will fulfill their missions, I came to help them, to do that; and they came to help me. As the LORD God said 'It is not a one-way street'.

As the LORD God said in 2004, 'We are in this together, you and I'.


I can tell you that all of your loved ones, that have passed over, are yelling at you. Can you hear them and what they are trying to convey to you and your hearts? I do not wish for you to leave this planet, the way that they left. They do not wish for you to taste disease.

After this post was finished, I pondered on its title 'Tzadikim -v- Blackout'.

I pondered on the fact that the last time that I went to a big party, there was a lovely colored guy there who lives in our town. Charming, tall, good looking, lovely wife and children. When we arrived at discussion, he made it clear, that he was a Muslim and supported their reality. He was not hearing me. At the same party in this town, there were two people from the media. Journalists that live here, and work in London for the MSM. The wife triggered all over the place, when I began to share the truth. I was truly sober, and she was drunk. I left them in the space that they were in. There is nothing one can do; to help those that refuse to be helped. Hence, Prophet Isaiah knew that as well. Isaiah 8.

So this isn't just about the USA, as Jesus predicted. A prophet is not accepted in its own town.

Love beyond measure


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Eliakim said...

Another story about England and what happened to a beautiful child of light.

How long has England got?