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"There are 5 Lakota young adults which are running in the New York City Marathon on November 4th. They are running to raise money to build a youth center in Allen, South Dakota. They are hoping to raise $18,000 towards the $200,000 they still need. This touched my heart, young people getting involved in fund raising to help build a youth center.

Our own Billy Mills put our reservation on the map when he won the Olympic Gold medal at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. He is the only American to ever to win the Olympic gold in the 10k meter run. His 1964 victory is considered one of the greatest of Olympic upsets. He ran with borrowed shoes. Running has always been a part of our culture.
The youth center in Allen will be a model for other districts in Pine Ridge. Allen SD is almost in the center of the Pine Ridge Reservation and is the poorest place in the United States. Per the 2010 census, Allen has a per capita income of: $1,539 and a population of 420 This is in sharp contrast to where they will be running. Lower Manhattan is the richest place in US and has an average income of $5,711,000 The person with an average income in Lower Manhattan makes TWICE AS MUCH IN ONE HOUR then the average person in Allen does all year. And what is really sad is that person is Allen has so many children depending on that $1,539 a year.

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is broken up into 8 districts. These 8 districts are: White clay, Wounded Knee, Porcupine, Medicine Rock, Pass Creek, Eagle Nest, La Creek and Wakpamni or Pine Ridge. Allen is in Pass Creek district:

Jeri Baker is the director of one Spirit and was very proud to be the only non-profit that the Oglala Sioux Tribe recognizes. They are Lakota and Non-Lakota volunteers. The money for the running shoes, rooms and airfare to New York has already been donated. These NEW donations will be going to the NEW Youth Center to be built in Allen.

John DuBray, the Reservation Program Director for One Spirit, lives in Allen, and he said he chose to work with One Spirit because almost 100% of the money donated is given to the cause and not used to pay administrative salaries. He also said the population in Allen is actually around 2000, with 1500 of them children under 18.

Bamm Brewer is another Reservation Program Director for One Spirit, and lives in Pine Ridge. He said ESPN and others are coming to the reservation and will be interviewing them next week and these runners are already our heros. He writes for the Lakota Times.

Dale Pine is the coach for the runners and the Pine Ridge HS Coach. He said the runners have been running hard to prepare for the race. They are running on the dirt roads and hills just like Billy Mills did when he won his Olympic gold medal.

His son, Alex Pine Wilson, 24, from Pine Ridge, is an accomplished runner who placed fifth in the State Cross Country when he was only in the eighth grade and went on to win the State championship in that event as a high school senior. He is a 3 time state champion. These runners are featured in the video in the description. Please watch the video it is a very moving video showing both the spirit of the runners and horses and how they can run as one.

Kelsey Good Lance is 21 and from Pine Ridge. Kelsey's training paid off recently when he won the Oglala Lakota Nation 10k race. This win is most impressive because kelsey arrived late to the race, after the other runners had begun, and STILL won.

Nupa White Plume is 27 from Wounded Knee . Nupa is an all-around athlete, has competed in the Iron Warrior events and is an experienced horseman. Last year, he auditioned for and won one of two spots in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show. Family complications kept him from touring Europe though.

Jeffrey Turning Heart Jr is from Eagle Butte. Jeff is a dedicated runner who has already ran a total of 2000+ miles this year. He runs for the pure joy of running and has great fun with crazy running outfits. He ran the 8K race for Breast Cancer while sporting a hot pink Mohawk and shirt. He will be sporting a bright RED Mohawk for the NYC marathon."

Amanda Carlow teaches at Red Cloud School on Pine Ridge Reservation and is the Cross Country Coach. She has a long history of running, including marathons and she is a Sun Dancer.

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One spirit Video of runners:
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May God bless them all. 

This was my first Indian mandala and it was done in August 2012. 

This was done for a child in the UK that had strong American Indian energy with him, it being a mandala with Indian symbols, it is appropriate for this blog post. 

Love beyond measure 


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