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Jonathan's Mandala

A young one with the name of 'Jonathan' from the USA, has helped me when he could. Here is his mandala to say thank you for giving your help from your heart. Has we know, it was Jonathan that was a friend of David in the legends of the bible. While I was painting this mandala for Jonathan, I was given the name 'Fraser'. The name is of Scottish and Norman French origin and it means 'of the forest men'.

Also the flower of 'Freesia', the 'Lotus flower',  the 'Flower of life.' and a connection with Melchizedek. The oranges and gold are really bright and beautiful. It reminds me of the hymn that we used to sing in assembly at school.

'All things bright and beautiful'. 

August 2012 

The lovely oranges and gold, oranges good for you Jonathan. Gold and orange together is also the unification of the Christ and Buddha energies together. I was divinely instructed to wear those colors when teaching Reiki Healing.

Here is the bust that was discovered in the remains of an ancient Greco-Buddhist city in Afghanistan. Dated 300AD. Here the Lute of Lovingkindness has a buddhist top knot on his head. Further confirmation that he was comfortable with the teachings of the Buddha and embraced them. There is also a book called 'The Original Jesus' The Buddhist Sources of Christianity' by Elmar R. Gruber and Holger Kersten. 

Around the same time I was compelled to do a painting for Afghanistan, teshuvah to its original goodness. Those that know, also know that the Lute of Lovingkindness taught his followers 'original goodness' and how that original goodness can be attained in everyone, when they truly teshuvah to the sacred. 


The flower in the mandala is surrounded by turquoise and that is the color of spiritual transformation, thymus level of 'I ACCEPT'. It is also a powerful color for the native Americans; and it is a lovely crystal to wear. I once wore a lovely silver necklace embedded with turquoise; that had been made in the USA by the indians.

Out of the spiritual transformation there are more flowers and leaves, more to come for you in the next four months, and four years Jonathan. There are 12 outer points to the mandala, and has we know 12 is a number related to the apostles. It is also the number of the months in the year. 

Around the flower we have the color brown, and brown is associated with St Francis of Assisi, the song that was sung by the Israeli's for the video for the everlasting covenant for the children. The everlasting covenant that was predicted by Prophet Isaiah, that we delivered on the 9th of September, 2007.

Brown is also a sovereign color and color of the earth. 

Then we have the dark red, the color of blood and its life thereof. Has we know the heavenly Father gives life to his creation, and his Son directed his followers to him. 

It is no surprise to me that Jonathan (USA) was brought to this blog, a friend of the beloved of God and his Son. No surprise that Jonathan's name means 'God has given'. The name is derived from Naton, and it means 'GIVE'. Giving is to do with the heart of 'I GIVE' and some people are compelled by God to give in the will of God, some are even instructed directly to do so. 

Has we know, the LORD our God sees everything, and everyone, there is nowhere to hide from the LORD. 

The freesia has a beautiful fragrance although it is a delicate flower. Grandmother Sophia, loved the freesia flower most of all. [1] Vibrational medicine, the flowers of life are being given to you Jonathan. Has we know, the flowers, plants, and leaves are given for healing the nations. You shall work with people who are 'delicate', due to what they have suffered. You shall bring your beautiful fragrance to them, you shall help them to accept the spiritual transformation that must take place to heal humanity and raise it up. Has we know, the most delicate of all are the children. 

What happened to humanity? Children stopped hearing this song in school, they started playing and aspiring to have 'computer war games' instead of seeking the beauty within, and in the environment.

The academics even reduced music and art classes, and Arthur Koestler warned about that in his book 'Act of Creation'. Every child is talented, not every child is academic. Every child is sentient like the flower, as such, art and music makes the heart of children sing. When they are allowed to express themselves in the way they like to do so, creatively.

No surprise then that the LORD God asked for the Churches to be handed over to the artists. Where people can paint, and create in honor of the Creator. Many redundant Churches in the UK were purchased by artists; in harmonic concordance with the divine plan.

The other link with Scotland and creativity, is that Koestler has a seat at Edinburgh University, they research and investigate the paranormal and parapsychology. 

Has I used to say to our students that were training to become healers, every soul is like the most precious flower that is put into your hands for healing. Hold the soul of the person that comes for healing gently in your hands, because a flower can be crushed easily.

"All things Bright and Beautiful' was written by Cecil F. Alexander. [2] It is a beautiful song, it was published in 1848. She was born in Dublin and she wrote hymns for little children. It is written that she wrote the Christmas carol, 'Once in Royal David's City', and here we have another link with the forest.
Cecil wrote a song called 'The Lord of the forest and his vassels'. Can you feel a connection with this poet and song writer Jonathan?

Her Father was from Norfolk, [4] England and that is where Dr Bach found the flowers for the vibrational medicine. There is a company that exists there today, its owner still collects the wild flowers, and makes vibrational medicine by hand in the traditional way. The company is called 'Sun Essences'. Vivien Williamson also wrote a book about the flower essences. [5]

This is a past life connection for you. I couldn't track down the song 'The Lord of the Forest' or its lyrics. However, here is another one of her songs.

'There is a green hill far away'. 

Love beyond measure Jonathan, thank you for caring fully. 


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