Monday, 22 October 2012


The Lakota Indian woman that shared the information with us about the Indian runners. Goes by the name of 'Pushthelimit'. Her channel on youtube is called 'Brown Eyes'. A mandala was inspired a few days before she launched her news about the Lakota and shared her video with us.

I feel this inspired mandala is for her at this time.

October 2012 

I see the flower that has blossomed with a lovely fragrance for life, like a beautiful red rose. I see that this flower has blossomed in her ecological environment of the Lakota. A land that is natural and true. I see the turquoise of spiritual transformation that she is a part of. I also see the royal blue and her connection with the world. This woman has the potential to be a great healer of souls.

I see the numerics of the mandala, 8+8+8 = 24, and the number 24 is to do with the spiritual elders that she honors in her community. Has we know the number 8 is also to do with spiritual transformation. It relates to the planet Venus, and USHA, divine truth, divine consciousness, and divine court. No surprise, then that we were brought together. We first connected after she shared that one of the elders had received some prophecy from a person that had delivered it to him. Its a prophecy that mentions the medicine mountain. In my humble view, the mountain that was mentioned in the prophecy that they received in the 90's, is related to New Jerusalem and the mountain where it is destined to be.

How wonderful that the 'Republic of Lakota' have a river called the 'HEART RIVER'.


May Great Spirit continue to bless them, and help them in all that they do to help their people.

Love beyond measure



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