Friday, 5 October 2012

Crows and Paintings

The LORD said 'Those that found you are happy'. Well that is good to know. 
While walking today, I saw a crow and it was sitting on top of a lamp. He just sat there looking at me until I acknowledged that I had seen him. I do love it the way the birds bring their messages. No surprise then that in biblical lore, Elijah the prophet was fed by ravens and crows. Also the LAMP of the body is mentioned as well.

Ted Andrews shares with us wherever crows are there is magic. 'They are symbols of creation and spiritual strength, they remind us to look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life'. The keynote of crow is that creation is calling, and its cycle of power is all day, all year.

The first time that I made a post called 'Creation is Calling', regarding the environmental situation, I tuned into Italy and was pondering on a dear friend there. It turned out afterwards, that while I was writing about the environment, an earthquake was actually taking place in Italy. So every time I see those words 'Creation is Calling' it will always remind me of that time.

The other aspect is that early this morning I shared the painting from Vincent van Gogh of the wheatfield and the crows. First the painting, then the crow itself.

Looking at the life and work of Van Gogh is interesting. How he was a translator of the bible into other languages, and how he failed his exams to teach theology. How he knew that the great masters gave messages in their paintings and writing works. He even spoke of it, of how those messages could lead people to God, and he wished to serve God in this way.

he said, " have to know just to be able to draw the least thing."[33]
Van Gogh aspired to become an artist in God's service, stating: " try to understand the real significance of what the great artists, the serious masters, tell us in their masterpieces, that leads to God; one man wrote or told it in a book; another in a picture."

How he spoke about how he was compelled to paint a series of ‘Blue and Yellow’ flowers. Blue and Yellow were the colors that I was divinely given for 'Angels Healing Trust' website when it was launched in 2000 for the children.

Do you understand the messages that Vincent van Gogh and other great Christians artists were delivering? Do you understand the symbology and where it was pointing you? 

I have a scanner now, so will be able to post some mandalas. 

“Therefore keep watch because you do not know when the owner of the house will come back—whether in the evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or at dawn. Mark 13:35 

Now the whole story about the rooster is in Proverbs 30 and it is about this timeline. Andrew Breitbart was born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster and he certainly knew how to crow. God bless him. 


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