Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Well we had the LOYALTY partial solar eclipse on the 25th of November and already information is coming through for the next big eclipse on the 10th of December, 2010.

This is the 'ESSENTIAL TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE'. It has been written that this will be a spectacular eclipse, it is certainly time for everyone to get their camera's out. It comes on the 'Day of Fervour', in the week of 'The Originator'. It will be visible over Asia, Australia, and north-west North America. The eclipse itself lasts for just under one hour and it begins at 14.05UT ending just before 15.00 hours. Hermit reports that the umbral magnitude will be 1.111 and that makes a lot of sense in this year of four. It also aligns with the four covenants mentioned by Prophet Jeremiah. See the first link for the map.

We could certainly do with a good one to end the year on a high. Mercury is retrograde until the 13th and has been since November 24 and that usually impacts on communication and on technology. So its a good time to watch the words that political leaders are using at this time, because their communication is certainly retrograde at this time. We all know about the 'accusers' don't we. Currently the Iranians are accusing the West, and the British government are accusing its own people who are striking and standing against them.

One astrologer wrote "The challenge is to disseminate accurate information. Listen closely for the truth."

Sabian Degree Symbols For This Lunar Eclipse. Sun: "Pelicans Menaced By The Behavior And Refuse Of Men. Moon: Seek Safer Areas For Bringing Up Their Young" They also declared "A Large Archaic Volume Reveals A Traditional Wisdom". [2] That is certainly interesting as we're having discussions with an editor at the moment. The LORD said 'What do you think Lotus Feet'. I feel it is grand LORD. 
Its well worth people taking a look at the Sabians during this eclipse and connecting with their hearts. 

Stars and Stones give us the astrological configuration. On December 10th 2011. The Moon will be in 18*10’ Gemini, opposing the Sun in 18*10’ Sagittarius. The eclipsed Moon and the Sun will be forming a square aspect to Mars in Virgo. [3] My moon sign is Gemini, and ascendent sign is Sagittarius; so it will certainly be interesting to see what the LORD has planned for us. 18+18=36 Hebrew gematria value of 'righteous soul'. 

Mars in Virgo the VIRGIN, Mars gives VIRGO the weight behind it that it requires to push forward in the right direction. Good eclipse for the WISE Virgins, not so good for the foolish ones. In the prophecies the Virgin stands against Obama with 60 other just ones. There certainly could be a few surprises with this eclipse, has more and more people make important choices about their futures in the present. In fact, it feels like discussions about the future will be very much on the table this Christmas and during this eclipse.

Last Christmas the Christians were called for duty and they were given the carol of the bells. This is a time to assess how much impact they've had and if their strategies and methods have been successful. It has a feeling of 'where do we go from here'. What more is required as we move into the long awaited 2012. As we know Sagittarius is also the archer firing its arrows and they love to travel. 

"Stars Over Washington' mention the fall of leaders to do with Mars being in VIRGO and as we know Virgo is a sign of perfection and purity. As such, all those that do not live up to their promises and agreements will certainly fall by the wayside now. 

The other sign of the falling of political leaders (I include the corporations in that as well), was the Malaysian tribunal that called for the arrest of Bush and Blair. The other day we also wrote about the 'COURT SITS END OF BEASTS' [5] and the biblical prophecies related to it. In addition, we have the coming of the end of the 42 months mentioned in Rev 11 and Rev 13, already featured in the lead up to this eclipse. [6] Apparently, the planet of expansion, Jupiter goes direct on Christmas day, exactly one month after the Loyalty partial solar eclipse. So we have 'Loyalty to Essentials and Expansion' of it. 


Now let us look at the date more closely. Ten is the number of new cycle of time, in the 12th month. The number of the Apostles in this year of four. 12 is also the number of the 'victim'. This is also the time of the cutting off the shepherds mentioned in Zechariah 11 so this eclipse is bound to impact on the Church and its religious leaders intensely, as we move through the last six months of the 42 months. I remember when the current Pope was elected and the Son of God told me that it would be genocide for the Church. 

In October a man even set the  bible on fire, on top of a colonnade in St Peter's Square in Rome. Security officials could not budge the man until he had made his statement. “Hey pope!” he cried out in English over the crowd. “Where is Christ?”

Now the LORD said 'FRIAR' and when I ponder upon the Friar, it reminds me of St Francis of Assisi and Friar Tuck in the Robin Hood film. St Francis of Assisi called his followers "little brothers'. Fratres minores. It is certainly a time to connect with our little brothers, siblings, and holy family and I do have a friend who is a friar, a Franciscan. The friar is also associated to the St Elijah monastery in Iraq. 

The LORD mentioning the Friar also reminds us of how St Francis in his humility shamed the Pope at that time. At the same in the USA they're talking about Obama's God-less thanksgiving speech. It appears that Obama wasn't taught about the Christian traditions in the USA. Even the British press picked up on it. [8]

In the date we have the energetics of 134 and in Hebrew gematria that is he value of WISE. In Greek it is 'Holy', 'Good', 'Work', 'Depth' and 'Theos' and theos can mean god or goddess. 

SAROS 135 

It is a SAROS 135 eclipse and that is extremely close to 134 of the date. What difference does one digit make? It is the Hebrew gematria value of the word 'Glory', 'Corner', Chief', 'Gather', 'Congregation', Assemble', 'Highway', 'Kingdom' and next year is a five year. 135 would also give us the 13th of May, and that is the anniversary of the gathering in Israel in 2006. 

The word for corner in Hebrew also relates to its appearance in Psalm 118. The stone (of spiritual independence) that the builders rejected. I have met more than a few builders in my time, and one of them was the catalyst for the whole self-healing journey to begin. Relationships can have that kind of impact upon you when a person seeks to understand why? Then the soul searching begins. Most Christians are not aware that Psalm 118 is about the last days of the end times. 

That then takes us back to the Sabians that we mentioned earlier. Scholars state that the name 'Sabian' is related to the word 'Theosebeians'. It also relates to 'submersion' and as we know submersion is related to the healing process when people are willing to dive deep within to collect the precious pearls of wisdom. However, submersion can also relate to baptism and showering. In other words when you are submerged in water with head covered in the waters of purification, it cleanses the auric field. 

Sabians were people that left their attachment to a particular religion. Basically, they honored truth from it but were not a part of it. Like being in this world but not from this world. They were pious, holy, godly and pro-Jewish. They respected and honored their heritage. In Islam the book of Psalms is known has the Zabur or Zaboor. Now I wonder how Muslims will feel when they come to know that King David was singing about the blessed ones, that have come to fulfill their reason for being on planet earth at this time. The spiritual that know the righteous path home to the LORD God. 

Theosebeians is clearly related to the greek word THEOS. In other words, they honored the gods and goddesses. They understood there are many heavens and many different realities. In the book of revelation the one that was victorious and overcome was put in charge of theos creation. One was put upon the throne and became a pillar in the temple of the LORD. In Psalm 92 it is the Harp of Faithfulness that came at night time, the one that was predicted to come after the Lute of Lovingkindness. It is written that King David was given a new revelation. 

What else do we have on the Pelican? The word means AXE and that relates to the axing of the shepherds in Zechariah 11 and the the court sitting to axe the beasts. Once again, the Axe is a Greek word. They also live by water. 

St Thomas Aquinas wrote about Christ as a 'loving divine pelican'. It is also a symbol of Corpus Christi and Corpus Christi means 'Body of Christ'. It is written that in Medieval Europe, they thought that the pelican was so attentive to her young that she wounded her own breast, providing blood when no other food was available. As such it was a symbol of self-sacrifice, one that gave all of themselves to help humanity. We did it all for love by sharing our own body, with the soul purpose of helping others. We gave blood means we gave our life in service for others, and that is what being humble is all about. The humble heart that was essential in the night time of the last days of the end times. 

When the righteous shared their pain, they provided a sacred and safe space for others to share theirs without remorse. To have no shame of doing so, their courage and humility shone out for all the world to see their divine light of love. In deed they fed the chicks dauntlessly, so that they could live and survive. Many tried to take them off course but none could do so, because they lived it and walked the talk. 

Prophet Joel knew this was truth and that their love would prevail. As you can see their long beak is pink the color of the love ambassador. 

We surely are in for an extraordinary time as more and more people come to understand the meaning of life and what is really essential now. We also mentioned the Pelican portrait in a previous post, related to England and Queen Elizabeth[11]. 

Prophet Isaiah also spoke of the Pelican. But pelican and hedgehog will possess it, And owl and raven will dwell in it; And He will stretch over it the line of desolation And the plumb line of emptiness. its nobles--there is no one there Whom they may proclaim king-- And all its princes will be nothing. Isaiah 34, that does not bode well for the royal families of the world. The worthless shepherds that are being axed after this eclipse. They do not have the favor or union with the LORD because they made no self-sacrifice for the sake of the people. They gave neither themselves or their wealth like the righteous ones did. 

As we know the desolation is also to do with the USA in this timeline and the man that co-created it, Obama. 

Psalm 102 also mentions resembling the Pelican in the wilderness and that links in with Rev 12 and the wondrous woman from heaven. It speaks of the appointed time to have compassion on (daughter) ZION, 
it speaks of the creation of a new people to come. 'Like clothing you will change them and they will be changed'. 'The children of your servants will continue, and their descendants will be established before you'. As we know the NT also speaks of a time when everyone will be changed in a twinkling of an eye. 

No coincidence then that I was compelled to have the eye on our website. 

We did it all for love. 



High Priest of HADDA

When the LORD mentioned Holland and Hadda the other day I did not relate it to a previous post. [1]It was only now, while looking for a post to link on the High Priest of Gandhara, e.g. the bust of the one known as Jesus Christ, that I noticed that post also mentions HADDA, where the bust was found. [2]

Please see previous posts. He could be in Holland at this time.




Tuesday, 29 November 2011


This post from April about seeing the Afgans feels appropriate to what is going on in Pakistan. [1] Especially, as the ancient civilization of Gandhara information was also posted in October. The latest news is that the Pakistani's are burning an effigy of Obama. As we know Obama attacked Pakistan four days into his presidency as predicted three months in advance. It looks like he will also leave his presidency due to Pakistan. Going out as fast as he came in. Its also reported that his rating is currently lower than Carter.

I watched a moving video this evening about the children in America living in cars. The report stated that one in four children are homeless in the USA. It does beg the question what did Obama and his wife do to raise these children out of homelessness during his first three years as a president in the USA. It seems to me that he was more interested in his speeches in Egypt, Turkey, his Arab Spring and making war with Libya, Afganistan, Libya, Syria and Pakistan. The astrologer that predicted that the war president would win the election was certainly correct.

Not the kind of president that puts children first. If he had put the children first then he would have concentrated on home affairs. The only home affairs that Obama was involved in was ensuring the money was taken from the American people, just like the biblical prophecy of Prophet Isaiah predicted that he would. The Leopard from Africa mentioned by Prophet Daniel and Rev 13, certainly did not change his spots, as we predicted. Close aides state Obama and Michelle are not happy in the white house. As I said  during the election, Obama would be a celebrity president and Michelle can't buy class. You either have it or you don't. No amount of shopping can give it to you, not even in Paris or Milan.

While Obama is burning down the USA, people are burning Obama abroad. Time for the Obama supporters that are left, to finally get the message before he tries to bury America in the mists of time.

The president that promised the world peace, brought the exact opposite, both home and abroad.

Nobody can give you that peace except the LORD.

I remember one of the last visions I was given of the USA, it was a coffin with an American flag on it, it was on the white house lawn. At the time it felt symbolic of the USA itself. However, in hindsight, it is the Americans that have died because of Obama. May they rest in peace along with others that have died in the Middle East during Obama's reign.




While I was cooking a wholesome winter soup. The LORD said 'The Hackney boys are on to it'. Then when I popped into a forum this video had been posted, its a Londoner telling Cameron why he and the people are striking. Big Smiles!

I lived through what is known as the 3 day week, we were working in candle light on the other two days. I also remember the nine month TV strike. This could get good if the people really take action with the unions. The people can bring this government to its knees within 3 days. Especially if the truckers get on board, the gas stations and food superstores would be empty within 2-3 days. As I said in the summer 'Call off Christmas'. That is the best way to strike the corporations, don't be a consumer for Christmas.

National strikes and lightening strikes are the way to go. It is the human right of the people to strike without warning, when governments are committing crimes against humanity.

David Cameron who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has seen nothing yet from the people of this country. When governments break their agreements with the people, the people have no agreement with the governments.

Go Londoners, go, go, go, the LORD is with you.

Best wishes for the 30th of November strike.


Scientist Dr Judy Wood 9/11

This is an excellent interview with the scientist Dr Judy Wood talking about 'Where did the towers go?'. There is also some great images of what happened in the video.

"Dr. Wood's own research is not speculation. It is a forensic investigation of what happened to the WTC complex on 9/11/01. She doesn't address who did it, nor does she concern herself with that question right now. Before issues of that kind can be addressed, we must first determine what happened."

Its also important to note that the destruction of the towers is also mentioned in the bible.

In the day of great slaughter, when the towers fall, streams of water will flow on every high mountain and every lofty hill. Isaiah 30:25 In your thoughts you will ponder the former terror: “Where is that chief officer? Where is the one who took the revenue? Where is the officer in charge of the towers?” Isaiah 33:18 

Shout against her on every side! She surrenders, her towers fall, her walls are torn down. Since this is the vengeance of the LORD, take vengeance on her; do to her as she has done to others. Jeremiah 50:15 This chapter in Jeremiah is about Babylon (USA) that is also mentioned in Rev 17 and 18. 

Moreover, our eyes failed, looking in vain for help; from our towers we watched for a nation that could not save us. Lamentations 4:17  He will direct the blows of his battering rams against your walls and demolish your towers with his weapons. Ezekiel 26:9 

Now surprise, surprise. 

In Jerusalem he made devices invented for use on the towers and on the corner defenses so that soldiers could shoot arrows and hurl large stones from the walls. His fame spread far and wide, for he was greatly helped until he became powerful. 2 Chronicles 26:15 That chapter is about the King of Judah, Uzziah. The root of the word Uzziah in Hebrew is transliterated as oz, and it means 'might', or strength'. 
Who comes from Oz? Rupert Murdoch. 

As we know Tesla was a Serbian-American. Tesla said "If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world." That is a superb quote, what an incredible man. 

It reminds me of the words said by the Lute of Lovingkindness "You are the light of the world, the flame of love that purifies whatever stands in the way of complete oneness with God'. From Sacred Words 

Thank you Dr Judy Wood for being a courageous, unfettered flame of love. 


Technology Banks Enough

Being a holy beggar does have its advantages, because it takes you to issues that impact on the poor that you wouldn't normally be aware of when earning a good salary. 

Issues with banks, if you go overdrawn by any amount now, they cancel your bank card. Basically they don't issue you with a new one. While you are wondering why your new card hasn't arrived, the bank's technology has cancelled it. 

Then you have to call them at your expense to find out what happened and to reinstate it. Of course you have to have some money in there and not be overdrawn.

So after waiting for a new card to be sent. 

Then I couldn’t access the card, so then I had to phone up again, it turns out that they had to unblock the card. 

Next day, then I couldn’t use the card so I had to phone up again, it turns out that they had to unblock the pin. 

I then asked the bank call centre why they did not unblock both at the same time. As usual they didn’t know, call centre workers are not paid to know anything. They're paid to read a computer screen.

Now we have unblocked card and pin, just tried it again, still no access. So now we have to call up yet again to get a new pin number. That will take at least another 3-5 days to arrive. This has gone on for nearly a month. When you cannot access what little money you have, the bank is still earning interest on it. How many other people in the UK are suffering the technology bank transgression against the people?

So tried to use a check with bank card. Now local shops not accepting checks with cards, and banks are not guaranteeing checks. That's across the board.

Apparently, the banks plan to remove all check books by 2018. There is even talk of them bringing it forward to 2016.

However, most places are not taking checks now, and one domain registrar were charging ten pounds extra to accept a check. So I had to ask a friend to pay the eight pounds, 50 pence due to not being sent a new card.

That is not the first time either that checks have been refused or ten pounds is being charged to accept. It comes to something when the charge to accept is higher than the cost of the purchase. Banks are doing the same, and some other retailers as well. Banks charge you to put money into the bank and take it out of the bank.

Age UK, are looking at the check issue because the elderly who depend on using checks. So the government have told the banks that they are going to have to come up with an alternative for elderly people. What alternative could that possibility be?

The aged, poor and those with ill-health are powerless against the technology of the banks, the people will simply die without access to their own money to feed themselves. That was what happened to Michael M Mauldin, he simply could not access his own money to pay for food, although he wasn't poor, he was rich. The man died in poverty due to what others had done.

If it wasn’t for my son, I would have eaten nothing for nearly a month. 

We cannot allow this to continue. 

Who else does it impact on? The small independents. This is what a couple of people had to say. 

"I was wondering what the alternative will be when the bank stop doing cheques, (a part from cash only). As I do small Craft Fairs, I can't afford a Credit Card machine at £35 a month and 5% charge on top. Paypal is an option, someone has told me, but I have also come across some venues that you can't get a signal for your mobile either. Wondering if anyone has thought about it" 

"It's a tough one this, some banks seem to be working on mobile to mobile payments using text messages but obviously that is no good if you have no mobile reception. I am thinking when push comes to shove, we are just going to have to make sure we know where the nearest cash machines are to direct customers to go and withdraw cash. I would imagine that regular craft fair venues will start to think about providing wireless internet access for a small fee so that stall holders can use laptops to take payments via paypal."

So what happens if you don't use a mobile? I do not use a mobile phone. Google are also threatening to cancel people's email accounts if they don't provide a mobile phone number. 

How dare they? The people are giving all their private information to google and those that access the data from google and the banks. 

The banks, google and governments are in breach of UN privacy laws. 

Also pay pal doesn't help when you have to move any funds from pay pal into a bank account to access any cash. 

What happens if people cannot afford a laptop or have a mobile? 

Basically, they will not be able to accept any financial transactions from the general public based upon the system that is being introduced. 

The whole banking system is totally dependent on technology, and the golden rule is don't put all of your eggs in one basket. That always was a motto of prudence. 

The only way out of the system is to be self-sufficient and co-create a new, alternative way that does not include technology. The more that technology is involved in money, the more powerless the people become, because they are left with no other option but to do what the bank says. That means there is no compromise, and your consent to changes made by the bankers is not required.  

Unless technology experts take over the personal banking system and completely reform it without any bankers being involved in it. As we know it is the personal banking system that has funded big business. If you take away the personal banking system, the big banks would not survive. Simple as that. 

The fact that the banks can get away with charging the people 30 pounds for going overdrawn by ten pounds; due to money not clearing their banking system is simply a criminal act against the people. That doesn't include the other charges that they have invented to fund their activities. Now the UK government plan to give the banks another 40 billion pounds of tax payers money to prop up the banks and their business investments. 

The banks could surely see this coming. Hence, why they made massive loans to 3rd countries and large interest rates that they knew they could not afford. The banking system globally, including sharia banking and finance is a crime against humanity. 

My view is that when the banks tear up their agreements with you, you can also tear up your agreements with the banks, what you might owe them gets torn up as well. The banks and bankers will pay for what they have done to the poor for decades. 

As the LORD God said 'It is not a one way street'. 


Mobile phones being tracked in shopping malls. 



All rights reserved. 

Coffee Healthy Reduces Cancer Risk

Its great when medical studies support that which is natural like coffee, and that it comes from the African continent and the Mayan lands. This is great news for Brazil, its largest producer. This article is shared thanks to the Jerusalem Post. This is a long term study carried out over a period of 26 years, and as we 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. 

As a life long coffee drinker, it cheers my heart that yet another study opposes the belief of many spiritual people; who refuse to provide coffee for their friends and clients. 

Coffee has much more antioxidants than most vegetables and fruit. A great added bonus.
How drinking more than four cups of coffee per day can cut the risk of endometrial cancer by 25 percent.

Newswise — PHILADELPHIA — Long-term coffee consumption may be associated with a reduced risk for endometrial cancer, according to a recent study in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Edward Giovannucci, M.D., Sc.D., professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, said coffee is emerging as a protective agent in cancers that are linked to obesity, estrogen and insulin.

“Coffee has already been shown to be protective against diabetes due to its effect on insulin,” said Giovannucci, a senior researcher on the study. “So we hypothesized that we’d see a reduction in some cancers as well.”

Giovannucci, along with Youjin Je, a doctoral candidate in his lab, and colleagues observed cumulative coffee intake in relation to endometrial cancer in 67,470 women who enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study.

During the course of 26 years of follow-up, researchers documented 672 cases of endometrial cancer.

Drinking more than four cups of coffee per day was linked with a 25 percent reduced risk for endometrial cancer. Drinking between two and three cups per day was linked with a 7 percent reduced risk.

A similar link was seen in decaffeinated coffee, where drinking more than two cups per day was linked with a 22 percent reduced risk for endometrial cancer.

Giovannucci said he hopes this study will lead to further inquiries about the effect of coffee on cancer because in this and similar studies, coffee intake is self-selected and not randomized.

“Coffee has long been linked with smoking, and if you drink coffee and smoke, the positive effects of coffee are going to be more than outweighed by the negative effects of smoking,” said Giovannucci. “However, laboratory testing has found that coffee has much more antioxidants than most vegetables and fruits.”

The Journey of the Coffee Bean 

Onwards and upwards 

The LORD said 'ROCKY'. 

So was it the Italians that took the coffee plant from Africa and planted it in South America? 


Monday, 28 November 2011


Well we had the post on Jerusalem's sins, [1] tears in heaven over the weekend, [2] then the LORD said HADDA [3] earlier this night after the whale post. [4]

Now the news is that Lebanon is firing at North Western Israel. The 4 rockets have destroyed two buildings in the Galilee, while the people of Israel were sleeping. Israel is firing back on Lebanon, thank goodness there is no injuries. [5][6]

There was a Saad Haddad who was the founder of the head of the Southern Lebanon Army and it appears that he was Christian and died of cancer. [7] As we know Hezbollah took over Southern Lebanon.

There is also a place called Hadda in Israel near the Galilee. See the map and the place names close by. [8]. If you read the previous post on Hadda you would have also seen that we wrote about the purification and water. On the 22nd of May 2006, we blessed the waters of the Galilee. So this surely is a reminder to the Israeli's that the LORD is still waiting for them to do his will.

The whale post is also a reminder to the Israeli's about the whale that turned up in Israel in 2010. The sign of Jonah and the judgement that was predicted in the book of Matthew. The prophecies about the Queen of the South have been shared with them, along with the other prophecies that relate to this reality. If the people of Israel choose to ignore the prophecies that help to shorten the last days of the end times, then it is upon Israel to take responsibility for their co-creation and that which they bring upon themselves.

This comes right after the LOYALTY partial solar eclipse that was called the 'Black Eclipse' and 'Sinister Eclipse' by the American astrologers. In other words without loyalty to the LORD and his instructions, look what happens yet again. The last war with Lebanon was in the summer of 2006 and the prophecies warned Israel what would happen if they don't take this reality to their heart. They were told the war would war would come, and if they still didn't take it to their hearts then the fire would come. The fire arrived at Jewish New Year, 2010.

We also had the sign of the Red skies and that is to do with storms. [9] Of course storms can come in different ways. It isn't always to do with the weather. Hence, why Lovingkindness calmed the storms of the emotions of the people; due to its impact on the weather and the rest of the cosmos.

All we can do now is pray that Israel get the message. Also send loving energy to the Lebanese to stop firing on Israel.



Schiphol Hadda

After making a post on our other blog regarding the warning from the whales in Tasmania. The LORD spoke and he said 'Schiphol' and then 'HADDA'. Another warning for Holland and Israel. To the best of my memory this is the third time that he has mentioned that airport in Amsterdam, Holland.

"Walvoord states that "in the Hebrew the word for "knowledge" is hadda'at, literally, "the knowledge," that is, understanding of this long prophecy. Some consider the sentence as referring to the eyes of a reader running "to and fro" in reading the Word of God (cf. 2 Chr 16:9)."3 William MacDonald strongly supports the secondary meaning when he states, "it teaches that many will study the prophetic Word and knowledge of it shall increase in the Great Tribulation." [1]

As we have explained previously, the trials and tribulation in the book of Revelation is ten days, e.g. ten years and it is to do with business and the corporations. It began in the summer of 2011. 

Hadda can also mean 'She who radiates joy", "ornament;, 'brightness'. [2]

There is a story regarding an Israeli-Tunisian Jew that had been captive in a Libyan prison. [3] Hadad agreed to finally break his silence and discuss with Tablet Magazine what he jokingly refers to as his “spa vacation” in Libya. His release was secured by a wealthy Austrian who negotiated his release and flew him out of Libya in February, prior to the war started by Obama. 

The name En-Haddah is mentioned in the book of Joshua to do with the allotment of the tribes. 

Jezreel mentioned by Prophet Hosea is also mentioned in this chapter along with En-Haddah, both from the tribe of Issachar. [4] It also mentions the name of my son Jordan. This tells me that some of the Dutch descendants from Amsterdam are from the tribe of Issachar. Issachar also means 'Reward', 'Recompense', or 'There is a reward'.  It was in 2010 that the LORD said that it was time for recompense. 

En-Haddah means 'SWIFT FOUNTAIN'. Hebrew strongs 05876. 

It is written that its root word is AYIN, that means EYE. Strongs 05869. In my humble view the eye is symbolic of the third eye. Hence, why the eye is on our website, the one that can see. The Hebrew letter became the letter O in Greek and Latin. So is the Hadda really to do with knowledge? Not in my humble view of it,  it is about seeing the waters of purification of the fountain. Like seeing the importance of the message that the whales delivered to Tasmania and Australia. 

Its an advance warning, Whales don't purposefully beach themselves unless there is a very important reason for them to do so. They will do all that they can to preserve human life and the LORD's creation that man is destroying. The term Haddad is also associated with the god of storms and rain. Hence, we have the swift fountain again, and something that comes fast and quickly. 

Its more than a few decades since I have been to Schiphol airport. However, as you know, my Dutch Jewish ancestors on my Father's side lived in Amsterdam before they moved to England. However, I am aware that some stayed in Holland. I remember my Father showing me a photograph of a large Jewish Dutch aunt, dressed in Victorian clothes. She was rather grand looking. 




Rev 11 and Rev 12 both mention 1260 days, some people state that they are one and the same. However, 1260 days of the wondrous woman from heaven was completed in December 2008. It was at that time that the Son of God asked me to read Rev 12 and Micah 4, after I read them it was clear that both chapters were about the same woman. Micah 4 also mentions her mission to Babylon (USA) and that happened in April/May 2008.

It was in December 2008, the Son of God, the Lute of Lovingkindness said that we were moving into a higher gear and that the time is nigh. Then we started this for ELIAKIM, our first blog.

In Rev 11 it mentions 42 months and that aligns with the 42 months mentioned in Rev 13. Rev 13 is about the Leopard, the 3rd beast mentioned by prophet Daniel. The 3rd beast is supported by the 4th beast. We know that Obama is the Leopard from Africa spoken about by Daniel. In the NT, it states that Jesus Christ said it was the abomination that stood where it did not belong. In the Dead Sea Scrolls he is the usurper of the true one sent by the LORD God. The usurper that the nation of Islam called the Messiah. Hence, the Virgin was instructed to stand against Obama.

Rev 13 also mentions WISDOM that was called to do the count on the man 666 to bring an end to it. To ensure the prophecies earlier in the chapter do not come to pass. 42 months also relates to one presidential administration and as we know ELIAKIM replaces SHEBNA.

In the prophecies in Rev 11, the outer court was given to the nations and it states that they will trample over the holy city for forty-two months. That also aligns with the prophecy about Daughter Jerusalem in Micah 4. As you know it is the LORD's plan to build a new holy city, ecological and self-sustainable.

So on which city have they been trampling? They have been trampling upon the divine plan for the new holy city and in so doing, the truth and the will delivered for the LORD.

Isaiah 1.12, "When you come to appear before me, who requires of you this trampling of my courts? Bring your worthless offerings no longer'. Now the worthless offerings are to do with the worthless shepherds mentioned by Prophet Zechariah chapter 11. Who promoted Obama? The so-called spiritual.
The same Obama that attacked Pakistan, Libya and took the wealth of the nation.

The verse Isaiah 1:1 also mentions the rulers of Sodom and its people of Gomorrah. Rev 11, tells the people that figuratively that was where our Lord was crucified. In some translations the word is 'Mystically'. [2] So where was the mystic crucified do you know? The word Sodom in Greek means 'Burning'. Like a healer being burnt at the stake by the Christian orthodox in medieval times.

Now as Rev 11 is about the last days of the end times exactly which Lord is Rev 11 talking about? In Greek the word for Lord is kurios.

Isaiah 28, tells them that their covenant with death will be cancelled and Ephraim is to do with the Christians.

He then mentions the Spirit of Justice, for him who sits in judgment. In the NT it is the Queen of the South that is sent to judge this generation. Isaiah 28 continues, he mentions how he would lay a stone in ZION. In the book of Revelation, White Stone is given to the one that overcome and was victorious. The white stone was received in September 2003.

Seven years, 2 x 1260 took us to September 2010 from the receipt of the white stone. The obsidian pillar was received with the name ELIAKIM (written in gold) in the summer of 2007. 1260 days from then took us to the end of 2010.

However, a crystal stone rock called Elijah's foot was also gifted to me in (May 2006) while I was in Israel, I asked my hosts kindly for it to be placed in their garden, to be shared, and for it to stay in Israel, is this the stone that was laid in ZION? Or was it the White Stone that is still here with me, or the crystal obsidian pillar with ELIAKIM's name written in gold upon it, in celestial ZION, the sanctuary of the LORD God? You decide.

In Isaiah 28, it also told the people that he will make justice the measuring line, and righteousness the level. Righteousness is also related to the prophecy delivered by Hosea when the LORD said that he would plant HER himself in Jezreel, that he would betroth his people to him in righteousness and faithfulness.

Isaiah finishes the passage with 'This also comes from the LORD of hosts, who has made his counsel wonderful and his wisdom great. There you have two more clues to understanding the prophecy. In Rev 12 she is called WONDROUS. In Rev 13 she is called WISDOM who stands against the beasts in Rev 13, she also stood against the dragon mentioned in Rev 12. The dragon that was the accuser of the holy healing angels, the accuser was also the accuser of the healers from Israel, (during the war between Israel and Lebanon) and Israel itself in that timeline.

The two witnesses mentioned in Rev 11, have gone when the earthquake happens and 7,000 died, that certainly happened in Haiti and the city with the name Prince was destroyed. [1] It also happened during the Obama presidential administration. Was that the earthquake mentioned in Rev 11?

Rev 11 also mentions the 24 elders and that relates to the 24 elders who have a harp. The harp also aligns to the 'Harp of Faithfulness' that comes at night time. e.g. the last days of the end times in Psalm 92. We certainly did arrive in Israel at night time when everyone was asleep. That happened both times, the flights arrived during the night.