Saturday, 19 November 2011

Obama - Bar Pandera?

In August we wrote about the vision of the black panther that is part of the Leopard family. This evening people are talking about John Allegro's work and how he claimed that Jesus was a mushroom. We pointed them in the direction of the ancient city of Gandhara, the bust that they found there that is the exact image of the Lute of Lovingkindness that was given in a revelation to King David. Psalm 92.

However, I picked up my copy of John Allegro's text and opened it where I had turned over corners of pages. John Allegro mentions how in the Jewish Talmud they refer to Bar Pandera and he has written that it means Son of the Panther.

He writes how the Jews of that time came up with the speculation that Jesus was the panther. He also states that in Greek the word panther relates to the reference to the markings of an animals coat. Described as 'small spots like eyes on a light ground'. Does it remind you of cats eyes? What as small spots? Leopards.

1. If the one known as Jesus didn't exist then why was there so much speculation about it by Jewish people in ancient times, not only spoken about but also written down?

2. Why was it deemed so important to even mention it in the Talmud? If he wasn't important at all?

3. Is it possible that various speculations were made regarding the Lute of Lovingkindness revealed to King David because when he arrived they thought he was the Leopard mentioned by Prophet Daniel?

4. The Talmud confirms what the bible says about Egypt, and in ancient days there were wild cats in that region. Hence, it could be understood why the Jewish people of that day, might view it as the cat mentioned by Daniel because the bible states that he was called out of Egypt. Like Abraham was called out of UR.

5. However, in my humble view the prophecy about the Leopard is about the last days of the end times. Hence, why the prophecy is mentioned again in the book of Revelation chapter 13. As we know there is also the Black Panthers in the USA.

6. Did the Rabbi's in their innocence 2,000 years ago, really think he was the Leopard mentioned by Daniel. Hence, why they refused to accept him due to them being afraid of what they knew the Leopard would co-create? Were they so engaged in refuting him, that they denied that healing was good and essential for the well-being of the people?

7. Is that why his mission in Israel was only three years before it was ended? The book of revelation tells the people that Obama only has 42 months e.g. one presidential term. Clearly the Leopard is not a healer, it is a cat that hunts its prey. Was the Lute of Lovingkindness a hunter? No he was a fisher of men like the Medicine Buddha.

8. If the Jewish Rabbi's thought he was the Leopard e.g. panther where was wisdom who was called to do the count?

9. Now we know that the Lute of Lovingkindness wasn't the Leopard, and that the Leopard is Obama.

10. Now if you read what the Jewish conspiracy theorists at that time were writing about Jesus and his Mother, apart from the healing, it sounds like a replica of Obama and his mother.

11. Looks like the Jewish people 2,000 years ago denied the true love that they had been sent, due to what they feared if they accepted it.

12. The whole world fell at the feet of Obama and not Lovingkindness. Why is that? Obama made promises he would give money to the poor and that he would bring peace. He did the opposite, and Lovingkindness told the poor, blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven and that the meek shall inherit the earth. Why did he tell the poor that they were blessed? He knew that they were not carrying the chains of enslavement to materialism. That was clearly evident in Israel then, as it is today.

I apologize for not having an original source text; to look at what had been originally written by the Rabbi's. Maybe someone in Israel would like to take a look at it and put the records straight.



3. The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, John M. Allegro

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