Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Story time. Last decade, a lovely little, local ancient Church became available and it had excellent facilities that had been built and funded by its members. The Church was moving into bigger premises and the building wasn't owned by the Church of England but by some American type people that are called 'charismatics'.

It was ideal for a small healing centre with its added bonus of the new conference facility. It was ideal for a healing centre where one could give healing, complimentary therapies and run training courses and workshops for the unemployed for free.

However, the rent for the building was 40,000 a year and that didn't include the running costs. I was happy to engage in setting the centre up for local practitioners. So I asked a friend who has a lot of very rich friends to see if she could secure a sponsor/s. She thought the idea was brilliant and would like to run training courses there as well.

The plan was to also offer the healing centre to paying customers as well, to help pay for its running costs etc. The conference facility could also be hired out when not being used to help the poor. Then we got down to what we call the nitty gritty, and she started to talk about profits for the sponsors. I was talking about sponsorship, she was talking about investors. There is a huge difference.

In all integrity, I had to say NO.

This is a new era, this is about very rich people giving,  not being shareholders to make a profit on their sponsorship. I told her that the wealthy have to change their mindset, and start giving unconditionally to help the poor, in pure intention from the heart. In true ergon of being involved in a cause greater than the self.

That was the end of the project. I never heard anymore from her about it. I only heard from her when she required help with something.

There are masses of people that are willing to help the poor that require it, but they do require the support to do so. Did Robin Hood achieve what he did without the people that stood with him in a unified way?

Of course not.

The status quo will remain until the people are willing to do the will of the LORD.

As he said 'They're not going to get their own way, and nothing that the people do will solve it'.

The only way forward is to do the will of the LORD.


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