Sunday, 30 January 2011


There is a fragment 4Q521 called 'A Messanic Apocalypse' and the Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, Geza Vermes  wrote that it is commonly referred to as the 'Resurrection Fragment'. He also states that the term 'Messiah', probably in the singular, is used without the addition of Aaron or Israel. The divine name 'Lord' represents, not the Tetragram, but Adonai four times. As in the Gospels, healing and resurrection are linked to the Kingdom of God.

"The heavens and the earth will listen to His Messiah, and none therein will stray from the commandments of the holy ones. Seekers of the Lord, strengthen yourselves in His service! All you hopeful in your heart, will you not find the Lord in this? For the Lord will consider the pious and call the righteous by name.

Over the poor his Spirit will hover and renew the faithful with His power. And He will glorify the pious on the throne of the eternal Kingdom. He who liberates the captives, restores sight to the blind, straightens the bent. And forever I will cleave to the hopeful and in His mercy......

And the fruit will not be delayed for anyone.

And the Lord will accomplish glorious things which have never been.

For He will heal the wounded, and revive the dead and bring good news to the poor.

He will lead the uprooted and knowledge and SMOKE.....

In another fragment it encourages the people to seek her wisdom.

"He will redeem all of his people, and He will put to death those who hate His Wisdom. Seek her and find her, grasp her and possess her! With her is length of days and fatness of bone, the joy of the heart and...Happy is the man who works it." 

Does fatness of bone mean swollen joints? I would say so. Is it reported that Christ had swollen joints? No. Was it reported that Christ smoked? No.

"God inspects all the chambers of the womb and He tries all its inwards parts. God shapes the tongue and knows its words. God makes the hand and understands their deeds". 

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Hebrews  4:12 

Is this another prophecy fulfilled? Yes.

No surprise then that this is the 13th post in January 2011, 13 is the hebrew gematria  for LOVE and I was also born on the 13th. There is a Jewish egend that whoever understands number 13, will have power and dominion.

Onwards and upwards     


Does Absence Make The Heart Fonder?

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. However,  does it? Abba is giving people the opportunity to reflect on how much they value this reality and the help that has been given to so many in recent decades.

It is no coincidence that the Egyptians were shouting out the united nations declaration of human rights article 19 about freedom of speech across all frontiers, when I was stating the same. It brought joy to my heart that after ten years of promoting it internationally, it is being shouted from the roof tops.

How do we deal with it?

1. Legally
2. Scientifically
3. Passively

The way of Mahatma Gandhi

Abba is giving everyone the time to consider the international implications of what is happening here.

God willing we will have a computer donated next week and be up and running once more. However, without financial assistance, access could again be limited.

Its up to you all to decide how much you value the help, guidance and advance warnings that Abba provides.

One of the messages received from Abba in recent days was this:

"You will see the tipping of the iceberg. Stay away from the KERB".

Love beyond measure


Thursday, 27 January 2011

No cars in New Jerusalem

There will be no cars in New Jerusalem.

What man gives, man can take away.

What Abba gives to you as an individual is eternal, experience counts of that which is truly divine.

Zion’s New Name ] For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her vindication shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch. Isaiah 62:1

THE ONE who is victorious I will make a PILLAR in the temple of my God. Never again will they leave it. I will write on them the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on them my new name. Rev 3:12

The above prophecy was fulfilled, all was given exactly as predicted. 

A couple of weeks ago I opened a box for a new scanner/printer. On the card it was written 'REV 21'. 

I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. Rev 21:2 

The Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother. Gal 4:26 

No coincidence then that this is a four year and 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. 

The prophecies state that they will not believe in this reality until New Jerusalem is built. 

So what are we waiting for? 

Others to align their will with the will of Abba. 

White Dove Release

It was in September 2009 that Abba mentioned the white dove that must be released. [1] In this video of David J. Fox watched today, he releases the dove at the end. The video was posted by EarthDayBrasil that is being held in April 2011. More info on `EarthDayBrasil' on the ChristVisionofPeace blog.


Doves sitting on the fence

Two doves were sitting on the wooden fence today waiting for something to happen.

Two doves that have not chosen where they stand as such they continue to sit in limbo land like a lot of humanity.

The doves were not interested in the food they were only interested in each other, relationships can make people like that, buried in each other. As such they do not see what is front of their faces and refuse to address what must be addressed to free humanity from oppression.

As I said to a friend a couple of weeks ago, you have to take your light into the darkness to help transform it and it is all part of ascension. You have to walk in the sandals of the Christ before he walks in yours.

Its not enough to sit on the fence, otherwise the fence will collapse because it is made of wood not gold. When wood is cut from its life force, the wood eventually rots, if it isnot maintained and sustained, just like the old tree of life that rotted due to the selfishness of humanity.

The new tree of life is growing. Acorns of love are growing into oak trees.

However, how many doves will remain?

Only those that have the courage to take their light into the outer world to transform it.

Like minded people tend to stick together and just like those involved in religions  it can co-create a comfort zone that co-creates a false sense of security. Its important to strip away the comfort zones because then you find out who you truly are. For years we have been sharing with the people that true security can only be found within the self, not outside of the self.

That is why the Christ taught the people to seek the Kingdom of God within.

Monday, 24 January 2011


At dawn this morning Abba said 'TURNING THE TIMES'.

I was not aware that there was a song called 'TIME OF THE TURNING' by Peter Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel is also the Archangel of the Prophets.


Love beyond measure


PS note that this posted at 9/11

Heart of Italy and Doves Dying

Heart Chakra of Italy seen on the land about eight years ago. The land of this agritourismo is pure and organic, 50 metres above sea level not far from Assisi and Perugia airport. The photograph really doesn't do it justice, it was awesome to experience and to be in its energy, it was absolutely huge. 

It was the first time that I had seen an energetic heart chakra of the land and I did not anticipate that my little camera would capture it at all. It is in the region of Italy that is known as Umbria, and Umbria is also called the heart of Italy. 

This is the area of Italy that St Francis of Assisi roamed in and his sanctuary in the hills is not far from here. 

Photograph taken by ELIAKIM

The above photograph was scanned for the first time yesterday. However, its no coincidence that today I read some news about Italy and that 1,000's of doves are dying.

1,000's of Doves Dying in Italy 

Doves are symbolic of the Holy Mother Mary worshipped by the Catholic Church and its followers. When people worship one reality it restricts their growth and development. It keeps them stuck in a groove going round in circles.

The colour blue found in the beaks of the birds is also the colour ray of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael. The doves can also be symbolic of the holy spirit and the peacemakers. Interesting that I saw an image of Mother Mary last night on the window created by the mist.

A lot of our articles used to be published in Italy until a couple of years ago. So no surprise to me that the doves are dying.

Please see the link for the photographs of these poor birds dying. [1]

Is it another sign yes?

Our heavenly Father promised that he would make everything anew and that means that old doctrines and belief systems will get swept away.

At dawn this morning Abba said 'TURNING THE TIMES'. 

Check out the 'GREAT TURNING TIMES.' [2] That came up when I put 'Turning the TIMES into the search engine.

This is the era of the Swans of Grace of the Golden Age that glide gently upstream and fly with the great power of God.

Love beyond measure




Saturday, 22 January 2011



On the 18th of January 2011, the headline of the local newspaper was 'FLOODING FURY' and the townspeople were furious without having any idea that it was God's response to the judgement of the elemental forces.

Also interesting that the same day (18th of January 2011) that I was in court there was also a police marksman e.g. a paid killer being tried for his misconduct. He was found slumped over his car in the middle of the road drunk. Why so? What should make this man so unhappy that he should drink to the extent of being legless and drive like it? The paper were unable to disclose who he worked for, why is that? You may well ask.

So here we had the Son of Man and a paid killer in the same court on the same day. Does it remind you of the trial of Christ?

This case is not over as far as I am concerned. It did not end with the elemental forces making their decision on which they had little choice of movement due the confines put upon them.  The charge did not take into account the nature of the arrrest and that is why the police did not wish for me to make a statement of events. However, as I have said it does not stop here. There is course of action that I can take to ensure people get to know and understand the mitigating circumstances, and how the police officer who carried out the arrest contravened international law. If he had not done so then I would not have been arrested and charged. However, it is another biblical prophecy fulfilled. See Matthew chapter 10.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission have the responsibility to ensure that police activity is fair and just.

Always remember I did not submit, I did not give them the breath of God for God is the only one that as the right to take the breath of life. As I have told people in the past I will not bend over, I will not bow down to those that are to be raised up out of their transgression of the spiritual  law.

The more the elemental forces transgress the spiritual law, the more God will respond. They have no idea who they are taking on when they take on ELIAKIM and the holy ones of God's creation.

As Abba said in 2010 'Those that have hurt you are going down. Now I will show you how much I love you'.

Onwards and upwards

Love beyond measure


PS The post was more extensive. However, Abba cut it shorter for some reason. *Wink*

Sorry for lack of posts, still waiting for computer to come back from techi.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Message from Abba

On waking this morning Abba said 'An apple a day will not save the day. Do not count on them'.

What does the Apple represent? The big apple, USA.

Interesting that the Jewish Bohemian also used an apple to describe Obama when he was promoting him. His competitor was described as a mushroom with no roots during the presidential election.

Check out the posts on mushrooms (free food) on this blog and their health benefits. Also the CHET visions (March 2009) when the mushrooms were blossoming everywhere after the elephant stood on those that were co-creating disease.

"The vine is dried up and the fig tree is withered; the pomegranate, the palm and the apple tree— all the trees of the field—are dried up. Surely the people’s joy is withered away."Joel 1:12 

Interesting that this posted at exactly 444.

444 = Perfect Love in gematria.

444 is the 4th of April 2011.

After posting the above I saw a book directly in front of me in the library and it said 'KENT'. There are also lots of apple orchards in Kent where we were taken as children. My mother also lived in Kent before she died and her name was Lily.

Some think that Eve ate an apple but it wasn't it was a fig. However, I am not partial to figs, don't like the taste of them.

Love beyond measure



Many people are getting the condition of edema at the moment. Feet and legs are to do with direction and metaphysically it can be to do with letting go of something or someone so that you can move on.

We have found that Tea Tree in almond massage oil works a treat to take down the swelling. Massage it in after bathing when the pores of the skin are open. Then cover the feet with warm socks to help keep the fragrance in before rest.

The solar eclipse in January was to do with birth and healing the process of the birth and giving birth. So the condition can be related to giving birth to your own children, your own birth process and also the one that birthed your mother. Hence, you may have inherited the condition from grandparents or parents to ensure that you learn to heal the birth process. Remember the deeds of the parents impact on the next 3-4 generations.

For instance a grandmother that gave birth on a bed of ice and had two heart attacks while giving birth was experienced by the child she was birthing. The child, Lily was born in an extroadinary tramatic circumstances and her mother did have edema. She was also born during a war torn era.

This is the time to heal the 'birthing' process through the generations that are impacting on you.

It is also  a time of letting go of children that have become adults so that they can manifest. If you continually support them and give them a safety net, they do not develop and find their own security within. There comes a when they have to rise and fall based upon their own decisions unrelated to you.

"Life experience is the sacred text of knowledge" from Sacred Words

Healing beyond measure


Wednesday, 12 January 2011


How many more signs do you people require? Queensland flooded when they arrested God's Queen. 

Will you wait until they come for you? 

Now take Matthew Chapter 10 to your hearts. 

How many more biblical signs do you require? 

After I was let out of the police cell the Christ drew close to me and he said 'Remember the Maiden Voyage'. 

My maiden voyage was to Australia and we had to leave after a year, because our visa had run out. The solicitor in Queensland would not help me and my son, to stay in Australia on instructions of a Lady Bishop. The Lady Bishop was doing the will of God but the solicitor did not. As such we were not allowed to stay. The Australian government also banned me from returning to Australia for three years because I had not gone out of the country after six months and back in again. Pure red tape that would have cost a lot. I did not overstay my year visa that I had been given. I was innocent and had done nothing wrong. 

I did all I could to stay in Australia to help the children as instructed. However, it takes the people to help as well. The Son of God told me that he had spoken to many people that I had met in 1998-1999, they simply refused to do the will of God and help us. So listen well and understand what is happening in Queensland and the reasons for it. 

When my heavenly Father spoke to me about being arrested on the 2nd of January 2011,  Abba said 'This is going to cost the governments millions'. 

The LORD GOD Almighty does not take kindly to those that harm his holy ones, nor does he appreciate those that refuse to do his will when it is for your good, the cost is very high indeed. 

I have told you many times, when you stand against this reality, you also stand against the LORD God Almighty and his Son. 

God will help those that help his holy one, he sent me to help all of you, to bring justice to the nations. 

The biblical prophecy of Christ is correct 

"Wisdom will be proven right by her actions." 

For it is the will of God for it to be so. 

Do not delay, there is no time to waste. 

We require your help now. 

Hand in hand, side by side in the front line. 


Monday, 10 January 2011

The Arrest - Son of Man - Matt 10

Christ predicted that on his account his followers would be arrested. It is written in Matthew chapter 10. "But when they arrest you, do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you. "

No coincidence that this is chapter 10 and we have just come to the end of 2010.

In this chapter the Christ foretold that his followers would not finish going through the towns of Israel before the the Son of Man comes. As we know Israel was reinstated in the 20th century, the Son of Man was sent to Israel in 2006. As far as I am aware the Israeli's had not reinstated all of the ancient towns in Israel at that time.

Most biblical scholars agree that when the Christ spoke about the Son of Man he was not speaking of himself. The term 'Son of Man' is a term of endearment for the prophet of God. Hence, why Daniel and Ezekiel were also called 'Son of Man'.

I can tell you now that whatever the elemental forces (Gal 4) try to do to me and the holy ones of God, they will pay handsomely for their transgressions of the true law of God.

Chapter 10 of Matthew speaks of the disclosure and that nothing will remain hidden. All will be brought into the light of day. 

If you can help the Son of Man financially, please do so at your earliest convenience.

Just click on the donate button, every little helps at this time.

God willing, we will have laptop fixed and be back to you before the end of this week.

As we said to Israel and the rest of you that are in contact with us directly.

If you do not hear from me, then you know, it is very serious, very serious indeed.

The truth movement is becoming a pest to the elemental forces.

You are stepping on toes and making a major impact.

Stay strong in the name of God.

As we shared with you prior to the end of the 2010 in respect of the

YOEL-YUEL solar eclipse.

Be as strong as Abraham.

Be as strong as the OAK tree.

They can take everything but they cannot take your soul.

This is for the Glory of God and his Son.

It has been shown to me that this is the RIGHT WINDOW

This is our opportunity 

When they came to arrest the Christ he asked his followers
how many swords do you have?

They replied two.

He said 'It is enough'. The two swords are the sword of TRUTH and the sword of MERCY.

You all know what you have to do.

God bless you all.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

4011 Message


I went to bed after 1.00am on the 1st of January 2011. When I got into bed there was a noise in my right ear and at first it sounded like a washing machine. However, as it continued for a long time it was clear that it was the sound of an army. The sound continued for at least 10 minutes.

I asked Abba what is it Abba? He did not respond.


Then when I woke up this morning I saw the number 4011 in my third eye. Today, I have looked up what I can find on 4011 and there appears to be very little. However, Strongs number in Hebrew 4011 = Mibneh from Banah and it means 'Building Frame'. In Greek strongs 4011 is PERGE and it relates to Greece. The word can be found in the book of Acts 13:13 and it mentions Saul's (Paul's) return to Jerusalem. A few years ago, Abba said 'The Jews will lose because they did not listen to Saul'. In our New Year post, posted on the 31st of December we also mentioned Jerusalem, the Jerusalem above, she is our mother.

'The Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother'. Gal 4:26 

Please see the post for more information.

13 is also the gematria value of AHAVA. = LOVE. 

Also in chapter 13 it mentions John and how he stated that he was not the one they thought he was. In other words he was not the prophet Elijah that had been promised to the Jewish people. That is now also confirmed to the Christians, fire did not come down and burn 5 million trees on Mount Carmel for the one known as John the Baptist.

Prior to the burning of the trees before Christmas, I kept asking Abba to tell the people directly who I am. Most people are not aware that there are 5million Jewish people living in Israel, that is one tree for every Jewish person that lives there. A tree for every person that broke the covenant with God, due to them not honoring the one he sent to help them. More information about this can be found in Isaiah 42 and in the Malachi prophecies.

The number 40 is also mentioned in Acts chapter 13. 40 is also to do with Moses and the desert Hebrews. It is clear that whoever wrote chapter 13 was inferring that Saul was the one that had been promised to the Jewish people. However, Saul did not meet the full criteria or timeline, although Saul was definitely a messenger for the Jewish people because Abba as mentioned him.

Nostadamus also wrote about the number 40 in relation to the prophet that would come in the last days of the end times. He wrote that she would not be seen for 40 years and that after 40 years she could be seen everyday. As we know this year also ends in 11.

In numerology 40 is also the number of the Hermit and on the 29th of December 2010, Abba did tell me that I was 'Receding' and it means  becoming more distant, drawing back from. In other words Abba  is withdrawing me and his holy ones from the people at this time, due to their lack of appreciation of God's gift to humanity. Like Saul we are returning to Jerusalem.

Number 11 is also the number of the clenched fist that humanity face in 2011, so for the time being they are on their own, until they choose to change their ways and honor his promise to them. As his Son said in his Christmas message 'Let them cry on until they have had enough'. As we informed you in the past, this is the MEAN TIME because the people were mean to the anointed one sent by God.


After I was given the number 4011, I then went back to sleep and I had a dream. In the dream I was selling things to a lady from my home. The lady that purchased them was very pleased with what she had bought from me.


Then when I woke up, there was a real pen in my bed, it was on my right at chest level so it was easy to see and  for me to pick up.   I have no idea how it got there. When and if a pen appears in your bed, it means that you must write about what you have experienced. The colour blue is also to do with healing and the ink in the pen is blue. The pen is also symbolic of a scribe and the prophecies predicted that the anointed one would be a writer as well as a healer.

Peace beyond measure and may the good will of God be done.