Monday, 31 December 2012


In this video, photographer Carsten Peter takes us along with him on a journey into Son Doong, the world's largest cave located in Vietnam. The biggest chamber in the cave is over 3 miles long and more than four times taller than the Statue of Liberty.

He said ‘I've been a photographer and explorer for the last 35 years and I've visited so many caves, I've lost count. But this is by far one of the most unique and unusual caves I have ever seen.’. 

The photographs are simply amazing and can be viewed on the website ‘message to’ You can appreciate them more at a larger size, although they are still cosmic in the video. The post is called “Amazing journey to the world’s largest cave that has a jungle and waterfalls deep inside.’

What I found amazing is that the plants grow on the rocks and the rocks grow towards the light in the huge cave. The biologist did not find any different flora there; but he did find that the flora grew differently. It is a video that is well worth 25 minutes of time to watch; and Carsten has a very pleasant voice to listen to.

Provided  by National Geographic.

Happy New Year everyone



When I woke up from rest today I was shown an Island and to the right of it was a large polar bear. The  polar bear was huge and it stood on the Island, then the Island disappeared. I asked the name of the Island and I was given the name FRED.

Then I saw this environmental video that was uploaded today and it mentions the Island 'Freda'.

There is another place called FRED Island and it is in Hawaii. It is known has Enewetak (Fred) Island. 

This painting also came into being prior to the news about Philip Coppens and the Polar Bear Vision. 

Has we know the 31st of December is the 'Day of Promotion' and the video explains that there is an opposition to Jupiter in the planetary movements. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, has such, expansion is being restricted. Venus and Mercury are also very close together and that could account for the amount of technology issues that I am encountering. How about you? This computer was old and second hand when it was gifted, and it feels like it is on its last legs. 

If I have no computer due to a lack of financial help then you will really see the heavenly Father roar at humanity for not supporting Elohim. The prophecy of Malachi warned the nations in advance of what would happen if they robbed Elohim and did not turn their hearts to the children. 

At the end of the day, he puts his righteous one first due to the importance to humanity in this timeline. I can assure you that he will demonstrate that in many ways, until humanity truly get the message. 

I knew an American Christian with the name of Fred for many years, and he supports guns instead of the will of the LORD God. 

'Ursus maritimus tyrannus was a very large fossil subspecies of polar bear, descended from an Arctic population of brown bears. Its name in Latin means tyrant sea bear.' 

Now Russia have chosen the polar bear has one of their mascots for the Winter Olympics in 2014. 

2013 in gematria is also 'YAHWEH HOLY MARRIAGE'. 

In astronomy we have the Ursa Major, its symbol is the Great Bear, in some cultures it is the 'Great Mother Bear'.  The constellation is best seen in April, has we know that is after this Easter in 2013. 

Interesting that wiki state that the bear was translated as 'Arcturus' in the Vulgate. Has we know in the book of Revelation it mentions how the Leopard speaks like a bear. The Leopard is mentioned in both the book of Daniel and Rev 13. 

URSA MAJOR  and the legends about it.  

In my humble view and divine experience Obama is the Leopard in Rev 13 and wisdom was called to do the count on the man 666. 6+6+6 = 18 = 'Materialism striving to destroy spirituality'. 

Isaiah 66 and Amos 6 is also against the USA and what it does. The prophecies tell them that they did not grieve for the ruin of Joseph, nor did they build the house that the LORD God asked for. In addition to the fact, it mentions how they kill animals. What do they kill animals with? Their guns! 

In a previous post I also mentioned the vision of the clown crying in 2009, and it was a red alert when the heavenly Father spoke about the YUD and the world. That post mentions the final warning to do with meat and food. Has we know, the tears that Obama cried recently were those of a clown and it has been shown that there is a clown in some ancient Egyptian murals. John Kerry is also taking the place of Clinton and he likes to clown around has well. 2013 is not the time to clown around, because the future of humanity and its eco-system are at stake. Clinton is certainly not doing high fives with Turkey now is she? Has we know, Turkey were instructed to return to the sacred in the same way that the USA were asked to do so as well. It matters not whether they are Christian, Jewish, Islamic or Buddhist, all must do the will of the LORD God now, or pay the consequences for not doing so. 

Is it a coincidence that are seven stars of the Ursa Major constellation written in my right hand? 

Does Fred or Obama have the solutions to what ails the USA and the rest of the world? 

Clearly not! 

Do you remember when the LORD God said that he would 'Wipe the smiles off of their faces?' and that he would 'Remove the claws of the cats?'. 

Humanity shall do no harm to our great bears; for if you do, you and your nation will face the consequences if you harm any one of them. So you better listen loud and clear. 




In September 2012, we featured some of the work of Philip Coppens on this blog. We have just received news that he has passed over due to a rare liver cancer. He was only young and very talented, he did a lot of work with ancient relics and cultures.

However, what a time for him to go, to the spiritual this is like a Pope leaving on an eclipse. Even more so as it comes right after the end of the Mayan calendar. I shared this titbit on the 26th of September post called 'Angel of Geese' Prophecy.

In Mexico they discovered an inscription dated 7th century AD, and it refers to the 13 b'ak'tun. The inscription states that it will be completed the 13 b'ak'tun.  

It will be completed the 13th b'ak'tun.
It is 4 Ajaw 3 K'ank'in
and it will happen a 'seeing'.
It is the display of B'olon-Yokte'
in a great "investiture".[5]

Philip Coppen also took a great interest in B'olon-Yokte and the return of the nine. Its also no coincidence that this news comes on New Year's Eve, and that tomorrow it will 2013.

I was given the title of this song just before I saw the news about Philip, so I shall post it for him.


May he rest in peace.


Sunday, 30 December 2012

EVE 31st December, 2012

Dawn, 31st December, 2012, it began painting a lion and it turned into the head of a bird. News is that Clinton is in hospital with a blood clot.

31st of December, 2012 is the 'Day of Promotion' and I read that John Kerry is going to take the place of Clinton in the next Obama administration. Kerry was born in the Chinese Year of the Water Horse and they are known to be indecisive. A Sagittarius, the archer, he looks like a comedian. Maybe he is the clown that some are talking about. After all Obama likes to surround himself with clowns; because he likes to clown around. However, there is another side to Obama; and we all know about the tears that were not, otherwise known has crocodile tears. Celebrity president he maybe, but he would never make it has an actor! I was given a vision of a clown I shall have to take a look at it in the archives.


RED ALERT.......Vision of the Clown - YUD and the World

This evening I saw a vision of a clown crying and then Abba said YUD. 

Will Obama actually take up office in 2013? How do the Clinton supporters feel about that? The main topic in the USA still appears to be guns, when their country has plenty of people living in poverty to be concerned about. You can understand why the USA has the symbol of the eagle. Apart from that it is business has usual in the USA. The biblical story that gives the allegory of Adam and Eve is typical of the USA, has we know Eve ate that which was forbidden to eat. So what did Clinton eat that made her so ill? She is certainly not doing high fives with Turkey now. Has we know Turkey were warned in the book of Revelation, to return to the sacred.



When humanity become sitting ducks they become easy targets for the gun slingers. How much longer will humanity allow itself to be shot at? I feel the depression all over the world, so many people crying. So many people have given up and wish to leave the planet, so many have had enough. Why is it so hard for humanity to care fully, when it is so easy to do so. The 6th of January is known as the Epiphany in 2013. However, the 6th of January in numerics is the 'Day of Substantiation'.

Ash Wednesday is on my birthday this year, 13th of February, 2013. 13th of February is the 'Day of Stimulation'.

However, I feel the energy of Easter with the painting above and that arrives at the end of March next year. This painting followed the one above and I have called it 2013. While I was painting the heavenly Father said 'They are saying, that you should be given a doctorate, nobody has created the impact that you have'.  What use is a doctorate to me? Would it bring joy to my heart? Would it put an end to the suffering all over the planet? Would it bring justice where social justice is due? Do you honestly think that a piece of paper would placate me? Humanity ran out of honors that it can bestow a long time ago; what use is honor to me if those that give it; do not walk the talk?




To the person from Milton Keynes, thank you. I will do a mandala for you in the New Year and send it to you.

These are the paintings that happened on Sunday, 30th of December, 2012. Interesting bearing in mind that my Second Saturn Return is now direct. The 30th of December is the 'Day of Authority'. This painting reminded me of glasses and I can see what looks like a green bird.


Pope Pius X received a message in visions that the last pope would have the same name has him. There was another Pope called Pius, he was Pope Pius XII. He was pope between 1939 - 1958. Prior to him becoming Pope he was the papal nuncio to Germany. His "decision to stay silent in public about the fate of the Jews", remain the subject of controversy.' Has we know, Jesus gave a message about silence, when he said 'Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world'. Sacred Words. 
It is written that the motto of Pope Pius XII was 'The work of Justice shall be peace'. 

This video covers 1951-1958, is it a coincidence that I was born on the planet during those years. In this video he asks the Lord to send the Angel to help humanity. Has we know the biblical prophecies predicted that the Angel of the LORD would come in the last days of the end times. The prophecies predicted that the Son of God would pray to the Father' but only the heavenly Father would know when he would send the one to help humanity. 


It reminds me of purple feathers like one would wear on a hat. 

What is Oprah up to? Do you know? 


Has we know, lavender oil is for healing and lavender and geranium are very good together. I can see some more healing coming forth now. Interesting I had not counted them when they were being painted. Only now has I uploaded the scan, I counted that there was 13. Has we know 2013 ends in 13, so it is bound to be a year for the love of healing for the one. 2013 also has interesting gematria.

Onwards and upwards


Saturday, 29 December 2012


Santos Bonacci claims that 'Christianity, Islam and Judaism are from the Holy Science'.

Is that true?


How can Islam be from what he calls the 'Holy Science',  when it is a known fact that the Arabs took what they could from the Greeks? Santos Bonacci speaks of 'religion', the word 'religion' does not even exist in biblical Hebrew.

He speaks of the cap to do with the planet Saturn? Is that right? Saturn is to do with the spiritual law not the cap. He speaks of Jupiter being the rock of Peter? Is that true? Jupiter is the planet of expansion. The one known has Jesus Christ said he would build his community on Peter. Was that the Church of the Vatican? No. The one known has Jesus Christ was a mighty healer, so it is common sense that he would build his community upon a healer not bricks and mortar.

He did build his community on a Peter, a Peter that was born a taurus the bull in this land of Joseph. A Peter that helped people to heal their 'inner child'. The scriptures informed you that you had to become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven. Is taurus the bull ruled by Jupiter? The last I heard his planet was ruled by Venus.

Does the moon rule the first heaven has Santo Bonacci claims?


The moon has no light of its own!

Is Santos Bonacci another ivy plant? You decide!

The artist John Scott brought this man to my attention and although John and I do not agree on everything. I know in my heart that he is a man of integrity.

For instance John wrote that 'water is a metaphor for humanity' in response to the video.

Our response:

John, in the ancient pictographs the symbol of water is the MEM, it became the letter M for mother. Divine mother, divine feminine. The waters break when the baby arrives from the womb of the mother.
Water was very important to Judaism due to the prophecy in Genesis about the scepter leaving Judah when Shiloh come. Prophet Isaiah also informs you that shiloh did come, and they refused the gentle waters and now my children come with signs and symbols and it is a sign for Israel.

The water carrier is also important to Israel, due to the fact that the prophecies tell you that the carpenters and water carriers were sent to help Israel. No coincidence then that the Aquarian Age is the Age of the water carrier, and yours truly was born an Aquarian.

However, water does apply to all human beings; because they are made mainly of water, scientifically we know that is anywhere between 70-80%.  As such, they are mainly feminine in their true nature.  Why is that? People who know what they are made of: are here to care fully for all creation that was given by the Creator. If and when people honor the water within themselves, they then also honor the water outside of themselves; and are able to bless it in the most amazing ways!

We also know scientifically that water holds memory, and in my view, that is one of the reasons that it is written that Jesus Christ spoke to his followers while sitting on a boat or close to water. When people connect with the divine feminine energies, it is far easier for the Son of God to connect with them, because they are then in the flow of the truly divine.

Onwards and upwards



On the 15th of December 2012 this painting was compelled. I called the scan 'alien'.

On Christmas Eve an organist was murdered by two men in South Yorkshire on the path leading to St Saviors Church where he was going for midnight mass. He was found in Greengate Lane, High Green at 23:15. Who was he? Alan Greaves was an ex-social worker. What do social workers and organists have in common? They work with children! Two men are held in custody, a 20 year old and a 40 year old. 20+40 = 60 and that is to do with the spiritual law in the NT. It begs the question what did Alan Greaves do to these two men? Did he know them both or either of them when they were children?

Now look at his face, why does he have a crooked mouth? What does the bible say about that? Do you know? 'What is crooked cannot be straightened'. Ecc 1:15. 'They are corrupt and not his children; to their shame they are a warped and crooked generation'. Deu 32:5.

'The way of peace they do not know, there is no justice in their paths, they have turned them into crooked roads: no one who walks along them will know peace'. Isaiah 59:8.

'All the words in my mouth are just, none of them is crooked or perverse'. Proverbs 8:8.

The bible warned them not to build on the foundations of Jesus Christ with building materials. In other words no religious buildings in his name. The book of Revelation reveals that there are to be no places of worship in New Jerusalem.

Do you remember the prophecy by Pope Pius X about the Church and its men in this timeline?


Friday, 28 December 2012


Do you see what I see in the sun at the end of this video? It looks like Father Christmas skating on ice.

This morning's painting, it was actually painted the other way up. However, I will upload it both ways to show you. Here it looks like a man's head with hair on his face.

29th December, 2012 

Here it looks like an animal that someone has tried to skin while the animal was alive. Hence the blood of the flesh while it is still standing up. It looks like the shape of the honey badger.

It reminded me of the USA and what the bible says about killing animals. Now read Amos 6 and Isaiah 66. I once met a man on a forum and he told me how he had killed a bear, and how the coat of the bear was used by him has a rug. That was it, I couldn't have any more to do with him. The bears are important ecological engineers; and they're not meant to be eaten or shot by men. I would rather starve than harm a bear. Man has taken the habitat of the bears, the bears didn't take the habitat of humans.

Why can't Americans learn to live in harmony with nature and the beautiful creatures that the LORD God created? Has we know, guns are used to hunt and kill. Many Americans are still hunter gatherers like cave men. Let them all go and live in caves where they belong, and see how they like it without the latest technology at their fingertips.

When the animals cry for help, those with a true heart of conscience really do respond. I can tell you this that the USA is skating on very thin ice. Enough really is enough!



I was pondering on someone I care fully for and the LORD God called my attention to him. He called 'ELIA' and he said it in such a caring way. He knows my tender heart so well, and he does not wish for me to be distracted by anyone, not even my own son.

After he said ELIA to me, I knew that I had to look at what was going on in Egypt. Egypt is divided by their new constitution and it is written that their 'economy is faltering.' I am not surprised that the economy is faltering with all the turmoil that they have been through since the changes began in 2011. Egypt depends on tourism and Europeans will not travel to Egypt if the Muslim brotherhood cease full control.

The people that campaigned and died for freedom for Egypt are in my heart. I know how you feel dear ones, myself and my friends have Egyptian friends in Egypt and abroad.


I know that the Egyptians that chose to live abroad are all praying for their brothers and sisters in Egypt. You can add my prayer and positive intention for all of you that care so much for your country, its ancient history and culture.

I know that there are Egyptians living in Egypt that cannot be consoled by what is happening there at the moment. I feel the feeling, I sense your disappointments. Have courage dear ones, it is hard for us all right now in different ways. This was never ever going to be an easy transition in the last days of the end times.

Let us all ask the LORD for divine intervention; so that freedom can truly be yours.

Know that I love you, I know your true Egyptian hearts. Let me wash away the darkness with my tears for you, let me sanctify Egypt with my tears.


Rosa Gypsy Queen

I was compelled to paint and has soon as I sat down, the heavenly Father said 'ROSA', so I allowed my hand to paint Rosa. While I was painting I could feel the energy of a Gypsy Queen in the painting and the name Rosa always reminds me of the gypsies and Latin America. 

Solomon sang about the Rose of Sharon, was she a gypsy Queen? The latest DNA research is that the gypsies found in Europe came from India. 


Has we know the righteous branch was raised up for David, and I have been blessed to meet many Davids during my life on this planet. One of them was a real gypsy from LA, a lead singer that sang about them. He still lives in London, England. 

Every David that I was blessed to meet was very talented. 

May David Allen continue to sing and dance to inspire gypsies everywhere. 

Keep those feet dancing everyone, make a noise, let them hear your voices, feet and hands. 

Rock those dance floors, make them shake with the good vibrations. 

I do love flamenco, when I was a child my mother sat for hours making a flamenco dress out of crepe paper. Those were the days when mums put so much effort into the outfits. It was their effort and their love put into every stitch that made the difference. Looking back now, everything that she made for me had a reason and a purpose. Everything that she made for me; had a message that she was not allowed to speak. Lily certainly had a lot of fire in her, a fire that was never quenched until after she passed over. 



Friday, the 28th of December, 2012. The 'Day of Sophistication' and that reminds me of dear Michael who used to call yours truly 'urban' and 'sophisticated'.

Prior to writing this post, while I was painting, the heavenly Father spoke to me and he said 'It is the phrases that you use that make the difference'. He knows that I have some letters to write; and they cannot be put off any longer.

The first painting looks like a message, I have called it hairy because it looks like a baby dinosaur.

In 2008 while I was in the Florida, USA watching the election proceedings. The heavenly Father said that 'the USA is a dinosaur'. After we started the blog Christmas 2008, the following year he showed me a vision of a hairy dinosaur that looked like an elephant. At that time he referred to the Americans has 'ignoramus' due to what they were doing at halloween; and the billions that were being spent on it.

In recent days, there has also been a message shared regarding a Chinese person that put a message in an halloween box. A cry for help from the those that are enslaved by the Chinese government, at a time when the USA is the largest importer of Chinese goods. Now the lady that found the note had purchased a 'Graveyard Kit', now what does say about the USA? Americans buying graveyard kits? Do you remember that the biblical prophecies predicted that they would come out of their graves?

"If you occasionally buy this product, please kindly resend this letter to the World Human Right Organization. Thousands people here who are under the persicution of the Chinese Communist Party Government will thank and remember you forever." The graveyard kit, the letter read, was made in unit 8, department 2 of the Masanjia Labor Camp in Shenyang, China. Chinese characters broke up choppy English sentences. "People who work here have to work 15 hours a day without Saturday, Sunday break and any holidays. Otherwise, they will suffer torturement, beat and rude remark. Nearly no payment (10 yuan/1 month)." Ten yuan is equivalent to $1.61.

"People who work here, suffer punishment 1-3 years averagely, but without Court Sentence (unlaw punishment). Many of them are Falun Gong practitioners, who are totally innocent people only because they have different believe to CCPG. They often suffer more punishment than others."

The letter was not signed. Shocked, Keith sat down as her mind reeled.

Wow, that's daring, she thought. She imagined the desperation the writer must have felt, the courage he or she must have mustered to slip the letter into that box. If caught, what would happen?

Like a message in a bottle, the letter traveled more than 5,000 miles over the Pacific Ocean. It could not be ignored.

Read the full story

Is it not true that the spiritually dead buy 'Graveyard Kits?' However, in this case it appears that there was a divine purpose to it. Hence, the message that was received. You will notice that the message mentions the 'Falun Gong' practitioners, and spiritual people in the West are aware that the Chinese have persecuted the 'Falun Gong' practitioners and have taken their organs against their will. The last thing that the communist Chinese leaders require is that the people of China reconnect with their true spiritual origins. However, there is nothing that they can do to stop the 'emotive social evolution' that we predicted over a decade ago. For this is a worldwide operation and the heavenly Father did say that the divine operation would come to be.

One can also view the divine operation that took place has referring to a dear one that was suffering from Crohn's disease. Surely, the divine operation did take place to help her when the shark was removed. I keep her in my heart, just like the Falun Gong should also be in the hearts of the Chinese, along with their Tibetan brothers and sisters. I keep them all in my tender heart, and send them only love in my pure intention.

In spirituality, we unite around the world. When the Chinese people set themselves free, so will Tibet be free. It will take a mighty uprising. However, I do feel it will happen, and I intent it has so, for the people of China and Tibet to be free.

The other painting looks like a golden tipi. and after I scanned it, the painting changed due to paint from the first painting attaching itself to the scanner. However, I will show it to you because I feel that it is showing us something that the heavenly Father would like you to see. It also reminds me of the old houses of the aborigine peoples in Australia, I have a photograph of my son and I standing in front of one of them and it was taken in 1998.

Original houses like this were also recreated in Costa Rica, although they were much larger than the ones found in Australia. It was a cause that I felt was worthy of our financial support.

If you look very closely at the above scan you can see that there are two fishes, a younger one and an older one. Like a dolphin and a whale. The shapes of those fishes were created by the scanner. Now I shall share the painting without them.


Now if you look closely, the brush strokes on the original painting has created one large golden fish, and that reminds of me a beautiful Quan Yin healing meditation that I was once given. It includes the large golden fish. Has we know in ancient days people from many nations lived in houses like this. You could say that its modern equivalent are straw bale houses.

I have a new diary for 2013 and I am pleased to say that it is pink!

Have a great shabat, time for something to eat.


Thursday, 27 December 2012


I am calling all mothers to take action. On my first saturn return I found myself having to go to man's court to defend the sanctity of a baby. It wasn't the happy ever after fairy story! Life circumstances overtook me and I had no choice but to fight with all my might to protect my child, his good health and innocence. It is a very long story that I shall not share with you now.

There are many women of my age group that did the same, we were breaking the never ending cycles and saying no, I shall defend my child with everything that I have got.

Now saturn returns for the second time in my life. However, this time it is different, this time we have the divine court.

Stand with me to defend the sanctity of the children of the world, from the men that did not have good mothers to defend them. Those men that did not have good mothers to defend them create wars against other nations. They also joined the military and were taught how to use a gun. Their mothers did not defend their innocence, they did not defend their own flesh from harm.

Stand with me in truth, in love, mercy, integrity and justice of the divine court. For it will please the LORD our God.

Sisters of the Rose, come together, stand together.

Your time has come!


URANUS-PLUTO 2012-2015

Nick Anthony Fiorenza shares with us about the Uranus-Pluto Square 2012-2015. It began in June 2012 and if I remember correctly that was also when there was the second transit of of Venus across the  Sun. Nick informs us that the Uranus-Pluto "geocentric square' continues through to March 2015 and it has seven triggers. He also shares with us that the 'synodic square' is the actual (heliocentric) square that occurs in the current 138 year Uranus-Pluto synodic cycle that began on January 7, 1966 at the exact peak of the Vietnam War and the emergence of the Flower Power movement.

Do you remember the post called '1966' on this blog and how I received visions of the 'gas mask', the 'gruel' etc? I was also given the song from Carmen and their album titled 'Dancing on a Cold Wind'. Check out the original post on what was received at that time.

Nick wrote 'in the timeline below indicate the intense and challenging periods during the catalytic Uranus-Pluto square'.

Revolution & Revelation: The Uranus-Pluto-Square 2012-2015

I can certainly feel myself on the war path; against those that war against the innocent and the poor. 

No surprise then that that my Second Saturn Return goes exact on the 29th of December, 2012. 

It comes in Capricorn the goat and the 'Day of Pre-eminence'. 

For those born on December 29, it is written that 'your patience and determination are amongst your defining qualities. However, I have not met a Capricorn yet that had the patience, determination or integrity to match yours truly. 

Capricorn is a fixed sign, and this Aquarian water bearer can purify them when they allow her to do so. However, they have been known to say 'Who are you?' when they are faced with the integrity of this reality. 

The Americans knew that she would be coming round the mountain when she came. They also knew that she would be riding a white horse. No surprise then that the Aquarian water bearer was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse, and horses can step on a goat!. 

My ascendent sign is Sagittarius the Archer, look out world here she comes again. 

With the arrows of truth that prick the hearts of those that are sleeping on the job! 

If and when the gatekeeper is sleeping on the job, best you ask for a new one that isn't doing so. 

Only that which is of pure love should be allowed to enter your domain. 

That which is sacred is only good enough for those that require our help in this timeline. 

I know in my heart that it is going to be quite a ride into 2015. 

Many of the innocent thought the world was going to ascend in 2012, well now they are faced with the biblical prophecies; and the righteous branch. 

Has I told the new agers for decades, 2012 is the end of the world has you have known it. 

At the end of the day, the new agers did not ward off the captivity that the poor find themselves in. 

Yours truly warned them years in advance, 'Love heals the world and compassionate action changes it', 'You won't get a new car unless you change it'. from Sacred Words 

If the spiritual do not raise up the poor, then what does that say about them and their realities? 

When I asked the heavenly Father what shall I do about the 'new agers', he replied. 'Let them stew in  their own juices', so have they had enough of their stewing? 

Or will they wait until their own pan is burnt to a cinder? 

How much longer are they going to sit contemplating their navels? 

I taught them 'to have an acceptance of that which is' in their own lives; and now they apply that to everything that happens in the world, instead of getting off their back sides to take their light into the darkness. 

The new agers have become the by-gone agers due to them not keeping up with the righteous branch. 

The 21st century was born in HER wisdom and a lot of people are having difficulty in keeping up with the pedigree. The horse that won a million races and every cup there was to win! 

Can you relate to her? Only if you have been there and experienced it! 

28th December, 2012 



While I was painting earlier today, the heavenly Father said 'Malachy', then youtube had brought up this video for me to view. Most people that are interested in prophecies know about St Malachy and the predictions about the end of the Church of Rome. However, some have written that there is no evidence to prove that Malachy wrote about the 112th Pope; and that the 111th is the last one.

We do know that the biblical prophecies predicted that the olive tree would be broken in this timeline. When Benedict was elected in 2005, the Son of God said that 'It will be genocide for the Church'.

In this video it mentions Rev 17. However, Rev 17 has to be read together with Rev 18 because both chapters are about the USA. They also link into Rev 2 and the mention of Jezebel who was also from the USA. Has we know the Roman Catholic Church has been very powerful in the USA and many of those Catholics are pro-gun supporters just like Jezebel. Who was she?

She was Elizabeth Claire Prophet from Theosophy and her former name was WULF, German like the current Pope of Rome. You will also remember that the Son of God warned about the wolves in sheep's clothing in the biblical prophecies, some of her followers were certainly found to be that.

Around the same time that Jesus gave the message about the Church and the genocide thereof, he also spoke about the Christian fundamentalists. He said that the 'Christian fundamentalists are more dangerous than false prophets', and that they were 'an endangered species'. He also said that the 'wounded animals are dangerous indeed'. The information was published in 'Sacred Words'.

I understand his words much more now, and how he was referring to the pro-gun owning Christian fundamentalists in the USA.

Now at the end of this video they have put what looks like a black panther and has we know the USA is the home of the black panthers. Black panthers are also part of the Leopard family, and has we know Obama is the Leo the Leopard mentioned in the book of Daniel and Rev 13.

The USA is the wealthiest nation of Catholics; has such it is the USA that is propping up the Roman Catholic Church financially. Hence, their demise goes hand in hand. Why? They chose to hold hands with the Roman Catholics; instead of the righteous branch that the LORD God sent to help them in this timeline.

Prophet Jeremiah predicted that the righteous branch would be raised for David, not the Roman Catholics or any other Church. However, in 2007 the heavenly Father did ask me to lead the people out of the Church, and I experienced walking out of St Paul's Cathedral and all of the people in the Church followed me out into the sunshine. After I came out of the Cathedral people brought their children to me so that I could bless them.

27th December 2012
'Day of Contributor' 

The Catholics agree that the the name means 'Messenger of Yah' and they were warned not to rob elohim, otherwise their nation would be destroyed, just like its Church who did not turn their hearts towards the children; and a Christmas massacre was the result. 

The USA was given the instruction that they had to give a dollar a day. They refused the will of the LORD God, and now they pay the consequences. They spent 6 billion on Christmas decorations instead of helping the homeless to have a home. In 2011, they were warned about the Christmas festivity and asked to change it and themselves. In 2012, they came to know what happens when the people refuse to listen and impart the testimony of warning. 

The pro-gun owners of the USA are buried in their shameful energy that Jezebel and its founding fathers left behind. The bible refers to it has a 'spirit of distortion' because what they value is their guns; and they have put that above doing the will of the LORD God. That in itself shows us exactly where the yanks are coming from. 

First came the Messenger, then the Day of the LORD arrived. Basically, the people of the nations had until 2012 to get their priorities right with the LORD God and the divine plan.  Has we have shared in the past, it is the end of the world has you have known it. 



On the 3rd of December, 2012 I wrote about 'Cameron's Clinically Depressed'. Today, RT have provided a video titled 'Grim Up North: Financial gloom sparks suicides in North East, UK'.

'After stepping on the road to recovery, the UK is preparing to begin the new year recession-free. But in the North East, one of Britain's poorest regions, the financial down turn and wide spread unemployment has had a potentially devastating affect on people's mental health. According to a recent report, the region has almost 3 times the rate of self-harm and attempted suicide as London.'  

First Cameron had blood on his hands with the war against Libya, now there are suicides and the economy and unemployment are playing a major part in that. Economy and unemployment that is not improving for the poor across the country. 

The Church of England are also a co-creator, it did not inform the people about the biblical prophecies for this timeline. It did not inform the people what would happen if they did not do the will of the LORD God. The Church of England did not prepare the people for the last days of the end times and what would be required to get through it. So what use is Cameron and the Church that he represents? What use is the monarchy that did not help its people and the poorest of the nation? Did the Church warn the people about the medical profession and their drugs? Have they never read the book of Matthew or did they not understand it? 

They should be imprisoned for what they have done to the people of this nation. 

27th of December 2012 
'Day of Contributor' 


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

High Court Judge calls out Cameron and 0.1%

A High Court judge yesterday attacked David Cameron’s focus on gay marriage, saying he should be concentrating on tackling the ‘crisis in family breakdown’.

Sir Paul Coleridge, who is head of a charity that combats marriage breakdown, said the question of gay unions was merely a ‘minority issue’.

He said that rather than wasting so much time on something which will only affect ‘0.1 per cent’ of the population, the Prime Minister should be doing more to tackle family breakdown, an issue which affects ‘99.9 per cent’ of Britons.

Sir Paul said same-sex marriage was the wrong policy for ministers to be pursuing when divorce rates among traditional unions had reached ‘obscene’ levels.

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Of course, the economic climate impacts on relationships and is a co-creator of disease; including prostrate cancer for those that have not healed their issues to do with 'feeling safe', and 'secure'. Those that rely on money for their security are hit the hardest when times are hard. Hence, the importance of teaching children the value of money, how to be frugal, how to make something to eat out of next to nothing. How to be happy by seeking happiness within, and appreciate that which is free in life. 

However, the High Court Catholic Judge does highlight that the 0.1% are gay and the sheer amount of money, time and effort that is being devoted to the minority instead of serving the majority. Clearly, Cameron is responding to his friends that have helped him along his career path to No 10; and we all know where nepotism took Ron Paul and is taking Obama and his Obamanation. 

Is David Cameron fit for purpose? Clearly not!

Does Cameron have the solutions to help the 99.9% of Britons? 

No, nor does Obama have the solutions in the USA. It is written that he cut short his holiday to return to the White House due to the economic situation. While his buddies in the Middle East are taking the gold, the Brits are running out of things to sell. Even American corporations are buying up British brands and companies and we all know what happens when that takes place. Reduction in the number of British jobs due to the corporations putting jobs abroad. Unemployment then impacts on the economy of the British family and its marriages. There is an old British saying 'When poverty comes through the front door, love flies out of the window'. That is certainly true if the relationship is based upon human love instead of divine love. Poverty is certainly a great test of any marriage; and what it is truly based upon. It can also be a test of one's faithfulness to God. 

How many people could live in poverty, be holy beggars for years and still love God with all of their hearts and souls? Very few, it takes a rare soul that is prepared to do everything for the Creator and go without what most people take for granted. When you know that he has your best interests in his heart; and all that he does through you is to help his creation, it is a humbling experience. When you come to know how powerful you are, you then live in true humility of it. 

Onwards and upwards 


ELIAKIM responds to Chief Golden Light Eagle

This is in response to Chief Golden Light Eagle

Many are called but few are chosen, it takes pure intention to co-create miracles. Few have purified themselves enough to do so. The flowers await the saints that are not ready even now! After all of the hard work to bring them on, they are still not ready to take their light into the darkness to transform it. That takes real courage and dauntlessness. In my experience the Spirit of the Native Indian is for the beginners at the start of the journey. It is to teach discipline and to ground people into their spiritual life. Preparing people to be diligent, committed,  to work in harmony with the spiritual law of the being and all sentient beings. To ensure that integrity and honor is in place; and that there is a smooth path open for Spirit communication. The Indian Spirit is for training the horses to accept its rider in humility. ensuring that it does not struggle against itself. If and when the people are ready, then new spiritual energies come in at a higher vibration.

Nostradamus predicted that the eagle will fly to high close to the sun. Has we know, if and when an eagle does that; they can get scorched by the heat. For what use does the sun have for a head dress of feathers? What difference is there between the headdress of an Indian Chief, the black hats of the Rabbi's, or the hats of the Churchmen? Do they not set themselves apart with the way that they dress?

Is that the way that the Creator sets people apart? By the way that they dress? Are people chosen for what they wear, how they look?. No, the Creator can see beyond appearances directly into the heart. The traditions of men continue; at the same time has the Creator carries on with those that he has chosen from those that were called. Much can depend on the evolution of the soul, more can depend on how much has been integrated by the individual themselves. Every phase of the journey must be fully integrated, and fully understood. How can you impart to others what you have not integrated yourselves? Has a great Reiki Master Teacher once said to his students, 'You cannot teach others how to drive the car until you can drive it yourself'.

If Chief Golden Light Eagle had been called, he would know. If he had been chosen, he would know. When it happens it is mighty indeed, and you can never ever deny it and or your spiritual experiences related to it.

So speak to me of your own experiences, of 'called', and 'chosen' and leave the rest behind.



The other day I made a post called 'Chief Golden Light Eagle Dream of Obama' and he is an Inca, -Sioux Chief. [1]

Now this amazing video has been posted, it was uploaded and it is dated the 17th of December. That was the 'Day of Chemistry' and it is also to do with alchemy.

You will see various images in the video and it would be good to see some of the scenes blown up to get a closer look. In the golden light of the sun you will certain images, in addition you will see a golden eagle formed by the clouds and the sun. In addition to another face at the end of the video. In the golden light shaft other images also appear and it looks like two people flying.

This was captured on video in Brazil at 20.15 and 2015 will be an eight year. Has we know eight is the number of spiritual transformation.

You may also remember the painting of golden wings.

PSALM 68 is about ‘Golden Wings’ and this post was made on the 11th of December, six days prior to the video being filmed.



Boxing Day Caribbean News - HAITI GOLD

Before I was compelled to look at the news in Colorado, I had been painting again. I have called this one dancing ladies because it reminds me of the summer flower.

I did not like the second painting and it looks like an alien.

While I was painting the third one, the message given was CARIBBEAN and it felt like there was a storm coming. I also tuned into the Dominican Republic due to a memory associated with it.

So what is happening in Caribbean? 

Haiti News
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Dec. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- VCS Mining and its wholly owned subsidiary, Delta Societe Miniere S.A. are pleased to announce the awarding of a gold mining exploitation permit. 
So first the announcement of the gold mining exploitation.

Then they get their pay back. 
The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Commits Its Remaining Funds

The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund today announced its final grants to organizations promoting economic opportunity in Haiti. By dedicating the $54.4 million it raised after the January 2010 earthquake to support more than 50 organizations, the Fund has helped Haitians create a better future through smart, sustainable economic development.

With the USA, its a matter of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours! The British government is no different. Both countries went to war with Libya and oil contracts were the exchange given by their Saudi overlords.
So they have been taking the gold out of Afghanistan to Dubai, India and Iran, and now they plan to take the natural resource that belongs to the people of Haiti, out of Haiti.