Sunday, 23 December 2012


Basildon Council, Essex, UK clearly have more money than sense. Do the people know that what they pay in taxes is being spent on evicting people? Baliffs and police removed travelers that are living on Dale Farm, a six-acre former scrapyard, without permission in a 7 million operation last October.

Truly, Basildon Council and its residents have more money than sense. Do you realize how many homeless people could be rehoused with 7 million pounds? Shame on Basildon Council.

"There are more travelers than there are sites, so where do they expect us to live? It's so hard to tell my children that we're never going to get to go home." Members of the Traveller Solidarity movement said that 83 families were made homeless by the operation.

Thank you to the press like the Evening Standard that have stayed on this case. 


A contributor who has stayed close to the Dale Farm case and what has been going on had this to report. 

'The most disgusting and corrupt council in the south east continue their agreement with developers to get control of the land. They paid over £25,000,000 to have the eviction carried out by the police 
(police paid £10,000,000) The council have had to close a swimming bath. library, put off work on the parks etc etc because of the money wasted to move people 12 inchs! Yet the Council leader Tony 'The Beech' Ball has been going on jollies all over the world. His last to India to see what advice they can give Basildon! Over £10,000 spent on this jolly..'

The prophecies given by Jesus warned about the local councils in this timeline and we shared info about it in 2009, the paper was called 'The last days of the end times'. It is written that Jesus spoke about the local councils and its courts. He spoke about the injustice that would take place prior to the arrival of the prophet that he referred to has 'Son of Man', it is a term of endearment for a prophet. Prophet Daniel and Ezekiel were also called 'Son of Man'. We also shared how the biblical prophecies predicted that the innocent would be ensnared in court, just like CPS did to yours truly. 

I can assure you that when the LORD God chooses to act, then the floods and the fires come. If he chooses to, he will burn down Basildon Council and all of its leaders; with the truth if they do not take the children to their hearts. 

The fact of matter is this; Basildon Council are in contravention of the UN Rights of the Child. They have no right to move those children without their consent and approval. It is their home and the council are in transgression of the spiritual law of the cosmos. That carries a very heavy price in the spiritual law, especially when the council take on the innocent. They shall be brought to account, and no money on earth will save the councillors in Basildon for what they have done to these people. 

You see; I know all about the local councils and their brown paper envelopes full of cash that they receive for giving people contracts! 

Basildon Council is now put on notice, that you have 30 days to put things right with the people of Dale Farm. To the property developers back off, you have 30 days to get your things and get out of Essex. Judgement has been passed in the divine court of the LORD God Almighty. 

If you ignore this message, and choose to have the fire come down upon you. Then so be it. 

Don't try my patience or the patience of the heavenly Father and his Son. 

May the heavenly Father help all of the residents and families from Dale Farm. May the LORD God stand with them and defend their right to exist where they choose to be. May this country rise up and defend the travelers of our nation that have stayed true to themselves. May this country rise up to defend the homeless, sick and poor in 2013. 


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