Tuesday, 18 December 2012


In the 'Throat of Fire' of post video it mentions the volcanic eruption in Ecuador. The eruption of the Tungurahua volcano began on Monday the 17th at 2pm local time. [2] The 17th of December was the 'Day of Chemistry'. 17 can also relate to Rev 17 and the USA. 17+2 = 19, and Rev 19. Chemistry is also to do with alchemy and those mentioned in Rev 17 do not undertstand it, exactly has Nostradamus predicted that they wouldn't.

There has also been a discovery by the Chinese spacecraft Chang'e-2 that the 4179 Toutasis asteroid is
a potentially hazardous asteroid because of its repeated passes by the Earth. [2] 

Why the number 4179? Nine is the number of completion and divine love. Seven is the life number of the spiritual teacher, one is obvious, and four is to do with physical reality. 

There is a new painting today as well, and I did wonder what Assange has planned for us on the 21st of December, 2012. I am sure he must be planning a big launch on that day. He wouldn't when he has his hands on so much information to disclose. Has for me, I shall be celebrating that the day has finally arrived, and I am still here sharing with you. 

While I was painting this I could see the energy coming down from the blue mountain and I felt that when a volcano erupts you can be sure that there is something going on at the core of the earth. I have called this painting Ecuador because it was painted today. However, I can also see Chinese/Japanese symbolism in it. and an oriental looking face in the blue. The eyebrows are very high on the face of the man and he does not look very happy. 


There is a Red Eagle mountain, glacier and lake in Montana. Jay Red Eagle, a Cherokee flutist and it is written that there was a Red Eagle that lived in 1780-1824, William Weatherford, Creek Indian. 

The Legend Red Eagle from the games camp. 

"Lord Red Eagle, ancient one, first and foremost among Reachmen, heed the call of your people! Still we fight for freedom! Still our blades are dark with blood! Turn your gaze upon us, and grant us your blessing anew! I renew the ancient covenant: When at last our lands are free, we shall return, your sword of victory in hand. Then arise, O great one, from your honored tomb! Reclaim thy stolen throne! Rule over us, High Lord of the Reach, forevermore!"

In the Mayan prophecies it also predicts that nine people will return in this timeline. 

Love beyond measure 


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