Monday, 31 December 2012


When I woke up from rest today I was shown an Island and to the right of it was a large polar bear. The  polar bear was huge and it stood on the Island, then the Island disappeared. I asked the name of the Island and I was given the name FRED.

Then I saw this environmental video that was uploaded today and it mentions the Island 'Freda'.

There is another place called FRED Island and it is in Hawaii. It is known has Enewetak (Fred) Island. 

This painting also came into being prior to the news about Philip Coppens and the Polar Bear Vision. 

Has we know the 31st of December is the 'Day of Promotion' and the video explains that there is an opposition to Jupiter in the planetary movements. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, has such, expansion is being restricted. Venus and Mercury are also very close together and that could account for the amount of technology issues that I am encountering. How about you? This computer was old and second hand when it was gifted, and it feels like it is on its last legs. 

If I have no computer due to a lack of financial help then you will really see the heavenly Father roar at humanity for not supporting Elohim. The prophecy of Malachi warned the nations in advance of what would happen if they robbed Elohim and did not turn their hearts to the children. 

At the end of the day, he puts his righteous one first due to the importance to humanity in this timeline. I can assure you that he will demonstrate that in many ways, until humanity truly get the message. 

I knew an American Christian with the name of Fred for many years, and he supports guns instead of the will of the LORD God. 

'Ursus maritimus tyrannus was a very large fossil subspecies of polar bear, descended from an Arctic population of brown bears. Its name in Latin means tyrant sea bear.' 

Now Russia have chosen the polar bear has one of their mascots for the Winter Olympics in 2014. 

2013 in gematria is also 'YAHWEH HOLY MARRIAGE'. 

In astronomy we have the Ursa Major, its symbol is the Great Bear, in some cultures it is the 'Great Mother Bear'.  The constellation is best seen in April, has we know that is after this Easter in 2013. 

Interesting that wiki state that the bear was translated as 'Arcturus' in the Vulgate. Has we know in the book of Revelation it mentions how the Leopard speaks like a bear. The Leopard is mentioned in both the book of Daniel and Rev 13. 

URSA MAJOR  and the legends about it.  

In my humble view and divine experience Obama is the Leopard in Rev 13 and wisdom was called to do the count on the man 666. 6+6+6 = 18 = 'Materialism striving to destroy spirituality'. 

Isaiah 66 and Amos 6 is also against the USA and what it does. The prophecies tell them that they did not grieve for the ruin of Joseph, nor did they build the house that the LORD God asked for. In addition to the fact, it mentions how they kill animals. What do they kill animals with? Their guns! 

In a previous post I also mentioned the vision of the clown crying in 2009, and it was a red alert when the heavenly Father spoke about the YUD and the world. That post mentions the final warning to do with meat and food. Has we know, the tears that Obama cried recently were those of a clown and it has been shown that there is a clown in some ancient Egyptian murals. John Kerry is also taking the place of Clinton and he likes to clown around has well. 2013 is not the time to clown around, because the future of humanity and its eco-system are at stake. Clinton is certainly not doing high fives with Turkey now is she? Has we know, Turkey were instructed to return to the sacred in the same way that the USA were asked to do so as well. It matters not whether they are Christian, Jewish, Islamic or Buddhist, all must do the will of the LORD God now, or pay the consequences for not doing so. 

Is it a coincidence that are seven stars of the Ursa Major constellation written in my right hand? 

Does Fred or Obama have the solutions to what ails the USA and the rest of the world? 

Clearly not! 

Do you remember when the LORD God said that he would 'Wipe the smiles off of their faces?' and that he would 'Remove the claws of the cats?'. 

Humanity shall do no harm to our great bears; for if you do, you and your nation will face the consequences if you harm any one of them. So you better listen loud and clear. 



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