Wednesday, 12 December 2012


You may remember this painting posted some days ago on this blog. There has been an M6 'Toxic Fireball' in the UK after a chemical tanker exploded and ten people including eight firefighters were injured. The press report states that the accident follows a nine-vehicle pile-up on the M6 Cheshire.

Prophet Isaiah was also correct about the 'looting and plundering' mentioned in Isaiah 24 for this timeline when the righteous one is here, has shared on this blog the other day. The prophecy predicted that those that had plundered and looted others, would be plundered and looted. The Millionaire muggers are in the news today. 

Gang who battered Bernie Ecclestone and stalked 40 of the super-rich at night in £2m terror spree face jail

  • Ecclestone was stripped of £200,000 of jewellery outside his Knightsbridge penthouse and given a black eye. The raid at his home was one of four carried out Gulam Gani, 47, Nicholas Lewis, 34, and Shaun Wallace, 30 BAA chairman Sir Nigel Rudd, 63, and his wife Lesley, 64, were attacked by masked raiders who stole £84,000-worth of jewellery. Lady Rudd was pinned to the floor and stripped her of valuables while a knife was held to her husband's chest. The thieves were today sentenced to total of 53 years in jail. 

You may remember that it was Ecclestone who gave his daughter around 80 million to buy herself a palace in the USA. When will they get the message? The biblical prophecies is against the rich in this timeline.
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