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URANUS-PLUTO 2012-2015

Nick Anthony Fiorenza shares with us about the Uranus-Pluto Square 2012-2015. It began in June 2012 and if I remember correctly that was also when there was the second transit of of Venus across the  Sun. Nick informs us that the Uranus-Pluto "geocentric square' continues through to March 2015 and it has seven triggers. He also shares with us that the 'synodic square' is the actual (heliocentric) square that occurs in the current 138 year Uranus-Pluto synodic cycle that began on January 7, 1966 at the exact peak of the Vietnam War and the emergence of the Flower Power movement.

Do you remember the post called '1966' on this blog and how I received visions of the 'gas mask', the 'gruel' etc? I was also given the song from Carmen and their album titled 'Dancing on a Cold Wind'. Check out the original post on what was received at that time.

Nick wrote 'in the timeline below indicate the intense and challenging periods during the catalytic Uranus-Pluto square'.

Revolution & Revelation: The Uranus-Pluto-Square 2012-2015

I can certainly feel myself on the war path; against those that war against the innocent and the poor. 

No surprise then that that my Second Saturn Return goes exact on the 29th of December, 2012. 

It comes in Capricorn the goat and the 'Day of Pre-eminence'. 

For those born on December 29, it is written that 'your patience and determination are amongst your defining qualities. However, I have not met a Capricorn yet that had the patience, determination or integrity to match yours truly. 

Capricorn is a fixed sign, and this Aquarian water bearer can purify them when they allow her to do so. However, they have been known to say 'Who are you?' when they are faced with the integrity of this reality. 

The Americans knew that she would be coming round the mountain when she came. They also knew that she would be riding a white horse. No surprise then that the Aquarian water bearer was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse, and horses can step on a goat!. 

My ascendent sign is Sagittarius the Archer, look out world here she comes again. 

With the arrows of truth that prick the hearts of those that are sleeping on the job! 

If and when the gatekeeper is sleeping on the job, best you ask for a new one that isn't doing so. 

Only that which is of pure love should be allowed to enter your domain. 

That which is sacred is only good enough for those that require our help in this timeline. 

I know in my heart that it is going to be quite a ride into 2015. 

Many of the innocent thought the world was going to ascend in 2012, well now they are faced with the biblical prophecies; and the righteous branch. 

Has I told the new agers for decades, 2012 is the end of the world has you have known it. 

At the end of the day, the new agers did not ward off the captivity that the poor find themselves in. 

Yours truly warned them years in advance, 'Love heals the world and compassionate action changes it', 'You won't get a new car unless you change it'. from Sacred Words 

If the spiritual do not raise up the poor, then what does that say about them and their realities? 

When I asked the heavenly Father what shall I do about the 'new agers', he replied. 'Let them stew in  their own juices', so have they had enough of their stewing? 

Or will they wait until their own pan is burnt to a cinder? 

How much longer are they going to sit contemplating their navels? 

I taught them 'to have an acceptance of that which is' in their own lives; and now they apply that to everything that happens in the world, instead of getting off their back sides to take their light into the darkness. 

The new agers have become the by-gone agers due to them not keeping up with the righteous branch. 

The 21st century was born in HER wisdom and a lot of people are having difficulty in keeping up with the pedigree. The horse that won a million races and every cup there was to win! 

Can you relate to her? Only if you have been there and experienced it! 

28th December, 2012 


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