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John Dryden translated 'Virgil's Aeneid, the classic was published by Penguin Books. Dryden's

AEnesis (1697), writes Frederick Keener, is not merely a superb translation but an important magisterial and moving English poem' in its own right, as well as a major influence on Pope and the main eighteeenth-century traditions. 

In Aeneas, Virgil created the most powerful figure in Latin literature, the dutiful yet fallible Trojan prince who overcomes war, suffering and countless setbacks to lay the foundations of the Roman race. Like many of his generation, John Dryden (1931-1700) believed the great classical epics couold provide moral models to 'form the Mind to Heroick Virtue by Example'. For this version of the Aeneid, he formed a style vigorous yet refined and drew on the deep understanding of political unrest he had acquired during the Civil Wars of 1642-51 and the Glorious Revolution of 1688. 

Virgil wrote his poem between 29-19BC. It is written that the hero Aeneas was already known in Greco-Roman legend and myth. Featured in Homer's IIiad composed in 8th century BC. Apparently, Virgil left a dying wish for the work to be burned.

'These are the tears of things, and our mortality cuts to the heart' Aneneid 1, 462.

There was also a modern work by Brien Friel's his translation of the story was set into a play that was written in the 1980s'. Set during English colonization of Ireland.

Interesting that it mentions the downfall of Libya.

'kings of broad realms and proud in war who would come forth for Libya's downfall' 

Have you read it? 

When my dad was 13 years of age, children started work. Then he was put into the army when he was old enough to go in. 

After that he became a printer and he studied the WORD. He educated himself by reading the classics. 

He became a very powerful man and a leader of men, that put others before himself, a true humanitarian. 

He also lectured at Ruskin College on trade union law. He knew that book back to front and inside out. The Irish that were running the printing union at that time, tried to throw the book at him, but he threw it back at them. Why did they try to throw the book at him? When he went to head office, he was exposing their 'corruption'. 

He knew the law better than anyone in the trade union movement at that time. You could say it was his very own bible. 

He left the office and went back to the shop floor to be with his men, the FOC, the Father of the Chapel. 

The RAB said that a house without books is like a house without windows. 

He taught his son to read a newspaper by the age of four, age four he could read THE TIMES newspaper. 

I was never a great reader, so the RAB taught his daughter to be a speaker and how to use her voice instead, how to sing and dance a good song, and he embraced her love of horses and nature. He demonstrated charity and compassion for children in front of her. He dressed up as Father Christmas and delivered presents to the children in orphanages. The Son of Joseph was a mighty man, and his daughter learned from his heroic example. 

What did you teach your children? 



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My 12 year old washing machine is refusing to operate this 21st, what is Mercury up to?

The 21st is the 'Day of Enigma'.


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