Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I was wondering about Occupy London and what the latest was. The Daily Telegraph featured an article on how some female protesters chained themselves to the pulpit at St Paul's cathedral in October 2012. They only cut themselves free after six hours on the advice of police, to avoid arrest and a criminal record.

Of course the women were wearing white just like the prophecies said they would. I did smile, they reminded me of the suffragettes that chained themselves to the Houses of Parliament.

When I was a child I was blessed to meet one of the original suffragettes,  they signed a card for me. There office was next door to where I went to school. I wish I had kept that card now to scan. It also had an original badge that they wore in those days pinned to the card. I didn't part with it until after mum died,  it was put in auction with her things.

Anyhow, the four young women that chained themselves to the pulpit were from a group called Christianity Uncut. The names to be honored for their courage and bravery are as follows:

Siobhan Grimes, Tammy Samede, Alison Playford and Josie Reid. Symon Hill is also a spokesman for Christianity Uncut.

Occupy London and Christianity Uncut, have made their point that they require the Church to rise up against the rising inequality in the UK. However, has we know, the Church know where their bread is buttered. Nostradamus made a prediction about the new unleavened bread that would be coming. For sure it will not be coming from the traditional Church that has plenty of yeast in it.

Their blog is called 'Christianity Uncut' Christians against the cuts. Goodness gracious me, their last blog post is about emailing the Archbishop about an arms dealers conference that was being held at Church House. Whatever will the Church of England be brave enough to do next! The Church show their blatant support for the arms dealers.


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