Saturday, 8 December 2012


This looks like an interesting comet that is coming in our direction. The video states that the last time it was seen was in 1680, known has the Great Comet of 1680, and that is an interesting date as well. Source link states that two comets may have fragmented from the same parent body, with the first one arriving in 1680.

16+80 = '96.' I was touring in the Galilee of the Gentiles at that time, lecturing, healing and running workshops. I do feel that comets bring their own messages, and it is no coincidence that there was comets exploding on each mission to Israel.

I selected this video because it includes pictures that people drew of a comet in 1680, and it was painted has gold and seen in daylight touching the earth. So what about the name as well, I SON.
Apparently, this comet was named due to it being first seen by two people using the International Scientific Optical Network telescope. Its also worth noting that Russians have been the most interested in the new holy city of New Jerusalem. If we rearrange the letters we have SION.

The scientists say that this comet is fifteen times brighter than the moon. The Daily Telegraph say that it could be making its first trip through the solar system. They anticipate its arrival in November, December 2013. Some even predict the 28th of November, that would be exactly one year from the recent lunar eclipse.

Has we know SION is the same as ZION, ZIYYON in Hebrew and I am ELI ZIYYON.

My second saturn return is direct on the 29th of December 2012, and I will still be in it when the comet ISON makes its predicted arrival. When this comet arrives; I will be approaching my 60th birthday (Feb 2014 and that will also be a seven year, always very powerful) and has we know '60' is a number mentioned in the NT to do with the spiritual law. The scientists say that it is currently the other side of Jupiter and has we know that is the planet of expansion. That tells me that there is expansion to come prior to this comet's arrival.




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