Thursday, 6 December 2012

Nun of Dresden

I like looking at the mystics of the past and following on from the last post it has led to the 'Prophesying Nun of Dresden'. She was known in Italy as la Monaca di Dresda and lived between c.1680-1706. It is written that she wrote many prophetic letters to princes and senior churchmen. In the 1980s', an Italian researcher Renzo Baschera published an Italian language translation of her manuscripts. Italians might be interested to take a look at her work.

The nun lived in a monastery in Dresden, Germany, near the river ELBE. Dresden always reminds me of antiques, I feel I know who she is. She is a very beautiful, tall woman with blonde hair. An Egyptian with the name of Abraham brought her to my door in the 90's. Currently she is working with children. Another Aquarian water bearer from this land of Joseph. Another sister working within the system, and that is surely due to past life and the repeating karmic cycle that has not been healed.

On the 29th of November, 2009. The LORD God also said 'ELBE' and I made a post about it at the time. The post also mentions the name of Abraham, we have a strike at a time when the tanks are on the streets of Cairo. [3] Has we know the current pope is also German, the olive from the olive tree.





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