Thursday, 27 December 2012


While I was painting earlier today, the heavenly Father said 'Malachy', then youtube had brought up this video for me to view. Most people that are interested in prophecies know about St Malachy and the predictions about the end of the Church of Rome. However, some have written that there is no evidence to prove that Malachy wrote about the 112th Pope; and that the 111th is the last one.

We do know that the biblical prophecies predicted that the olive tree would be broken in this timeline. When Benedict was elected in 2005, the Son of God said that 'It will be genocide for the Church'.

In this video it mentions Rev 17. However, Rev 17 has to be read together with Rev 18 because both chapters are about the USA. They also link into Rev 2 and the mention of Jezebel who was also from the USA. Has we know the Roman Catholic Church has been very powerful in the USA and many of those Catholics are pro-gun supporters just like Jezebel. Who was she?

She was Elizabeth Claire Prophet from Theosophy and her former name was WULF, German like the current Pope of Rome. You will also remember that the Son of God warned about the wolves in sheep's clothing in the biblical prophecies, some of her followers were certainly found to be that.

Around the same time that Jesus gave the message about the Church and the genocide thereof, he also spoke about the Christian fundamentalists. He said that the 'Christian fundamentalists are more dangerous than false prophets', and that they were 'an endangered species'. He also said that the 'wounded animals are dangerous indeed'. The information was published in 'Sacred Words'.

I understand his words much more now, and how he was referring to the pro-gun owning Christian fundamentalists in the USA.

Now at the end of this video they have put what looks like a black panther and has we know the USA is the home of the black panthers. Black panthers are also part of the Leopard family, and has we know Obama is the Leo the Leopard mentioned in the book of Daniel and Rev 13.

The USA is the wealthiest nation of Catholics; has such it is the USA that is propping up the Roman Catholic Church financially. Hence, their demise goes hand in hand. Why? They chose to hold hands with the Roman Catholics; instead of the righteous branch that the LORD God sent to help them in this timeline.

Prophet Jeremiah predicted that the righteous branch would be raised for David, not the Roman Catholics or any other Church. However, in 2007 the heavenly Father did ask me to lead the people out of the Church, and I experienced walking out of St Paul's Cathedral and all of the people in the Church followed me out into the sunshine. After I came out of the Cathedral people brought their children to me so that I could bless them.

27th December 2012
'Day of Contributor' 

The Catholics agree that the the name means 'Messenger of Yah' and they were warned not to rob elohim, otherwise their nation would be destroyed, just like its Church who did not turn their hearts towards the children; and a Christmas massacre was the result. 

The USA was given the instruction that they had to give a dollar a day. They refused the will of the LORD God, and now they pay the consequences. They spent 6 billion on Christmas decorations instead of helping the homeless to have a home. In 2011, they were warned about the Christmas festivity and asked to change it and themselves. In 2012, they came to know what happens when the people refuse to listen and impart the testimony of warning. 

The pro-gun owners of the USA are buried in their shameful energy that Jezebel and its founding fathers left behind. The bible refers to it has a 'spirit of distortion' because what they value is their guns; and they have put that above doing the will of the LORD God. That in itself shows us exactly where the yanks are coming from. 

First came the Messenger, then the Day of the LORD arrived. Basically, the people of the nations had until 2012 to get their priorities right with the LORD God and the divine plan.  Has we have shared in the past, it is the end of the world has you have known it. 


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